An Evening With Griffin McElroy @ FSU: Presented by Club Downunder

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    Griffin McElroy visits Florida State University as part of the Golden Tribe Lecture Series.

    For more information on Golden Tribe, visit:

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    1. Max Jenquin

      watching in 2021: "what will you do if Yahoo Answers ever goes down" monkaW

    2. W H T V R

      35:27 Griffin's work = improvement realization

    3. Michael Holland

      Marx Brothers is GOOOOD.

    4. Sofi Kenrick

      1:16:32 UH OH UH OH OH WHOOPSIE DAISY OH NOOOOO i have some terrible news for you

    5. Carla Trejo

      1:16:35 and it did lol

    6. Connor Dwyer-Power

      RIP yahoo answers, Gone but not forgotten

    7. DorkyAF

      lovin the big fat zoom in on the people obviously not giving a shit at around 15mins like from what i heard at the start, you need to have paid to be there so why pay and show up and act like that ? seriously : /

    8. WispyWoodsman

      "What will you do if Yahoo Answers ever shuts down?" Oof.

    9. Mark O'Brien

      1:16:30 He predicted it!

    10. DoctorSayWhat1997

      This is the closet we will ever get to Griffin doing a stand-up routine.

    11. Myrdin

      1:16:30 well, what if? (for context, Yahoo did in fact shut down recently)

    12. Butters tries

      1:16:34 o7 you will be remembered

    13. Maggie McFee

      2019: "What would you guys do if Yahoo Answers ever shuts down." 2021: 😬

    14. Stuart Cornwall

      1:16:36 watching this in 2021 with Yahoo answers actually shutting down this question gave me a panic attack

    15. Muq Muqington

      1:16:35 is major foreshadowing... RIP Yahoo Answers

    16. Ian Birdwell

      1:16:30 oh no

    17. Caysie M

      1:16:30 Logan’s prophecy of the future

    18. Freya Buss

      Too real 1:16:30

    19. Eos Aurora

      1:16:00 OOF THIS MAN, What are they gonna do if yahoo shuts down

    20. Stephen Holt

      1:16:39 - Well that hits differently now

    21. JRGDrawing

      Well we know who to blame for Yahoo Answers

    22. Rei Clea

      1:35:25 holy shit yahoo answers is shutting down this year

    23. Izzie Abrahamson

      Griffin was at my school last year?? Wtf😔

    24. shannen malone

      i've never been less surprised to learn someone has lovely, elegant hands.

    25. Henri Pohjanhovi

      Wait what, they grew up religious? Whoa. Wonder if they've believers still

      1. haley

        oh cant be, not travis at least

    26. Honest John

      Thank you Griffin.

    27. Kyler Reason

      17:56 she pick and eat

    28. bunny_arsonist_

      just from reading the comments i will NOT be watching the Q&A section i don’t think i’ll be able to take it

    29. Amya Ride

      Hey ok, I knew about the MbMbaM episode that started TAZ but I've NEVER been able to find it. Can anyone tell me which episode it is??

      1. SlyCedix

        There's no actual episode number, but the episode falls between 213 and 214

    30. Annika

      Griffin: “Print’s dead so fuck them” Me, going to college for a degree in print design: 👁👄👁

    31. B Eccleston

      The McElroys’ voices make me so calm. I’m listening to this while studying in loop and it’s just so calming

    32. Brandon Cluff

      I love this so much

    33. Mars Styles

      this is so nice to hear as a high school senior lol

    34. M M

      h u h what the fuck griffin is like. INSANE??? like i knew he was an incredibly impressive man who is literally unstoppable. i cant get over this. he is such a jack of all trades dude. this man is such a great role model

    35. Its Ya Broski

      Ig you could call the last 30 minutes of this video “and Me”

    36. Queen Morrigaen

      I’d give my left arm for an open rpg taz game. Lol

    37. Captain Gargoyle

      Such a great talk by Griffin. I never knew he had been such a hard worker for so long. Also this:

    38. Sara P

      Why thank you algorithm, don't mind if I do!

    39. EuphoricOcean

      My alma mater and my favorite McElroy boy

    40. Jessica Delapascua

      cant believe they booked griffin mcelroy the year after i graduated.....

