Måneskin (Italy Eurovision 2021) “I Wanna Be Your Slave” & “Zitti E Buoni” | Wiwi Jam at Home


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    Måneskin - Italy's Eurovision 2021 act - perform their original song “I Wanna Be Your Slave” and the Sanremo version of “Zitti E Buoni” during the Wiwi Jam at Home concert.

    You can watch the entire three-hour wiwibloggs concert here: www.youtube.com/watch?v=0TLgp...

    In case you missed it, here’s our interview with Måneskin following their first rehearsal at Eurovision 2021: ilproject.info/film/mrKkomZ13JCilaM/wyd-w.html

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    1. wiwibloggs

      You can watch our entire 2.5-hour Wiwi Jam concert here: ilproject.info/film/ZIyBmKGsxa9s38k/wyd-w.html

      1. Марія Бойчук

        @Zeroxx32 йй

      2. 0LaReine0





        @Zeroxx32 qqqqqqq

      5. Aca Curcic

        @ViV val lala

    2. succ crab

      you dont understand, i am literally in love with this man

    3. Евгения Котенко

      0:57 тот самый момент ммм ага (русские поймут о чём я)))

    4. deb zylka

      Old school vibes. Love it

    5. jellly fish

      modern day Queen

    6. jellly fish

      feels like modern day queen

    7. Cecilia Mendoza

      Después de años algo original

    8. []Čąфиė XãȚýн[]

      Mmm aгaaa

    9. Antonia Ramirez

      no, you don't understand, I am OBSESSED. this is the 17th time I'm watching this video over the last two weeks.

    10. Nellie Chan

      Ммм, ага.

    11. Noah Bernard Vermette

      ‘’Autotune ? What’s that ?’’

    12. prae

      They r fine af

    13. Melody :0

      1:01 SIR I-

    14. Tabark Ahmed

      I can't stop watching this 🤯

    15. Blushy Nose

      This song is ass

    16. Nika Potato

      Кто-нибудь сделайте 10 часовую версию, а то надоело постоянно на начало щёлкать.

      1. Giorgio scano

        сегодня они написали в социальных сетях, что «“I Wanna Be Your Slave"», а также «Coralline» достигли золотого уровня.

    17. Jelena Vukoja

      Why he skino potkosulj

    18. mochisanii

      i'm addicted, absolutely addicted to this

    19. Ah ! Je dormais bien

      Tellement, tellement excellent !

    20. Galileo Figaro

      Так мало Итана :(

    21. Vukasin Djordjevic

      siamo fuori di testa a ma diverso da loro

    22. Leo Minerva

      Now come the haters ... all normal 😄

    23. HeyitsyourbaeRain


    24. Simon B.

      Questo sarebbe etero? C'è qualcosa che non torna. È etero come Renato Zero

      1. Giorgio scano

        @Simon B. "questo sarebbe etero?" dove lo hai letto? è fidanzato con una modella italiana da 4 anni, ma chi gli ha messo l'etichetta di etero?

      2. Simon B.

        @Giorgio scano dovrebbe cosa?

      3. Giorgio scano

        e perché dovrebbe ?

    25. Just a Larrie

      Idk but there's so bi vibe from Damiano

    26. Ni Ki

      Not enough drummer action 😔

    27. Francesca Cantatore

      Miei cari Maneskin siete fantastici e bravi... 💗❤️💖😍

    28. Alícia_011

      Essa musica é simplesmente perfeita eles merecem mais reconhecimento

    29. crio ilvero

      Italiani dove siete?

    30. Darya Baysak


      1. Grande Lento


    31. ca1ab3ra

      0:28 YALL THE HAND THING??

    32. Lea

      I... just keep coming back and I can't do anything about it

    33. Настя Гуляева

      Ради него я готова выучить английский и итальянский....

      1. Алтынай Умбетова


    34. nicholas Fedy

      POV: for the first time you are feeling strange bisexuals thoughts

    35. mustika sari

      I'm here because of Michael Clifford

    36. Adrián Sánchez García

      This video? my most stable relationship

      1. Li Lise


    37. Nastya Kolnebolotska


    38. Marii Walker

      I don't usually listen to rock songs but this one is amazing!

    39. Marko Petrovic


      1. Andi 17

        you are wrong, with camomille

    40. Jaslenee!!

      Bro- I hope he knows he’s hot😩‼️

    41. Бедный Хлебушек

      Виктория теперь моя религия

    42. recep aytekin

      As Bayrakları As 🇮🇹🇮🇹🇮🇹🇮🇹🇮🇹

    43. xx0loveyou

      Руки Дамиано на протяжении всего видео: ⤵️↩️↕️↘️⤴️⬆️↔️↘️↔️↔️⬅️↘️⬆️↘️↪️↔️↕️⤴️↕️⤴️↩️↖️↔️⬅️↘️↔️ (ахах, простите)

    44. Robert k

      OH MY GOD

    45. Alessandro Sanna

      Vi amo😍😍😍😍

    46. Sugarboo

      Кто с тик тока ?

