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APR 18: Buffalo, NY -- Buffalo RiverWorks - SOLD OUT
APR 20: New York, NY -- Hammerstein Ballroom - SOLD OUT
APR 21: Boston, MA -- Agganis Arena - SOLD OUT
APR 22: Montreal, QC - MTELUS - SOLD OUT
APR 24: Toronto, ON - Rebel - SOLD OUT
APR 26: Baltimore, MD -- MECU Pavilion
APR 28: Greensboro, NC -- Greensboro Special Events Center
APR 29: Greenville, SC -- Bon Secours Wellness Arena
MAY 01: Tampa, FL -- Yuengling Center
MAY 02: Jacksonville, FL -- Daily's Place
MAY 03: Atlanta, GA -- Coca-Cola Roxy - SOLD OUT
MAY 05: Huntsville, AL -- Von Braun Center Arena
MAY 07: Cincinnati, OH -- PNC Pavilion at Riverbend Music Center
MAY 08: Cleveland, OH -- PNC Pavilion
MAY 10: Park City, KS -- Hartman Arena
MAY 11: Omaha, NE -- Baxter Arena
MAY 12: Kansas City, MO -- Starlight Theatre
MAY 15: Las Vegas, NV -- The Chelsea at The Cosmopolitan
MAY 16: San Francisco, CA -- Bill Graham Civic Auditorium
MAY 17: Los Angeles, CA -- Greek Theatre
MAY 18: San Diego, CA -- Park at the Park - Petco Park
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  • I don't need money noone hires me

    Jeff ReynoldsJeff Reynolds22 שעות לפני
  • I live the good life now 🎈

    Jeff ReynoldsJeff Reynolds22 שעות לפני
  • Is this about the twitch incident?🎈

    Jeff ReynoldsJeff Reynolds22 שעות לפני
  • *hello*

    Cameron CherubinoCameron Cherubino23 שעות לפני
  • CFB hype song

    Joseph BoaduJoseph Boaduיום לפני
  • That 'Hello' made me jump.

    ForzaE2ForzaE2יום לפני
  • Bro u should do a song with em and logic

    goku samagoku samaיום לפני
  • WTF

  • on 2020 👍👍

    Furious Fires FFFurious Fires FFיום לפני
  • Why is he so underrated??😥

    Dibapou ThaimeiDibapou Thaimeiיום לפני
  • real music

    tisar 14tisar 14יום לפני
  • Just be grateful that you understand it.

    Will CruiseWill Cruiseיום לפני
  • 0:30 - 1:00 sounded like the kool klux klan

    young Nickyoung Nickיום לפני
  • When he was swinging from the ceiling, I felt that

    BigHeadEthanBigHeadEthanיום לפני
  • Get this man a gramme

    Idk Giorgio Rosa OkIdk Giorgio Rosa Okיום לפני
  • Parents: nfs is bad music Me: it’s inspiring

    You YewYou Yewיום לפני
  • new favorite NF song!!

    Irontail HedgesIrontail Hedgesיום לפני
  • Love your music, I need your moments album and your self titled album to complete my collection of your albums

    A light In the darkA light In the darkיום לפני
  • There’s 7.7K people that listen to Lizzo and MGK that listened, viewed, and disliked this song. In other news, there’s 7.7K people finally discovering what true talent is, and what it means to be a true lyricist.