      1. idiot fiend

        He was scared of you & he'd only agree to come once your magic had dispersed

    41. Slendermanz7

      No mention of Big Gulp in his accolades?

    42. Kathryn Gray

      can we appreciate that part of this man's career was putting amiibos into his mouth

    43. Probably Possessed •

      6:02 “because it wasn’t my birthday and THAT doesn’t seem fair”

    44. All Night Cats

      I cannot believe it.... if I had finished my grad degree 1 year earlier

    45. Gavin Wride

      He looks and acts like a mix between Nathan Fielder and Tyler Joseph

    46. Darius Hamburg

      hillsong worship

    47. Jonah Lyles

      God I love Griffin

    48. K C

      this talk really meant a lot to my philosophy about how i approach work and career building, thank you!

    49. ThatkidSchon

      Griffin is my hero

    50. Leyna Robinson

      my cheeks hurt from smiling so much wow

    51. Julia Whitmore

      I am proud of this clown man, this child boy

    52. Max Rubinstein

      “We don’t like it very much” excuse the fuck out of me, but for the first fifteen episodes of mbmbam Justin would joke about Live Like You Were Dying

    53. SewerDragonQueen

      I'm watching this now in 2020 when they're making a TAZ board game as well as a potential animated series with Peacock TV not to mention that Petals to the Metal is coming out next month-

    54. Eonimv

      "unintentionally, but that doesn't matter, a lot of hurtful shit" I am SO glad he said that. I am so so so glad he acknowledged the fact that it doesn't matter the intention behind whatever they said, but the fact of the matter is that it was hurtful/insulting/offensive/etc. a LOT of content creators today don't realize the impact of what they say outside of their own brain. some of these ppl are like "I said a racial slur but its okay because I didn't mean it to be offensive!" that isn't a valid argument.

    55. Emily Harfst

      why are they showing the absolute worst shots of the audience lmao

    56. Naomi Lawson

      ILproject, knowing I watch a lot of MBMBaM content has been relentlessly reccomending this to me from seemingly the day of the videos publishing. Now I finally gave in and decided to watch it out of spite, it's actually been really good and really fascinating. You win this time, algorithm.

    57. Udita Gowdety

      Griffin's takeaways begin at 51:57, if anyone needed to know!

    58. Chara Violet

      Blue!!! Blue was here!!!

    59. Anville _

      I’ve never been jealous of FSU until now. Go knights.

    60. Jamie Draper

      Griffin and all the McElroys give me hope for a better tomorrow. Hearing him talk about their grief is so moving. I lost my mum, dad, uncle and gran in a short space of time, I hope one day I can pull myself out of this hole and create some smiles and laughter in the same way these wonderful people have

    61. The Mediocre Artist

      oh no! I'm crying!

    62. CarlyJo

      How was this not 100% sold out standing-room only?

    63. finnegan

      i am 7 minutes into this video and i am crying

    64. Nao

      1:22:44 that's foreshaddowing

    65. Sheila Ryan


    66. Gravity Gallifrey Falls

      Omg i freaked out when I heard Lillie!!! I'm a huge fan of her podcasts!!!

      1. tulips


    67. CassBlast5

      Way to come to my school right after I graduated, GRIFFIN

    68. NaughtyDespair

      I love this man so much

    69. asexualchloe

      lily: I host a podcast called me: oh god don't lily: the good boys good girls me: oh shit! i've listened to that!

    70. Miles

      Y'all, Griffin is really great at public speaking.

    71. Katie-Beth

      Can’t believe this boy was like an hour and a half from me at a university that several of my friends are attending and I had no idea. It’s fine. I’m fine.

    72. Patrick Inosanto

      Really great speech from Mr. Sprite Pepsi. He seems like a cool dude.

    73. Whale Sharko

      You just watched over 90 minutes of Griffin talking Feels like 5 though doesn't it?

      1. Whale Sharko

        @Christie Lewis haha I was quoting a video Justin and Griffin did But yes it really did fly, this man has a way with words

      2. Christie Lewis

        Jesus, I thought you were kidding. It just flew by!

