Marvel's Spider-Man 2 - PlayStation Showcase 2021: Reveal Trailer | PS5


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    Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 is the next game in PlayStation’s critically acclaimed Marvel’s Spider-Man franchise. Developed by Insomniac Games in collaboration with Marvel Games and PlayStation for the PS5 console.

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    1. EMX

      Trash, give me back Resistance.

    2. Pj MAzu

      I got to add this to my collection ASAP

    3. Brody Burns

      The games coming out in 2023 such a long way

    4. Luis H

      Into the spider verse has my favorite Miles Suite

    5. xcripsv xcripsv

      everybody say goodbye to miles morales

    6. Not Jacob

      Watch, Green goblin will be the final boss

    7. kebax

      Technically, There Will Be Anti-venom Or Carnage In The Game, Possibly.

    8. Kin Wong

      I'm so excited and looking forward to get Marvel's Spider-Man 2 when the game is in stores in 2023.

    9. Isyhad

      When will the spider man2 will come out game

    10. Ꭰrⱥgo ɢᴀᴍɪɴɢ

      i wish i could play marvel spider man 2 or marvel spider man miles morales but sadly i don't have ps5 😭

    11. Pvc

      Meh Wolverine looks cooler imo

    12. Nexus Gaming

      Ya the new villain is venom wait what about carnage

    13. Timur Polevoi

      ебать копать

    14. Tomothy swan

      I remember watching the miles morales trailer and just hoping and praying for their to be advanced tricks while web swinging. Only game where my expectations were met. This game is going to be truly amazing

    15. Raven L. Twilight

      Everybody hypes up about Venom and here I am excited to know what happen to Captain Yuri Watanabe and how She will (maybe) end up as The Wraith

    16. StefyIsCool

      Why not on the ps4 i love the games

    17. Gaming machine

      Xbox player be like : i did a big mistake buying this fkn box

    18. Adarsh Nagrale

      I thought it was movie.... This is game 🙄

      1. Jon Smith

        You thought that a something uploaded by PlayStation, with the PlayStation logo in the corner and with "ps5" in the title was going to be a movie? Also this is spider-man *2* what did you think it was a sequel too?

    19. Nou Fal


    20. Robert Laurence Merin

      Dude we got Spider-Man from the movie, the games and his 60th anniversary. This is the best day of my life.

    21. clain88

      Man 2023 is to far away I want to play this now


      Venome entry 🤩

    23. Ruvaitha Rahuman

      This game even for PS4 or only ps5?

      1. dean lynch

        ps5 only

    24. Nojukas Tutis

      Give spiderman on xbox we give you forza and other games

      1. sikm33

        lol most of those games if not all are on pc... xbox ain’t got nothing to offer unfortunately...

      2. this Bubbly Goodness

        give us starfield, elder scrolls n fallout back lol

    25. Shayan Raie

      but will it be ps4...

      1. dean lynch


    26. happy scientist

      Electro bc electricity, accent sounds like Kraven the hunter, and venom

    27. Motha


    28. Scott Cowan

      They make this game for ps4 too

      1. dean lynch


    29. MSCJ 47

      Seamless character transition would be cool, but what would be even better in my option is on top of that, allow another person to play so we can swing together throughout the city.

    30. Julian Rivera

      You can feel the exaggerated swagger emitting from this trailer

    31. VelvetMidnight


    32. Feetway Gaming

      I kinda think harry is venom

    33. Foxy playz 2.0

      I will buy this game when it comes out. Well, if I have a PS5 by then.

    34. Trevor B

      Spiderman never had claws

    35. Dirce Baesso De Oliveira

      Porra Playstation libera uma versão em pt BR pro skyrim

    36. Tamika Tillery

      Wow a number 2 wow a different game of spiderman WOW!!!

    37. A. GAMING

      “See ya chump,” :Me to OG Spider man 2 game

    38. Paul Andre Palma

      In 2018 - I saw Harry Osborn was sick with the symbiote. In 2021 - I saw Venom's appearance. I think he was Harry or Eddie.🤔 • • I'm not sure, let's find out.

    39. Zakari Jenkins

      They got Toni tod playing venom let’s gooo

    40. Santiago Semeco

      Por favor, una versión de PS4

      1. Seget

        ps4 is old and weak

    41. Mason Sebastain

      No one will have a PS5 to play it on tho 😭 all sold out

    42. Sean Gonzalez

      2023 come on that’s way too long

    43. Sean Gonzalez

      Wow I’m so excited for it to come out

    44. Lucas Read

      Plz send it to Xbox

    45. Luis Duran

      I hope they make ps5 spider man system were like spider man and miles Morales are one side the other side venom and craving the Hunter on the other side . Who with me.

    46. Tick Tock

      "Be Greater" "Be Yourself" "Be Spider-Man"

    47. Ryan Festa

      Be careful what you wish for possibly kraven talking you better hope that carnage isn't in this game😁😁😁

    48. Stephania Mdenadai

      🥲Will not have for ps4🥲

      1. Electron SD


    49. phxntm_

      Ok I am super exited but.. do I really wanna wait two years?

