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    In Israel, at least 44 people have been killed and around 150 others injured in a stampede at a religious gathering attended by tens of thousands.
    It happened at Mount Meron in the northern part of the country - where ultra-Orthodox Jews were holding an all-night prayer and dance celebration.
    Rapt in ecstatic song and dance, footage from social media shows the crowd at the annual Lag BaOmer celebration shortly before disaster struck.
    At around one in the morning, eyewitnesses said they could feel a crush beginning to build.
    Mayhem unfolded. Rescue teams rushed to the scene, ferrying the injured to ambulances.
    Children separated from their parents were hoisted into the arms of emergency workers desperately trying to reunite them with their families.
    Police closed off road access and the military was called in to assist efforts to clear the area.
    Authorities say panic broke out on the steps in this narrow passageway after people slipped and fell - and those behind them stumbled. Many of the victims were either trampled or suffocated to death.
    It was the first large-scale religious gathering to be held legally since Israel lifted most coronavirus restrictions. But despite their successful handling of the pandemic, health authorities had warned against holding an event of this size.
    The Lag BaOmer religious festival is particularly popular with Israel's ultra-Orthodox community, which marks the anniversary of the death of Talmudic sage Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai. Police report nearly 100,000 people attended the gathering, which they say is four to five times as many should have been in a location like this.

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    1. Devrieux Robert

      Laisser les palestiniens vivre en Paix !!!!!! Vous les journalistes vous faites passer les juifs pour des victimes, alors que c'est faux.

    2. Aviyah Diaz

      That's what my mommy told me too

    3. Rekib Bora

      It's not religious beliefs, it's just for enjoying.

    4. Traiano Welcome

      Somebody drop a shekel?

    5. Cushite Revenge

      Simple laws of physics at least on planet Earth, two or more physically solid objects cannot occupy the same space at the same time. RIP to the victims

    6. Cushite Revenge

      Nutty " religious " fanatics, nothing but craziness.

    7. Daniyal Ahmed

      Why do isra,el ki||s Mu$lim in masj!d aqsa?

    8. Blue sky


    9. Techno Bird


    10. s h a d ø w b a n n e d

      God knows right from wrong. Israel is deeply wrong.

    11. s h a d ø w b a n n e d

      So this is why they're angry. God doesn't agree with them. God knows.

    12. Khir Fazli

      All I see is rubbish & plastic bottles.

    13. Shafqat Bhatti pakistan

      Isreal is illegal occupation of Palestine County they have no legally rights to occupatid the Palestinian Territory according to the UN resolutions

    14. Anneke S

      Hey @DW News You should saw from both side, so world can know who is the real terrorists

    15. DoNNa DoNNa

      I’m not sad for them because they just killed 9 children with no reasons

    16. Mohammad Nasir Habib

      I wish it would have been more than 44 or may be uncountable 😆

      1. Mr.Waffle

        You defend palastine but wish for the genocide of another religion. You will be punished for thinking like that.

    17. Patricia Barron

      Very sad. But they were well warned. They are unfortunately , a law unto themselves.

      1. asioe kiou

        way out I saw a lot of police were on the scene to guide the crowds leaving in orderly manner. At the time I had no clue what happened. And I watched as medical personnel w

    18. estarte

      The worst disaster was when those imposters showed up.


      تحيا فلسطين

    20. Luv

      I never like Israel and her people


      This is what happens to Israel if they keep attacking innocents. Lol. I didn't even feel sad for Israel.

    22. Zeeshan Azmat

      Laailaaha illaalaa Muhammadur Rasulullah

      1. Fusus alHikam

        @Rakesh Kr many are dying as well in India..

      2. Zeeshan Azmat

        @Rakesh Kr Yes i know......

      3. Rakesh Kr

        Profit Mohammed died 👌👌👌

    23. reem al jaber

      La illaha ilAllah Mohammadan RasulAllah.

    24. dcoog anml

      This is why they have capacity limits in buildings.

    25. M

      Last month they killed their own, this month its Palistinians.


      All praises to the one true god the God of the biblical Israelites that’s scattered unto the four corners of the earth.🙏🏿

      1. Fusus alHikam

        Are you Hebrew Israelite ??

