Skip & Shannon react to Logan Paul going the distance with Floyd Mayweather | UNDISPUTED

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    1. Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED

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      1. Willie Molina


      2. Texas Scratch King

        Let Jenny talk more she have more sense.

      3. Texas Scratch King

        Can't believe people expected him to KO this big dude Inside of 8. I think if it was 12 he would have finished the job.

      4. Texas Scratch King

        Get in front of that power puff punch Skippy. Lol

      5. Roll Tide

        That man made like 30 million dollars!!!!! Cuz that’s a win win win win 30 million times!!!!! Money May got the bag and went home and celebrated another big pay day!!!!!!

    2. Notebook.

      I love Jenny. ❤

    3. Jacqueline Lugo

      And this is why I watched USA vs Mexico that finals game was more interesting than this.

    4. Allen Hightower

      A Exhibition match is NOT A BOXING MATCH ! How is that rocket science ? Floyd's contract clearly stated, NO KO'S, NO TKO'S.

    5. Corek BleedingHollow

      Lol that wasn't a fight

    6. Basardes

      floyd ducked pac man in his prime

    7. David Daniels

      He ducked Pacquiao..

    8. boofogle

      Damn Shannon u disappointed me on this one. How TF a person who was never a knock out artist be expected to knockout a cruiser weight? He was only a knock out artist at 130lbs.

    9. boofogle

      Logan Paul's face was beat up

    10. boofogle

      Logan gets no kudos for lasting 8 rounds against a 44 year old retired boxer who is 40lbs lighter. Gtf outta here.

    11. Ryan Kelley

      If people are dumb enough to be scammed, you may as well scam them.

    12. Samuel Richardson

      Floyd didn’t train for it a lot and he’s been retired for 5 years. And he still be Logan

    13. PATH

      These two clowns talking about a staged fight like it was real.. 😂

    14. J D

      SkEp.. SkEp.. SkEp

    15. Matthew Davis

      This was a joke and embarrassment. So glad I didnt buy it or watch it. Only reason Paul went 8 rnds is because Floyd let him, same with McGregor

    16. ike13d

      I wish somebody would hug me the way those two hugged in the ring

    17. Michael Davis

      I think 🤔 Shannon had a piece of "Mamas Cooking". He doesn't seem himself.

    18. omar castro

      Prime Canelo would destroy prime Floyd

    19. Daniel Crowell

      Okay he did go the distance but a 26 year old guy can do that against an old great

    20. John P

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    21. Horace Johnson

      Skip i hope you read this and drink it slow you have nothing athletic about you so why do you think he was in danger ever lol skip please just stick to being the white Stephen A you are before your free pass is ruined like Charlemagne

    22. Corey Freeman

      Had to check my Calendar, I thought it was Valentines day with all that Hugging

    23. Leegion Xavier

      🐨Am I the only one to noticed that Floyd actually knocked Paul loopy and had to hold him up from falling to the canvas?🥊🤼🥊👀🐨

    24. Teejae x3

      It’s shocking how people say “Floyd wasn’t fighting seriously” Why would he rather a draw than a K.O? 🤡 ya’ll are sheep. The weight, height & youth closed the technical gap & Floyd couldn’t do anything about it.

    25. Keontris Hall

      I don't know how most people missed that Floyd knocked him out. He literally held him up to gain conscious...smh What fight were you all watching?

    26. Hunga Bunga

      What fight y'all watch. Mayweather beat him up.

    27. Corey McManus

      I want to see jake paul vs logan paul

    28. Marcus M

      Skip hates on Floyd so much and always has

    29. Capitol Mob Records

      These two are not proficient in boxing analysis. Skip really thinks that Floyd would be in trouble with Jake Paul. When it comes to boxing, I pay Skip and Shannon no mind at all.

    30. azae00 Vids

      Logan go fight Tyson Fury and did we can talk otherwise 🤫

    31. azae00 Vids

      The only person that was taking the fight seriously was Logan ... Floyd was thinking about what he was going to eat after the fight

    32. azae00 Vids

      Logan lasted because Floyd allowed him to .. Floyd was out there to get another paycheck.

    33. JeezusGTTV

      Let’s not pretend like Mayweather didn’t ALLOW this fight to last 8 rounds😂

    34. Liquidmetal702

      Floyd always been trash. No excuse. Paul won this fight.

    35. CrescentMoon🌙

      Yess Paul did it 👏🏾 with every bit of Floyd holding him up and lightly tapping him the whole way through 😂

    36. Jonathan Bell

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    37. MK- Ultra

      Wtf is this dude talking they act like they were really figthing lol what a joke to the sport

    38. Court Ben

      I heard enough, Off to your videos of actual sports.

