I Survived 1,800 Days in HARDCORE Minecraft...


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    1,700 DAYS HARDCORE VIDEO: ilproject.info/film/bW53aWKcp7mev6M/wyd-w.html

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    In this Minecraft video I survive 1800 days in a Minecraft Hardcore world. Here are all the things I accomplished, and all the adventures that I had.

    100 Days Video Playlist: www.youtube.com/playlist?list...

    Tutorials I used for this video:
    Villager Breeder: ilproject.info/film/aX2dl2iYr7Kjvtk/wyd-w.html
    Snow Block Farm: ilproject.info/film/npBmqoibprWHmrM/wyd-w.html

    Thanks to @Luke TheNotable for the idea! www.youtube.com/user/Creolesb...

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    1. Jackson Sam

      Don't think people realize that in 5 years we will looking back at this again and call it nosglatic, it was my pleasure to able to view your video and admire your journeu

    2. Benjamin Chang

      bro stoop cheating actually we know u are cheating we also saw that ur using morph mod just stop it

      1. Juggling the eggs

        He did it on accident and he never used it and he has takin it off

      2. Benjamin Chang

        im. unsubing

    3. Kubek Gaming

      i watched all ur hardcore vids and other challanges after manhunt with 100 players or with random drops craftings i think you better than dream

    4. Ql1che

      31:30 the slab down looks way better

    5. LoneWalker

      When is the 1900 days coming ?

    6. Pro Man

      SB why you didn't upload any video on 18 September ????

    7. Cowboy Kid Live

      Someone please remind me what day does he make new episodes

    8. Iron fox Gaming

      It's cool

    9. Scientific Matthew

      Not sure what’s happening, he hasn’t uploaded in a week

    10. Tom Sachdev

      Your videos are delaying :(... I am waiting!!

    11. Ishan Datar

      If SB737 dies in any of this series it will be on gamers react the next day with "When you lose your Hardcore world"😂😂😂😂

    12. NoobGamerYT


    13. ph gaming chou user

      I love sb iamwaiting 1900days

    14. Vuk Stošić

      SB737, I think you should play Fundy's new impossible "$2000" difficulty, because Im ready to bet my money on you

    15. *xMochilobx*

      U missed a advancement I'll tell u if I get 120 likes

    16. Breach TV

      He is so Smart he is the best player

    17. Aldo George r.a

      a big chicken in the manision huhuuuuuuuuu

    18. boo !!!

      Next year day 1M to 1.1M

    19. Brody Devv

      next: Blow up a whole mountain in hardcore minecraft


      Bro send next video

    21. 06Husky brother24

      Is it Java edition

      1. InsaneFlying

        Yeah its java

    22. 06Husky brother24

      Sb what type of minecraft do you play

    23. somebody

      I am pretty sure you can through a elytra and chestplate on a anvil and they combine....

      1. Juggling the eggs

        No they do not

    24. Aneesh Anee

      Sb737= I am burning woodland mansion because i want hidden chest Me= 😅


      Bro upload a Vedic of going to dream Smp and hero brine smp

    26. Dielshaad Benjamin

      I love your vids🤩😍🤩 you are Dream(SB is Dream)

    27. Omar Shammout

      Turn the end to the over world

    28. Tanish Playz

      Hey you give us your world link but you don't give us Armour and tools

    29. Calvin Stepp

      Lower half slabs

    30. Jestax

      You should do more Bedwars videos and streams along this this content if you can lol. Great vids

    31. Mitch Follis

      I feel like blue blocks would be better than the netherite bricks the red doesn't mix well

    32. River Eichler


    33. Juice

      POWDERED SNOW FLOOR WITH GLASG.. it will be harrd

    34. rushy 150

      Why haven't you uploaded 1800 to 1900 yet

    35. Emy Rinio

      Sb i will be there seeinf you saying SURVIVING 5000 DAYS IN HARDCORE MINECRAFT :)

    36. GrowlingNewt 151

      Challenge video idea: beating minecraft but I'm always in a boat

    37. Neal Berg

      I love your vid's

    38. DECLAND0

      If diamonds are for peasants change your logo

    39. Moriah Elizabeth 2.0

      There are actually 400+ items in mincraft

    40. For your Chest Room floor, have full blocks on the ender chests, and any free slab will stay a slab. And, I I don't know how's better; Aphmau, or you. You may have more subs, but, I think she's better. Come on, SB! Continue the cave only world plz! You may become my top favorite ILprojectr(If you don't, I'm gonna stop watching you).

