Covid Vaccines: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

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    John Oliver explains why some people don’t want to get the Covid-19 vaccine and how they might be reassured. (Even you, Mike in Baltimore.)

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    1. Cam

      Fuck this bloke has turned into a puppet - glad I stopped paying attention to his propaganda years ago

    2. Angelo Arcanis

      1:53 I want one of them BECAUSE of the reasons that you listed John

    3. november crow

      i kinda wish this video could be in mandarin so that i could convince my grandma to get vaccinated. she's terrified- which is understandable given that there isn't a lot of information that she can access in her mother tongue- and i really wish i could convince her some way, somehow. literally neither mum nor i have succeeded. this video, despite what it says at the end, has A LOT of information in it that she would really need. edit: also it's got a white guy in glasses wearing a suit. if her self-proclaimed favourite child can't convince her then i would presume that at this point it's literally ANYTHING GOES.

    4. VaZ X

      There should SERIOUSLY be a crack a “trust science” zombie in the face day. Science changes constantly.

    5. VaZ X

      The like/unlike ratio seems about right. Most people are sheep (hence why we have all the corruption and problems in the world and those responsible are able to get away with it). Most people will obey the media and this mega-nitwit John Oliver because the hypnosis are way too deep rooted at this point. For the rest of the ones that are still able to question and do their own research and see past the bullshit...let it go. No need to be angry. You had a choice like everybody else and chose to believe these morons with information supplied by Big Pharma.

    6. CloudsGirl7

      You know what IS a reassuring pushback against the stupid microchip lie? They probably wouldn't work, because they would run on Windows. - a (reluctant) Windows user.

    7. Jazzy Robeson

      Hey John, why isn't anyone talking about the 3 hour Dark Horse Podcast with Dr. Robert Malone (Inventor of mRNA vaccine technology) that recently aired? There seem to be some disturbing issues that aren't being discussed. If you haven't seen/heard it I suggest checking it out.

      1. seigeengine

        @Jazzy Robeson Yeah, the trouble is I can't find anything reputable suggesting that. He sure claims it about himself a lot though. It's almost like he's trying to frame himself as a credible source of information on the subject... I wonder what his motives are? That would be the part where a quick look into the claims he's making don't seem to hold up at all. From a quick look, I found him making one bogus claims. One, he was pushing some drug as a solution while suggesting the mRNA vaccines are unsafe, which is bogus because we have no reason to believe they are unsafe, and we have an enormous sample size at this point. The fear-mongering at this point is all based on the idea it'll have some horrific effect many many months or years down the line, which I just don't see any reason to believe even could happen. As for the drug, it's the one people have been buzzing about lately, but the majority of the clinical positivity comes from groups with known affiliations with the drug, and so far it doesn't seem any good trial of it's effectiveness has completed. Even the researchers conducting those trials now think it's clear that if it does have an effect, it's non-obvious, meaning it doesn't have some huge positive impact. Other than that, practically the only thing I can find from him is him screaming at the top of his lungs everywhere he can that he invested mRNA drugs/vaccines, and constantly retweeting right-wing media and screeching about the MSM being evil, or whatever. All bad signs. There are other very very problematic statements being made by people he's been associated with. That podcast you mentioned also had Steve Kirsch, which is spreading a load of bullshit (look at his five hundred bullet point long list where he whines about everything). One I saw criticized and looked into, as well as being important in his mind since it's near the top of his list, just below him whining that nobody will debate him (rolls eyes) was him referencing a response to a study. The study found that the vaccine was safe for pregnant women with spontaneous abortion based on pregnancy outcomes being within the normal range for vaccinated pregnant women. Obviously this was an early look, and the study itself says more data needs to be collected. The response to that study being referenced basically said that only pregnant women vaccinated at the beginning of their pregnancies should be considered. The study, however, only lasted a few months, and occurred at the end of 2020/beginning of 2021. Do you see the problem with that? It's basically saying we should only analyze the outcomes of pregnancies that ended really early, and then uses that to calculate an extremely lie spontaneous abortion rate for vaccinated women. In simple terms it's like saying "wow, these women who miscarried miscarried , huh? Scary!" These are really basic failures that I don't believe anyone with a doctorate could make, especially in their supposed field of expertise. So why is he making them? I would suggest you not fall into the line of reasoning where you try to hold up one guy against the entire global medical community though. I mention this because there's this specific "maverick scientist defying the wider community who was the revolutionary answer" narrative that people love, but which is usually just hiding a conman grifting.

