His Voice Is So Emotional That Even Simon Started To Cry!

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    His Voice Is So Emotional That Even Simon Started To Cry!

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    1. Nelvakay Warren

      I'm a mess...

    2. QueenAsha Overobin

      Simon couldn’t even deliberate but a yes. You can see his eyes going back and forth thru his memories fast the terror and pain and guilt and the lost threw the whole song. I’m going to watch it again.

    3. stela balbaboco

      Very nice voice

    4. Very HD


    5. Jovenei Silva

      esta linda canção que este elustre jovem cantou sim mereceu e você tem muita carreira pela frente e aquilo que disse no primeiro comentário e pesso desculpa por não ter escrito ou digitado o comentário corretamente ouve falha na forma de eu me espressar pode ser o teclado do aparelho que fais a gente errar no momento que está escrevendo mais você independente disto você já e um artista parabéns e continue sabe a sua voz e estremamente exelente e mais uma coisa emociona imagine cantor ser um cantor gospel no meio da do evangelho parabéns mais uma vez deus abençoe muitíssimo e também para esse jurado simpático que com uma exelencia em simpatia e um carisma pra vocês também do jurados parabéns !🙏🙏🙏

    6. Eunice Inácio Rodrigues

      Lindo demais

    7. Jazkahlon

      I am not crying 😢 I am not sad. Sorry 😢

    8. Maelyn Jel Angeles

      I'm good until I watched this performance..

    9. Nama anil

      What a acting 👍👍

    10. dawana holmes

      Wow that was beautiful 🥲🥲

    11. Assia Douag

      Who's watching this in July 2021

    12. Elizabeth Villa de Gomez

      Maravilloso! 👏👏👏

    13. Audrey Thomas

      I'm crying....its funny cause I had just heard someone else sing it but the meaning behind yours.... 😭😭😭😭😭 just beautiful

    14. VANNA Eating Food

      The way I cried while watching this video doesn't compare to how much pain this young man and Simon have gone through🥺his voice and the reason he is singing this song makes an beautiful and emotional combo❤

    15. Suz B

      OHG...I watched it 3 times, and cried more each time I watched this performance....awesome job!

    16. Thomas McCaffery

      I personally think he cant sing...

      1. Thomas McCaffery

        a lot way better singers just saying.

    17. Chico Belle

      Simon was crying because he wanted to say something that would hurt the singer



    19. brandy Cook

      I really hope that you’re OK because you lock your friend

    20. Dee Ag

      What happened to this guy? I hope someone gave him a contract. Amazing voice.

    21. Ester Rodriguez

      Guauuuu, impresionante, llegó hasta el Alma.Exitos!!!!

    22. Melissa Brown

      You can sang

    23. Ingrid Cavalcanti Mendonça

      July, 2021!!

    24. A.S



      Simon was choked (is he a Leo)?

    26. Jessica Evans

      Watching 4 years later

    27. Krystina

      I know the pain I lost a best friend and love ones and my hometown I lost and the pain never leave even know you try to go on with life it's always get to you

    28. Jocelyn Chinatsira

      This song made me feel emotional. Like loosing ur best friend is something very emotional I lost my granddaddy, when i was listening to this song i started thinking of him Powerful voice👉👈


      ✝️🤍✝️✝️🤍✝️Repent Acts 2:38 Jesus Christ Is Coming Soon Revelation 22:7 Jehovah is the true name of God Psalms 83:18


      ✝️🤍✝️✝️🤍✝️Repent Acts 2:38 Jesus Christ Is Coming Soon Revelation 22:7 Jehovah is the true name of God Psalms 83:18


      ✝️🤍✝️✝️🤍✝️Repent Acts 2:38 Jesus Christ Is Coming Soon Revelation 22:7 Jehovah is the true name of God Psalms 83:18

    32. Anh Trâm

      It's really an emotional song that I have ever heard.

    33. Marie-Antoinette M

      I just couldn't stop crying is voice, his song made it all the best , it's unbelievable !!! Wonderful... thank you.

      1. Carlos Costa

        O que 7aa

      2. Carlos Costa


    34. Uncle Bubba

      The reason Simon was so emotional is that he'd just buried his mother a few weeks before this taping. Josh's experience and interpretation of the song really hit him deeply.

    35. Amrit Kumar

      The piano in the background - A thousand years... So magical 🤗

    36. Betty Shalaa

      La 1:30 am y estoy despierta después de varios años viendo este hermoso video

    37. off

      2021 oh nois aqui rsds

    38. Lord Master

      The only question is: why the title & description of this video is in Hungarian? 😃

    39. Maria Guerrero

      lol my mom was on the couch and she cried XD and told me to put it again XD

    40. Jonathan Davis

      If I need to cry... I come here. Beautiful love...

    41. Daniele


    42. Jorge Henrique Gomes


    43. Sibongile Mbuli

      This is one of my favorite auditions. I've watched it so many times and cried each time. I love him ♥️💕❤️💞💖😍.

    44. Easy Chili

      The legal mini-skirt unknowingly wrestle because hourglass ethnically slow after a sweet boot. cute, abounding tooth

    45. S O

      Geik and fei.

