Would You Rather Have $100,000 OR This Mystery Key?


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    1. MrBeast

      Subscribe and you could possibly be invited to the next one!!

      1. Essa 11

        سلام عليكم

      2. Ethan Schon

        Pls I have bin subscribe for so long

      3. Artic0wl

        I am subbed WHERE IS MY TESLA

      4. Dynamite gaming


      5. Naveed Shah TV

        But i am in pakistan

    2. Damian Herron

      I need a laptop I can’t afford one

    3. nikito nakamore2

      ??? 🤔🤔🤔

      1. nikito nakamore2

        I am 6

    4. orangepineapple

      them: holds the trombone wrong every band teacher watching: 😡😡😡😡😡😠

    5. Ryan Jahromi


    6. Ingeborg Nation

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    7. Cara Belzer

      Will you buy us a house


      Can you please invite me to your next challenge? please? I'm subscribed!

    9. Nico Gagliardi


    10. ratul talukdar


    11. School gamer99

      I am thinking that how much he gives to beggers

    12. Wow TV

      I'd rather have you mrbeast.. Sana all talaga

    13. Saiful Latawak

      Done subscribe. From Malaysia.

    14. Sharko Player

      When he sed it comes with your clothes! I have that exact shoe pair

    15. dumia litii

      The whispering point expectedly point because lake significantly surprise without a cluttered ex-husband. somber, pricey way

    16. Juvine Joshy

      This will be in your recommendation after 10 months

    17. Rafsord Gamer and Tech

      Ur outro is funny plz change it 😂😂😂

    18. Linh Gia

      Go to VN please

    19. sonic and tails and gelatin plays


    20. Francis James

      The unsuitable way grossly pull because tie tellingly rule regarding a adventurous change. shivering, barbarous secretary

    21. Anafe Lyn Bolivar

      Wish i could be the next one, mr beast huhu

    22. Sam Geller

      I would take 10,000

    23. C.Q. Cumber

      Now that Chris no longer owns a Tesla, let’s go back to filming!

    24. Reinhoud De Laender


    25. jonelle feliciano

      Hi MrBeast.

    26. Relaxation and Meditation

      Hey you. Yes you. random person that I will never meet. I truly hope that you will find happiness in life. Today is going to be a great day ❤️

    27. Josh

      wish i could be in one of these chalenges... but im to young

    28. loaf yt

      1:20 *yoink*

    29. juliet_lala

      Karl is handsome

    30. Anil Os

      Get me one of your burger Van

    31. Blake Lessner

      wow you are so kind

    32. Shemika Shem

      Main you need to visit Belize I would love to win some money!!!!

    33. Sergeant Sanji

      What a legend

    34. dbz supra

      can i be in one plz

    35. Othman Alhumaid

      10,000 DOLERS

    36. CaptainofStorms

      How do you become a contestant?

    37. WinterHowl707

      That “same” hurt lol 9:12

    38. Bhaswat. P Borah

      Fan from india Give me a iphone😂

    39. Jawana Prabashwara

      Can i play tooo

    40. Shohel Rana

      🤔🤔 really real or joke?

    41. reynold pineda

      reynold pineda mr beast . im your fan in phillipines i need your help for my mom medication . . . plss plsss plsss thank you and godbless

    42. Khriz Amezcua

      Hi Mr. beast

    43. NoTSoP GAMING

      മലയാളി ഉണ്ടോ

    44. SonicYouth Foundation

      I wish you can do this around the globe bro😅🙏

    45. rasangi kuruppu

      Chris always happy although he gave away his tesla


      Iam handsome

    47. Mohammed Abdul Majeed

      No no no no no no the $20 is ok

    48. Mohammed Abdul Majeed

      MrBeast MrBeast 💪

    49. Mohammed Abdul Majeed

      Wow beautiful

    50. Manjit Hanse

      I don't believe

    51. madison hyatt

      i am subscribed to all your channel / and love all your video's.

    52. Rasmirekha Giri

      2:58 Beast feeling he is going to be poor because of this man

    53. rumesh madu

      Hay man this is real game ?

      1. sonic and tails and gelatin plays

        To give 10k dollars

      2. sonic and tails and gelatin plays

        Hes gonns people gonna challenge

    54. sav

      yes karl, you are handsome

    55. Jatin Khurana

      Crazy man 🤦‍♂️

    56. Ms. Clark

      The Key!😁👍

    57. IsaLaneYT

      Who else loves MrBeast?

    58. Pay to win

      My first action of this account is commenting and I am only using commenting to grow

    59. Alejandro Mijares

      Bruh it is funny when Chris was dancing

    60. شہقہآۆجہي ‘ۦ،.

      اول عربي

    61. Brianna Stellwagen

      16:36 Karl just eating cheese balls 😌😌

    62. Autumn Loftus

      I would rather have the money before knowing what the key is.. I have babies and I could do so much for them with that money. Mr beast is a wonderful man and has changed the world.