    27. Abdullah Shah


    28. Algabron

      Israel laknatullah..May Allah destroy Zionis Israel..

      1. dcoog anml


    29. yasio bolo

      make it as the mourning of an only son, and the end thereof as a bitter day.

    30. Utpala Nanayakkara

      End times are here. These are the days of Noah. People please repent and pray to Lord Jesus Christ for His divine protection and healing. God Bless you all. Peace of the Lord be with you.

    31. Taufik Wardiana


    32. LaShartez Jones-black


      1. asioe kiou

        every new year eve celebration had tons of police presence there for crowd control. I’d avoid such crowded places from now on.

    33. muhammad osama

      They terrorists killed hundreds of thousands of people including women’s and kids. They need to give to Palestine 🇵🇸 their land back or at least stop killing and taking away house Properties.

    34. whiskey t

      Never follow the crowd! And absolutely never follow a crowd of religious people! AVOID RELIGIOUS PEOPLE!

    35. bocoy noiu

      Yalla fe 60 dahya, ewla3o fe gohanam el 7amra koloko ya rab

      1. Syrian Atheist


    36. M Rizky

      Dead israel

    37. Sumbul Khan

      So Allah take revenge of palastenian

    38. Stacy marie


      1. Stacy marie

        @bocoy noiu ... its very sad that you feel you haft to show your body to get attention ...

      2. bocoy noiu

        Wow. That's terrifying.

    39. eioshen boboi


    40. news channel chandur bazar ab kalam

      Israel police dog man

    41. Elsie Schmaltz


    42. Elsie Schmaltz

      Jesus loves us.Jerimiah29: I 1

    43. Ring Dave

      Fantasy World of Religious Insanity. no limits to what can be said or done in a Fantasy. Judaism.

      1. Ring Dave

        @eioshen boboi just another excuse for Religious Insanity.

      2. eioshen boboi

        It has to be in the moment.

    44. Garret Johnson

      They all had it coming

    45. abdullah45 123456

      Allahs will

    46. Paul Anca

      Very dark place without YAHSHÚA יאשוע.

    47. Have Dreams

      They need to have someone let people out little by little through those narrow pathways in future=SAD & Tragic

    48. Dessa Williams

      Yah said vengeance is His he will repay they put his people the Hebrew Israelites out of his land

    49. Dessa Williams

      Yah said vengeance is mine I will repay they dare to put his people The Hebrew Israelites out of his land.

    50. hung la Fung

      After Hong Kong experienced stampede, polices use the method of dividing groups to prevent too crowded.

    51. Lucid Dreams

      Wow. That's terrifying.

    52. Joe Terepl

      this is a combination of overwhelming crowds but mainly because police mismanagement and blocking a critical exit