    Matt YoungMatt Youngיום לפני
  • #realmusic 🥇

    Jesse's WatierJesse's Watierיום לפני
  • ⚡👑⚡

    Jesse's WatierJesse's Watierיום לפני

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  • Eminem and nf need to do a collaboration

    George MaldonadoGeorge Maldonadoיום לפני
  • This is fire

    Crazy SquidCrazy Squidיום לפני
  • Ya’ll can’t even compare em to this fucking clown. I can’t take this shit seriously lmao

    Not AnonymousNot Anonymousיום לפני
  • Sometimes I pause this shit so I can breath...

    john doejohn doeיום לפני
  • Mind soul body i mean flesh

    Cal CCal Cיום לפני
  • Mmmmmm flesh if funny

    Cal CCal Cיום לפני
  • Pray my flesh takes control its op it says

    Cal CCal Cיום לפני
  • My flesh is trying to control me

    Cal CCal Cיום לפני
  • Why is everyone in the comment section so cringy nate does this for himself stfu grow up and listen i don't think many of you understand the lyrics it's HIS LIFE

    EvanEvanיום לפני
  • Eminem beef so I can hear straight fire and Kendrick J.Cole Joyner Lucas all join and *Wakes up*

    tuoplayz mobiletuoplayz mobileיום לפני
  • This may have already been observed but I think the word "Lost" is partially a throwback to The Search when he says he's looking for the map to hope. Like, he either hasn't found the map yet and is now lost or he found the map but got mixed up with the directions and feels lost in the midst of it.

    Mary MartinezMary Martinezיום לפני
  • I think to someone who is going through things themselves his music is giving so much hope even though it hurts how real it is.... Art is not supposed to be analyzed and criticized , it is there to be do people even think its ok to put out all their opinions on someone they don't know ..... I feel so much hope when I listen to his music.... I wish people would stop being so entitled about people who are speaking out the fears they are living out, also feel like its always people the world "needs" the most, that mean people are trying to silence with half-truths and a pinch of toxic doubts

    IFANWYIFANWYיום לפני
  • NF is like the younger Eminem

    Soft DrinkSoft Drinkיום לפני
  • Them 8 mile scenes.

    Hey DaddyHey Daddyיום לפני
  • You see the 16 million views HALF OF THEM WERE PROBABLY ME

    mr siegemr siegeיום לפני
  • This is really good. I just dropped my first song on ILproject, please go give me a listen😃

    K BestK Bestיום לפני
  • I love how he puts a reference to all his past getups, including his pre-NF early years with the vest and tie at 1:41

    Adam Wagner PhotographyAdam Wagner Photographyיום לפני
  • MASK music channel Please follow, subscribe and share :) w_as=subscribe

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  • I usually don't like rap or care for it due to what most rap singers represent and sing about, but NF has some really strong deep pieces he creates that are not filled with trash meanings and empty lyrics. Good job, NF!

    Kansas ManKansas Manיום לפני
  • Rolling stone *nervous sweating*

    LeoqueLeoqueיום לפני
  • Tripple Nate action for only four easy payments of $4.99.

    Dylan TartDylan Tartיום לפני
  • I love you

    Lourdes AcevedoLourdes Acevedoיום לפני
  • who else has watched this like a million times and watched within the first 45 seconds of it being published