    41. Pat Pat

      hes making a farm

    42. Rhys Sheraton

      What’s the mob swith

    43. Alex Laddomada

      I subed

    44. Pat Pat

      SB Stop saying diamonds are for pesants because we dont all have 2000 day minecraft series

    45. ChoudhariFamily Loves mrbeast and Norris nuts

      Half a slab lower

    46. John Park

      i think you should do a becon floor and insted of red nether bricks do lave pits

    47. Charles Mercier

      Hey SB you should really make a shulker shell farm. PS: LOVE your vida

    48. Caden Hawkyard

      Because it’s glowing

    49. Caden Hawkyard

      How he enchant flint and steel?

      1. Juggling the eggs


    50. aa a

      Man seriously spent over 540 hours in a single Minecraft world without 1 death. This man’s insane.

    51. Iornwolf Master

      Sb737 do 100 days in a nuclear war and massive can I supported you in the early days you were so fun

      1. Iornwolf Master

        Supported you

    52. AwesomeGaming King

      If diamonds are for pesents you should make juke boxs and use that as fuel

    53. Adam Maklad

      can you give us the seed and do a tutorial about your world and your builds

    54. vincentgamed

      Plss make an 1900 days

    55. Starlowe Studios

      Hey sb, I'm a HUGE fan! Do you think you will be bringing back the Awesome world?

    56. Latham T

      You should beat fundy 'a new mod

    57. pix4el

      Hi Luke

    58. pix4el

      1900 plz today

    59. Muhammad Zuizz

      More hardcore pls!

    60. Kate Kate

      Hey an did you know it's a 1% change that a vindercater can drop a totem oh and I love your vids keep it going dude

      1. Juggling the eggs


      2. Matthew A Morgan

        the only way to obtain a totem is to kill an evoker which has a 100/100% chance of dropping and fix your spelling

    61. Matthew A Morgan

      8:18 i thought he said slab at first

    62. ARAD__ HB

      Can you give map

    63. Janette Mccummiskey

      Wow I love these episodes. I was here since day 0

    64. Chan Myat Sandy Naing

      wow so good at mine craft make it to 2000

    65. Deepa Narayanan

      Try to make a witch farm or copper farm

    66. ZXCP17K


    67. Phönnix_DA

      Make by 2000 Spacial a Download. please

    68. Hello Goodbye

      honestly, you are one of the best all around Minecraft players

    69. pratikshya bam

      where is new video

    70. Arvin Ghasempoor


    71. kojn

      Where is the next video?

    72. Martin Bicket

      hey sb what screen recorder do u use

    73. Skullz Shorts

      I like the fact that at 14:11 they were dropping food at rapid speed

    74. Krishna Arora

      Pls upload 1900 days

    75. Koko_games

      When you did the snow thing I died you talked a lot sorry just to much


      waiting for next episode

    77. Samarth Soral

      Where 1900?

    78. Fire Legend

      Lets be real guys he's literally the new TechnoBlade "SB737 Never dies!!!

    79. Sajeed Zairoodin

      Make new vid pls sb we love ur vids btw its short

    80. Armyblink, Gamer

      The intro gave me goosebumps 😐

    81. Nathan Pineda

      your auto-storage farm is pretty(:

    82. Liandro Villaraza

      sb: diamonds is for peasants he has a diamond beacon he uses dianonds for his treasure room and sorter and a shulker box with so much diamonds and he is using diamond tools and he is using diamonds for his teleporter and netherite is for peasants because you have to use diamonds to get netherite tools and armour

    83. Liandro Villaraza


      1. xXShadowXx

        no diamonds are

      2. UP Main account

        Whats for pros then

    84. Julius Darrieutort Bäckman

      When will 1900 days come?

    85. Draxolotl

      Hello sb IN my other account I am subbed when you had 1.7k subs

    86. vi0xlet

      I used to watch you in 2019 It's nice coming back here after awhile

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      Congrats with winning mcc

    88. Pog - Pro's and Og's

      Alternative title- I spent my whole life playing MINECRAFT

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      When is your new vid coming Sb?

    90. Jordan Tanner

      So I guess that the awesome word is a thing in the past now. Well all good things must unfortunately end. Thank you for the memories!

    91. M U N C H

      I love your videos so much man! Keep up the good work!

    92. Gaming Vignesh

      Tip:carry some bottle 'o enchanting they come handy on repairing your tools and armour while your on a fight and repair your elytra

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      I remember when you had 600,000 subs

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      Just waiting for 1,900

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      sb ltn and wad zee the best hardcore playersand techno ig