Amazing Secrets Hidden In Everyday Things

We are surrounded by everyday things that have amazing secrets hidden in them.
For example, have you ever wondered what those little hooks on the wings of aircraft are used for, or why escalators have those brushes along the sides and what purpose do they serve? Well, today we are going to find out and take a look at some objects with incredible hidden features that you may not know about.




  • Very nice

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  • ya i just clean my shoes on escalators haha

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  • 4:01 the lack of nailage. Ew

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  • The narrator sounds like a South Park character if you increase the playback speed

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  • 05:20 was new to me and actually quite interesting. The rest is truisms.

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  • If I need a headrest to save me I am fucked... cant even get one of those off in the driveway.

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  • 6:05 it’s also great for censoring

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  • I use it to brush my teeth!

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  • 5:50 it's to hide your nipples an other privates.

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  • 1:50 also, sometimes the stickers have barcodes and if you don't know what the fruit is exactly, you can scan it.

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  • These are not amazing secrets and at best some were interesting but it felt like you were scrambling to get some facts into a 7 minute video.

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  • What if mouse bite right side of the book... We don't have that red line on right side🤔

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  • average people will not be able to break the window with the headrest, stop misguiding

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  • If the head rest prongs are for breaking windows why is no one ever told?

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  • Fantastic! all those years driving my car, and I NEVER thought of the headrest being used fer such an emergency! Well the window hammer safety device won't be sold anymore... cars already got one (or 4) ROFL

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  • That was fasinating! Thanks!

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  • Do not believe the head rest tip. Modern cars are not built with removable headrests. Spend 20 dollars and buy a real window hammer.

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  • Yup use the nylon liners to clean my shoes as well

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  • Was on a plane 3 days ago and I was wondering what the hooks were for lol👏

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  • I've always used those nylon escalator brushes to clean my teeth.

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  • Here's one for free. Escalators are intended to get you up and down quicker. Not to stand on and ride up and down. The idea is you walk along it as it moves.

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  • I need a source about those produce codes thank you

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  • 5:36 but why do these bath products make such fame Of course its Fun *AND IT HELPS CLEAN THE BODY*

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  • I not sure if be amazed or this scum came out first

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  • “Have you ever wondereD WHY WE HAVE 2 videos on the same thing but with different info”

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  • No sir, those brushes are, without a doubt, meant to clean your footwear. I refuse to believe that nonsensical reasoning in this video if yours. Staph it. *Let uS bRusH oUr fLiP flOps*

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  • gawd, has it been over 10 years now since the hudson river incident?

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  • you have a very funny...........way of talking.

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  • I don't clean my shoes, I ain't gay.

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  • The steel bars on the head rest are so it mounts to the seat 😂😂

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  • My nightmare is to get caught up in an escalator!!!! 😱😱😱😱😱

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  • I've always heard rumble strips called "wake up strips" so I guess I already knew that one... Plus it's saved me several times so.... Works as intended?

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  • Woah I thought the sticker was for a barcode

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  • I remember when I bought a new pair of white shoes and tried cleaning them in the esculator... they became black....... but I still use them tho it didn't stop me

  • Stupid fucking video

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  • I exactly watched ghost video on 15 January 2020 at 11:59 pm I an shocked this is a good coincidence

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  • every graphic exist

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  • its just straightforward i had to tease about the human stuff

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  • A headrest that comes easily out of the seat is broken. It has been debunked over and over again. You're gonna have people wasting precious time, panicking to try and turn to remove the headrest, using up precious air, when they should be preparing to exit the car. Once pressure inside has matched outside, the door will be easier to open and escape from.

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  • Those hooks don't effect aerodynamics (to any notable negative effect) - it's a huge metal flying block of metal :P

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  • Am surprised I actually got the bristle thing right but the reason I know is because I normally get to close to the side and they remind to back up😅

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  • Modern headrests are locked in with a release pin.

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  • well i allways used the brush to clean my shoes , well that what i think it's for , well thanks to WOWsoAmaze now i know what it's for ,thanks :)

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  • The headrest thing blew me away. Here people are selling tools to break your car window in case of an emergency. When your vehicle already supplies it for you.

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    • Zeenith_TV yet company’s sell carseat covers that cover the head rest and seat as one piece of material - i own one...

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  • If you "haven't noticed" the nation of origin stickers on fresh fruit, does that mean you ate them?

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  • 7 minutes I wasted!

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  • Punches putos !!!! Madafokas

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  • 6:22 Who elee thought about the scene from Cars when the hot rods put Mack to sleep, and he was driving alongside the edge of the bridge, he went over those bumps.

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  • Captain Obvious is making videos, now?

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  • 5:48 those power outlets in the back. Safety 10/10

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  • 6:41 as a german I'm deeply concerned about the efficiency of those things The best way to prevent sleeping drivers is education and information...

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  • I brush my teeth on escalators

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  • 6:49 thank me later

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  • This guys voice is disturbing

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  • Diff hu f

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  • Car headrest as a window breaking device is one of those factoids that has been retrospectively created long after the development of the item. The point on the end of the stems was not introduced as a safety feature to help break windows (something that it is only mildly good at). It was simply to make it easier to locate the stems in the holes to improve production efficency on manufacturing lines. Having conical ends to the stems also enables the headrests to be put in place by robotic assembly equipment. So far as breaking the windows, do yourself a favour and get a tool designed for the job. They are inexpensive (I bought keyring safety devices for my family for a few bucks each), and more likely to help. When you have seconds to break a window, getting a headrest out of the top of your seat is time and energy consuming. Because of their size of headrests, and the two prongs, they are not particularly effective for this task.

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    • Damion Lee I agree with this. Also I am skeptical of the one about paper margins.

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  • 6:46

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  • Who else has a PHONE. ⬇️

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    • Joseph Delizoro bro you got 7 likes, you’re better than me.

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    • @PolyMobsta you heard me

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    • Joseph Delizoro LMAOOOOO what?😂

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    • @PolyMobsta your a wierd poly slime addicter

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    • I have a small vertical tablet.. It makes phone calls.. I think.

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  • Yeah but why was the airplane seat have a triangle

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