      2. Jazzy Robeson

        @seigeengine "Inventor" wasn't the word I decided to describe him as. It's what pops up everywhere I try and research him. You seem to potentially know a few things about the guy, can you elaborate on the "fraud" claim?

      3. seigeengine

        because he's a fraud whose spreading nonsense? The fact he's educated and done research doesn't demonstrate he's not a fraud. And calling him the "inventor of mRNA vaccine technology" is kind of absurd, when is contribution seems to have been some of the most basic work in the field three decades ago, that basically consisted of just figuring out you could get mRNA into cells using lisosomes.

    8. Justin T

      I'm waiting at least a year before I get the vaccine. I want to make sure there aren't any long-term effects from the vaccine.

      1. seigeengine

        Vaccines can't magically manifest symptoms a long time down the road. That's just not how they work. It'd be like if a company came out with a new brand of cookie and you decided to wait a year to see if someone randomly had symptoms a year after eating any.

      2. seigeengine

        Vaccines can't magically manifest symptoms a long time down the road. That's just not how they work. It'd be like if a company came out with a new brand of cookie and you decided to wait a year to see if someone randomly had symptoms a year after eating any.

    9. Sassy Dispatch

      My immune system works just fine thanks

      1. seigeengine

        ... Vaccines don't change what your immune system is doing.

    10. Morgan Jenkins

      we are egg

    11. neognosis kek

      Obey corporate directive and then get excited for next corporate directive.

      1. seigeengine

        Pretend the logically correct course of action is mindless obedience like our fascist overlords tell us to.

    12. TheSpiralnotebook

    13. Lotte inSpain

      Strange to hear an American say, they want to know, what they put into their bodies, as so much American food is actually banned in Europe and Australia... And who said the same when Viagra came on the market? Being sceptical and researching, is a normal human response, I think. But it should be applied to all decisions...

    14. Nova R

      As a biology student I am shocked that some many of my friends and family are hesitant of the vaccine. Thankfully they listen to reasonable explanations so I've convinced them to get it but it is scary 👍

    15. Renegade  Angel

      Unsubsribing from this propaganda. ✌

    16. GiftedContractor

      "This fucking guy" should be the only way anyone is ever allowed to introduce Tucker Carlson from now on

    17. Alberto De Cristoforo

      I almost committed suicide when I found out I had herpes virus, I was going through a health blog when I saw how a woman testified of how Dr IGUDIA on ILproject cured her and I decided to contact him, to my greatest shock he actually cured me and now I test negative

    18. Aniello M

      this guy is unbearable.

    19. Braden Scott

      When John Kennedy started "singing" my parrot looked up from what he was chewing on :P

    20. Norm D

      He reads the auto cue really well. Doesn't consider or understand what he says very much but John is an entertaining empty vessel.

    21. Forty-one and a half

      Good job! Must be hard, knowing you are hurting people... I wish you all the best and hope you get through it.

    22. arenasification

      another question: were those old people who died with covid who would have died anyway due to their age counted in the COVID stats?

      1. seigeengine

        People don't die of age.

    23. Angstist

      Ask anyone that lives in or commutes through any big city in the US and they can all attest to that they see the exact same homeless people doing just fine (all things considered). How can this possibly be the case, if covid is that "deadly and contagious" as big Pharma just spent $billions trying to convince us that it is? Also, a Yale study just proved that if you have had covid, then you have the antibodies and that there is no benefit in getting the vaccine if so. 2+2=?

    24. ShadowmarkReturns

      Turning the friggin frogs gay!

