I Spent 100 Days in Medieval Times in Minecraft... Here's What Happened

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    I TRIED to Survive VR Hardcore Minecraft For 100 Days And This Is What Happened

    Video Includes:
    Hardcore Minecraft 100 Days
    Hardcore Minecraft 100 Days Gameplay
    Hardcore Minecraft VR Episode 1
    Hardcore Minecraft VR Lets Play
    Hardcore Minecraft VR
    Hardcore Minecraft VR 100 Days

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    Edited By WiseFish:

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    1. Forge Labs

      Thanks again to Vessi! Click vessi.com/Forge and use my code FORGE to get $25 off of your Vessi shoes!

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        @boah-ist 909

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        Hey forge that beacon shoots a purple beam at any mob you point it at using the souls of how many mobs you have killed in minecraft dungeons. That was a really good weapon, but you made the right choice to not use it just in case.

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      Hi my name Is Jeremy Wade not even joking and it felt so wierd having him say my name I know he was talking aboout someone else but it was cool

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      Hey I have something to tell you, I was playing the modpack and then I found something called "The Great Hammer"

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      It's same like movie man

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      OMG HE ATE A GAPPLE!!! Greatest Minecraft player ever

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      i love that show to😁😁

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    41. uhhhrhenhen

      Tip: when there is more of the same item in a separated, double click to collect all of that item at once. its faster and safer..

    42. Atomic Samurai

      You know the sounds he used, like with the armor and when you pull out a sword and the background noise and stuff? What pack is that because I'd really like to know.

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      This is basically a bunch of mods mixed up.

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      I'm new to Minecraft can I download this And play on my phone Is this modpack thing

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      This video was so cool. Love these hardcore play throughs you do. Keep up the good work my man

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      To recover your world just open the lan turn on cheat, then do /gamemode survival

    54. Dog

      18:00 best life lesson if theres ever trees in your way burn em down

    55. Jlmrighthere

      one thing that i think went a bit unnoticed is that the egg is literally called slaves in spanish ( esclavos ) lmao

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