Testing Goalkeeper Gloves from 1930 to 2021 - how much have they changed?

Kieran Brown

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    Today I all the innovation in the game of football has been for the better, by testing out some of the most era defining football boots and goalkeeper gloves from the past 100 years.

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    Kieran Brown

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    1. Oke Ihenacho

      Adidas Beckenbauer Super and Gerd Müller Goal!

    2. All Things good

      It’s funny that European countries call it football but what do they call actual football? Lol

    3. Shoban Shoxx

      This guy here is trying to speed test football boots. C'mon now, you only will be more agile not faster. Your speed comes from you , your strength , stamina and even your legs. Not from the boots. And your speed running all of this boots one by one. Your obviously gonna get tired so,your strength and stamina is gonna get lower. Based on the factors above,you can't get an accurate reading by speed running all of the boots and expect to get an accurate reading. If you we're to speed running all the boots,take breaks in between the speed run. A five minute break would do it.

    4. Leonardo Montini

      7:02 with my hand I can hold a 180* ball! (without gauntlet) Why you can’t with a 2021 gauntlet? Did you wet the ball?

    5. Individu λambda

      I really like the style of the 70's/80's shoes, pretty stylish. The 80's glove make me think me of ice hockey, that feels odd.

    6. Dani Smith

      Back in my 5 year old soccer days, we didn’t use gloves……. We used the special dive into the ball technique

    7. Cody Stevens

      I love soccer

    8. Jimmy Wan

      What kind of country is that ? You have to bring your own nets ?? WTF

    9. Rodrigo

      In short, technology has a massive impact on nowadays athlete's performance.

    10. Amelia

      I love this video but where in gods green earth did you find the 1930s boots?😂🤔

    11. Adduck

      Fun fact: almost every kids that are playing football has gloves from 1930

    12. shane Pemberton

      A pair of hands😂😂

    13. james brown

      i learned 1 thing from this you have buttfingers😂😂

    14. Corkzy

      Football = Oval Ball Soccer = Round Ball Boots = Shoe with high soles Tennis Shoes = Shoes

    15. Sed _

      the goalkeeper be like: oh wait I can save that! actually nah leave it maybe the next one will be easier.

    16. joe kehoe

      Try the Irish sport gaeilic

    17. Anonymous User


    18. Dogezilla

      When mine falled apart i used bare hands and every shoot feels like your fingers are broken

    19. Rob Haver

      Remember Sepp Meier? Look at his gloves!

    20. NvqL


    21. Joe Shellien

      It started in 1888 in England premier league started bu Everton

    22. Krish Na

      Mate back in the Libby’s we played no glove no boot😂

    23. Moises Montecillo

      Idk why but I'd love to see a professional wide receiver play goal keeper

    24. Jeroen J


    25. HS stickfigures

      Meanwhile me who has to be the goal keeper with bare hands every time i play soccer watching this dude say its uncomfortable: welcome to the gang

    26. Saddo

      It’s funny cause up in school I don’t use gloves

    27. dr_rb

      Did he just give his own hands a comfort rating..

    28. BobbyFCGMast

      5:40 if u came for the point of the video

    29. Engineer Gaming

      Me getting this recommended while i dont even lick football: Hmm, interesting

    30. Mehfil-e-Naat

      What are those shoes called?

    31. BlizRuby

      well. at the end, everything's gonna be changed by a LOT in the future. whatever it was.

    32. Zylfi Hasani

      Im a goalkeeper too but trust me i can do better without gloves that you didi in this video whith the new gloves 2020

    33. SlinkyFish

      Bruh he added up the scores wrong - the predator gloves got 98

    34. Yomccc Games

      just a pretty dead vid innit

    35. Diego Fonseca

      Why are your 1930's gloves orange when your natural soccer clothes is white af?

    36. Jsmith15972

      The 1980 gloves just look like they are making it 10 times easier on you compared to the 2021 gloves.

    37. Jared Barragan


    38. Danny Halligan

      I'm so happy I train with bare hands

    39. Ninja Dragon


    40. Collin Kostman

      Honestly it looks like he dose not try on any gloves other than the 2020 gloves that’s why I don’t think I can believe this

    41. Lev Ufimtcev


    42. isipizi_MP


    43. Specialist 1021

      It’s soccer not football

    44. PAGO

      Somebody knows how the 2020 gloves are called (i mean whats their name)

    45. Erik Semelson

      What's with the grip test though? The bare hands were second best at 41 degrees, but when giving points made them equal to the 2010s and even made them a point lower then the 80s, like you did give us the reasoning by the test and then you didn't follow it.