    25. Jeff Whiting

      Everyone saying it was to fast hasnt done any research. They have been working on these types of vaccines for years. They even have covid vaccines for chickens that have been used for years.

    26. Patrick Allen

      10:12 John Oliver's ovum obsession is proof he's part puffin.

    27. Yuno MaplePancakes

      i swear the more and more i learn bout our country the less i have faith in this

    28. Falkenspeer Groom of Avacyn

      You shoudln´t neglect the fact completely, that it is not sure yet, if vaccinated people are not transmitting the virus too. The actual studies are not completed yet (also it seems like the probability is lower from first results). But stating that only non vaccinated people are transmitting the virus is simply wrong. And if they are also transmitting the virus, is it really that unlogical for some people who don´t want to take it regardless why?

      1. pH7oslo

        He didn't say that, did he? There's solid research showing that vaccinated people can in fact transmit the virus, but do so at significantly lower rates, and only do so when they actually get infected themselves, which the vaccine lowers the chance of significantly.

    29. Liberal Hypocrite

      The vaccine doesn't work against newer strains of covid. Youre all brainwashed.

      1. Liberal Hypocrite

        @Woohiehaak 01 that's cute that you have to repeat my insults to make a comeback😁

      2. Woohiehaak 01

        @Liberal Hypocrite I mean if you think we're all brainwashed you might be even lower then first grade.

      3. Woohiehaak 01

        @Liberal Hypocrite cool i mean english isnt my first language so ok XD

      4. Liberal Hypocrite

        @Woohiehaak 01 it's *guinea pig You dunce👌

      5. Liberal Hypocrite

        @Woohiehaak 01 considering you spell at a 1st grade level😂

    30. Melissa Ettleman

      Thank you John. You convinced me, and now, my son and I are vaccinated. Keep up the good work, and please keep me laughing out loud on Monday mornings watching you on ILproject (can’t afford HBO😳🤣)

    31. Veronica Islas Torres

      This is so upsetting, here in Mexico were so desperate to be able to get the vaccine, but there are not enough, and to think they just have them there without enough people to take them is just such so frustrating...just send them over here!!!

    32. The Bushcraft Chef

      “ the worst thing to come out of a Kennedy’s mouth since the back of his head” -comedy gold.

    33. CMG The Person

      I actually was in the camp that the vaccines where rolled out too quickly, I mean, they're usually done in a decade, not in like, a few years That still didn't stop me from double-dosing myself. I'm in a global fucking pandemic for fuck's sake, Not fighting of some nan's snot. Fucking cowards

    34. Rob Gable

      Never get new tec when it first comes out. That's my experience.

      1. seigeengine

        No, you wait a bit until other people have tried it out. You know, like the tens of thousands of people who got the vaccine during trials.

    35. Scott Wagley

      Why is a comedian giving medical advice? Obviously he doesn't know any of this information first hand. Did he learn all of this from his many years of working in the medical field? He sure sounds like he knows a lot for a guy that's reading off of a teleprompter.

      1. Woohiehaak 01

        Yeah mate welcome to tv where they have a team of people who ask medical experts info and who look for information themselfs.

    36. odbini

      Maybe someone can convince me but the issue for me is it hasn’t been long enough. That’s simply all, how do I know something won’t happen in 10 years or have a long term effect on my body or immune system. You can’t tell me there is data out there to convince me otherwise because it literally has not been that long and you can’t perform any type of study yet.