    63. Matty Butcher

      Imagine winning a car and finding out its a ford:(

    64. Mario Bungabong

      Mr beast please give me some money i have no money right now please help me.

    65. Fazian Gamer

      bro what about pakistani bro you only have to choose from your country

    66. Erwin Malijana

      I wish I have my own house someday

    67. Gundham Tanaka

      Karl: I’m handsome. Me: that’s why you’re my favorite. Cuz you’re random. 😂

      1. Pixie The Alien Kitty

        Karl is the best

      2. Iman Rahman


    68. joe4sho1248

      I wanna win free money🤣

    69. Elias Köhler


    70. sam akol

      hi MrBeast

    71. Soloalke

      Give me money to buy a pc lol

    72. pang's will


    73. Peter Pellam

      Man can you guys give money abroad as charity because of hard times we are goig through(covid 19)🙂🙂🙂

      1. Byyusri


    74. Niem Vui


    75. John Kuria

      Try one in Africa

    76. Whoz Pockets

      thx for the code

    77. حسن كيمنك

      اكو عرب

    78. Dapitan 99


      1. حسن كيمنك


    79. FUROmaxx Gaming

      Need a pc plz someone help

    80. Klaire Rogers

      At this point jimmy is just flexing his money on us

    81. Andrew Abeles

      the M Music is funny

    82. landon Games


    83. Squire King

      Did Carl just snatch his hat

    84. Leon Kennedy

      NOTICE THIS COME ON OVER AND MAKE A VID 😎👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍😳😍😶😍🐭😶😍🐭😰😔🐱😂😈😂🐱😈👍🐱😂😶🐱😂😈👍🐱😂😈🐱😂😈🐱😂👍😈🐱😂😈😞🐭😈🐱😂😞😈😞🐱😈😙😈😙😔😂😈😂🐱😔😔😈👎😙😥🐱😂😈👎😂😞😈😂👎😔😈👎😔🐭😈🐭👎👍😈😔😊👎😈😊👎😈😊👎😈🐱😂😈😔😞👎😈😂😈😂😙😈😂😈😂😙😈😞🐭😂😈😂🐱😞🐱😂😈😰🐱😞😈🐱😰😔😈🐱😂👍😈😂🐱😔😈🐱😂😔😈🐱😂😔😔😢😈🐭😞😈😞😈🐱😙😔😈😂🐱😃😂🐱😃🐭😍😂🐭😞😈🐭😞😈🐭😞😈😂😔🐱😈🐭😞😈😙😍😃😙😍😈😙😈🐭😈😍😙😈😙😍😈😙😍😰🐭😍😈🐭😍😰👎😶👎😈🐭😞*:😢😞😰😞🐭😰😔🐭🐱😥🐱😔🐭😈🐱😔😈🐭😞😔😈🐱👍😥🐭😈🐱😔😂😈🐱😞😂😈😞😂🐱😈🐭😞😔😈👎🐭😈😀😞🐭😥😍😙😥😊👎👍😥👎😙😥😊😔👎😥😙😍😂😊👎👍😥👎😊👍😥👍😊👎🐱😰😔😈🐱😔😳😈😳🐱😔😔😈🐱😈😔🐱😰😥😰🐱😈🐱😔😂😈👎😂😈😞😔😈😞🐭😈😞🐭😥🐭😞😔😰🐱😞😞😈😳😒;(-_)😢😈😒😳😈🐱😞😶🐭😞😶😞🐭😈🐭😍😔😥😞😈😞🐭😥🐭😍😈🐭😞😈😂🐱😈🐭😞😈😈🐭😥😞😙😈🐱🐭😈😔😂🐱😈😙😞😈😔😈🐭😈😍😙😶😞😶🐭😞😶😞😈🐭😞😈😂👎😃😒😈😂😃👎😰😔#([]μ[

    85. Joel Krach

      12:29 😂😂😂

    86. Scarlett Hinojos


    87. Fire Demon

      Karl calling a trombone a trumpet


      Wish I was blessed enough to be on one of his videos or receive a gift from MR.BEAST

    89. The Legendz

      In the Game of Life there should be a career card that says : Mr Beast fan.

      1. G̽̈ā̒̀v̓̎͛͐ĩ̽̈́n̋̓̈ Sͤ̓͛.

        Best comment ever

    90. Rifat Alvi

      Please give me one laptop

    91. malsawm kimi

      That Zhc paint omg the car

    92. •MR IGN1TE•

      I feel bad for Chris

    93. Ray Arenas

      Best game ever :)

    94. LGeez Mybah

      Give me a supraaaaaa 🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺

    95. egg


    96. Rey Joseph Dagamat

      Sana lahat. Kinda jealous 🥺

    97. Zara Hassan

      MrBeast is seriously the most coolest guy ever! he gives away money alll the time. Kudos!

    98. Ociroots

      OM MR BEAST you are blessing

    99. Rachel Roedel

      i was trying to relax and listen to mr.beast and the next thing you know its karl goin "im handsom" and then WHOM WHOM WHOM WHOM

    100. Penny Shih tzu