Billie Eilish Reveals She Was Suicidal

Billie Eilish gets candid during Gayle King’s GRAMMY special about her past depression and suicidal thoughts. Please note this content can be triggering. If you or someone you know is struggling, you can call the National Suicide Hotline at 1-800-273-8255.
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  • From a spiritual point of view there could be some demonic influence over her. I’m not saying that it’s true all the time but in some situations that’s the cause of it. Plus she’s always singing about demonic things so who knows. What I can say is that the devil is very real and people need to wake up. Some of you may think ‘How can she believe in such a thing’ trust me I was the same till I saw for myself how real all of this is. The only one who can help you is God. May God heal this girl in Jesus’ name.

    Claire KClaire Kשעה לפני
  • It's so sad. We love her she is such a sweetheart I'd hate to see something so bad to see her she's such a sweetheart. I think fame has REALLY hurt her......poor bil

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  • Berlin Pog

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  • It’s so sad that someone so young has had to deal with depression :(

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  • Because I have depression and I’m actually a singer myself but I don’t post on ILproject it’s just for my friends and family

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  • If Billie eilish dies I will literally kill myself just because she dies. I will cry for weeks.

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  • I'm crying right now I don't want BILLIE to die😭

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  • there are no more artists like elvis!

    jan koffiekanjan koffiekan21 שעה לפני
  • "honestly I thought that I would be dead by now." -billie eilish in bury a friend

    Joanna Al Tartour جوانا الطرطورJoanna Al Tartour جوانا الطرطور21 שעה לפני
    • Joanna Al Tartour جوانا الطرطور “I wanna end me”

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  • Berlin will do that to anybody

    GYIL Makeup ArtistGYIL Makeup Artist23 שעות לפני
  • Not a fan. Her “music” is pure shit.

    Angry DeliAngry Deliיום לפני
  • I'm really good at hiding depression. You can't tell I'm depressed by looking at me or talking to me. It's not good to hide your depression because it makes you feel like no one cares. Ask a friend. I mean a friend friend not those people you barely know. those who are like family to you but are friends. if your so called friends are not that close to you then don't tell them. Tell some friend that you trust that much and tell them how you feel considering I don't have any like that. I have no actual friends I can talk to other friends or people will tell and make it into a joke that's really took seriously. Which causes a person to go into a deeper depression and make that person feel like they have no one to turn to

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  • Awwwww I'm so srry I love u so much Billie please don't kill yourself any more please......I love u so much

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  • Y'all forgot that she is a human being like us, we have experienced depression in our lives and depression is a very serious topic, and you shouldn't pretend that you have depression, if you do that for attention then you're stupid. I'm lucky that I've never got depression yet, but assuming on a person who actually has depression is faking depression is... Making you look like a bad and mean person.. If someone you know has depression, you should help them fight their depression and if you care so much about someone, then help them even for a bit

    An IntrovertAn Introvertיום לפני
  • I have tourettes and im reading the comments of people like "wow this tic is so cute!" "omg i wish i had tourettes too" and let me say, you do not want tourettes!!! They can hurt and make you feel so uncomfortable. They aren't something to look at and call cute.

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  • It's hard to believe she's younger than me by a few months.

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  • the people that look the happiest are acting happy to feel better. I hope shes okay now...

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  • 2:13 I'm crying

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  • It really depressing when your internot goes out when your listening to her song

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  • Ye this healthy pretty ritch kid must have such a thug life, such a suffer

    Zdislava ŠviderováZdislava Šviderová2 ימים לפני
  • BILLIE is a precious young lady to be treasured for her honesty and purity of thought. She needs to be treated with much respect and patience. Live and learn from her.

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  • I was Suicidal from July 2017-July 2019. I went to a bible camp and I have told my camp leader about my life and that I was depressed and suicidal, and I’ve told her about the lost of my 6 month old baby brother in 2017. She told me “ isn’t it good enough for your mom that she had to bury her child already? You wouldn’t wanna see the look on her face when she has to bury you” and she’s the reason I’m still breathing! ☺️ I’m grateful I’ve met her!!

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  • This lowkey made me cry because I can’t lose her bro she’s made my life so much more bearable just from her music. I’m sooooo happy she decided to get help and change her mind bc me and everyone else would be soo sad dude

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  • Me too girl

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  • Is the devil, come back to jesus

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  • She should have done it Ya I just sead that hahahahahaahahahaahahahahahaahahahahahahaahahahahahaha

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  • I hate feeling suicidal

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  • Fake depressed kid...

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  • Can't relate

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  • lol boohoo nice promo

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  • Im suicidal too

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  • She is depressed because of her mom. But I'm depressed because of my fake classmates!