      1. pH7oslo

        That's technically true - there are a small number of vaccines who've turned out to cause problems later on, just like any other form of medication. Amphetamine used to be a weight loss drug, until people figured out it wasn't such a good idea long term. This, and other incidents, have resulted in a set of rules aimed at minimising the adverse effects, which in turn is the reason J&J and AstraZeneca vaccines are being used only in circumstances where the gain outweighs the risks by a fair bit. And that's what life is about - since we can't tell the future, we try to make educated guesses based on what we do know. And one thing we know is that these vaccines are very unlikely to cause major issues. We also know - already - that surviving Covid19 will in many instances cause lasting health issues. Comparing the frequency and seriousness of the covid19 infection and the vaccine, the former is worse than the latter, although it does vary depending on age, prior health issues etc. Thus recommendations take those factors into account. I guess we've been so used to being guaranteed that things work that we're reluctant to go for anything less than 99-100% success rate. Which would make sense if you'd be 100% safe if you did nothing, but that's far from the case here. It's been about one and a half years now, and we already got several mutations that are more dangerous than the initial one. Give it ten years of only "people at risk" getting vaccinated, and the chances we'll end up with mutations that are much more deadly will be quite high. However, if enough people vaccinate to achieve herd immunity, the virus will more or less die off, and at a minimum the mutation rate will decrease to almost zero in comparison. Only time can tell what the long term effects will be, including how long you'll stay vaccinated, but one thing that's different with these vaccines compared to most others is that they're currently being tested by tens of millions of people, not just a few thousand. Which means we'll get info much faster about (rare) side effects etc. This is why the blood clot issue wasn't discovered during testing - it happens to so few people that the test group wasn't big enough (or "lucky enough"). But since it's an ongoing evaluation, changes have been made, both wrt distribution as well as how the vaccine itself is made. I'm not the kind of guy that bother with buying lottery tickets - the odds simply aren't in my favour. But I'm not keeping my money in my mattress out of fear the bank will go bankrupt and I'll lose my savings - not when that means I miss out on the interest, as well as still risk losing everything if there's a fire, robbery etc, which is _much_ more likely than the bank going bankrupt. The covid19 vaccines are not that different - to me.

      2. seigeengine

        How do you know the last drink you had won't spontaneously cause your lungs to dissolve in ten years? You don't, but there's basically no fucking chance of that happening, just as there's basically no chance of vaccines magically manifesting side effects years down the road.

    37. Toni B*

      Tell them the vaccine is another new weapon in their armoury. Problem solved.

    38. Sarah

      The world should thank Andrew Wakefield for his universal doubt on vaccines

      1. seigeengine

        Andrew Wakefield didn't doubt vaccines. He was pro-vaccine.

    39. P

      J&J was developed using fetal cell lines

      1. seigeengine

        I mean, accurate, but problematic. I"m guessing you're trying to imply something negative by mentioning the use of cells cultured over and over from a fetus from 1985, but, in reality, that's just really fucking nifty, and cool science info.

    40. custom build

      No chips. It's true. Been waiting for my 5g upgrade so i can text just by thinking about it. I'm very disappointed.

    41. Davis Condor

      The imaginary hope likely pass because nurse only explode amid a important slave. scrawny, uppity tuba

    42. Dave Webster

      I wonder when that Melinda gates quote was recorder. Like hours before the news broke they were getting divorced?..

    43. Dave Webster

      I've had the vaccine, I support vaccine. But I hope to fuck it has no long term side effects. So I can't really fault anyone who hasn't had it. Also chances are it won't stop me from getting it but hopefully second time around it won't make me too ill.

      1. seigeengine

        It won't. There's no real way a vaccine like this even could manifest some kind of bad symptom years down the road. That's just kind of not how this works. If there was something bad going to happen, it would happen shortly after getting it. I experienced nothing more than mild soreness in the muscle it was injected into, which only lasted for about a day.

    44. Ryan Snow

      Did I learn anything new? Yes. Was it about the vaccine? No. Do I wanna now be a Guinea pig? Yes.

    45. Tariq Nasir

      When will Tucker stop auditioning for 60 Minutes.

    46. P J Mack

      Fu.... Propaganda

      1. kappasigma1284

        Lol no

    47. Vlad Dracula

      Be fearful, be obedient…take the vaccine 😈👌

      1. Vlad Dracula

        @kappasigma1284 ⬅️ Be this dork 🤣👌

      2. kappasigma1284

        Be incredibly gullible, be the dumbest group of humans on the planet, be antivaxxers!

      3. Vlad Dracula


      4. Vlad Dracula

        @seigeengine You're my little sweet puppy dog ❤🐶💙

      5. seigeengine

        @Vlad Dracula Keep repeating those canned responses. I'll be muting you though.

