"What does this say?"


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    1. Marcus Jensen

      For anyone wondering, the windshield says: *Before I leave* *on this journey.* *I pray you're* *watching over me* *and if my bike* *lay down today.* *I pray to God* *I walk away*

      1. Kiross Starn

        That is awesome!

      2. Kash Killahh


      3. DaSpinachSmokinRasCLAATxCYKAxo

        @Rob Barrowman your a disgusting person. Go believe in your Allah. Jesus is love and saviour ❤️

      4. Lux

        @DanDeMan I think you’re simply projecting the weaknesses of your own beliefs and worldview

      5. Gavin Edwards

        @Blkbrdmntr Vimes Albert Einstein isn't a book and he doesn't know everything my guy don't go off of one persons believe. What I was saying was that humans were monkeys and it's proven but church said that theroy was fake

    2. anonymous poptart

      ATTN: you don't have to answer their small talk question such as where you're coming from or going. As they approach your vehicle, they need to make it known why they stopped you. Period. Normalize this

    3. GhostFace HD

      So you video taped you having a conversation with a cop? Wtf is your problem? Wonder why the country is divided? So what. Talk to the fucking cop, he’s just another person.

    4. nick schager

      Always be respectful to any officer once you get pulled over, regardlessnif you are guilty or not...

    5. Corona Iris

      Blue line thugs

    6. MsDusti Smith

      Love you stay safe,and I don't have to know you to spread love...

    7. Utah710

      Our brains melted and this is now a video

    8. Jamie Kessler

      Like the saying. What DOES it say?

    9. Triston Denune

      The next cop that pulls me over for something stupid i stomp the shit out him

    10. Triston Denune

      He pulled u over for that

    11. anthonytheguy manttv

      That's cool that he takes time out of his day to like all most all of these comments

    12. MrStreaty122

      “I’ll explain it” *incorrect buzzer sound* that ain’t how RAS works buddy. Even in states that obligate citizens to ID when they’re lawfully detained (technically referred to as a Terry Stop, referring to Terry V Ohio), an officer still needs to have RAS and articulate it BEFORE a Terry Stop can be considered lawful. Also, never answer questions. Ever. Ever. Ever. It doesn’t matter what the question is, you don’t have to (per the 5th) and shouldn’t answer any questions.

    13. David Joseph Cindric

      I'm a BIKER!!! people like that need to be on FOUR wheels!!! Friggin idiot can't formulate a full sentance!!!!! If he even pulled up next to me and smiled,I'd get off my chop n kick his ass!! Mountain Man

    14. David Gates

      Have you ever had a shaking feeling of getting pulled over by police for no reason can you relate or not really

    15. AWD FAM

      I want my 15 seconds of life back

    16. Phickets

      He pulled you over just cause he wanted to see what it said.

    17. Ben Jammen

      I would have said "ok explain"

    18. M R

      Don’t you just love half ass stories?

    19. Calvertron

      Well that sure was anticlimactic...

    20. Daevi1

      Looks like he did nothing wrong and he's staying cool so kudos

      1. Joanna

        The guy filming seems to have such a amazing vibe I have respect for him

    21. Rude Rocky

      He’s supposed to identify himself then the reason why he pulled you ovet

    22. Ravi Sharma

      Your insurance is progressive not registration.

    23. mllop aeet

      Beautiful message ❣️ Arizona rules !! 💪

    24. James Howard

      I'll explain it. Correct. Right now.

    25. Aussie In NZ


    26. What_The_Heck_Vivek V

      I love seeing how things like this can be used to plant seeds and even reminders to cops in who is in Charge and who’s laws we believe in

    27. David Foote

      That's an old az license lol. Why post this without the rest of the video?

      1. MasFace

        GoPro died. You can watch the full explanation on my channel though.

    28. zaid ortsac

      Stupid video

    29. Jordan Vangelder

      Cop was an asshole it's actually no of your business where I'm going and where I'm coming from. But I'll tell you anyways I was leaving your sisters on my way to your mom's 🤣

    30. Nate Helke

      Maybe not a video meant for "shorts". I BET this guy did not get shot at the end, and it's not just because he's white.

