The Adventure Zone: The Suffering Game OST - Wonderland (Rounds 1-3 Megamix)


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    i do not own this and i only put 3 songs by Griffin McElroy together in this video, The Adventure Zone belongs to the McElroy Family and The Suffering Game OST belongs to Griffin McElroy

    pls don't sue me griff, love your work B)


    check out the whole The Suffering Game OST by Griffin McElroy on bandcamp!:


    so i know there's already like two or three megamixes of Wonderland out there but one's got the songs in an order of 1-3-2 and the other cuts out the tail-end of round 2 to make the transition to round 3 smoother (a smart choice, though i do like the two haunting notes repeating at the end!) and shorten some of the intros

    so i thought i'd do a take on it! for this one, i've opted to keep the tracks fully intact, even extending them slightly - i added a fourth measure at the end of round 1, and an extra bit to the end of round 2 (taken from the start of round 2) to make the transitions smoother. the order is 1-2-3, naturally.

    the end result is a seamless and sleek 7:20 min mix B))


    for the other megamixes of similar kind, see;
    by didactic ascended:
    by Chumblespunz:

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    1. DogPaste

      It sounds the best when there's some leadup, good job

    2. into the clintorus

      you're a real one for finally posting a wonderland melody with all the rounds in order. while i appreciate dicdatic's work, putting round three before round two should be considered a federal crime.

    3. Mason Allred

      I've been listening to this on repeat and every time, I start smiling like a child whenever it transitions from Round 2 to Round 3

    4. dIcevIn


    5. Plantvev

      Insurance fraud

      1. Naktigonis


    6. Spider Troll


    7. CrystalKami


    8. Vainglory

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      1. Vainglory

        But frfr this mix is rlly good