عمالقة مصر - الأضخم بالعالم 🇪🇬 The Giants of Egypt

Joe HaTTab

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    1. Joe HaTTab

      سلااااام - كيفكم ؟ شكراً على 7 مليون ❤️

      1. Bernard Konkin

        Much love and respect for the work that you do brother! Sending you blessings from Canada.

      2. Aziz Zarwal

        @حياتي قرآني عافاك محتاجة دار دعي معايا اختك من المغرب عيت والله دعي الله يسهل عليا😭😭😭😭

      3. Osama Anis

        اعتقد هذا العملاق مثل عملاق باكستانى خطير مظلوم ايضا اسمه اعجاز احمد ولم ياخذ حقه ان كان لايزال حيا يقارب من روبرت وادلو ولا يعيره احد اهتماما

      4. الذوق العام


      5. احمد شيخو

        شكرا ليك

    2. Paul Sparks

      He's well over 8 foot

    3. Abdullahi Ibn Gregory

      Take those shoes off in the house lol

    4. Oscar Reyes Aguilar

      Andeser. De loa ultimos anunankis

    5. Brigadier General

      You need to move to Hollywood America and star in movies you will be hired in a week.

    6. Man Kind

      Gravity sux omg. Poor dude

    7. Joyce Cooper

      This young man probably has an over active pituitary gland

    8. لااله الا الله محمد رسول الله

      Saltan not TURKY Saltan Kurdish dyarbakr

    9. Love of CHRIST

      Yasu al-Masih naqadh maeahum

    10. Mick3y Abb9y

      Start a go fund me them someone plz.. But I don't agree with these strange hormone therapies once they have already grown just give them light treatment to help them manage but don't damage them like they did to sultan cause these people are very unique and special individuals they need your help and support but don't need too much public attention just a lil bit of help if anyone can get to them over there... Take care..

    11. Vladimir Putin

      Therapist: Egyptian titans don't exist, they can't harm you Egyptian titans:

    12. Suman Banerjee

      Actual hight of both people?

    13. عالم ريحانه

      حاجه صعبه الله يكون فالعون 👍نورت مصر 🇪🇬

    14. a peaceful world

      May Allah shower Peace on them 💖

    15. Cool Med

      الاضاءة نعطيك صفر مدور

    16. jojo CIPO

      En tout cas moi je vois dans ces yeux qu'il est pas tout seul dans sont corps. Non pas parce qu'il est grand mais c'est un mal que beaucoup de musulmans et sa maman aussi ont en eux.

    17. Smart One

      This is called acromegaly due to growth hormone

    18. عبير محمد

      صاحب الضل الطويل🤣😅😅

    19. Eis 7


    20. ahmad alhelal

      كن الحماس طاح5:07

    21. Thinker /

      Nice tour. People that are that tall generally have Nephilim DNA. They're the product of fallen angels and human beings. Hence the understanding of the Giants see Genesis 6:4

    22. InstaVines

      I just read in the comments if the condition isn't controlled using hormones they may die at 40 😭😞. Please let's do something

    23. Seba Jameel


    24. Channel Pinggir Kali


    25. sweggi free

      تبارك الله

    26. وسيم سليم

      لو سمحت بدنا فيلم عن الحرب والقتل والظلم والتدمير والتهجير الذي عاناه الشعب السوري 🥺🥺

    27. rock star

      Hindi urdu dub karo

    28. Communicate Perspectives

      Just spill their instagram accounts , and I will follow them to help them being renown so that they will earn much more money

      1. اوزوماكي ناروتو


    29. Saudahpermatasuci

      Very glad to see your channel again. I know it's your voice. Btw, Watching this, I am feeling so sad, how does the way he walk, is it bcz of tired? Oh May Allah bless you all and family. Aamiin

    30. 1shot1 pp19

      Allah Bless him the creature of Allah 💜 very kind family > and I hope he will be tallest man in the world > > it will be amazing Muhammed and sultan kosen > Allah well help them 💜☪️

    31. Md.firoz Rahman

      Assalamu Alaikum God Gifts Allah Thanks you Love for India

    32. Jiggly Puff

      Looks like to me they have been kick out of heaven by the Gods and there punishment is to live in poverty amongst the humans until they have redeem themselves. But looks like to me they doing nothing just existing. So sad indeed.

    33. Rahat Jutt

      Hard to find girl for him..

    34. staboogie031

      Make a Twitter profile and tag Guinness ALSO make a go fund me for them!!

    35. Joseph Larios

      Joe hattab give me a number huda the tall lady i want to marriage huda

    36. Joseph Larios

      I married his sister huda my friend my name pepe sendme message please thanks

    37. Joseph Larios

      I married you sister. The tall lady this is Pepe

    38. Flor anderson

      Are they deacendants from the nephilim ???🥺

    39. Omsk 1998

      They are not normal at all, it is a disease which started as gigantism when they were young, and as a result of being without proper treatment, it become now to another disease called acromegaly , and they actually need medical attention and specific drugs to help them stop growing even more

    40. Waddup Mayne

      The dude is 8’6” wtf... why cant god spare me 6” so i can be normal height...

      1. 1shot1 pp19

        He’s 8”2 247 cm I think

    41. maryaum maryaum

      انتم حلوين اوي

    42. May Lourdes Hall

      They reminded me of Angels on earth.

    43. May Lourdes Hall

      Hey Huda can learn baking. If people can donate gadgets for it and grocery store will give them contract to sell their products then they can have income.

    44. May Lourdes Hall

      Why don't you have food business or baking business. Self employment. They easily get tired then self employment is the way to generate income. Learn baking and sell them in grocery.