    47. Oksana Kolosar

      Просто краш 🥰🥰Песня просто супер !!

    48. Loris Cianni

      In Italy we have even better artists.

      1. Michele Favaron

        You? For example?

      2. Fabrizio Arvat

        @Loris Cianni Ma è tutto buono, speriamo che facciano da apripista per altri artisti italiani e spingano altri alla musica suonata.

      3. D

        @Loris Cianni Fammi i tuoi nomi allora.

      4. Loris Cianni

        @D effettivamente tutte le band che ti hanno suggerito e che hai menzionato tu sono scadenti.

      5. D

        @Loris Cianni Per dire, uno mi ha citato le Bambole di Pezza. Un altro è convinto che Le Vibrazioni siano meglio. E poi gli eterni Marlene Kuntz il cui cantante ha una vocalità che non vale un centesimo di quella di Damiano. Ma quali band italiane hanno fatto negli ultimi 30 anni un numero di pezzi della Madonna uguale a quelli che i Maneskin hanno fatto in 3 anni? Io praticamente riesco ad ascoltare solo Afterhours, un po' Litfiba e Baustelle nel rock e Lacuna Coil e Rhapsody of Fire nel metal + qualche canzone presa qua e là.

    49. Marina!

      Te amo, quando eu só tiver 6 minutos de vida vou ver esse vídeo

    50. Liam Connaughton

      Damn he's hot though 😍😍

    51. luca geremia russo

      20 million views like your 20s Wow congratulations

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    53. Ljubisa Janjic

      16K comentes wow😱😱😱😱

    54. Santtu Heikkilä

      Me everyday saying to myself dont do it but here i am still.

    55. Saskia Büscher

      In could listen to this over and over again 😍

    56. Настя Квашня

      Интересно, кто его красит?

    57. Majster X

      Jestem uzależniona od tej piosenki

    58. Connor Avila

      Why does a 16 year old guy who's been playing guitar for 4 years about now like this song so much

    59. Voxy Dallas

      No one should be shocked if I say that the incredible drumming is the true secret of both these hits

    60. ders ders

      1:51 guitarist :))

    61. ELİF İLTAŞ


    62. Jonas Krištanavičius

      Soo hot, I love you very much :D

    63. 「Sellout the Stupid」

      I am 100% queer, I am a fa

    64. M Silva

      Poor dear Thomas, now you can buy a brand new FenderStrato🤩

    65. Miloš Bojković

      A love maneskenin

    66. Miloš Bojković

      You soou kool

    67. Liza Uijtdewilligen

      1:02 i think i just fainted

    68. Vanesa Tomaj

      I mean 8 years is not a big age diference.

    69. Chelsea Averell

      You see that hand movement at the beginning....he’s a little fruity


      Grandi maneskin i migliorii

    71. Rezaa B

      Finally i found real song in now days after long time

    72. Екатерина Гагалушко

      Мне одной теперь в тик токе теперь много видео с этим звуком"Ага мммм Агааа"

    73. Jessie Sntg

      Okay but can we talk about 1:02 ??? AHHHH THIS MAN

    74. GerstenJoch

      20M Peole: Just listening the song. Me: Stopping every single frame to look if they use the Beyerdynamic DT770 pro 80ohm or 250ohm headphones

    75. Aaron Miguel Banawa Aquino

      Don't worry, you are not the only one listening to this masterpieces in June 2021.

    76. go4u

      he's so handsome😩😍

    77. Martina Sokolová

      this man really confirmed, that you have as many personalities as many languages you speak

    78. Buse Şehidoglu

      Of müthiş

    79. just me

      I'm here everyday

    80. Agnieszka P.


    81. team panda

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    82. Jurgita ziuraite

      Omg is nice :DDD

    83. Kithessen Nkula

      Che cagata

      1. Grande Lento

        Ti avrà fatto male qualcosa

    84. Hana Hasani

      POV:You are here again

    85. timberlite snake -o

      I guess yungblud won't be the only one I'll be simping for this lovely day. What a nice to be bi.

    86. Лилия Жанова

      Мммм нога

    87. holly f

      1:02 exuse me sir, what was that😩

    88. Nguyen Tuan


    89. SicilyRain

      Matthew McConaughey 2.0 😜

    90. D. Namuun

      i laaaavyaaaaa

    91. Petra_2004

      1:00 😂

    92. Funda Durgu

      I hope I'm not the only one who looks like Canan Ergüder

    93. No Name

      I tried to go to Maneskin rehab, but brain said... NO NO NO! 😲

    94. Helena Ananijev

      Soooo colllll

    95. Lujain Kamas

      Having trouble breathing

    96. Маргарита Остапович

      The second Adriano! Believe me!

      1. Анна Гречаник

        Мне он тоже на молодого Челентано похож

    97. Jelena Sesto

      Maybe I'm imagine this, but I think that he looking at Victoria in sexy ways.

    98. Iya&Matthew Tries

      Imma come back to this when I memorized every single words he said in here

    99. megan dance

      im back again

    100. Valkyrie

      Damiano non ha bisogno dell’autotune L’autotune ha bisogno di Damiano