Forcing George To Feed Ducks


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    Today I met GeorgeNotFound in real life and we went to feed the ducks.

    gents: @GeorgeNotFound @JackManifoldTV @Niki Nihachu
    - edited by @LlamaNeck

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    1. Mars :p

      We gonna ignore the fact that tubbo THREW HIS PHONE IN THE WATER?!?!!? ok

    2. Caitlin Kuiper

      is it just me or... what's with the throwing jacks phone in the water.... rofl Tommy did it too

    3. Fidget Fun

      “Why aren’t they breading when you give them to pieces if bread don’t they come and make a baby” George you play to much minecraft-

    4. BaconBoi 77

      Subtitles: Tubbo: Black ⚫️ George: Cyan Niki: Pink Jack: Blue 🔵

    5. Holly Bryson

      Niki and jack are in this too, k thought that tubbo kidnapped GOGY

    6. Melisa TDC

      I once remember i went to the zoo and me and my brother fed the ducks some pieces of cake😂😂😂

    7. Melisa TDC

      "I love ducks" me too gogy i loved this video sm

    8. WorthySoul

      Nice lol, but there’s definitely better things to feed them as bread isn’t very nutritious for ducks. Basically junk food for birds.

    9. Denki Kaminari

      Why did my brain feed feeding George to the ducks?…

    10. Julia Brownley

      That's the co op I go to and I live near it

    11. Online Apperance

      Tubb has unlocked the achievement: OOH SHINY!

    12. monシ

      Niki is very pretty

    13. Nabila Shamsuddin (Twss)

      do what 4:16 said yall

    14. Nabila Shamsuddin (Twss)

      george lie ducks geese swans...not quacikity-

    15. Night of No Stars

      I don't think you should feed ducks bread...

    16. water colder

      legend tells Jack is still in that tree..

    17. •Café con miel•

      3:54 los patos se rebelan

    18. Mimi Ed

      most of these guys were geese and swans

    19. kids kids


    20. Kevin

      Duck are black and white werent they yellow

    21. Owen Cao

      Hey when you did the escape room with fundy did you get your hand amputated I’m worried about you

    22. ザがぼ ItzjustSayori ザがぼ

      epic just epic

    23. Liily _

      *dream hears George like anything what swims in water* *Dream: jumps in water*

    24. Pico Yuri

      por favor poem legenda em portugues

    25. cage

      ig jack gonna be stuck in that tree

    26. Makayla sjshwh

      I just found out that Bread can kill ducks so I’m going to use corn from now on😑😢

    27. Lilly R


    28. Alex Mendoza

      Tubbo: says back off bro *throws bread at duck*

    29. ♤P3pp3r!♤

      ever stroked a swan before my dad got bit and i *pet le swan*

      1. Noah

        Omg i found someone who uses gacha and watches dsmp

    30. DondorLyndoh

      I keep watching the part where George said why aren't they breading

    31. Rose

      Tubbo: bossman this is for you, you earned it Me; oh I’m sorry I thought you said it was pronounced ‘bsoisman’

    32. • Sammy •

      I READ THE TITLE AS " Feeding George to the ducks "

    33. Mooshy

      I wanna be duck - tubbo

    34. Maja Leander Mikayla Aubrey Jane

      *Tubbo dropping the phone on water to test's if it's still on*

    35. Ollie Vendor

      i want pink cotton candy hair too u_u ..... and pretty privilege.....

    36. Cʟᴏᴜᴅʏ-Cʜᴀɴ

      We not talking about them vibing to dreams song or-

    37. Jana Alsharadqah

      I’m not the only one who sings road trip and mask all day

    38. angry crow man

      What’s with Tubbo and filming people’s butts??

    39. Minicraft

      Gogy's Minecraft logic is amazing! xd Gogy: Why aren't they breeding? Tubbo: You need to get out more.. -_-

    40. ir2153

      d u c k s

    41. Duck Man


    42. Hit Ormiss

      George for real has never been out side

    43. Ocèana Reid

      I fell so bad abt jack that he had to pay lol

    44. bReAd

      when you give them bread it dries up their throat ( i think)

    45. AiM LinX

      3:56 you can see quackery

    46. Soup Rice MFツ

      Is that niki? I though she was single mom coming out of nowhere

    47. Jurgen Van Steensel

      At first i Thought the title was "force feeding George to the ducks" XD

    48. Forrest Axolotl

      Rain is just cloud pee and u can’t escape it

    49. Nabir14

      3:54 Duck : quack ! Dream team : what the ! Duck : give me the bread 😳

    50. Sophie de Jong

      Why are you guys not scared a swans in the Netherlands they jus attack your

    51. It’s FunScience

      3:35 george real life doesn't work as minecraft

    52. Xfold

      This is funny love it 😅😅

    53. Cøcø puff$

      "you need no get out more mr.notfound" "I disagree"

    54. Redbuddy

      4:47 who was speaking?