    53. Chaos Elemental

      The two reasons the emergency worker gave are complete rubbish. There is early indication that IT WAS IN FACT LAST MINUTE COVID PROTOCOLS, which INCLUDED SHEET METAL BARRIERS, surrounding the main bonfire area, that have NEVER BEEN PUT UP IN PAST YEARS, THAT ACTUALLY CAUSED CHOKE POINTS, AND CREATED THE HAZARDS and bottlenecks, WHICH CAUSED THIS TRAGEDY. This yarheitz has been held at this location for HUNDREDS OF YEARS, WITH CROWDS EASILY AS BIG AS THIS YEAR’S. 2019’s crowd (which was the last time this festival was held), was EVEN BIGGER than this year’s! But THIS IS THE FIRST YEAR THEY PUT UP THESE ADDITIONAL, POORLY PLANNED, “COVID BARRIERS”, and IT IS NOT A COINCIDENCE, that the FIRST TIME THEY PUT UP THE ADDITIONAL BARRIERS, which BLOCKED THE WELL ESTABLISHED ENTRY AMD EXIT POINTS out of the arena, IS ALSO THE FIRST TIME A TRAGEDY LIKE THIS HAS EVER HAPPENED at this Lag B’Omer celebration. There are MANY reports from attendees, AND VIDEOS, of police, and site-managers, STOPPING PEOPLE FROM ESCAPING THE BOTTLENECKS and over-crowding, once it started in that narrow passage way leading out from the main arena, by FORCING and holding the sheet metal “COVID barriers” back up, even when there were obviously distressed people, trying to escape from the other side - causing more panic, and CONTRIBUTING TO UNPRECEDENTED DEATH AND DESTRUCTION. It has nothing to do with the Shabbat being THE FOLLOWING NIGHT, they had nearly 18 HOURS TO GET READY FOR SHABBAT from the time this happened (plenty of time!), and it was NOT caused because of people being more worried about rushing home, than protecting themselves AND each other. THIS WAS POOR SITE MANAGEMENT BECAUSE OF NEW, NEVER BEEN DONE BEFORE COVID PROTOCOLS - this site has SUCCESSFULLY HELD THESE NUMBERS, AND MORE IN THE RECENT PAST! But this will now be used as an excuse to restrict large religious gatherings, in the ‘Holy Land’ and elsewhere in the world - the government NEVER lets a crisis go to waste. And, being that the Police and government had a hand in causing this incident, with their poorly planned, post-COVID, site changes, to what WAS a well oiled machine in year’s past, that they will not complete an honest investigation, and even if they do, I doubt they will release the true cause, if it’s found to be, in large part, due to the government’s and Police’s actions/inaction. They already have their spin doctors doing damage control, to cover for them(selves). and this tragedy will be used to punish even more of the faith community, and stop us all from practicing our chosen faiths. G-d help us all.

    54. Joe Chill

      But the whole world is still suffering from Corona. It's not eradicated. Didn't they know that?

      1. Michael Chernak

        They're 70% vaccinated

    55. Amazing Rhod

      I am very unhappy and sorry with what happened in Israel where 44 killed in the last Celebration. Philippines Love 💕💕💕 ISRAEL...God Bless everyone in Israel.

    56. Klm

      Why are they allowed to have gatherings like this? India should be a lesson to everybody.

      1. Klm

        @Michael Chernak I live in malaysia and a lot of us r scared to take the vaccine. Unfortunately, the gov here bought some of the vaccines from china. So we just don't trust it. There have been cases of people dying or paralysis afterwards. 🥺

      2. Michael Chernak

        @Klm yes? They're all Pfizer, and israel now has less than 20 cases a day

      3. Klm

        @Michael Chernak are the vaccines reliable though?

      4. Michael Chernak

        They're 70% vaccinated

    57. Jiyon Min

      It has to be in the moment.

    58. Natalie Hessler


    59. dolores tate

      This is the saddest story ever. People come to have a happy time, and the unexpected happens. A real tragedy! My heart ❤ goes out to all of you, all you wanted to do was praise God.

    60. LN KJV only

      Repent to Jesus Christ! Are you a sinner? Saint Luke 5:32 KJV I came not to call the righteous, but sinners to repentance. Saint Luke 13:3 KJV I tell you, Nay: but, except ye repent, ye shall all likewise perish.

      1. anab Osman

        But jesus is a prophet???

    61. Ronald Coates

      I heard that someone threw a dollar 💵 bill and they all went running for it , don't know if it was true but inquiring minds would like to know ! 💯🤔😬

    62. Marie McDonald

      HOLY HEAVENLY FATHER, I lift up before YOUR Thrown bowing down in worship crying Holy Holy is YOUR NAME, asking Before YOUR Majesty for all the injured people , i pray your Mercy on the Souls left the Earth, and YOUR Comfort to all the families, the one they lost their love ones, i pray in YOUR PRECIOUS HOLY NAME AMEN .

      1. Rose Kavulani


      2. Rose Kavulani


      3. Chaos Elemental


    63. Mohamed Ezekiel

      Its sad to hear the news of human deaths

    64. Toby Humphrey


    65. Octavius Neal

      No mercy for the merciless 🙏🏽🙏🏽

    66. Octavius Neal

      Only calamities until due time for you heathens

    67. Octavius Neal


    68. melbround1

      It looks like the fatalities were only among men and the women's separate celebration went unscathed. Well don't have to comment further there.

