Hermitcraft III 299 Professional Minecrafters


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    WARNING: Prepare your faces for palming! This episode we fight the end dragon. Who would of known we could fail so much.

    Big thanks to @TheTobyRobot for the epic thumbnail!

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    1. Lucretia Murphy

      Is this just me or does stampylongnose and Xisuma when's he laughing sound exactly the same. Is this just me ?!?

    2. Falco

      I came back to watch this part because it's so hilarious

    3. ikabod krane


    4. Kiritsu

      "Does anybody see any dragon balls here?" Cleo: "I'm pretty sure she's a girl."

    5. Da Vinci


    6. TSM- Mohandas-Gandhi

      15:32 netherite incoming ?

      1. Skyehaung


      2. Drew Garcia

        Yeah I heard that

    7. epicthief

      Waves of Snowballs attacking the dragon is an amazing sight

    8. Shivesh 08

      why is this video on my recommended section?

    9. Green Wombat

      Mumbo 6 years ago when someone die "oh" 5 years later .... "oh" Same old same old

    10. Hersheys Almond

      Omg false voice is so cute!

    11. LlamaLord

      the nostalgia

    12. Thomad.

      how many professional minecrafters does it take to beat the ender dragon?

    13. e3stachcat

      Came up in recommended after 6 years!

    14. bredisfun

      I agree with Xisuma, this was one of the best hermitcraft episodes ever

    15. sofiaa isa

      literally everything that couldve went wrong rlly did wow

    16. Vichamen Yeah

      5:38 he said it!!!

    17. VADER

      hello from 2021

      1. VADER

        @e3stachcat sounds....... like 2020 all over again

      2. e3stachcat

        @VADER A new pandemic starts, Aliens take over, Oceans dry up, Volcanoes errupt, only a few humans escaped so now I am watching hermitCradt 3 On mars.

      3. VADER

        @e3stachcat what's 2022 like

      4. e3stachcat

        I'm From 2022 actually

    18. Étoine de Vries

      Somehow this video showed up in my recommended? Watched the 1000th episode of hermitcraft but didn't really follow anything from X for a while, so it's interesting that this got recommended

    19. sonal saxena

      This is being recommended to me after 6 years.

    20. Vathilia Mage

      I came here after watching your 1000th video!

    21. DreamEater

      A lot of people are coming here after episode 1000. Really getting that algorithm boost. ILproject recommended it to me.

    22. Blue-Maned Hawk

      This isn't the biggest instance of this I've seen, but the comments on this are really old. It's always nice seeing things like that from a more innocent time.

    23. smolbrainchild

      oh wait... it's 12 not 9...

    24. Riley

      Why is this random old video popular again?

    25. The T Wizard

      Hello to my fellow new hermitcraft fans coming to see what they missed!

    26. nathersss

      Omg. At last. I cant find this. Glad it appeared on my feed.

    27. Jake White

      Woah this was in my recommended

    28. Akli Ryûzaki

      Derps ! Derps everywhere !

    29. James MacDonald

      It’s so weird with everyone and no elytra 🤯. Like opening up a time capsule

    30. Jbear

      This episode is hilarious, I'm glad I listened to future Xisuma and came back to watch this one.

    31. Rymic GamingYTG

      I watched episode 1000th then went to my homepage and this was here, its like episode 1000th is influential.

    32. IceChes

      Even so long ago X had a ton of levels all the time.

    33. Zaki Firasi

      i love how mumbo said good luck and xbcrafted just die to a silverfish

    34. Nima Master

      "Anyone seen any dragon balls around here?" Cleo: "pretty sure she's a girl"

    35. aalienbae

      im here because of the 1000th episode, this is such a vibe, like old Minecraft gameplays are awesome :,D

    36. Mr_Bull

      Xisuma just hit 1k episodes of hermitcraft and he says this is his favorite episode and I see why

    37. Scheetcraft

      Wow what a profesionals then doe this too in season 8 at the beginning with all hermits

    38. SandJ Gaez

      For some reason, this was the first recommendation ILproject gave me while I was watching a Rays Works video. I’ve seen this episode several times, it’s iconic: Group of Professional Minecrafters get Stuck in a Hole Together. It gives me so much nostalgia and I decided to add it to my “Masterpieces” playlist.

    39. Evan Sung


    40. LightBend Studios

      rly professional minecrafters x, XD

    41. DustyReaver :Rebel:

      me coming from the 1000th ep... who are all these hermits

    42. Neith

      why is this in my recommended

    43. Andrew Govender

      Here after 1000th Hermitcraft episode video. Yes, I want a Noddy Badge.

    44. Gacek

      You can see that this was made when iskall wasn't on the server since the crown hall is made out of diorite

    45. SECTUM

      How did this pop up on my recommended

    46. Daveco

      Who came from X's 1000th episode?

    47. Southern Pixel

      X's laughter really makes me happy :)

    48. Viktor Vikeyev

      it is so weird. not seeing grian here.

