I Bought A Water Park

Tom Simons

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    We went to a completely empty water park! Literally a childhood dream come true lol
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    Do you guys remember the description from the I met Wilbur Soot in real life video? I think it went like
    Today I met Wilbur Soot (creator of the Minecraft But and also You Laugh You Lose challenge), Fundy, Philza, Tubbo \u0026 Nihachu in real life! It was so funny and we had lots of laughs and fun and pog. This is a vlog like other vloggers but I am the best vlogger. We had funny moments and even talked about the Dream SMP and our War VS Dream in Minecraft. It was so fun and Pog Champ

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    1. Tom Simons

      I wasn't lying about vlogs ONCE A WEEK! please check the sub button if you enjoy :))

      1. ThatRandomDogPerson

        @UCywpH7sGPoRIDCZsb1dtGdw Your not mrbeast tho

      2. Square_bear


      3. ArnoldiiSaurus


      4. ArnoldiiSaurus


      5. joodles


    2. Sarah Brealey

      Me trying to figure out if that pools dirty, clean or its just g r e e n for the sake of it being green.

    3. RECTRIX Ψ

      Tommyinnit but vlogging

    4. deez nuts

      TOM XD

    5. FunnyMonkey

      wat happaned to the vlog gun

    6. LePlague Doctor

      Someone tell me where this place is PLEASE

    7. Alessandro Garcia

      Bro popped a mr beast

    8. JJ Raines



      Tommy can you go to Omega Mart? It’s a weird and a bit of a funny store, I thought you would like it.

    10. JewelTheDurpyUnicorn 395

      This is great but why is the water so greennnnnn

    11. Mia

      I'm happy I think ur posting another one tommorow lol

    12. Jv Gardose


    13. Dwayne Patrick Hubag

      My left ear enjoyed this video.

    14. Redwillow of Dreams

      This made me smile and laugh a lot. Thanks :3

    15. Chilled Ore

      wait where are the bois- famous last words lol


      Every kids dream be like: DADDY I WANT TO GO THERE IT SUPERNFUN AND COOL

    17. Swoofix

      The anime beach episode

    18. Vivi

      after tommy is 18 half of everyone's jokes just don't work

    19. •Mochi•

      I never thought watch three guys basically drown for ten minutes would be so entertaining

    20. Dr.poopfart24

      wonder what british water tastes like

    21. Paskal Nedeltchev

      “New channel” gets 2.3 million subs.

    22. PICO's Shampoo

      I always think tubbo is like Armin from attack on titans

    23. theprogamerrr1

      from on today we are going to call water big wet happy boi

    24. DVR_Xenos

      i dont think their camera was waterproof the sound turned bad

    25. Illuminatei

      Ultimate tumbnail: i rented a water park for 30 minutes

    26. jaya Kattimani

      Tommy:this water park was supposed to be for children (starts playing) Me:did he just except that he is a child

    27. Chaotic_Child

      Watched this twice and forgot to like the first time

    28. _Macy. .Roblox

      Jack: *singing* Tommy: *drowning* Tubbo: *gone*

    29. Thea Delos Reyes

      I love how you pushed tubbo on the climbing thing.

    30. SixtyFLags


    31. Beverly Jacinto

      Tommy! I miss YOU!!!! i am ipicksky i got loggedout

    32. Qubo

      Don’t let evil defeat you, but defeat it with good. Romans 12:21 God gave you life, you would not be reading this without God Jesus died for you God bless you and your family.

    33. Lyana Quezada

      "colours! George couldnt enjoy this" LMAOO

    34. Derrberwyn

      tubbo: oh god no my phone is in the water me: what is he recording with?

    35. SxdFace

      What is the water park called anyone know?

    36. iSoCluTch2kX


    37. NtwöHïü 02

      Woa Pak

    38. ria bognot

      I was going to do the same thing if everything got better but no.🙂

    39. DAY ONE

      For almost eight minutes we heard muffled talking, it brings tears to my eyes just because of how beautifuL the sound SKSUIENSISNSBSHHHHKJABSNSBSJHDJDUHDBDHDHHSGSUWYWY can be 🥲

    40. Sean Smith

      What happen to tubbos phone

    41. Not Ocxn

      Y is too young funnier when he’s in public

    42. Yui’s biggest fan

      i love how they only bleeped out one cuss word

    43. lukanette


    44. Frosty


    45. froakzie

      i was almost close to being close to slightly laughing

    46. Gaming widaboys Baine

      Where was this at I showed my brothers and they want to go

    47. Creator

      You spin me right round~ 9:08

    48. Kim Davila

      The festive star concurringly water because share immuhistochemically spray plus a tame sale. scared, marvelous rabbi

    49. Lou Zefanya

      i bet that pool will be abandoned one day :)

    50. bordum [SAP] *

      :D Ur the best Tommy!