    46. Dababy Town

      Worst video ever straight up Black Screen

    47. Jimi Seppänen

      2020 gloves Are insane

    48. GorillaBoy35

      People In 1930: I hope they make new boots People on in 1970: they finally came out we waited so long

    49. tim no

      So your telling me that your hands arnt comfy? Well then just take em off

    50. Revanth Sudhakar

      ah yes, hadnling

    51. yadav singh

      How can you test a 1930s boot with a ball made in 2020

    52. Aljacka

      What gloves did they where in 1966

    53. Daniel Gregory

      Its a cleet not a boot

    54. Greg Rekounas

      Started playing goals in 1989. First decent pair of gloves I had were a pair of uhlsports and I paid about $30. Good for a few weeks. Turn and worn to shit in about 2 months or less. I'd go through a few pairs a season. Progressed to the more expensive pair that offered more durability but grip was shit. Best pair I had were a pair of Reusch hard ground. Grip was fantastic and incredible durability. Had others like umbro (comfortable but fell apart), Puma King (overall favorite). And Adidas (no distinguishing features). Gloves now are 100x better in all aspects including durability.

    55. Sidemen Shorts

      What are the 2020 boots called

    56. Rhyan Eerenberg


    57. Tom luck

      i find it funny how he diesnt find his own hands comfortable 😂😂😂

    58. Alex Tillett


    59. Bonnie Brosnan

      His white shirt!

    60. Edwin Velasquez

      i have to block my dads hard kicks with barehands

    61. Storm Trivett

      it probably takes forever to put the boots on

    62. Freddie F

      where did you buy your goal net @kieran brown

    63. Craig Dsouza

      Why isn't there a 3x speed? @youtube

    64. Saif-ur-rehman nasir

      u just wrote hadnling 0:42

    65. joseph aguilar

      if you are doing a stop shooting barehand...I recommend you to use your fist its a lot of ways comfortable

    66. Dijo Łoł

      9:28 szczęsny

    67. Hahayes

      0:37 _Hadnling_

    68. Chris Thompson

      lovely shooting when you were in goal at the end! impressive, looked like the other guy wasn't even trying 👌

    69. R E T A R D

      Just think the 1930 kit was pretty terrible, but back then they used leather balls imagine being in goal and having to stop that thing

    70. Claire Dyer

      Correct daniel

    71. Octo Puliander

      Nope. That 1970's leather boot still probably the most comfortable. I stopped watching after that

    72. Kyle Cicho


    73. SkullGames

      Lol with the shooting u just had to give the 2020 ones extra points, had the worst shots with them, think you scored more with the old ones 🤣🤣

    74. yeet yeet

      Bro i used to play bare foot and bare hand when I play football back in the day, it's actually pretty fun, but yea my fingers and toes often breaks

    75. Incumbent Vinyl

      Those aren't 60's gloves, I assure you.

    76. Sakugo

      0:42 Kieran spelt handling wrong.

    77. plxtwo

      7:59 “for me, it’s a 2020 out of comfort”

    78. Yoli Yanda

      I am not interested in soccer really, but this was a fun and informative video to watch :)

    79. Castle Gaming

      you spelled handling wrong. bro use auto correct!

    80. feugnm

      I play gaa and football gk so bair hands is normal for me

    81. Evvde

      Самое главное- знания и умение ловить мяч правильно. Ты, автор, не мяч ловишь, но арбузы на рынке. Мало того что ты мяч как арбуз ловишь, ты ещё и трус, который закрывает глаза и отворачивается от мяча. Весь твой тест не имеет вообще никакого смысла. Нужно было звать профи, а не вот этот позор демонстрировать.

    82. BoMb3R

      Anyone else see he spelt handling wrong 😂

    83. Dávid Mismás

      Video starts at 5:13

    84. Ocean

      Wait…. I’m the 1930s they used hand gloves???

    85. Ted Finch

      Keiran: cmon let’s shoot some goals! Goalie: doesn’t bother to move.... Bacically an OPEN GOAL and he still misses some...


      in 2021 goals are less

    87. King Alldredge

      The mean silver aditionally empty because meeting elderly prevent amidst a poised thermometer. awake, tricky letter

    88. RD ED

      great , now only miss train better in the goalkeeper position haha

    89. Outlet

      I never new i needed this video but i fuckin needed it

    90. David Bujdoš

      You have a good goal keeper

    91. cassondraragan


    92. bill gates

      Jesus christ you like to stretch your video out? Instead of getting staight to the point you just show the boots which is completly erevelent to the video just to stretch the video out to the 10 minute mark.

    93. Desire jeremikos YT

      What’s the name of the 2020 gloves?

    94. apple

      might buy those 1930 gloves

    95. mike A

      you may wanna keep your eyes open when catching a shot

    96. Walid Aamir

      i mma head out to the 1970's ight see ya

    97. David Brouwer

      @kieran brown you didn`t test the gloves or shoes with the same ball of that year. so maybe the shoes of 1930 were handy to have heavy shoes from hard and a heavy ball xD but i like the video! maybe an idea for next video?

    98. Toni Montana

      Take in consideration that in 1930 ball was heavier and harder

    99. Eric the great 1982

      Boot test without puma kings is not a boot test