    Amanda Fernandez NishaAmanda Fernandez Nisha3 ימים לפני
    • @Doomer well she got depressed because of it.

      aynoor Elhagagiaynoor Elhagagiיום לפני
    • Amanda Fernandez Nisha You every time I here someone say that it usually are fake them selfs.

      DoomerDoomerיום לפני
    • aynoor That’s not depression

      DoomerDoomerיום לפני
    • @Amanda Fernandez Nisha I think because she wanted to be a dancer but could because of an injury

      aynoor Elhagagiaynoor Elhagagi3 ימים לפני
    • @aynoor Elhagagi Ohh.. Then why is she depressed? I couldn't understand.

      Amanda Fernandez NishaAmanda Fernandez Nisha3 ימים לפני
  • her mental health is so much better than it was a year ago. it's crazy how much she's grown. omg it makes me so emotional because this young, beautiful, and talented girl almost took her life barely over a year ago. i love her so freaking much it's crazy how much she's matured. 😭♥️

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  • Depression has brought me to a point where I don’t eat or sleep, and it’s isolating. When you fall into it you find yourself caught in a vicious downward spiral, I’m not sure how many months or years I have left. The only thing anchoring me is guilt for people I love, but I truely am tired of living, it started for me when I was 20, I’m 24 now and it’s painful watching everyone around me happy, falling in love, having their dreams come true and I’m now nothing 😔

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  • U poor little rich girl.....i think about killing myself everyday...but bo one cares

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    • @Doomer yes that 100% true

      m yxcvbnmm yxcvbnmיום לפני
    • m yxcvbnm it’s from the movie joker were Arther Fleck (joker) says if he was dying people would walk pass him I thought your comment had to do something with people giving a shit about a celebs but not you or me or anybody or isn’t famous.

      DoomerDoomerיום לפני
    • @Doomer look i dont know how the f this comment was meant okey but i stand by what i said.

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    • if it was you dying on the sidewalk they would walk right pass you

      DoomerDoomerיום לפני
  • Hey Billie I'm happy your fine... I like your music. JAIME ANDRéS

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  • Ok all seriousness aside “When I heard that I thought ‘ooh, gosh, I wonder if she’s talking about herself’”. “Yeah... it also rhymed”

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  • People can treat the littlest bit of depression with over exaggerating emotion then you believe you are worse than you are.

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  • everyone could go through depression and more celebrities either for their concerts that stress sometimes

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  • Where did this thot came from?

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  • One of the highest rates of suicide in our country are ages 10-14 years old. These kids know about environmental destruction, political division, drugs, cyber bullying and a host of other pressures. How can people say our young people are not at risk of depression? We need to protect their future. They deserves a future of hope, peace and sustainability. Let's not forget LOVE!

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  • How do people not have a crush on her shes so pretty😍🥴😏

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  • What's she depressed about tho I dont get it . Is it relationship shit or bullying .

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  • Boo hoo

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  • Some people think that since she's a celebrity she fakes it but she doesnt. People dont think depression isnt real. It is.

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  • fake deep

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  • I tried soo hard not to cryy #billie eilish❤️❤️🩸❤️❤️

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  • I mean hear me out, but faking depression or pretending to be suicidal is it’s own cry for help. In my opinion of course

    DemeraDemera5 ימים לפני
  • Noo billie it’s okay to be sad but please don’t ever think or do that I need you in my life I love you ur my favorite artist in the whole friken world ur the best singer and please don’t I am really happy when I listen to you I am very inspired by you love you❤️😔🥑🕷💚🖤💕

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  • Strong person

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  • Sis, we've been knew about it :/

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  • thinking you wouldn’t make it past any age is so upsetting. no one should ever feel like they aren’t good enough or they’re alone. reach out to someone even if you feel it won’t help because it will. try your hardest to get away from situations in which you are hurting yourself, hurting others, or someone is hurting you. I CAN NOT STRESS THIS ENOUGH, YOU. ARE. LOVED.

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  • Depression is real at any age I myself been suffering with mental illness for many years . Going for treatment every week talking to my rehab practitioner once a week seeing my Mental Health prescriber taking all kinds of medication for different mental health problems. people need to stop with the Stigma on mental illness. What if this was you or someone you love would you be sitting there bashing them . No you would not if you do you are very heartless.

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  • If she jumped out of that window, I wasn't here anymore.

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  • So garbage musician

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  • When billie wants to kill her self every one cares When I wanted to no one cared

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  • this is totally me and i’m 12 but watching billie really motivates me and i’m really happy that she’s doing better and being happier than before

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  • She should have jumped

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  • Okay can we all agree she’s absolutely gorgeous like omg😍

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  • Who can suicidals talk to anymore people pretend to care and think we are stupid we know when its just repeating we come back to a scared place and need affection... I honestly dont know who i feel happy her music is really soothing tbh

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