    Beth _xx_LYSMBeth _xx_LYSMיום לפני
  • Fuck you this song is so fucking dick

    李峻全李峻全יום לפני
  • he's like a mix between m&m and lin manuel miranda

    p2bp2b2 ימים לפני
  • [Verse 1] Clicks, clicks, clicks, they'll do anything to get a few Tick, tick, tick, that's the sound before my head explodes Quit, quit, quit, look at you up on your pedestals Quick, quick, quick, here the critics come, it's time to go I read your article, it kinda hurt me I don't know who hired you or what your friends say in your circle But the fact that you released it tells me two things are for certain They get paid for trashin' people, I get paid 'cause I stay workin' (Yeah) Dropped The Search and they emerge up outta nowhere to the surface Just to peek behind the curtain, throwin' salt at all my burdens I'm aware I shouldn't give this my attention, life's a journey I should just stay on my path and learn to laugh, you think they heard me? Ears are burning, put 'em out, quiet, quiet, look around Why don't they find someone way more interesting to write about? Us, we're kinda boring, aren't we? All we do is whine and pout It's confusing, so amusing how I argue with myself Hello [Verse 2] I spit it with ease, so leave it to me You doubt it, but you better believe I'm on a rampage, hit 'em with the record release Depend on the week, I'm prolly gonna have to achieve Another goal, let me go when I'm over the beat I go into beast mode, like I'm ready to feast I'm fed up with these thieves, tryna get me to bleed They wanna see me take an L, yep, see what I mean? How many records I gotta give you to get with the program? Taken for granted, I'm 'bout to give you the whole plan Open your mind up and take a look at the blueprint Debate if you gotta, but gotta hold it with both hands To pick up the bars, you gotta be smart You really gotta dig in your heart If you wanna get to the root of an issue Pursuin' the mental can be dark and be difficult But the pay off at the end of it can help you to get through it, ayy [Chorus] Paid my dues, made it through (Woo, woo, woo) Spread the news, I'm on the loose (Woo, woo, woo) Makin' moves, I need some room (Woo, woo, woo) Thought we's cool, well, don't assume, don't assume, ayy [Verse 3] I'm the truth, oh, they want some proof? Here, don't be rude Somethin' new, even when I lose, I make it look cool Do the show, then we hit the room, wife is lookin', oh What to do? I don't need the shades up to like the view (Yeah) It's time to get back in the swing of things When my life crashes, I'm not the guy that'll flee the scene I'll take ownership and own it and raise my hand if it's me Just remember though, I'm only a man, I'm a human being Don't they see? Shoot the breeze, I'd rather just stay discrete People claim they're in your corner, but leave you in times of need They don't listen, do they? (What?) They don't listen to anything I'll accept advice if it's not presented ignorantly Look, costs are high, they multiply Then cause divides, I'm forced to fight The poison I been sippin' on has quite the bite, it killed me twice They rigged the lights so y'all can see The parts of mine that aren't so bright See, often I apologize, then authorize the awful times To pop up (Nate!) like I'm right behind you I'd advise you not to try to climb inside the mind like I do Keep the rhyme book, expedite it, overnight it Hold it tight and hope that time is on my side 'Cause if it's not, then I'll decide to override my own demise I tow the line too close and I could improvise I'd empathize, but recognize The fact that I could jeopardize and wreck our lives You better give me your attention, the undivided

    GhostRider2001GhostRider20012 ימים לפני
  • Nf if you can hear me just know to me your in inspiration and the reason I’m confident enough to make my own music

    Chris HartzellChris Hartzell2 ימים לפני
  • No bragging Just telling his story "Why don't they find someone interesting to write something about "🔥🔥

    Xola BusakweXola Busakwe2 ימים לפני
  • IF U GUYS ARE A FAN OF NF, then go and watch K.A.A.N and listen to his music. THAT MAN IS MORE LIT.I AM NOT DISRESPETING NF(i am a big fan oh NF brw)

    ravi muniandyravi muniandy2 ימים לפני
  • coincidence i was born 3 DEC 1999 wow !! some likes plz

    Sandiso MbanjwaSandiso Mbanjwa2 ימים לפני
  • Better than Justin Bieber’s Yummy

    Damian NorbertDamian Norbert2 ימים לפני
  • fantastic

    poopyodbpoopyodb2 ימים לפני
  • Plays ...Lost by Andy Mineo

    Abraham AnuarioAbraham Anuario2 ימים לפני
  • So lost is either an album or a song?

    The Ooga Booga TribeThe Ooga Booga Tribe2 ימים לפני
  • nf the new eminem

    ZeroZero2 ימים לפני
  • From Outro: “ I’m dedicated The definition of dedication Wrote this whole record while I was levitatin’ “ He’s still dedicated, on his grind, & only improving as time passes. NF’s not done levitating & writing sick bars anytime soon. Much love & respect NF. Never stop levitating

    Landon ParksLandon Parks2 ימים לפני
  • me encanta

    whach Twhach T2 ימים לפני
  • This song has to be a drug because I'm addicted

    Justin WilsonJustin Wilson2 ימים לפני