My Thoughts on Reality Shifting


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    Holy shift kids are trying to cross the multiverse just to be with Draco Malfoy. Second channel ➤
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    Hey if you're reading this, thanks for checking out the description. Sorry that I've been gone for awhile, but don't worry I've still been working hard. Pretty soon (and I mean this as 'odd1sout' amount of soon) I'll be dropping big news. It's the biggest news I've ever dropped. I can't wait until I'm allowed to talk about it! Thanks again for reading and have a day!!!

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    1. J M Meittinis

      1:49 the a in hamster is kinda sus ngl

    2. TurtleBoy

      You remind me of MatPat

    3. Kasen Tibbs

      Hey are u on Godzilla’s or Kong’s side

    4. Arlo Boi

      The dislikes on the vid are the people who think they can reality shift

    5. Smokei Watson

      The odd ones out you need oh wait I'm angry with you for not saying I'm sorry for black people people win in your song okay I'm sorry sorry for talking about black people because don't make me call the races please are you don't make me

    6. MSTA Students

      Ok ok. Now how many times did he say “reality?”

    7. Seyjan Soylu

      Pls make a behind-the-scenes video.

    8. Chips And Bot

      5:52 I see that Draco poster, you bet I do! "Also back off Bakugo he's mine" Draco: ... *this is fine*

    9. Wink Wonk

      DRAYCO MALFOY?! DR(aYYY)CO?!?!?!? I'm done here. Just done.

    10. Emma Van Houten

      OK OK ONE SECOND JAMES KNOWS ABOUT MHA ok yep he is still my fav youtuber p e r i o d

    11. 2Salty4You

      Imagine Bill Cipher working at a Sooubway in some alternate reality...

    12. Ethan Rucco

      I use Tik-Tok😁

    13. *-. Killua .-*

      Pods "Live Dangerously"

    14. *-. Killua .-*

      Legit just sleeping.

    15. Peggy Castillo

      The hesitant duck bilaterally divide because semicircle anteriorly observe failing a seemly taiwan. psychedelic, kaput kitty

    16. Weebs4Life YT

      The world is infinite bruh anything is possible think about that.... 😳

      1. Weebs4Life YT

        @Shane Foy mmh

      2. Shane Foy

        So is there a universe where there isnt infinite universes?

    17. Daniel Brazell

      I’m your next biggest fan odds 1 out

    18. Irma Trejo

      why do you berrley post im love your vids

    19. ShadowedIce

      So if reality shifting is real there is reality where I am a nerd?

      1. Jaymations

        Oh honey that’s the reality you’re in right now

    20. Bryan Cantero Díaz

      New reasons why humanity should end Who ever can bring the end of times do it

    21. mizanime76

      Can someone tell me WHY there is a image of MINETA? Also, I totally agree with your thinking TheOdd1sOut!

    22. Rike 6

      The covid vaccine is deadly

      1. Mantikori

        It is not tho. What is your source? My whole family already have it and they all are totally fine.

      2. tufti

        it is not

    23. Benjamin Harris

      James are you gay you keep giving hints I'm so confused

      1. Mantikori

        He has girlfriend

    24. ivan Fernandez


    25. Frog_be e 😑

      Did I just Saw Minatea and bakugou 👀

    26. Tristan Carter

      3:25 I just realized that that kid wants o have his parens love him but it wont happen because its a fictional script lmao

    27. Biscuit_Boxer_69


    28. SkyeLite

      I loved that sock puppets reaction to "Because they're dreaming."

    29. min_goals

      I think as long as nobody gets hurt in the process everbody should do what they love.

    30. rachael adams

      Did anyone notice bill cipher was in the background of the video when your. about to watch. look then you'll see it

    31. Alfonso Silva

      tic toc is... I don't know what to say... ABSOLOTLY USLES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    32. Hunter Hugh

      james x bakugo WRITE THAT DOWN ! WRITE THAT DOWN!!!

    33. Alfonso Silva

      me right now: lets sub to odd1sout me in my parallel universe: odd1sout you stink!!! no one gives a @#$% about you!!!

      1. Mantikori

        Luckily there are no parallel universes

    34. Saif Waqqad

      James why are you not posting

      1. Jaymations

        Animations take weeks to make

      2. Mantikori

        Because it takes weeks to create animations for even one video

    35. Junkyard D

      Why did you blurr the confederate flag it’s not resist 🇺🇸💯🇺🇸💯

    36. David Reynoso Aguirre

      5:53 is only cap in this vid

    37. Brianna Lite

      The thing is I don't really think there shifting to OtHeR rEaLiTy I think there writing down what they want and thinking about it and then lucid dreaming not really another reality

    38. H Sherif

      no bakugous MINE ✋🙄🙄

    39. Frogo Girl

      Huh I haven’t seen any reality shifting vids on tik tok

    40. Nathan22 lutundula

      Izuzku x Bakugo shippers: He not yours he's Deku's! 6:17

    41. Nathan22 lutundula

      1:52 Better manners...

    42. avaneesh josyula

      happy birthday james i am from india and it is 12 right now

    43. Fnaf Tiktoks


    44. Helena Spivak

      Yeah so... each time you have to make a desicion, another reality is created with the other desicion(s), but shifting to another universe ISN'T POSSIBLE!!!! THAT IS NONSESE!!! Shifting isn't real. Period.

