My Brother My Brother And Me TV Show All Season 1 Bonuses

Dingo Lover

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    These are in the order they appear on VRV. Yes, the weird voice saying "[in]voked"(?) in darkness at 1:05:18 is in the original footage, no idea what that's about.

    0:00 s1b01 Bonus - Dorms and Ghoulsmashing Bloopers
    8:36 s1b02 Bonus - Pitcher in the Guy
    13:03 s1b03 Bonus - Inventions
    15:15 s1b04 Bonus - Resumes and Jamiroquais Dad Bloopers
    30:00 s1b05 Bonus - Theme Song
    33:30 s1b06 Bonus - Tarantulas and Travis Did a Hit Bloopers
    40:04 s1b07 Bonus - Check-in with Daddy
    45:40 s1b08 Bonus - Teens and Your Least Favorite Soda Bloopers

    56:59 s1b09 Bonus - Griffinsition

    58:43 s1b10 Bonus - Rebranding
    1:01:23 s1b11 Bonus - Secret Societies and Apologies to Nathan Bloopers
    1:09:03 s1b12 Bonus - Gifts for the Chief
    1:10:00 s1b13 Bonus - Candlenights and Vape Ape Bloopers
    1:13:10 s1b14 Bonus - Meeting with the Mayor

    This does not include the ARG clips, which can be found here

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    1. asmit317ify

      Justin's self-highfive and bird lube are my two favorite things

    2. JustShay

      I'm still, to this day so fucking shocked to hear Travis is the middle child, when he clearly looks the oldest.

    3. Junnoe Virtue

      This is infinitely better than the actual show. Goes to show that these boys just need to be let loose

    4. Halide

      Travis clutching a hammer as altogether too many spiders await on a counter is some kind of energy.

    5. David Hemesath

      Hey everyone, I THINK DOGS SHOULD VOTE

    6. Penguin

      What the hell is a little person exterminator lmao

      1. Dingo Lover

        Why not go to and find out?

    7. DiminieDamnDominoes

      They all dress the same

    8. KipKipKepler

      I love so much how Justin's voice reaches dogwhistle frequencies when he finds something really, really funny.

    9. Hanna Wozniczka

      OMFG How did I not know Justin & Travis have the same birthday that is so fucking funny

    10. chichoman04

      ᵍʰᵒˢᵗ ᵇᵉᶠᶠˀ

    11. Ben Molay

      Alcoholic Snapple happened. It's called Kombucha. Someone stole Griffin's idea!

    12. Julia Armstrong

      "Is there someplace I would go in this building to, like, request a miracle?" Genuinely one of the best bits in the show, I think about this line at least once a week.

    13. belugaval14

      this all feels exactly like the actual show

    14. Clarissa Smith

      Yes, blast these silly silly boys into my big dumb head. Silence all those demons with the sounds of their charming guffaws.

    15. hit the boof

      this was filmed before Kobe died, right? Cuz predicting Michael Jordan dying young in a hang glider accident after Kobe died in a helicopter crash seems too far even for the boys

      1. Dingo Lover

        Yep, well before! Kobe died in 2020, MBMBAMTV premiered in 2017.

    16. Caitlin Sanderson

      4:30 justin turning into the same color of his shirt is so funny to me

    17. Kokobro

      i wonder how different they would've been if they had a sister after griffin. these boys are CHAOS.

    18. I Never Watched

      Holy cow these are better than the actual bits in the show im losing it

    19. Michael Sinister

      To be clear, a ghoul is a demon or creature that steals and eats corpses. They're not ghosts. Otherwise we wouldn't have a game named “Ghouls & Ghosts”

      1. Dingo Lover

        @Michael Sinister That's what makes the ghosts so hungry

      2. Michael Sinister

        @emily ;3 It'd be harder to eat much of anything if you're not at least a little corporeal.

      3. emily ;3

        also, I believe ghouls are often corporeal. worth noting

      4. Michael Sinister

        @Dingo Lover hmm, you're not wrong there. Only Griffin truly knows the answer & it seems he's not going to kiss and tell

      5. Dingo Lover

        Certain "hungry ghosts" eat corpses, so maybe there can be some overlap.

    20. Classtoise

      Watching Justin absolutely lose his shit is so much better than just HEARING him absolutely lose his shit.