    48. estrella garcia garcia

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    49. Elsie Spirer

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    50. RayRay Jnr

      its great that HBO is helping get this important message out for the pharmaceutical companies

      1. pH7oslo

        Not sure you thought that one through.. What makes more money for the pharmaceutical industry - people not getting sick, or people in need of medication?

    51. jim simpson

      I'm still waiting for his segment 'life is totally worth it'

      1. seigeengine

        It's not, but ceasing to live should be a personal choice.

    52. John Cochran

      mRNA vaccine in a nutshell

    53. Vic Burke

      Dear government, never getting your vaccine

    54. Jim Jones

      10,000 offer I refused it's not NA I get harassed my antivax Gmail I'm going to be the only person in the world not vaccinated I used to like you I

    55. TheBlackPhantom2018

      I just got my second shot yesterday. Thank you for bringing more light to this issue, John.

    56. Cooper

      5:45 just read about this for my English class in “The Immortal life of Henrietta lacks”

    57. SarahJRandomNumbers

      22:06 Wtf!? 🤣

    58. Gary America

      Just Say Hell 2 the No, to the vaccine!!! This is a scamdemic, In a real pandemic, you wouldn’t have to beg and bribe people!!!

      1. seigeengine

        @Gary America Now that I'm vaccinated, probably. ;)

      2. seigeengine

        "It's fake, and you can trust me because if it wasn't fake would I be telling you it's fake? Nu-uh!" lol, really?

      3. kappasigma1284

        Lol sure we would, there will always be stupid people in the world. You are the perfect example of that fact

    59. Alexis PDN


    60. Noah NK

      14:50-14:58 You can John, you're clearly just not trying hard enough, but I believe in you, you can do it

    61. Unmasked Broadcast

      wow this video hasnt aged well. say goodbye to your career

      1. kappasigma1284

        Lol what makes you think that?

    62. Michelle Whitney

      You’re such a dupe for the Pharma industry. You should wake up!

      1. Woohiehaak 01

        good morning so i finally woke up from that fake world with vaccines oh ok why is everyone here dead?

      2. kappasigma1284

        Says the chick who slept through every science class she had to take

    63. Unmasked Broadcast

      oliver either doesnt do his reaserch and just reads off cards, or he sold his soul to satan, maybe both.

      1. kappasigma1284

        None of the above. Everything said in his video is accurate.

    64. Unmasked Broadcast

      stay in your egg. you got nothing. i cant believe people watch this garbage

      1. Woohiehaak 01

        So why you here then?

    65. Michael Owens

      The government should just force everyone to get the vax

      1. docshooter77

        Sure. The government is your enemy. NEVER to be trusted. They don't give a shit about you.

      2. kappasigma1284

        I wish

      3. seigeengine

        That would be ideal.

      4. Roy Designated Designs

        Yeah that would go over REAL well 🙄

    66. delfim sousa

      Vai atirar areia para os olhos de quem te monta

    67. Bobby Qleibo

      i’m pretty sure you can get sued by exposing tucker carlson to another human being without consent

    68. theMANwhoTSOLDtheWORLD

      April 8th, 2003 SARS OUTBREAK = No Mask Mandate July 30th, 2003 SARSTOCK after 4 months... ----> 20 years later: August 2019 SARS OUTBREAK = Mask Mandate August 2021 SARS STILL SPREADING 2 YEARS LATER!

    69. La Mel

      Make an educated decision - Dr. Tess Lawrie, a list of reported SIDE EFFECTS in UK - Dr. Tess Lawrie’s C-19 vax unsafe for use…” -Request to halt

      1. Woohiehaak 01

        @kappasigma1284 Cant be asked to look at it XD

      2. kappasigma1284

        Thankfully, one nut job isn’t going to make much of an impact.

    70. CainNKalos

      It sounded like when he was debunking that you become infertile from the vaccine, you were instead getting pregnant from it.