    52. Lucid Nightmare

      Whats the name of the waterpark, I'm curious for when I go to Europe

    53. LinkyLad

      honestly thought the thumbnail was a picture of greg heffley

    54. noah poggers

      I like most of the audio being muffled

    55. Walmartnugget

      hello big man please give us a flash warning before a "flashy" part comes up- the flashy tunnel hurt lmao

    56. meme gaming

      fastes growing channel

      1. meme gaming

        in 2 vid

    57. Hibye

      Tubbo really just went AAAAA-

    58. Rhed. YT

      who else feels like they seen this place before

    59. PapaEtho

      I wonder how expensive it was to rent out the entire park for the day. I'd love to do this with my company!

    60. Froggie

      R.i.p. the camera XD

    61. ItsShon

      Tommy fat man lol

    62. Hibye

      Say what

    63. Alex Romero

      Where did he get that shirt?

    64. evelyn mcquaid

      i thought jack was tom holland lol

    65. Kiwi Cthulu

      an introvert’s dream

    66. Debra Olson

      The elastic branch explicitly destroy because sleet symptomatically disagree up a flagrant blue. sick, small colt

    67. Random D0mincan

      "OH MY GOD COLORS! George couldn't enjoy this" - Jack Manifold.

    68. Tyler Walmsley

      Insert People who seen this from Ally Law here

    69. Chloe Beisner

      I have now watched this 4 times

    70. Phoinex 652

      you never bouight ut

    71. Dark Cloyster

      Analysis of the video: Tommy: Makes odd jokes but is somehow still funny Jack: Tagging along with everything either Tubbo or Tommy do Tubbo: Chickens and mostly stays to the side

    72. A tad bit less of a jerk

      Man I wish I could join you guys, since tommy is only a year older than me

    73. 👾💜Friendly Particle💜👾

      9:08 He did it boys, he did it. My happiness is immeasurable and my day is made😄

    74. Arka Anand

      Tommy's last words: "WHERE IS GOGY?!"

    75. apathki

      Is this tommyinnit i think it is

    76. hellsshells -

      Where's Cartman

    77. Dj _the_warior


    78. Neil Animation

      For the day*

    79. Lord Doggo

      there were so many wasted opportunities for the "your finally awake" meme in this video

    80. Wolfclan group🐺


    81. gabija eidukyte

      Good luck with the bills breh

    82. Mario Nando

      “Literally falls over”

    83. madsinnit

      omg take gogy swimmin

    84. Space Wolf


    85. Blake Harrison

      Tommy-My Face Throbs Jack-What?Why Tommy-HaHa Because I’m Aging Jack-Your 16 Tommy Tommy-.....I’m 17 now Jack XD

    86. Lexi S

      6:47 You’re welcome

    87. Fin Stewart

      Stan the guard that mentioned Resident Evil 😊

    88. Simp For anime


    89. Snowbur soot

      I don’t know who he is

    90. Liam and Nora Riche


    91. Potato Man

      This Tom Simons guy is funny. I think he should start a gaming channel.

    92. Justin Aguillon

      Better climb faster Tommy

    93. Aleksej Djurisic

      2 vids and 2 mil subs

      1. Megan

        It’s because he told everyone about it before he even started to upload

    94. admouton


    95. Random Stranger

      Is it just me who’s asking why that water is green...

    96. TheObsessedFnafFans Cult

      Bro that would be cool to just be you in a water park

    97. awex PinkUwUGamerGirlRoblox

      im stupid happy nodles akdf

    98. cnmmd qiuoo

      I'm confused as to whether they actually rented out the water park for a day or if there was just NO ONE there

    99. Painplayz yt

      Tommy was in his struggle era Jack soon he will shine Tubbo I am in my shine era Tommy damn

      1. cnmmd qiuoo

        When you literally go to this park every week but can’t because it gets rented out and you realise why 😎👍

    100. xavier everson

      Tommy is that your real name