      1. اوزوماكي ناروتو

        because he saye no one want to hire him

    45. Jomba Chemonges

      Wow, he is huge. God is great.

    46. May Lourdes Hall

      He's being discriminated sad!

    47. j slack

      What’s on the calf’s hind legs

    48. j slack

      3:39 and 4:22 is disturbing lol don’t touch your feet then ask for my hand... God Bless him I’m sure it’s just their culture to be comfortable with their feet.... I have seen them walk barefoot in the kitchen in restaurants and it’s gross to me but I guess they love it

      1. 1shot1 pp19

        He’s poor guy with gigantism > if he didn’t doing surgery he will dead from brain tumour > I hope he stop growing at 252 8”3 taller than Sultan kosen

    49. Sharon Mcdougall

      God bless him sending love and prayers from uk ❤❤❤❤

    50. Not A Normal Reaction

      They're like the descendants of Anakims. Sons of Anak back in the day.

    51. Ozz KK

      You Are My Bro&Sis Alla Bless U Help U Give You Strength Ameen

    52. Silvana Mcadoo

      We need help him

    53. YouTube Deleted my Other Account for Mean Comments

      He looks so happy next to his mom c:

    54. YouTube Deleted my Other Account for Mean Comments

      He looks really cool and has a really cool voice

    55. YouTube Deleted my Other Account for Mean Comments

      8 million subs? What is this channel

    56. Roberto’s Rooftop Birdwatching

      Greetings I’m here new friend from Brooklyn NYC wow it’s really a gentle giant astonishing footage thanks for sharing it and I wish we can be friends through are channel then I’ll see you at my home channel highly appreciate your hard work my friend stay bless blissful w/ur lovely family and friends 🤝✌️❤️🌍

    57. Bukhtiar Shah

      God bless you

    58. Santo L gaol


    59. Phoebe Barnard

      I believe there is surgery or medication that could help them both before they can no longer function! That is the help they need plus realistic ideas on how they could support themselves with dignity. Not easy, but possible.

      1. 1shot1 pp19

        I think they didn’t have enough money to doing surgery •

    60. DN Kasorga

      😢 i really hope u would help them with the payment u gt from utube as i can see this story has million viewers

    61. One-Christian Warrior

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    62. Toha reaid Toha reaid

      الله يساعدكم يا الله نشالى ترجعو مثل قبل انشاله 😞😞😞😞💔

    63. danielle

      He has 6 toes!!

      1. 1shot1 pp19


    64. Saud Alelaiwi


    65. Saud Alelaiwi


    66. Saud Alelaiwi


    67. Riham Mohammed

      ممكن تجمع تبرعات وتبني بيتهم بمواصفات تليق بطولهم مع مشروع محترم يعيشوا منة حلال ❤️❤️❤️❤️

    68. Aktor Channel

      في وقت لاحق ، إذا كانت الزوجة تمارس الجنس ، يمكن أن تمزق القضيب بشكل كبير جدًا

    69. Aktor Channel

      إذا كان الشخص كبيرًا مثل هذا ديك كبيرة أم لا

    70. Atika Bedoui

      الله معاهم ❤🇩🇿🇩🇿🇩🇿

    71. MOON SHOT

      Such a great people’s... god bless you ... from Israel .

    72. salam Mk

      زعلت عليهن كتير 😔😔😔 ما بعرف ليش بكيت 😭😭😭😭

    73. Secretly Sinning Asmr

      Such a lovely man he is 💓

    74. Jovian Sol

      Beautiful people. I hope someone can offer hormone therapy to make them happy.

    75. Matt Nobrega

      They must have the blood of the gods in their DNA

    76. Ømãr

      نورتنا أخوك من الدقهلية

    77. Smoken Joe

      Gigantism (Greek: γίγας, gígas, "giant", plural γίγαντες, gígantes), also known as giantism, is a condition characterized by excessive growth and height significantly above average. In humans, this condition is caused by over-production of growth hormone in childhood, resulting in people 2.1 to 2.7 m (7 to 9 ft) in height

    78. Set Apart

      Get this man some IMMUNOCAL to help him boost glutathione levels so he can FEEL BETTER!

    79. smraa Ali

      اتمني تكون ساعدته بجزء مادي بجانب العجل بحيث يعرف يوفرله اكل ورعايه🙏

    80. Hafsi Hafsi

      سبحان الله وبحمده

    81. Amooly Alwaleed

      الحمدالله ع كل حال هذي خلقه الله

    82. kalyan Satta king

      wwe entry

    83. kalyan Satta king

      wwe me jao

    84. Shiva FFX124

      God bless for they both...semoga ada perhatian dari pemerintah setempat

    85. Mohamed Alaa


    86. Mohamed Alaa


    87. Mohamed Alaa


    88. Mohamed Alaa


    89. Mohamed Alaa


    90. Mohamed Alaa


    91. Mohamed Alaa


    92. Mohamed Alaa


    93. Mohamed Alaa


    94. Mohamed Alaa


    95. Mohamed Alaa


    96. Dani Good Boy.2020

      ماشاء الله يا ريت الناس الجيران يهتموا بيهم أكثر و أكثر تحية لكل الشعب المصري من الجزائر

    97. sezam asyas

      مرض اسمه acromegaly

      1. 1shot1 pp19

        Acromegaly بعد البلوغ تسبب وجهه و اقدام ضخمه بس ما تسبب ابد ضخمه

      2. 1shot1 pp19

        اسمه gigantism قبل البلوغ و تسبب طول زائد

    98. Christopher Brinkley

      Real life nephilim

    99. no one U know

      My heart hurts for them. I can't even imagine what it's like to deal with this condition.

    100. Knowing THE TRUTH