    71. fery graphic

    72. fery graphic

    73. Ruth Phypers

      Such a shame you’re ignoring the health risks associated with taking the vaccine trial.

      1. kappasigma1284

        No, he mentions those

    74. vbcxjcv vcdhfgs

      The zany dungeon topologically scare because panda resultspreviously want by a heady beast. hysterical, hot huge precipitation

    75. Zurt

      you said near the end of the video that the vaccines have caused exactly 0 deaths but that would be ignoring the ones that have caused blood clots, now don't get me wrong, I'm not anti-vax and I'm due for my vaccine next week, but misinformation is still misinformation, there's a reason I'm not being given the astra zennica vaccine

    76. Mr Unknown

      Imagine if everyone in the world had big balls like us in Texas! You would have your lives back to way things were!

      1. kappasigma1284

        lol Texans are all betas

    77. Jaroslav Serbus

      haha that guy holding a sign with some bible stuff, clearly he is.. ..ehm let's say not smart

    78. Theunthinking1

      E G G

    79. mhenkelmann11

      Shut up for the gen-therapie-you must know no children is in danger to get ill- y

      1. pH7oslo

        Children have already died from it, though.. In western countries, so not because of lack of quality health care.

    80. Petr Travelmaster

      Honestly, I was also hesitant at first. Not because of any misinformation but rather lack of information. I already went through covid about a year ago and it was a milder version of flu for me. Therefore I didn't see a reason to get vaccinated against such a harmless disease. Only the information about the herd immunity convinced me and in a few days I'm getting my Pfizer shot. A month later than I could've, but well, better late than never.

      1. seigeengine

        Honestly, I have no idea how humans don't get that vaccinations aren't just about you.

    81. Big Steve

      Type a comment saying anything about not getting the vaccine and watch it get deleted

      1. kappasigma1284

        lol there are tons of idiots like you posting about refusing in this comments thread.

      2. seigeengine

        Weird how I'm reading a ton of them then, huh?

    82. ChaChaEMG

      This is going to age badly...

      1. ChaChaEMG

        @kappasigma1284 your life expectancy is about two years, the joke is on you ;)

      2. kappasigma1284

        @ChaChaEMG no, but the point is that you don’t have it because it didn’t happen. You are just like every other antivaxxer that stalks threads like these, pathetically ignorant liars.

      3. ChaChaEMG

        @kappasigma1284 i would but the problem is you only agree on facts that your so called fact checkers agree on. If i were to send you my friends death certificate you would still call me a liar, so what is the point then

      4. kappasigma1284

        @ChaChaEMG lol we cannot agree to disagree. Facts are facts whether you agree with them or not. Please feel free to share any credible links that support your nonsense. (Spoiler alert: there aren’t any)

      5. ChaChaEMG

        @kappasigma1284 everything i stated is as accurate as it gets, you know that and you claiming some fake position of moral high ground can't change that. But let's agree to disagree, time will tell who is right, you probably will not be around anymore to judge, but anyway, was nice talking to you.

    83. Linda Johnson

      So, Mr. Oliver, how much money was donated to one of your worthy charities in order for you to get behind such an unknown quantity as the new vaccines created to quell the fear-mongering? I’m not saying that the pandemic is a picnic in disguise, by any means, but don’t you think that governments are scrambling and drastically cutting corners in the process? And how honest have governments proven to be? Of course, the Twin Towers (and other buildings, besides) all fell down like controlled demolitions, billowing white smoke that comes from high explosives (such as C4, Semtex and thermite, to name but a few) rather than thick black smoke as would be caused by a substance such as aviation fuel. I used to think you were the bee’s knees and the ant’s pants for a very long time. Not only have I instantly lost all respect for you, I think I just threw up a bit in my mouth 🤢🤮

      1. kappasigma1284

        @Linda Johnson no pregnant woman in the US was ever given thalidomide. Other countries did approve it for that population before our regulators caught the problem, unfortunately.