    31. Jesse Estes

      Being polite you dont get harassed so much. Good job.

    32. SPaDE-513

      This is the most NPC conversation I think I've ever heard

    33. Imagine Aeternum

      Nice Mason W Risser

    34. Joe Ti

      When he asked “where are you going” I woulda said “I’ll explain it to ya”

    35. Eric Schnautz


    36. Bill Williams

      I dont get it ?

    37. Jason Davis

      When a public servant noses into your personal business, it's time to put him in his place. "IT DOESNT MATTER WHERE I WAS GOING!" JABRONIE!

    38. Barry Wilkerson

      Cops have a list of BS reasons to fit their narrative for pulling people over anytime and anywhere.

    39. Soto Span

      You’re acting weird bro.

    40. 469steven

      Sorry I'm new to stories and I'm old I only got part of it.... What did the coo do??

    41. Quinlan Conroy - Fit Mint

      What’s is the point of this fucking video

    42. Nicholas Boudreau

      Pulling someone over and just demanding identification. Huh, sounds just like what nazis did🤣🤣🤣.

    43. Robert Mounsey

      Cop is pretty chill, but Nightrider seems nervous as a cat

    44. Billy Reddington

      What did I do . Am I being detained. Am I free to go...shut the fuck up.

    45. pn.209

      Can i take off my gloves???? Just do it,why asking Why you act scared of the cops Fk that bike life if you have to do that for cops

    46. Invisible Man

      If he can't read he doesn't need to be a policeman

    47. Chuck Williams

      Arizona highway patrol officers are afraid to go after a real criminal

    48. Mr. Eggman

      Officer: I'll explain Answer: and when you do I shall present my papers statist. Cop: where you headed. Answer: little place called nunya violating a$$ concern Cop: what's that say? Answer: do they not require officers to be able to read?

    49. ImJustAlex


    50. Mary Ann Vitelli


    51. Nick P

      I hate when they say “I’ll explain”… I’m asking now because I want to know now. Not after you’ve got 5 min to think of something. Public servant are not that anymore. They’re just our overlords! We gave them to much power for to long.

    52. Derry Munz

      Loving that Green Chevy dullay

    53. Jake C.

      "I'll explain it"....yeah you'll explain it before I give you my license asshole

    54. Danoga

      Fuck you and this shit vid. I want my 30 sec back...

    55. C:\DEAD\PIXEL

      Watch out for retards that like to pull out Infront of bikers. A friend of mine died that way got flung 50 feet and got ripped apart. Had a helmet and everything was going 70 in a 65.

    56. Choices of the Biz

      What's the point of this video? It doesn't tell you what it says!!! Stupid

    57. Joe Malafarina

      rider to rider I pray we both do rock hard ride free

    58. Corsair Cree


    59. BIGART

      When you asked why are you being pulled over. I'd told him I don't answer questions I want my attorney present.

    60. Nesta

      Religious people 👋😂🤣🤦‍♂️ Hopefully you're not Christian, damn that would be aweful. Worst religion of all times, way ahead of Islam and buddhism but those two come close after. Also no buhhdism isnt anything any developed country would want. its just not.

      1. QlueMist


    61. Pottema

      Why so fucking friendly to this copper?

    62. Ken Morley

      A lot of unnecessary questions I think from the officer he doesn't have to know where you're going it's none of his business.

    63. boltonky

      I wasted 28secs of my life on this FML its worse than FB at the moment

    64. OfCourseWhyNot

      WHY ARE THEY SO RUDE. Geez. I am saving up for a street legal bike but this just makes me frustrated

    65. David Sanchez

      Fucc the laws

    66. SigMa Prime

      Wow so much context im shaking

    67. Phantom Gorilla


    68. Steven Dee

      I have a special dislike for most phoenix area AZ highway "patrol" . Most are revenuers

    69. B U R R

      Why cant cops just give an answer. Why you gotta hype up the crime

    70. ew Cash

      What's thr point of this go no where short?

    71. A C

      I love the GTA font on the video 😂🤣

    72. 24- Card

      Why am I being pulled over? Cop responds: I’m not smart enough to count gravel, so I need some time to make up some shit...