    21. Toni Martinez

      i never get tired of hearing these three idiots attempt to cyclically undermine each other's ideas and bits, just descending into utter chaos

    22. ang

      griffin predicted the matchbox twenty 2020 tour becoming matchbox twenty-one

      1. ang

        except now it's matchbox twenty-two

    23. hannavas

      1:05:00 not sure why griffin is surprised, Justin JUST said he needed very little prompting to swallow objects

    24. hannavas

      59:13 somehow silently drawing on tv is worse than doing it on a podcast XD

    25. TheRealKLT

      The funny thing about Griffin's "The Lunch Squad" joke is that the Breakfast Club was genuinely originally supposed to be called, "The Lunch Bunch."

    26. hannavas


    27. Preetom Bhattacherjea

      goooo punch

    28. Connor Ogilvie

      Why is no one talking about how Clint's desktop has approximately 200,000 icons... its such a Daddy Mcelroy thing to do

    29. Luke McCoy

      How did you get your hands on this footage 😂 😂 😂

      1. Luke McCoy

        @Dingo Lover oh yeah yeah yeah lol I definitely just got the two mixed up for sure because vrv is like a powerhouse with content my bad 😅

      2. Dingo Lover

        @Luke McCoy Nope, they're still going strong. You're probably thinking of Seeso, the original host of the MBMBAM TV show, which is dead.

      3. Luke McCoy


      4. Dingo Lover

        It's on vrv :)

    30. Daniel Norbut

      Justin has the same joyful, child-like energy as Pete Holmes. Pete used to tell a great joke about how people would brag that they're a "hard laugh," and how stupid that is. Justin, like Pete, is definitely not a "hard laugh."

    31. Evan Green

      Griffin: receives belt "Now we can get started" 👀

    32. Holm Holmsen

      i love how you can tell the respective ages of the mcelroy brothers by how nasal their voices are

    33. Joj

      48:56 Hey Jman, just wanna let you know the phrase "letting the vibes come right in your pants" is bad.

    34. Becca Lanning

      "Whatever you want swallowed, I'm your man 😏" is so powerful

      1. Becca Lanning


    35. Alex Smith

      i'm halfway through and i can't finish watching it because i started laughing so hard my jaw locked up but im still laughing

    36. Dean C

      Ok so this was probably part of the ARG but I can totally read Justin’s phone number

    37. Lorraine McGrail

      The bit with getting Griffin up on the wall was the most sibling thing I've ever seen, it was like they all became 12 year olds again.

    38. Delia

      the ring pop audio at an hour... visceral

    39. Jay Stewart

      I simply cannot handle this Cheers slander, Griffin

    40. Hannah Hughes

      they should a make s2

    41. Brent Liberati

      Justin gives me life

    42. TraitorousTurncoat

      1:06:28 I feel like this is the precise moment MBMBAM Season 2 died.

    43. TheGreenBulbasaur

      Justin and Griffin joking about Micheal Jordan didn’t age too well lol, love these boys

    44. R. Strider

      i love that about 50 minutes of this is just justin turning into one big wrinkle from laughing too hard

    45. ACleverUserName UsedHere

      I love, when Justin laughs, his speech become a incomprehensible line of squeaks.

    46. chris shimizu

      okay i know griffin is just doing a bit but a trilogy of food meals + collection of people with the original cast of the breakfast club tracking them as they grow up (the lunch squad as middle aged them and then the dinner crew as 75 yr old them) is actually lit as hell

    47. EuphoricOcean

      I buy dog ice cream for my dog regularly lol

    48. Baked bean Gnocchi

      The longer I look at griffins face the less he looks like griffin.

    49. Ellery Duncan

      ngl this may be better than the show

    50. Snowy

      4:26 justin turns the same colour as his shirt shdhwhdhdh

    51. SeventhEve

      Matthew Pantsconaughey

    52. Escapist

      Of course Travis had a leg lamp in his window just hoping for some sweet sweet attention.

    53. Becca Lanning

      18:25 - 18:55 is absolutely hysterical

    54. sullivan108

      I'm only 6 minutes in and I'm hoping all the bloopers is Justin fucking dying laughing

    55. Space Dootboy

      Yeah... Season one... Im not crying

    56. Leo Velli

      Ok here’s a brand new sentence: “I traded 6 pounds of cocaine for a new episode of Frasier on the internet”

    57. explosionsofawesomeness

      I love that Justin having a long day means that he has tremendous laughing fits too easily what a wonderful life

    58. BovineDaredevil

      How did this show die so quick? This is the hardest I have laughed at the brothers yet.