    39. Court Ben

      This fight is the sucker is born is born every minute of fights. I take my hat off to Floyd and Logan for making money off of all the suckers in the world, I wasn't one of them. Watching the commentators talk about this fight is good enough for me. Maybe we can get a fight of Floyd vs Trump, Floyd Vs Biden, Floyd Vs the Metallica, Floyd Vs Yogi Bear, Floyd goes back in time and fights the cast of the Honey Mooners, Floyd vs Pontius Pilate, Floyd vs a half eaten sandwich. I think the world of rants get the point.

    40. Fwp502_-_

      Floyd looked good out there for a 44 year old.

    41. Lean6

      Wow. Skip and Shannon both sound like a couple of idiots. Mayweather is doing these exhibitions and raking in the dough. I’m guessing they think Roy Jones actually competed with Tyson too. Mayweather is lining up teenage you tubers and fans and taking their money. It’s his niche market.

    42. Kal-El The Last

      😁Yes they is laughing at you and all those who pay pay-per-view

    43. Amir Jahleel Bani Ephraim

      Ali is the greatest.

      1. Fwp502_-_


    44. Copper Aboriginies

      This was entertaining, Logan could train for about year do a few amateur boxing matches and probably could turn pro.

      1. Fwp502_-_

        He’s already gone pro. Lost against a youtuber in his first fight.

    45. L S

      I'm a woman with no knowledge of boxing I saw Logan get knocked out and Floyd held him up.

    46. J cherry

      why don’t people understand that this was only for money….not every boxing match ever, but most of these things are… especially Logan Paul fighting Floyd lol….it was simply for money…they were just having fun and getting paid, especially Floyd…”hey Floyd, if you let the match go the distance, we will pay you even more”….get it yet??? 🤦🏻‍♂️

    47. Byron Simpson

      Great grappling Not stood up the whole fight , layed his weight on floyed the whole fight . Ref allowed the holding much more than any other would . Floyed was not impressed , or did not underestimate , Logan's boxing , but his grappling

    48. will

      Didn’t deserve air time

    49. Franswai Carter

      Shannon Sharp vs T.O. Shannon Sharp vs Evander Holyfield ( lol Shannon Sharp vs Skip Bayless)

    50. J Shine

      Shannon is soooo embarrassing..

    51. Paul Baraz


    52. ryan laing

      For the money fights... Love to see Jake Paul vs Roy Jones.. Same weight class, same reach, etc. Roy Jones wins 3rd round..

    53. Daily Self Improvement Red Pill

      Floyd made himself look vulnerable on purpose to try to set up the fight with the other brother and I believe in that fight he will knock him out

    54. Moussa Awada

      With hazel 🤓

    55. Steven Hale

      This was staged guys.. omg. How do you not know this??

    56. Chuck Cureton

      It was a joke

    57. m ob

      People need to stop wasting money paying for fights like this ... so we can go back to seeing real fights

    58. Deontrez Albury

      Tarnished his legacy? How?? The dude is 50 lbs heavier! Plus, Floyd is 44 years old smh

      1. Fwp502_-_

        Also it’s an exhibition, who cares, they’re just for fun and money.

    59. MMA Queen

      Shannon doesn't like giving any white male credit does he lol

    60. Sam McKiver

      Well... did he? Have you seen the clip where it appears Logan was out on his feet and Mayweather held him up? Now listen to these jokers... narrative narrative narrative

    61. Ben Nguyen

      The real winners are the one who didn't watch the fight, and only the commentary!

    62. Andrew Schuschu

      In all honesty, this mockery of a fight should make us all respect Floyd a lot less. What is he going to fight next just for the money, a kangaroo? A kid in a wheel chair? And people would be stupid enough to pay for that too. This didn’t uplift the sport itself, it dirtied its quality. You never “fight down.” Especially not for the sole motivation of money. These “fights” are exactly what ruin quality institutions. There’s a reason Hagler never fought bozo the clown- it’d be a waste of his honor.

    63. Daniel Kintigh

      "I eat legos -Logan Paul" -Shannon Sharpe

    64. reynarain


    65. DISCO-INFERNO-70

      It's sad that all Floyd cares about is money, even at the expense of tarnishing his legacy. You would think that someone so wealthy would need to do this garbage for money.

    66. Broderick Hunt

      Floyd actually did knock him out but he held him up. He would've been out for the count!

    67. DYTKUSHandOJ

      LMAO anyone think Floyd couldn't work this boy is silly

    68. Nicklaus Schubert

      Floyd missed because Logan has way longer arms that anyone Floyd ever fought, not because Floyd's accuracy isn't there anymore. And Floyd was never going to knock out someone who is 45 lbs heavier.

