Angelina Jordan - Bohemian Rhapsody - America's Got Talent: The Champions One - January 6, 2020


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    Jordan - Rhapsody - 's Got Talent: January 6, 2020

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    1. Becky Dutra

      Still incredible, still the best. 💖

    2. Christian Ehrnsperger

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    3. Mattias

      out of this world

    4. Ceps Official

    5. Eman barzanji

      Ch danga na xosha

    6. Tangerine Boke

      This is amazing but no one can beat the original love this💖

    7. Milly

      her voice sounds like christmas

    8. Nico Sagnelli

      Oh wow she's so awesome

    9. Aqilluddin Aqil

      What is that freddy. Its my masterpiece

    10. Chantelle Garlow

      Has anyone heard Mr Simon Cowell sing? Not being rude just wanted to hear him sing a song

    11. Rac Hna


    12. Annie Guzman

      Wanna hear her sing Strange Fruit.!

    13. Muhammad Ariie

      What?! So amazing angel!!!!!! Keselllll

    14. Constance

      Easily the best

    15. Ayyyysisters

      I singed since I was 2 years old and I start singing everyday for 6 hours and now I’m turning 12 years old

    16. Wikim위킴

      I got goosebumps!!

    17. Dert Hyy

      ¡Angelina, soy uno de tus Ángeles...a pesar de la corta edad que tienes(Has cumplido 15), ya eres una leyenda, recuerda, eres un ANGEL, que el SEÑOR ha puesto en la Tierra, para mermar el sufrimiento de nosotros, los Mortales...tus Ángeles, TE AMAMOS!. (Argentina)

    18. Jayse Greene

      She's dreadful

    19. Matthew Tomlinson

      How can this version have 7k dislikes.

    20. Erik Cox

      Wow. Very impressive and in case you didn't hear her say, she's 13 ☮️

    21. milan perinay

      Wow,I fell in love with you. Excellent

    22. Marie Scalera

      Gets better every time I hear it. You really got this girl

    23. leah hael

      WOW! She had a very great vocal! Plus I really lime this song..

    24. INTAN MARS

      cry.. ur performance soooo beautiful 😭💜

    25. Super Ten

      You are not alone in August 2021

    26. Le'Ney merciParis

      Magnifique tu chante juste avec ton cœur 💕💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💕

      1. Lydia Bentley

        Totally agree with you

    27. Francesca Marfe


    28. Yesyess


    29. Sisnsksmshskxnxkmbsm

      So you see

    30. Robin Daigle

      Beautiful ❤️❤️❤️

    31. isaias zalazar

      Eso fue asombroso me encanto

    32. Becky Lawler

      I was waiting to see if she got the Golden Buzzer but it cut off too soon.

      1. EDDEGT

        She did

    33. Ashish Devkota

      Brings tears to my eyes 🙏

      1. Lydia Bentley

        You are not alone

    34. Joe bani Wan

      The real 'QUEEN'

    35. Carl Villamor

      it's so lovely :


      Your amazing Angelina Jordan you are a star 🌟🤩✨💖

      1. Lydia Bentley

        Angelena sure is

    37. Robert Jacoby

      Beautiful version of this song , Freddy is smiling down on this young lady 😀❤

    38. Kevin Sanchez

      She's so amazing!!! Such a beautifull performance!!! Congratz

    39. UK420Show

      She still keeps her American Accent while singing anyone else get that ?

    40. J W

      She Bad!

    41. Caroline Aucott

      She has got a very beautiful voice, but I am not a fan of melismatic singing

    42. tracy claphan

      Like holllyyy shitttt that girl can sing

    43. Si Zhang

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    44. Strike Taing

      I'm so haunted by that voices . . .

    45. Ed Dale

      Why is she sing in Cambodia)) none in the US want her or what is it???

    46. Adriano Oliveira

      Eu já sabia

    47. SR

      Absolutely utterly totally completely magnificent. You’re a star ⭐️

      1. Lydia Bentley

        You said that right

    48. Fatima Fink

      A melhor interpretação..

    49. Ellery Familia

      First time I hear this. Speechless. Wow, so much talent!