      1. asioe kiou


    69. melbround1

      You think this is their only problem? How many do you see wearing masks, self distancing and protecting themselves from the dangers of COVID. Now in two weeks or so when they are screaming COVID, they will be asking for the world's reserves of medicine, oxygen, food, money and help....just like India. Fools game, nothing more.

      1. Michael Chernak

        But... They're all vaccinated. Maybe you should do some research before criticizing

      2. asioe kiou

        They did not keep a social distance, lol

    70. Usman Qadri

      very good newz

    71. Usman Qadri


    72. Judith Magert Moskovits

      why did the police close off one if the main exits!!!! no-one is talking about it!!!!

    73. Iris Essex

      It’s dangerous for any group of people to cram into a small area then have just a small corridor to exit from. It’s dangerous due to safety concerns. A celebration that many people can predict yearly raises alarms. If an event is predictable then anyone with ill intent has time to plan. Better judgement may be prudent in this case.

      1. Laura Fulop


    74. A.K.A


    75. Yahweh's First Fruits (Creme de la Creme)

      And they began to quarrel and fight amongst themselves. "Harbinger indeed".

    76. Starburst Solaris

      No proper exit orgsnisef. Msy be they should have left i7n three rows line with police supervision.sad tragedy. India is also under going a tradegy of sorts with the 2nd wave of covid 19. Everyone needs comfort.

    77. Pacaj Albert

      Svet je ne právny za vojenské zločiny nikto ne súdený

    78. Yahusha is coming

      Judgment is coming repent! The Reign of Yahuah is coming📯

    79. patsematary

      “Be careful” ...you should say who allowed 100,000 people instead of 30,000

    80. Tahir Bashir

      How cum no corona that’s like 9/11

    81. Drak Manger

      sad about those deceased. karma speaks louder than anything else.

    82. Nero Lowell

      They did not keep a social distance, lol

    83. Ethiopia Belaineh


    84. oldline90

      Religion itself will not be blamed.

    85. asioe kiou

      My heartfelt condolences to those families that lost love ones

    86. Matko Grakalic


    87. dbcruser

      Such a horrible tragedy, so sorry for the lives that were lost.

    88. Neffew I got 8

      So are they like sacrificing each other or what? What’s going on here?

    89. Sathiadhas Ponnian

      Jesus Christ asked to seek the Kingdom of God first.

      1. asioe kiou

        The Almighty God of Abraham lsaac and Jacob He is not a GOD of confusion and madness

    90. Sathiadhas Ponnian

      Is this gathering is Bibiligal or something else God never asked forefathers to do

    91. Vash Stampede

      Same thing happened in Shanghai at the Bund on New Year’s Eve in 2014. I actually arrived there before it happened but went into a nearby bar with some Italian friends. On my way out I saw a lot of police were on the scene to guide the crowds leaving in orderly manner. At the time I had no clue what happened. And I watched as medical personnel were giving emergency aid to people on the ground with a circle of police to hold the perimeter around them. Later I learned that 36 people died that night... Ever since that incident, every new year eve celebration had tons of police presence there for crowd control. I’d avoid such crowded places from now on.

      1. asioe kiou

        My husband wanted to go there. I told him no way ! Can't stand crowded places.

    92. First Name Last Name

      Love how the cop leaves out all the added barriers for covid reasons that pushed people together more than any other year

    93. Patricia Palmer

      What were the organizers thinking ? They received a safety report 8 days before saying that UP TO 9000 four exits were necessary. They knew it would be enormous and there were 100,000 with one exit ? A recipe for disaster and insanity..They repeatedly refuse to accept secular authority and this is what happens.

    94. Bilal Ahmad Khan

      It is the start

    95. DIVA MUSIK


    96. DIVA MUSIK


    97. Tomas Bodling

      "God will save us..."

    98. Yehudit Bracha Bachmann BenChajim

      45 had died. Each life matters!

      1. Kevin Kirby

        No they don't.


      Fanatics religious drives people to this ...

    100. Harrum Khan

      Please any one tell me if Israel is safe these days of covid. Is it ok with such large number of gathering?