    45. Jasmine Carson

      I got rlly interested in shifting stuff a while ago and all I ended up doing was creating a room from a show in my imagination and enjoying a hug from Jonathan joestar. For a lot of people 'shifting' just ends up being lucid dreaming which comes with its own problems and stuff cough cough sleep paralysis cough

    46. yoitsjane

      The vaccination issue is just like abortion: my body, my choice. I shouldn’t be demonized for choosing how I live my life and taking calculated risks.

    47. cthhkt

      he posted omg

    48. It’z Zay [euphoria]

      This guy is a legend.

    49. Galaxy Gamer


    50. Alex Menane

      parallel universe mean no gravity

    51. It’z Zay [euphoria]

      I mean he’s just spitting FACTS. The reality shifting community acts like it’s a religion.I mean it’s TIKTOK..TIKTOK people. Reality shifting is a cool way to put how u can control ur dreams with literal scripts I get people try to put up the hype with trends since IT IS TIKTOK. This happens every time- Teens, as James said, don’t notice this but they’ve made it as a PSEUDOSCIENCE topic. But no one really knows. What if you can go into other realities. From what people know ofc the characters don’t really’s just in ur mind We should be grateful for the fact that we have the ability to control our dreams and not just “cancel” people for questioning major concepts It’s all about the experience and the fact that we can actually do ABSOLUTELY ANYTHING in dreams I’m glad this got dragged out because this theory is way over humanity- This is the way James makes his videos. Hilarious. Entertaining. Absolutely better than watching countless lies about shifting tiktoks This is no way to cancel someone- cancel culture itself shouldn’t exist


      I believe that theres multiple realities but that u can shift from one to other nah i dont think so

    53. Samuel Liang

    54. Colin Johnston

      Me seeing Nukes Gamez commented 3 mins before me: 😧😧😧 Someone actually watches the same stuff as meh

    55. Nukez Gamez

      I agree with everything he says except for anti-vaccine

    56. Gaming Viper2

      same james XD 0:05 :l

    57. Xander Spanos

      Happy day early birthday

    58. DreamRealmReality

      Ah look another reason I never got into tiktok XD

    59. SabYeet

      So many Bakugo references😳

    60. One and only Andrew G

      Watch out bakugo is his if u see bakugo run before he sees u

    61. Tater Spud

      I would've rage quit at the last bit but DANG HE KEEPS GOING ON

    62. Lucky Singh

      Bro plz try to make More per week

    63. Lucky Singh

      Plz tell me

    64. Lucky Singh

      Bro I like your video plz tell more things like this

    65. Redsheep Playz

      Is bassicly lucid dreaming about reality shifting so is just useless

    66. Ethan Narvaez

      i want to go to the pokemon world how do i do this

      1. Unharmedツ

        LOL it doesn't work. It is fake.

    67. Blubboi

      Pfft its funny how he posted this video one day after my friend actually shifted to the hxh world-

    68. XxDarknessxX

      Me when i missed an Odd1sOut Video: *My Dissapointment Is Immeasurable And My Day Is Ruined..*

      1. XxDarknessxX

        Since he uploads a *video* a *Month.*

    69. David BaGuetta

      Oh in that case i will shift to Sigil "The city of door" 🤣

    70. Spooky Grayster

      My brain hurts

    71. neida tamez

      i freaking love your videos

    72. Han-a-land

      Fun fact: all the three “e” ‘s in Mercedes are pronounced differently

      1. Kangaroo Monkey

        I don’t know what to do with this information, but I am happy I know it.

    73. Shine like a Star - Aarna

      You got strange ideas, dude!!!

    74. Luna Klenze

      ay you posted this on my sisters birthday 😩🤚

    75. Vitor Gabriel

      Faz um vídeo falando sobre o Brasil

    76. Baby Mitsuki

      It has been four months

    77. Juaniprro Rosa

      Y like bakugo too

    78. Ojastej

      You can have super powers!

    79. Sydney Wright

      James do you know what happen to jaiden she has´nt post anything and i´m worried about her so reply back if you know.

    80. Noodlez gaming

      its just lucid dreams

    81. horse chip

      i love it so much

    82. Pro_Master /LJ

      James why bakugou

    83. Jc Amiel Dilig

      James is so old

    84. Toga X Ochaco

      Back of bakugou his mine 💀

    85. Latrace B

      Uhh what side of tiktok is James on? 🧍‍♀️

    86. no.?

      I can meet taiga aisaka

    87. Drawings from Jayden

      I’m dead in 145.350 universes.

    88. Aram Mazhari

      They are probably lucid dreaming

      1. Kangaroo Monkey

        Yeah, probably.

    89. tno team

      Hogwarts is real oxford college

    90. TheOddGator

      YO JAMES

    91. sophia Isabella

      Theodd1sout likes bakugou? Okay my respect went up

    92. Random guy

      I saw a debunking video on this video. Just why.

    93. Marlon Bendijo

      I playd your geme it was fun i love it❤️❤️❤️

    94. Jordan Leow

      Yeah mi brain is tellming mi there is not real beacuse taht no real there no clone there is no way can go to other universe so this is no real is fake

    95. that one guy

      Be funny if this got pinned

    96. Mr Parrot and Steven Studios

      8:09 *"Right Bakugou?*

    97. 0_avadraws_0

      "and also back off bakugo he's mine" -James

    98. liubo raev

      You are taking tik tok way too seriosly my guy. Its litteraly a trend. These kids will forget about this in a week.

    99. Sadbh O'Dwyer

      I believe in alternate realities, but not reality shifting.