    73. Travis Davis

      Nobody has ever talked their way out of handcuffs but plenty have talked their way into them

      1. Travis Davis

        @Harry Wang bro thats in court we are talking on the side of the road ..... In a court room is the proper way to do it

      2. Harry Wang

        @Ed White cops can and will use any and everything you say against you. If you are under arrest or know you are in the wrong STAY QUIET. However if the opposite is true us advisable to explain your case to save yourself a headache... Arguing with the police is stupid on any and all levels I 100% agree so is offering free information. But if you haven't done anything wrong and saying a few words will have you on your way, then not saying anything and becoming a suspicious person because they want to know why you won't answer said questions is also stupid...

      3. Ed White

        @Harry Wang also you must be a threatening looking dude if being detained means you end up in cuffs. But who knows perhaps you live in a bad town. It ain't like that here

      4. Ed White

        @Harry Wang Yeah most people have that same experience. We seem to be arguing the same point. Your initial comment was not at all clear. But you do have to see a difference between talking your way out of cuffs. When asked by the police and the hundreds of videos of people running their mouths while handcuffed. No cop wants to hear about your rights while you're being detained. The difference is whether a cop wants to go thru the trouble of charging you with hindering an investigation or just letting you go. Your initial comment made it seem like you're advising to argue with a cop.

      5. Harry Wang

        @Ed White or a person speaking from experience, you seem very upset when people don't see your point of view I find it very ironic you using the "child arguing with mom" analogy. The fact remains if you are arrested you remain silent, if you are detained you have a chance to explain where what and when. They haven't made a choice to bring you in for more, being silent can guarantee atleast a few hours in a jail cell untill they ascertain that information.

    74. george smith

      What a stupid video that has no purpose or content. Yet 335k people managed to think it's awesome?????... Must be Americans

    75. LetsRide

      Legend has it to this day the officer still hasn't explained it!

    76. Ryan

      I call this GTA font

    77. bofooit gojo

      Where in Arizona? I pray that officers seek out true criminals & don't ticket & harass full time working individuals just trying to get through this difficult road called life.

    78. Κωστας Νικολας

      Poor biker is scared shitless if he does 1 wrong mive he's gonna br shot. Congratulations on your society.

    79. aneil ramadheen

      That's a nice quote

      1. bofooit gojo

        I’d tell that asshole nunya business

    80. Cheryl Brown

      Okay??? Where's the rest of the video

    81. Mr. Huskies

      Whats the point of this?

    82. clifford mccoy


    83. Jesus Amador

      Funny how they always ask for Id and reg before they even give you a valid reason for stopping you to begin with. Which they need to have to stop you to begin with.

    84. ThatGuyFerny

      Cops actually have to tell you the reason why they pulled you over before you provide any Identification. Because why would you provide ID if the stop was unlawful?

      1. Travis Davis

        But ur not the one that is slowed to decide if its lawful .... The judge does that so .....

    85. Mary Nichols

      Don't understand what is going on.

    86. SLURM 187

      “It’s an excerpt from a book called the Necronomicon.”

    87. Mr. Mike

      Pulled him over just to check windshield for pRoFamiTiEs.

    88. Ephraim and Judah One Stick

      Our captivity is ending AHAYAH has redeemed Jacob

    89. Joe Troutt

      Where are you heading? Well officer, it depends on if you run my record?

    90. Seeer Google sucks azz

      Cops are USELESS and unnecessary at best.

    91. Seeer Google sucks azz

      Fk that cop. He's goin down!

    92. Taz Taser

      Cops just out here fishing what joke.

    93. Jack Meyhoffer

      What the hell is the point of this video???

    94. Criminy Cricket

      I’d tell that asshole nunya business

    95. Kevin Derian Collins

      Be nice

    96. facebookhentaitrollfacegaming


    97. Bubba Spink


    98. xrrxy vvoi

      When the bacon asked about what the windshield says i wouldve said ill explain it

    99. IPRRD M

      People get so nervous and start kissing ass and acting weird. If you act normal you’ll do better. Calling a cop sir over and over makes you look like an asshole

    100. fissiongrubbs

      Where are you going? None of your business, I have the right to travel on this public road.

      1. xrrxy vvoi

        why is this trending...? nothing happens....