Billie Eilish - Bellyache

Listen to "bellyache" from “dont smile at me":
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Music video by Billie Eilish performing Bellyache. (C) 2017 Darkroom/Interscope Records




  • Love 😍 this song

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  • Прочитал как "Беляш"

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  • Sittin' all alone Mouth full of gum In the driveway My friends aren't far In the back of my car Lay their bodies Where's my mind Where's my mind They'll be here pretty soon Lookin' through my room for the money I'm bitin' my nails I'm too young to go to jail It's kinda funny Where's my mind Where's my mind Where's my mind Where's my mind Maybe it's in the gutter where I left my lover What an expensive fate My V is for Vendetta Thought that I'd feel better But now I got a bellyache Everything I do the way I wear my noose Like a necklace I wanna make 'em scared like I could be anywhere Like I'm reckless I lost my mind I don't mind Where's my mind Where's my mind Maybe it's in the gutter where I left my lover What an expensive fate My V is for Vendetta Thought that I'd feel better But now I got a bellyache Maybe it's in the gutter where I left my lover What an expensive fate My V is for Vendetta Thought that I'd feel better But now I got a bellyache

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  • My name is Ja-Nic I am 11 and you are my 1st fan😘😘😘😘

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  • I Rassen girl Kto esho laik 👉

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  • O love Billie

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  • えぐ

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  • I'm here for the read Billiache comment.

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  • I really want to be you because you are beautiful & smart & you have an amazing voice !! If you thinks so to click here 👇🏻

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  • Ilove Billie

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  • oh yes gurl i love u billie

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  • Шо?

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  • *My b is for B.i.l.l.i.e* *Thought that I’d be relieved* *But now I got a BILLYache*

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  • ♥ 😘 ❤️ I love you so much Billy elsh

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  • Billie at 18: *sings songs about depression, sadness, anxiety, global warming. Wins 5 Grammys and global star Me at 18: *cries because my Minecraft dog fell in Lava

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  • Billie Eilish it is cool 😑😑😑😏😏😏😏😀😀😀😃😃😄😁

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  • Soundtrack is beautiful

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  • Billie Eilish . Now i love you ,i like it.

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  • :)

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  • If I comment will she respond to my comment? Her comment will be my dream come true

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  • 💚💙💚💙я тебя очень люблю я хочу новые песни и ты красивая😘😘🙂

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  • Кто любит с таво лаик

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  • Bilashee

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  • Monstah I love you!!!

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    • And i do tooo

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  • Se ve hermosa

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  • She's so pretty

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  • you are so scary

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  • Беляш круто хочу кушац

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  • Hola! :p

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  • WOW! Lots of money!!!💵

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  • Billie Eilish sounds better without auto tune too.She is good in making music

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  • Wheres my caaaaat ? wheres my caaaat... ??

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  • 357 millon ;00

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  • uh mal ahi la hagarro la cana

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  • Brasileiros Like Like Americanos Passem direto Okay?

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  • am I the only one that thought she was gonna say “LOVE THAT CHICKEN FROM POPEYES,” in the beginning

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  • Alguém brasileiro ?

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  • Omg she looked so young😁😁

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  • I always like ur music videos.THERE SO GOOD UR THE BEST SINGER AND DANCER

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  • belly=aching friend=buried bad=guy see me=crown dream=everything i wanted ocean=eyes lovely=all alone BILLIE EILISH=GREATEST SINGER OF ALL TIME

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  • typical bad girl who thinks "hey with me there is something wrong where my mind" like ... I want to be angry she sings that she is evil and some other she is evil and she is a terrorist

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  • Billie starts dancing Me:oh😲

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  • Billy!🤗🤪

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  • Eu te amooooo billie Vem para joaoa pessoaaaa

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  • Bruh I swear that if that was real money imma flip so...BOI THAT BETTER BE MONOPOLY MONEY BRUH

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  • Bille you are amazing!!! Everyone loves u. Your soooooooo cool!!! I look up to you

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  • You are my favorito artist!!!!:)

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  • You guys dont know how much i love Billie!!!!! She is amazing!!!!!!!!!

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  • Does anyone else think she looks like scarlet Johansson

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  • iloveu

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  • Billie Eilish: *exists* Christian moms: Wait that"s illegal!

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  • Homaigat

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  • ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

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  • Anyone else love the way she dances?

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  • wow]

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  • i love you billie eilish

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  • А где голос? Это что за третий сорт без голоса и слуха?

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