      2. Linda Johnson

        @kappasigma1284, I’m old enough to remember what thalidomide is. From the mouths of governments to the ears of pregnant women, “Sure, thalidomide will get rid of that pesky morning-sicknesss, but it might leave your baby deformed. Have at it, ladies!” Go do some homework on what governments do to their people - without the peoples’ knowledge or consent - and the good ol’ U.S. of A. seems to be the leader of the pack… the experts in “dirty tricks”. You keep on admiring the Emperor’s New Clothes… I’m choosing to stay in isolation and not be injected by some crap that has been hastily developed and thoughtlessly pushed on people (the way all good drug dealers do, not caring if you live or die, as long as they get their money). Maybe, on day, you’ll grow up and realise that the people with all the power don’t necessarily give a shit about you ❤️

      3. kappasigma1284

        Lol you have gone deep down the rabbit hole, eh?

    84. David Kirlew-Morris

      "Scrunch faced fear baboon". Brilliant insult, but also accurate!

    85. MovedBySound

      This Country only remains free when God is placed first. Otherwise our freedoms are freely handed over to tyranny. Do we believe and trust in what man tells us will keep us safe? For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind. 2 Timothy 1:7 Do we disobey God and give into the fear and trust in what man says will keep us safe? The LORD is on my side; I will not fear: What can man do unto me? Psalm 118:6 Jesus The Son of God said: For whosoever will save his life shall lose it: and whosoever will lose his life for my sake shall find it. Matthew 16:25

      1. pH7oslo

        "The LORD is on my side; I will not fear: What can man do unto me?" That didn't age well, at all....

      2. seigeengine

        There can be no Gods above men. All Gods must die for man to be free.

      3. Eldritch Mosaic

        Shut up

    86. Nick Benincasa

      This guy is a manipulative idiot. Barely answered the real questions by giving obvious answers

      1. kappasigma1284

        He answered the real questions with obvious answers? How dare he? Lol

    87. Rash Real

      Don’t give us vaccines give us reparations

    88. danny m

      No not getting it

    89. danny m

      This was a month ago .u need to make an updated version...The vaccine is not the cure nor does is stop you from getting it

      1. seigeengine

        Vaccines are pretty much definitionally not cures, but they are effective, and this one does stop you from getting covid.

    90. Maisie Tee

      I've always trusted John's team to show well researched points to inform me on a topic, so it was a shame to watch this as his first video I couldn't fully support. To clarify, I absolutely cannot wait to get a vaccine and for covid to be eradicated. I had covid, it wasn't fun. But none of the currently available vaccines cut it for me yet. This was not at all a balanced argument for people to be able to make an informed decisions from. What about the countless medical experts with PHDs and years of experience warning of the vaccine's dangers? What about the animal trials that were ended because the animals kept dying? What about the 4000+ recorded vaccine deaths (direct correlation)? The debilitating effects recorded across countless cases? If anyone watched this and decided off the back of it to get the vaccine, I encourage you to watch these videos (from respectable sources, not cheaply made conspiracy websites full of spelling mistakes I promise). If you still want the vaccine after watching these, then you have made an informed decision. Texas Senate Hearing - Prof. Dolores Cahill and Dr Reiner Fuellmich explain the dangers - I also went to find links to the countless people reporting their debilitating reactions to the vaccine, but they were no longer available. That is the number one reason why I am not currently lining up for a vaccine. When governments and large companies start tailoring the information that is available to you (especially those financially invested) that's a very good reason to take a step back and wait.

    91. Moody Me

      Can you please not show us Tucker Carlson's face anywhere anymore? He is one of the worst human beings alive and should not be given more voice than he is.

    92. Vik Footring

      I wish I could share with with skeptics without it being condemned as "mainstream media just reporting the narrative"

    93. Wulf Mountain Path

      Well, if it worked, and if the company hadn't very definitely removed their liability from them from harms resulting from their product. Also, I have an immune system which is strengthened by challenges to it. Only reason I would momentarily consider taking it is the group of people who also reject ie Tucker Carlson and Fox viewers. You believe companies own propaganda John? Corporations never lie to support profit of course! Lol