    50. Killergod

      I hope we get spider gwen dlc

    51. Kaif Malik


    52. thecreggers

      Thats a long time away 😕

    53. M1RON

      Please ps4

      1. Seget

        ps4 is old and weak

      2. dean lynch


    54. Wihhaahhaa Hannahano

      Spider-Man ٢٢٢٢٢٢٢٢٢٢٢٢٢٢٢٢٢٢٢ 🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦

    55. Yakir WASSUP Abergel

      Times has passed. You can tell Miles and Peter are almost at the same height.

    56. Jake May

      That settles it. I'm getting a PS5

    57. XxjboithaplayerX

      Aye do you want to know what hits in the video that it's 2 spiderman teaming up I am assuming it's gonna be online or casually or probably that might put that or even make us play with the computer.

      1. XxjboithaplayerX

        @this Bubbly Goodness Ahhh okay I got lost for a second 😂

      2. this Bubbly Goodness

        or it could simply mean that Miles has a presence in the game and its still a single player game? because it is lol

    58. Carey Yang

      Doesn't that mean that spider-man managed to perfect doc's arms?

    59. Thalaphaty rasigan

      Venom is back baby

    60. Phuthip Poonaiam

      only ps5?

      1. dean lynch


    61. GREY Whitty1134


    62. 1juice box1

      Is the game also gonna be on ps4?

      1. Slavin Ragnavoire

        ps5 only dude they're only pushing for the nextgen

    63. Johnny Ahrens

      Kraven the Hunter

    64. Jason Perez Jason


    65. Electric Tiger

      I'd like the web catapult skill from the og spider man 2 on ps2 we kinda got it in Marvel spider man but I'd love to see it come back it was fun yeeting myself like half way across the map lol

    66. Josephine Bernil

      I wish it will be coop

    67. Jacob Cordova

      Don't like spider man ps5

    68. Fernando TKD

      Will come for ps4 too?

      1. dean lynch


      2. Just Wookie

        @123 games probably not

      3. 123 games


    69. Assassin 1015

      Xbox fan boys finally can claim they played the game when they more then likely havent 😂

    70. Henry Smith

      Why did a buy a series x 🤦‍♂️

    71. Demierus Simmons

      Venom better be Eddie Brock not Harry Osborn

    72. Rubab Zahra

      I was expecting it to be spider girl

    73. Zmei Gorinich

      Is this italian accent

      1. Jon Smith

        No, it's not even close.

    74. Diedrion

      I think It would be great a personalize sistem yo create our suits. Like for example a sistem were you could choose the Spider you want un the back or the suit colors. If someone thinks like me like it

    75. Harley Rattenbury

      It would be cool to see the black Spider-Man suit in the game

    76. Hitmark

      Why is no one mentioning that venom is literally gonna be Harry Osborn

    77. SJ RANKS

      Tony todd as venom perfect his performance as candyman sells me on venom now I got 2 personal voice cast member that I desperately want to see or hear Steve Blum as green goblin And David Kaye as Mysterio

    78. Muhmd Hadhi


    79. David Gurrola

      customizable outfits???

    80. Anmol Nagiyal

      I wish it was on xbox :(

    81. I am very board and have nothing better to do

      At the point the people at insomniac run purely on caffeine

    82. Nakul Krishna

      Man this venom just looks so alien. Like the movie makes venom look more friendly and the eyes and stuff make it looked based of a human face in terms of placement and proportions (to some degree). The eyes on this are vertical almost, and I like this design. The teeth too being crooked really add to that. Makes it look more visceral and monstrous. 2023 is too far away.

    83. Morioh Rat

      Comic book design for venom, canon iron spider arms, blue bio electricity, and a possible kraven the hunter. What I really want next is double web line swinging. Like, the L2 and R2 button, kinda from the TASM 2 game. What about a little web line to walk on to help with stealth.

    84. Obamium YRG

      I wonder if we'll be able to play as miles to



    85. Prod. by TZ

      Both Spiderman ps4 and Miles Morales were INCREDIBLE this one has no way to disappoint

    86. flipdipkid


    87. Rude Mario

      Please make the final trailer like the 2016 spider man 1 trailer

    88. John Ames

      Everyone write an email to them right now demanding they not ruing this game with strong female character propaganda and wokeness

    89. ForJustice1324

      Is this version of Venom gonna be Harry Osborn like in the Ultimate Spider-Man cartoon or will they introduce Eddie Brock too.

    90. Steve White

      I got to Copped this game

    91. Da'marius Wingfield

      Venom clad Kraven huh?

    92. EpicStiky Bot

      0:31 that actually looked like it could be a finisher.

    93. Nick

      I just hope they incorporate web wings to Peter’s traversal.

      1. Nick

        @constablecaren’t I hear you. I can’t help but notice that the gravity is off when swinging. He should be getting pulled towards the building his web is sticking to.

      2. constablecaren’t

        I hope they make the web swinging and traversal more difficult. It makes it more engaging.

    94. Rdo Rdo

      Air space

    95. Rdo Rdo

      Stuff they can't do us too because key west carribean Hawaii too is an island to include Puerto Rico Russia Cuba as well

    96. Imagine Lol

      the description says spiderman 2018

    97. Quboi

      Please no MJ missions

    98. Jessica Bernal

      not Venom

    99. Jessica Bernal


    100. Jessica Bernal