    74. Hi you Yes you

      i wanted to have a panic attack just listening to how big his work load was

    75. septum punch

      Me: huh I wonder what that vibe from the brothers and clint is? Like there is a vibe that I cannot place and I don't kno- Griffin: "southern Baptist" OH THAT'S WHAT IT IS

    76. Nora-Midori Jane

      “i’m a clown man. i’m a child boy.”

    77. Nora-Midori Jane

      i had to rewatch how the dude said “griffin mcelroy” the last time a FEW TIMES because it just makes me happy. the emphasis

    78. Elizabeth Boyle

      "I'm married married MARRIED" -Griffin McElroy (a very good boy)

    79. Elizabeth Boyle

      The way that he can instantly read that a person asking a question is nervous, and self-deprecates to make them feel at ease... Umami.

    80. Lizzie A

      I love this boy so much i wanna cry he's so kind

    81. Xion'sReverie

      I love griffen I can smell the anxiety off this poor child boy

    82. Alex Holt

      Griffin made it 3:23 in before he said boy. That’s the internet’s sweet baby brother for ya

    83. Elizabeth Thomas

      As someone who graduated from a Florida University (USF) in the past year, I have realized that my worst life mistake was not going to FSU to see this legend live on stage

      1. Elizabeth Thomas

        Allison Moss honestly facts that school sucked lmao

      2. Allison Moss

        As a UCF alum I agree that going to USF is always a mistake

    84. Susman Geralf

      My favorite thing is that someone went up and asked FMK for Taako, Merle and Magnus and Griffin straight up said no. I absolutely respect that. Where do you even go after that? Your life is basically over at that point.

    85. Cartoon Crazy

      Oh shit! I’ve listened to the good boys girls! I totally didn’t expect to hear that brought up today!

    86. Jordin Findling

      Spent $35 to see and internet rando talk about his business :)

    87. Dylan Lindsay

      Griffin for president 2036

    88. animanya

      Oh my god i love him so much

    89. Nicest Pancake

      I have to admit, I still had awkward feelings about Griffin because of what another Griffin did to me, before I listened to The Adventure Zone and MBMBAM I watched his Skyrim and the Monster Factory and I couldn't... get into it because of a stupid name. Because every now and then his brother would say "Griffin ----" and I would kind of... lose it a little bit. Then, I finally worked up the nerve to listen to the Adventure Zone and MBMBAM and I... can enjoy myself hearing him speak. For once I can just enjoy this beautiful man and hope that it's not weird for me to say that. To all the good Griffins out there, thanks for not being THAT asshole. Especially to that good, albeit anxious, boyo up there, who helped me get over a dumb name.

      1. LettucePrime

        @Tiger Bears You go fuck yourself. People are different.

      2. pug juice

        @Tiger Bears do everyone a favour and look up what triggers are

      3. Niou Ejiri

        Tiger Bears You don’t know what that person’s been through, don’t be an asshole

      4. Tiger Bears

        It’s a fucking name, get over yourself.

    90. Aunt Tifa

      1:29:20 Griffin talking about LGBTQIA+ respect, for those who need a good boy being a good ally.

    91. void blamkets

      whenever i need advice or an immediate shot of seratonin i set aside and hour and half and watch this

    92. Cast Enigma

      I really needed to watch this. A lot of what Griffin said his pretty close to home with how I'm feeling right now and it my not get me through it, but it's a start.

    93. jesse mcintire

      Everybody in that theater was like "who the fuck is Sway?"

    94. Firepaw Cooper

      Considering that this is at a college the audience questions were not as bad as they could have been, most talks at my school almost nobody asked anything. All I’m saying is that they still have growing to do, and being awkward and gross is part of it. Griffin handled this whole thing so dang well.

    95. Eighty8percent

      I saw burnie burns speak at my university when I was younger, and I know these two are different, but those are the two people I’ve grown up listening to. It’s weird to me that they live in the same city and haven’t really crossed paths.

    96. It Geof

      why we never here about mom McElroy. edit oh she fucking died I am very sad now

    97. randomgooberness

      gonna be real i did NOT expect this to be as inspirational as it was. thank you griffin

    98. Sunny shine

      oh. my. god.

    99. Keemo

      This is the way.

    100. J Tinch

      "if you're lazy like us" he says after talking for an hour about how much work he does and has done his whole career