    46. Mia Bailey

      me in 2021 watching this

      1. David Gilbert

        Make a note to Aaron Maurice for ETH/Bitcoin investment idea 🌟

    47. Maria Qola


    48. wirenutt57

      As you get older, it doesn't get any easier. Every loved one you lose, it's an entirely different experience, just like the one you've lost. I'm 63 and have lost all of the generation before me, parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, and several friends. It doesn't get any easier, it just becomes more and more frequent, until one day, you've joined them, whatever that means to you. I'm not afraid of death, I'm afraid of pain. I've had a wonderful career, wonderful friends and family, and no regrets. I still have many years in me, so I know there will be more losses. Painful losses.

    49. Loura benit

      Oi turo bom?sou cringe kkkkk

    50. Cute Girl

      I have to say that your song really touches my heart ❤

    51. Willaim Rodriguez

      I missed most of this...is this an original song he wrote? Cause if he did, then my God.

    52. Prasobh sankar


    53. Melissa Andrade

      The guarded parsnip markedly peel because roast significantly call past a addicted error. plain, thundering protest

    54. Rrff Gth


    55. Jose Garcia

      I remember this

    56. とり



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    58. Mayank

      What's that playback music from 1:07

    59. Generic White Male

      My cousin auditioned for Americas Got Talent about 10 years ago and because she didn't have a sad story, she wasn't advanced. 2 months later, her song that she wrote and sung was featured on an episode of Greys Anatomy.

    60. Asia Ricks

      I miss you so much baby daddy. How I suppose tell our daughter you pass away on her birthday? I swear we was waiting 😔

    61. Shilina j

      This is so touching...so emotionally touching

    62. Amber Elders

      Everytime i hear this i just cry. Much love ❤❤

    63. Татьяна Морозова


    64. Adriana Avino

      2021 e eu aqui no Brasil impressionada com o talento

    65. jennifer okosun

      After 4years I'm back to watch this emotional audition🥺🥺

    66. Mary Muir

      This guy is Brilliant why the hell he never won that idiot judge who never put him through had no right to be a judge as he knows nothing about music

    67. Asd Saida


    68. Cecylia Krl

      Wanda Król to jest niesamowita i piękna piosenka Gratulacje.pozdrawiam. ❤❤❤😥🕊🍀🌹🌹🌹🕊🌏

    69. helio fernandes de aquino

      incrivel maravilhoso genial ahhhh

    70. BLVCK LION

      Gave me chills 💯

    71. Carmen lucia Quintino

      Excelente cantor🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷😍😍😭😭😭🥰🥰🥰

    72. Carmen lucia Quintino

      😭😭😭😭😭👏👏🥰🥰canta muito bem

    73. lal beli

      Simon All your

    74. Bravo_ Greg


    75. Kanishak Singh

      Can't believe this video got 400M views

    76. Celso Silva

      nao entendo nada de inglish, mas emocionei muito top demais

    77. Idris

      The fact that Simon lost his mother a few days before the audition makes it more emotional, he feels Josh's pain with him so he understands how it really feels to lose someone you loved

      1. Rrff Gth


    78. Screwface Capital

      His voice wasn't that great in my opinion and I didn't really feel the emotion either.

    79. churchonetime


    80. アナベベアナベベ


    81. 윤미자

      홧팅요 영어는잘모르지만통한게있죠

    82. Saida Ben

      واحد فيكم يفهمني قصة الشاب تاثرت بدون ماافهم قصتو

      1. messaoud rougaa

        قصتو انو خسر اعز اصدقاءو و سوا هاذي الاغنية من اجلو

    83. Anezio.jose. Alves

      Melyolho programado 💌

    84. Фатимка Амирова

      О господи какой голос ♥️♥️♥️♥️

    85. Nila

      Heartbreak 😭

    86. Jessica Ncube

      Beautiful voice 😩❤️❤️🔥🔥😭😭😭i love it I love it i love it!!!!

    87. Blanca Loto

      Me hace recordar que mi hijo Eli QEPD está en el cielo

    88. Aryanto Raha

      😭😭😭😭😭😭 i love you

    89. Merce Gorosito


    90. Andrew Bracken

      i think we all hope theyll be together again soon

    91. M Palmer

      Almost 1/2 billion views? Damn

    92. Darla George

      Absolutely mind boggling. Makes me wonder where this young man is in his singing career today. Hope he is still blowing people's minds. 👍👍👍👍👍

      1. Sibongile Mbuli

        I was wondering also. I hope he's thriving where ever he is.

    93. Ahenewaa Heartbel

      My boyfriend is just travelling tomorrow n I can’t hold back my tears how much more losing him....Evans I love you 😍

      1. Ahenewaa Heartbel

        @Uncle Bubba I don’t think he is this same person

      2. Uncle Bubba

        I've only ever met one person named Evans. When I was having trouble walking because of a spinal injury, he took me in a wheelchair from the ticket counter, through TSA and all the way to the gate at a Florida Airport. Are we talking about the same person? If so, this is an amazing coincidence. (I left a few details deliberately vague so as not to give away where his job is)

    94. Snezana Popovic

      Wow 💓💓💓

    95. Irene Otton


    96. Максим Милованов

      Надо в консерватории открыть курсы автомехаников...

    97. Kong

      I like this

    98. Mar Georgia