      1. דניאל רוטקופף

        Grian joined in season 6

    49. JonasAbound

      -208 levels NOOO

    50. Jitin Reddy

      I can understand why this is X s favourite episode

    51. Jackson Boyd

      Who else came here after episode 1000

    52. FourInchKnife

      Here from episode 999! It popped up in my YT recommended, probably because lots of others went from there to here. The algorithm works in mysterious ways :)

      1. Orange

        you literally just described how the algorithm works how is it mysterious

    53. Literally Legendary

      Shoutouts to the server, for being such a hero, for saving the world so many times.

    54. David Yodo

      Coming here from Episode 1000 because Xisuma said it's his best Episode ever...

    55. __FS__

      POV: you watched episode 1000

    56. LollipopsYummy

      Just lol

    57. NicklePickle

      Why is this in my recommended??

    58. Owen van Bruchem

      Im here watching this from episode 1000 and just realised that im watching hermitcraft for about 7 years!

    59. Trader Jo

      Wow i fell so nostalgic watching this

    60. rexenowner

      … I didn’t even search this it popped up in my recommended instead

      1. no


    61. Cadaver

      Minecraft 2015: it takes 10 professional minecrafters to kill the dragon. Minecraft 2021: one guy with a couple of beds can do it in a few minutes

    62. CapsCtrl

      who else came here after xisuma said this was his best video ever

      1. Dane the Penguin


      2. Lori Thurrott


      3. Wajdan Nasir


      4. epicthief


      5. Anna Simonson

        It wouldn't get out of my recommended

    63. Марк М

      This is the best episode

    64. The Impolite Canadian

      Hermit: you can sleep when ever you want in real life. Me:laughs in sleep deprivation >:)

    65. Esteban Calderón

      The best part is that you can watch this without knowing what HermitCraft is and it's equally as hilarious.

    66. Peter Morgan

      Who’s here six years later because of the 1,000 episode

    67. Brad Wooo

      group of 'professional' minecrafter XD

    68. Carlemiz

      Wow the algorithm.

    69. wariare12 world

      nah it's fine!

    70. Jesus Christ

      Checking in after episode 1000, actually got reccomended

      1. Cotex

        Yeah to me too

    71. Lil Chanka

      I love mumbo in the chat

    72. Mutant Mutant

      Am I the only one who is watching in may 2021?

      1. Cotex


      2. CobaltChromeE

        @Mutant Mutant ilproject.info/film/io6ckoOAzZZ_xqM/wyd-w.html here, ep1000

      3. Mutant Mutant

        @CobaltChromeE I didn’t even hear that I am binge watching all hermitcraft episodes.

      4. CobaltChromeE

        No, everyone is coming here because X said that it's his favourite episode

    73. Mystery Biscuits

      At some point between this video and the present day, X transitioned from correctly saying "brought" to mean to the past tense of bring to saying "bought" and nowadays says "brought" in reference to a purchase. How peculiar

    74. Cohen Chesser

      Who else is back after episode 1000?

    75. TerabyteTitan

      3:47 My new notification sound.

    76. TerabyteTitan

      Did this really come up in my recommended after X mentioned it in episode 1000...?

    77. Ozzni

      I see this is now getting recommended after episode 1000 revealed this is the best one

    78. FeliGZ

      you know why you're here

    79. Uz Zwal

      Just saw 1000 ep of Hermitcraft

    80. The Pale King

      After I watched episode 1000 this won’t stop appearing in my recommended.

    81. Deesin Gamer

      I got this episodes recommendation after his 1000th episode...

    82. Boysenberries

      Xisuma: We have eight pearls total, so we're one short. Everyone: Oh yeah... Me: Confused laughter

    83. Catbird

      I watched this one after X mentioned it I believe at Minecon a few years back. And now I'm here again because of his 99 questions. It's such a classic ^^

    84. Luke Jared D. Comedoy

      This just got recommended for me right now

    85. OSS

      here after 1000 episodes!!!!!

    86. Random supra

      2021 after ep 1000

    87. Za Ghurdo

      This is probably in my recommended because of episode 999 and 1000.

    88. KRO 222

      Here from X’s 1,000th episode, this was as hilarious as promised. 🤣

      1. stefan lindgren

        Jep 😂

    89. Luke Johnson

      Man this is great, I especially love watching Mumbo having no idea what's going on and offering text based emotional support lol.

    90. Mladen Ivkovic

      This is on my recommended, because a bunch of you went from the 1000th video when xisuma said that this was his favorite episode

    91. Alex Bold

      Who’s here after Xisumas ep 1000

    92. dandymcgee

      Grats on 1,000 episodes, X. Incredible journey.

    93. Requiem



      Whos here from episode 1000? Carzy how far this community has come! ❤

    95. Willipoy

      Who`s here from episode 1000?

    96. Bridgett Pearl

      Anyone else watching this after X's 1000th episode?

      1. Simon Carrillo


    97. alexis

      0:59 LETS PUMP IT UP

    98. David Morris

      Who else is here after episode 1000? Hermitcraft has come a long way :D

    99. Sahil B.

      Who just came from his 1000th hermitcraft episode?😄

    100. Lee

      mumbo cheering in chat xD