Would You Sit In Snakes For $10,000?



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    Would you sit in a tub of snakes for $10,000?
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    1. MrBeast

      Great news! We now have a Spanish dubbed option for the video for our Spanish viewers. Just select audio track and you can switch between English and Spanish! Also, don’t forget to subscribe! You could win $10,000!

      1. Jaymee Willey


      2. Mia Hernandez

        Hola como estas

      3. Aiden Richards

        @DannyX qo

      4. Gaming 268

        I already subbed where’s my money

      5. Sina NSN


    2. Mia Beyer (Student WHS)

      Karl has the cutest smile everrrrrrr💖💖💖💖💖💖👉👈

    3. Freda Benson

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    6. Jonathan Avila

      I love Spanish people

    7. Jago Speck

      Brooo I’d do that for freeee

    8. Jago Speck

      Bro I’d do that for free

    9. Sarah Sanchez

      i love snake they are so cute and those snakes are ball python they are non venomous

    10. I’m Legit

      0:55 depression

    11. Fernanda Amelinckx

      Why it’ in española

    12. I_am_Foxy

      "How did you get that car?" "By popping a baloon..."

    13. Raven 98

      Mr.beast I'm your huge fan and subscriber from india please give me one gaming pc 😀 I know there is only 0.01 percentage of chance if I'm you will get my comment.

    14. Ciotka Paulina

      Yep, i would pay me f***ing credit 🙋🏻‍♀️

    15. Slothys _gaming channel

      I did :0 were the money

    16. Slothys _gaming channel

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    17. Gamez Extremez

      he's standing in money!

    18. Anibal Sanhueza

      0:03 hola

    19. Vee Tee

      This guy has such a good heart

    20. Cuyler Sloan

      I would love to do this challange I love snakes I be chilling with hamburger hat and talking pictures

    21. R V

      Is this money for real. I literally can't take it in. 🤑🤑

    22. KINGVON King

      Pay up

    23. Arsalan Siddiqui

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    27. Vladimir Villafuerte

      MrBeast can you help my family? :‹

    28. Sarah Rangolam


    29. Rowan Coker

      Why is Jimmy so good at breaking into houses

    30. crystxl queen

      I guessed it

    31. Jackechanthebomb

      No just no

    32. Gareth Davies

      I wanna sit in snacks

    33. Sly Cozex

      6:12 Me wait for my food in the microwave

    34. Zwe Man


    35. ratul talukdar

      I love snakes btw.... I can get Bitten by a 🐍 snake for 10000$..😂

    36. Rosa Sophia

      That snake is so cute

    37. Isaiah King

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    38. Jason Stimson

      Rat are actually sweet

    39. Raymond Man

      Throw chandler in

    40. Lynn Henson-Archerd

      I would in a tub of snakes

    41. campbell hall

      Imagine pulling two skinny white guys into a whole bunch of mud for 20k

    42. Xelaron

      Awwwww, the rats are really cute!

    43. Alekdandro mamurani

      8:04 Jimmy is somthing wrong ?

    44. MindofDec

      Great 👍

    45. Killa Killa

      Love yahhh Mr.Beast Brofist blue 💙

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    47. Aussiedog898

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    50. Calendra Fasthorse


    51. AmtrakFlareon Railroad Photography

      These snakes are very friendly. I would sit in the tub for my mom!

    52. Mr. Bubz

      OmG pIcKlEs ArE sO sCaRy

    53. zeynep İle eğlence

      Bro make a vid on $DNT its gonna behuge

    54. 6-A Hem Öğretir Hem de Eğlendirir

      Let's go $DNT community best community

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    56. Ziemas

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      were gonnna be millionares no lie bro

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    65. define haberleri

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      1. Laqwonya Bell

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    69. Dj Nicky

      Can I get 10k

    70. Chromo

      Ninja technique to getting 20,000$: Buy a set of paint brushes and paint for 100$ Mix em up on the canvas Declare it as art Take the money Go home

    71. miku liku

      Omg u have so much money I'm so jealous

    72. borris bjorn. gameng


    73. Vachan_ M

      Share do u get this much money???

    74. Miranda Anestopoulos

      I suded

    75. Xx


    76. Dwin Mohammed Taha KGS-2A

      The rat 🐀 is so cute 🥰 way is Karol skerred of 🐀 rats

    77. Joseph Deen

      MrBeast just send me a DM oh my goodness 😳

    78. deejay brown

      but i was to late to the give away :(

    79. deejay brown

      man i want money

    80. حمد,

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    81. Cheyenne and jaxon


    82. fireof platform9


    83. legendsnowSK CoDM

      That painting bruh, we gon get 6 year olds to paint

    84. Niels Michalowski

      The snakes and rats were cute, would have done that but this spider??????!!!??

    85. Brett fingland

      I just subscribed and liked all of your videos

    86. Gert Jan Kooistra

      the world is full of snakes.

    87. LA

      Rather those than human ones, real ones don't pretend they aren't what they are aha 😂


      Iam sadu i am biggest fan of you

    89. nottubin

      I watch Brian bazark

    90. Olly Mae

      Chris has a tesla

    91. nottubin

      I would have a bath full of snakes and sit in it for a year

    92. avr channel

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    93. The Infinite Tryhard

      That can never be from a professional painter

    94. MDON SUN


    95. Ellis 117

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    96. ABHI ꪜ

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    97. Mathew Ross


    98. Isabel Acuna

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    99. karina martinez

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