    55. Kynro

      how was this two months ago already

    56. Little Lily

      Legend says Jack is still there chillin on the tree till this day

    57. MizMooshroom

      How was this 2 months ago it seems like it was so long ago lol

    58. Lane Lemeron

      pretty dang brave to actually front on an angry goose lmfa

    59. ༺L A L A༻

      this is now my comfort video

    60. Itz_lanaMcNugget

      When the cell phone fell into the water I thought it was dead :') , I didn’t expect it to work

    61. Tntprobros

      I love how George ses everything

    62. 👌~WoW💣

      I actually thought that tubbo flew lol

    63. 키이라

      is nobody going to talk about the fact that they're calling swans geese?

    64. Dead.X.Inside

      Btw George got hot dog buns I know why because of Dream

    65. Dead.X.Inside

      You Can't Feed Ducks And Those Animals Bread

    66. Alan Smith

      The mixed swordfish temporarily stuff because glue italy learn by a ill-fated bear. imperfect, coherent committee

    67. tapesbyrhea

      “ oh my god I’m the youngest” Same tubbo.

    68. Amaia

      I love they're all like "Jack's the adult" But Niki and George are actually older than him

    69. 『Prëçîøūš』

      LMAO I READ “Feeding George to ducks” 😭

    70. Rhina

      Masks lame crap - shows weakness just saying helps no one.

    71. GrayedOut

      Not Fun Fact: Bread actually isn't good for ducks.

    72. Cat Boy Cal (Xttr)

      The graphics of this game is insane!

    73. Diana Frei

      George:I love everything that swims *dream runs in the water*

    74. Carson Weisse

      Number 1 rule here in Canada: never approach a rabid goose in the ponds or you will get attacked and chased

    75. Max!

      No butting buting in this channel only if your subscribe wait no- Me: ( terrified ) 😟

    76. Kitty EF

      we have Coop in sweden and it so funny when English people says things in swedish

    77. myth

      3:25 how you know that you spend to much time playing minecraft 😂😂😂😂

    78. Shy BeansSs

      Although this is nice, bread is actually not great for ducks and it gives them tummy problems 😔 Great vid tho, Ik I’m late

    79. William Chabot

      Tar is girl friend

    80. Segaking584

      U mad twitter? XD

    81. Army_Dog25

      Imagine having friends like this.

    82. sky

      Bread is actually bad for them their body can’t digest it😂😭

    83. W.C.X .S

      How I read the title “ feeding George to the ducks”

    84. Rosie Daniel

      You know every duck you just fed bread you just killed 🙂 and goose and swan they can't eat bread why is no-one talking about this

      1. Segaking584


    85. sebby

      GOGY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GOGY GOGY GOGY GOGY!!!!!!!1 IT'SD GOGGYYYYYY

    86. Thanishka Krishnan

      George: I love everything that swims in water Dream: * *cannonballs* *

    87. Mooshy Clips

      This was the most British thing I have ever witnessed, an I love it

    88. askersnotfound!

      #GNF : "i like everything that swims in water!" #dream : "WRITE THAT DOWN!" *becomes an axolotl*

    89. Alice Levin

      I swim in water 😏😏😏

    90. DROID

      Wait, you can't feed bread to ducks, it is not good for them

    91. Tiana Wilson

      Im have a phobia of geese

    92. Officially Jay


    93. Addy Akins

      NOOOOOOO I READ THAT AS "feeding george to ducks"

    94. Slyngemor

      3:25 plz say i heard that wrong-

    95. Strawberry_Milk

      tubbo: no but bitting only if you subscribe wait-

    96. Mitsukuni Honey


    97. Mitsukuni Honey

      imagine being lgbtq

    98. Mitsukuni Honey

      quackity duck dude looks gay

    99. duckii

      he loves me