Radio Kepler ~ The Beast, The Water & The Radio Quiet


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    Soundtracks for The Adventure Zone: Amnesty by Griffin McElroy.

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    I combined the two soundtracks together and removed the bonus tracks from the first album so that it's a pure Amnesty experience (although Dust's theme slaps).

    00:00 The Adventure Zone: Amnesty Theme
    00:59 The Arch in the Woods
    03:14 Amnesty Lodge (Sunrise)
    05:19 The Beast, Revealed
    06:46 The Arch in the Woods (Refrain)
    07:23 Amnesty Lodge (Sunset)
    09:56 The Beast, Confronted
    12:10 The Water, Arrival
    13:39 Sylvain
    15:59 The Water, Revealed
    17:28 Heathcliff
    18:38 Waves on the River
    19:53 The Water, Confronted
    22:58 Another World
    24:37 Ski Trip
    26:36 Snow Crash
    28:40 Ambulance Jam
    31:21 An Audience with the Mothman
    32:54 Thee Conversations
    34:46 Containment Breach
    36:21 Roots, Seeds, Branches
    37:55 Broken and Entered
    39:04 Cottonwood Snow
    40:09 The Calamity Tree
    43:08 The Incident at The Hornet's Nest
    45:31 A Rift to Somewhere
    46:48 The Incident at the Morgue
    48:37 Ned's on TV
    51:38 Flamebright Found
    53:26 The First Fire
    54:40 Interstellar Blues
    57:43 The Incident at the Archway
    1:01:20 The Quell
    1:03:56 The Plan
    1:06:42 Aubrey and Dani
    1:09:14 Billy
    1:11:11 Fighting Back
    1:14:18 Her Name Reverberate Through the Hollow Hearth of the World
    1:17:27 One Hundred Thirty-Four Seconds
    1:19:50 Reconciliation
    1:24:20 The Deliberative Operational Mind
    1:26:12 Belligerence Limit
    1:31:26 Kepler, WV

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    1. Flair Hayden

      Music has never scared me before 11:05 when i first heard it in the podcast, made me feel like *I* was getting chased, and actually prompted a fucking fear response.

    2. Yesenia Muniz

      Interstellar blues is my favorite and I could listen to it on repeat

    3. Yeet Yoot

      The chords at the beginning of Belligerence Limit kind of remind me of wonderland(either 1 or 2?)

    4. Uh Oh

      Only now after listening to one winged angel for hours on repeat to I truly appreciate Belligerence Limit.

    5. into the clintorus

      SPOILERS FOR AMNESTY BELOW it's super weird hearing how... comforting? The "Another World" song is, considering it represents an alien race that produces wars to ensure their own survival. Did griffin have other plans for what role they'd serve in the story?

      1. Jonah Lyles

        Yeah the reconciliation themes all have very different tones while having the same motif. Billy reconciliation and another world are all peaceful whereas the countenances themes are all super menacing and intense. Also you are in like all of the same comment sections as me lmao

    6. Owen Cook

      I ve listened to the podcast hundreds of times

    7. paperghostt

      fully had to skip through the latter part of incident at the archway. not doing that today

      1. paperghostt

        @noah lucas but the Heartbreak :((

      2. noah lucas

        the second half of incident at the archway is too good

    8. Susman Geralf

      Thank you!

    9. KamAniMations

      Thanks for making this, it's perfect study music for me

    10. Stanley