    69. Mike Lopez

      Buy Nokia fast

    70. Yankee Suave

      This fight is a joke what are they talking about

    71. sen8to1021

      Sometimes when Logan was hugging he was really laying on Floyd because he was hurt from body shots. When Floyd and Logan were fighting on the inside Floyd was delivering REAL body shots. There was one or two where it looked like Floyd hit Logan's back from the front and you could see the air leave Logan's body. The fight was still pretty boring but I think Floyd was just showing Logan what real boxing is.

    72. Termall Williams

      Just wait till these ILprojectrs get in the ring with real pro fighters in their weight class. This is the greatest white hype promo I've ever seen. But soon it comes to a end and it's gonna be bad. I wish Mine Tyson would take a match with Jake Paul .lol

    73. Paul Wandler

      From what I have heard about it, it was a clown show.

    74. Holy Squire

      Rematch: floyd vs logan paul 2. The WWE is taking over the country.

    75. Antoine Lancaster

      You can tell they don't know about boxing Floyd carried that fight!!!

    76. Dominic Jackson

      Man these dudes need to stick to regular sports boxing a different beast Floyd really knocked Logan down if not out what I’ll say is I’m not going to come out and openly say this but is Floyd is a very smart man and business extraordinaire but how many people thought it was gone be a knockout one way or the other who in their right mind would think that fight was going the full 8. Hmmmmm makes for some good betting odds don’t it just saying read between the lines and see how mayweather knocked him down but held him up why would he do that I wonder???👀

    77. Kevin R.

      We gone just bypass how Flour binked twice and held him up so it wasn't a knockdown?

    78. michael heerdt

      Yall better bring up hunter biden using the n word in New emails or im done with this sjw show lol

    79. Danickson Prince

      That’s disrespectful cause I feel like Floyd could’ve knocked him out in the first round

    80. E money Jr smith

      Floyd actually did knock him out on his feet. but floyd held him up

    81. El Cee

      People hating on Floyd performance against a man that's 50 pounds heavier an 6 inches taller. The fact that Paul couldn't hurt Floyd shows you he'd get murdered against real boxers in his weight division

    82. Nick B

      Bet jake would knockout floyd ez

    83. Shaun

      Stop trying to make this fight legit. A lot of people paid for this fight but won’t pay for legit boxing matches. This is why boxing is dying and almost dead.

    84. Allen Ngongo

      you know Floyd knocked him out in an earlier round and just held him up right?

    85. DrkViol801

      Floyd's career tarnished.

    86. 80" Reach

      Tarnished his legacy! Not at all.. He fought a giant by comparison and 44

    87. Leong Kwong

      There are different weight division’s for this exact reason. 50lb with 8inch advantage is way too much even for Floyd Mayweather

    88. mc dipz

      Floyed is a woman beating idiot and is no champion

    89. SocialMob

      Man I can’t think of any more undeserving/ unlikable people to be as famous as they are as the Paul brothers Mayweather sucks as a person, but he worked hard to do what he does

    90. evan penn

      A fool and his money are easily parted

    91. Parker Essential

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    92. jequo hutea

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    93. Tana Young

      Paul taller and bigger than floyd u really expected floyd to knocc dude down and dude younger more energy reason why he was throwing haymakers and missing he used his size to overwhelm floyd. Smh skip would get beat up by a midget and call 911

    94. Doug N

      Those Paul kids are a joke. Since we're fighting retired men, get in the ring with 54 year old Tyson or 58 year old Holyfield.

    95. Ben Barson

      Logan got knocked out. Stop it.

    96. logthekill

      Floyd is suppose to be so much better though Shannon, thats the point. Logan is better than people think. Floyd did train for this. Maybe not as hard as usual but he trained. Stop sticking in up for Floyd. Like Skip said , he's lucky it wasn't Jake Paul. Skip was spot on.... this tarnished Floyds record. His career doesn't look the same. And yes, Floyd was trying to knock him out after the 1st couple rounds.

    97. Loubriel Ledesma

      Floyd hit 40% of his punches Logan hit 13% of his punches Floyd could have ended Logan if he tried. Look at their faces at the end of the fight. Floyd didn’t have a scratch on his face. Logans face had lumps and was red coming out. Logan survived because Floyd allowed him to.

    98. Jeremy Fontenette

      Y'all can make all kind of excuses on why Paul did good.. but the fact is is that Floyd is not in that weight class.. he can't brag nothing until he fights someone in his weight class

    99. CaptinOD

      Lol they had to hug to keep Logan on his feet 😂

    100. SAVAGE & I

      Skip: "How about 1 minute rounds". I hope you doesn't say that to his wife! Ooooooooooooooooooooooooooh Yeeeeeeeeeeeeaaahh! Dig It!