    59. Tyler Black

      Man, editor must’ve had a hard time figuring out what to cut out since it’s all fucking hilarious

    60. Sam Gotter

      I love how they're writing a theme song and then all the sudden you're DROWNING IN A LAKE WHY DID YOU COME M HERE

    61. Ros

      “A website that sells other websites” Griffin inadvertently invents squarespace

      1. Edward Green

        Go daddy was around in like 95

    62. poeticIrony

      i dont understand how this show works, but it does. justin is clearly the fool. hes amazing. its great. travis is like... the straight man, but also not...? then how the hell is griffin the straight man? hes such an idiot, but also not?!

      1. Dingo Lover

        Like many great bit-riffers, they all take turns playing the fool.

    63. Proffie123

      i love it :)

    64. Em

      Dinner cereal... after thinking on it..... soup.

    65. Proffie123

      is there more?? i wanna see a season 2 and 3 if possible

      1. Dingo Lover

        Nope, they only made one season.

    66. isna

      best part starts at 20:35

    67. Noah & Atlas

      watching this high would absolutely ruin me

    68. The Hatch

      A safespace for buff dads and Matchbox 21 are basically the same thing

    69. Berkeley Pickell

      This has 8.5 on rotten tomatoes so why haven't they done another season yet?

    70. Berkeley Pickell

      "It's not a good look to laugh at your own joke" is a statement the McElroy brothers have built careers disproving. None of their stuff would ever have taken off if they weren't all so quick with their infectious laughs.

      1. Berkeley Pickell

        @GuyNamedSean Absolutely!

      2. GuyNamedSean

        Hell, I'd argue that Juice's main bit is how easy it is to get him into a laughing fit.

    71. Xander Guyer

      I don't know what it is, but it's all out of order or something. Still, it's awesome to see this show again in any format!

    72. Jordan Rose

      "Taako and I are not the same" "Let me **finish** it" - the same dude

    73. Erin Wilson


    74. K. A. U.

      GOd everyone please *premium follow* please go to the bug man Mark Berman's youtube channel and check the first couple vids in the Mantis playlist they are so banger i cant even describe

    75. shockofthenew

      "Shrek but live action" gets me every time :')

    76. A BJ

      The part where they climb onto a wall is impossible to see as three adults. Those are BOYS and my protect instict kicks in.

    77. myettechase

      deeply cursed justin face at 7:56

    78. Canard Fromage

      Justin is such a precious soul.

    79. the real Finna Spring

      Justins laugh dying is the best thing in the world i wish i laughed that hard ever

    80. the real Finna Spring

      I started out loving Justin the most but now realize i love all the brothers equally they are a package deal i need them all together with Clint forever

    81. Fen Cullen

      justin and griffin struggling to get up on the wall is so sad and also fuckin hilarious

    82. Jack Roberts


    83. Zach

      You had your own discreet birthday - people *love* that about me

    84. Seanna Watters

      Justin’s wheeze laugher is so contagious I actually had to pause several times just to take a breath from snort wheezing along oh man I’m barely 6 minutes in

    85. T W

      It is a crime that these episodes weren't an hour long

    86. Abby Wolffe

      Griffin: Hey has anybody seen where Justin went to? Justin: **muffled wheeze from closet**

    87. Zach

      Griffin loving his pitcher in the guy joke is the funniest thing about that joke 😂

    88. Zach

      Where's Justin? *Wheeeez*

    89. lucy starlight

      thank you pirate illegal youtube

    90. Jaco Sparce

      I love the extended segment where they are talking about Griffin’s outfit.

    91. Zalek


    92. Brian Jensen

      30:01 Turns out it might of been better to go with that new theme song for the show and the podcast from then on out.

    93. Blake

      Oooof that bug guy was so painfully boring haha imagine what didn’t make the cut

    94. Robogineer

      Love when Justin's face turns the same shade as his pink shirt

    95. Cherriomax

      okay but alcoholic snapple is just a white claw... It happened

      1. amistakeprobably

        nah nah a white claw is an alcoholic la croix 😂

      2. Dingo Lover

        alcoholic snapple sounds like it would taste better than white claw tbh

    96. nicolegend

      justin turning the colour of his shirt laughing at his own joke about his brother being a prositute lmfao

      1. Bug


    97. Dylan Platt

      For what it's worth, a ghoul is not a ghost. Ghouls are corpse-eaters, and are usually depicted along the lines of a really grisly vampire. So, uhh... Good job Griffin?

    98. Paul Taylor

      This show was a blessing

    99. :/

      55:41 “is the mic pack okay” “is my BACK okay ASS”

    100. Basically Sarah

      we're less than 5 minutes and justin has *already* deflated