      1. Lydia Bentley


    50. Genesis Deceano

      She. is. ART. TRULY A MASTERPIECE 🎨❤️ been a fan ever since I was little and I knew she had talent from the first I heard her sing “Fly me to the moon” 🌒 I wish her the best in her career 🕊.

      1. Lydia Bentley

        A lovely comment and so true

    51. Ummu Fania

      Nice outfit..elegan

    52. 16skyv7

      the first part make me feel something weird

    53. Farid Mahat

      Hope she sing a full song version

    54. Savnam K

      why m i seeing this now 😭

    55. Louis Kal

      The hapless baby proportionately realise because computer macropharmacologically gather alongside a many walrus. abhorrent, needless bengal

    56. giovanni5634

      Angelina!!!!! Sei un angelo!!!!

    57. Mark Magundayao

      She sings barefoot because she met a homeless girl that didn't own shoes and the little girl said she would pray for Angelina and a great future and Angelina said she would never wear shoes while performing until every homeless person had decent shoes to wear.

    58. kh yeung

      妳進步了很多……true star……

    59. Hazna Kirana


    60. afipantera




    62. Improved2021

      She wasn't even trying! She's got huge potential

      1. Lydia Bentley

        Absolutely agree

    63. Gu Le

      Freddy so pround of you!

    64. Mannfred Berger

      Angelina Jordan never really needed AGT . AGT needed her. She'll be legendary on her own.

    65. Shallot

      no one realize that she didnt wear shoes cuz her voice like.....gorgeous

      1. Lydia Bentley

        I agree with you

    66. Cool Romantic  TV

      If you're watching this in 2021, I love you and you're not alone.

    67. kenneth Grids

      I watched this more than 20 times cause its really freeking good

    68. paolo casagranda

      is not real

    69. fluer


    70. alanbmx321

      And somehow people think Miley Cyrus can sing and has a talent other than marketing her self

    71. ws 2019

      I love how people in the audience are literary stunned.

      1. Lydia Bentley

        I think everybody was stand especially the judges did you notice Simon Cowell‘s face he was shocked

    72. Nirlena Dantas


    73. Charl Pretorius


    74. Matt Kelly

      I think Mr Mercury himself would of approved this one

    75. Summers

      She got a voice 20 years older than herself.

    76. Jeferson Lopez

      Reincarnation of Amy Winehouse

    77. Reza Mandagi

      Harry Maguire sister??

    78. Dennis Hmar

      Wow..I'm getting the vibes of Norah Jones.

    79. Jennipher Mugala

      What song is this

    80. Keeley Sudie

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    81. Amanda


    82. Nyl Yessuh

      Beautiful girl with such a beautiful voice

    83. 2fresh

      Are these tears? Ugh. I'm always crying no matter how many times I watch this.🥺

    84. TM modi

      I've literally watch this like 10 times already

      1. Lydia Bentley

        Most of us have listened to it so many times

    85. point of view

      Издевательство над песней. У Фрэдди было шикарно, мощно, душевно. А тут песня ушла вообще хз на какой план, девушка баловалась с голосом, много лишнего нагородила...

    86. KyraDaKraken K

      That’s amazing, the consistency of it is amazing ❤️❤️

    87. Anne Watkins

      Sweet sweet talent

    88. Study Motivation

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    89. Josh H

      She deserved the golden buzzer. This is my favorite audition of all timw

      1. Lydia Bentley

        Totally agree

    90. Jon

      One of the best version of this song. She should have won.

      1. Lydia Bentley

        I agree Angelena should have won the whole show

    91. Vickie Brown

      I really love her

    92. Francesca Castiglione

      OMG… only 13 and so much soul! AMAZING!

    93. Itovi I sumi

      Wow, she left me speechless

    94. Raiha Marsden

      This was fucked up. She should have won this hands down, ✋😤🙄😒😔😳

    95. Randy

      I'll be honest, I didn't like her singing. Hate comments to follow....

    96. Carol D'AMICIS


    97. isit1984

      Holy shit!!! Amazing

    98. Lillian Williams

      I think she said she is of Romanian ANCESTRY This little girl is definitely, God's gift to the world of Great singers. She has an ole soul, but a humble spirit. She is our next Star,all over the world.

      1. 103mrg

        lillian Mother is Norwegian, father is Swedish. Maternal grandparents Iranian and Japanese. Paternal grandparents Swedish and ?