If Everything Was Like Among Us 7

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    Among us in real life guys. Guess who the imposter is and let us know if you guessed correctly. This is a part 7 to our If Everything Was Like Among Us vid. Which person do you relate to the most?
    Thank you to the Portland Spirit for letting us film on their boat! www.portlandspirit.com
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    1. Ann Coronis

      The little kid is soo cute!

    2. Ed raizen A Torrevillas

      8 pls

    3. Eesha Ghauri

      U guys always make my day better

    4. Sophia Johnson

      Jocelyn is so smart 😂😇😎

    5. Keegan Boggs

      True do it

    6. Madisonhd


    7. Warden Skulk sensior

      I know you are gonna make an airship one with 10 people cuz one of em broke a leg and i know the story

    8. Adi Skye

      I like shiloh

    9. Rosy Braun

      You should make a eighth one that is in the new Ariship map

      1. Rosy Braun

        And also Jocelyn is a super star at acting

    10. GL4s_sonic GL4s_Johan

      You guys are good at making among us videos I always watch your among us videos.

    11. Kafia Ahmed aden

      Michah in among us 6 when judah and Brittany kick you out of the ship in among us 7 did you get revenge on them?

    12. The cute little bunny Julia

      Is that how you spell Shiloh

      1. Shiloh & Bros

        Yes 💓

    13. The cute little bunny Julia

      Along time a go I was going to Ask my mom to get your merch And shiloh do you have a cold or Did you just snezing less you shoilh

    14. Axel Cobos

      Part8 pls

    15. haidar Alhaidar

      What oh

    16. Siva Sankara Reddy Dondeti


    17. rahima begum


    18. Dominic DiNardo

      I love how everyone asks where and Shiloh tells what happened 🤣

    19. anniyah shaikh


      1. anniyah shaikh

        Jocelyn is like what

    20. Rakesh Luchmun

      i love it more than like it

      1. Shiloh & Bros

        Thank you Rakesh 😀 Happy you do

    21. Abuobeida Elkimani


    22. Sweet Char

      Can you make the air ship map for 8

      1. Shiloh & Bros

        Yes we are filming it

    23. l̥ͦḁͦi̥ͦl̥ͦḁͦ l̥ͦḁͦx̥ͦm̥ͦi̥ͦ

      -7:17 Mini green: NOW WE VENT Green: I'M the leader I say when we vent Me: thinks of the part in aristocats

    24. RobloxEly

      Thanks for makeing my day

      1. Shiloh & Bros

        Our pleasure! 😀

    25. Epic boss Hagen

      What about the airship?

      1. Shiloh & Bros

        Filming now

    26. Maxims Korcagins Русский брут

      Mini crewmates can vote that is illegal 4:02 but too cute

    27. Scout Tucker

      They should do the air ship map

    28. Coraline Hayden

      Step one red is sus I new it

    29. The Williams Gang


    30. Alexander Quintero


    31. Len total Hearts

      H fffn

    32. Karen Lee

      why is the little baby sooo cute I wish I was that cute when I was a baby but I was fat and chubby when I was a baby

    33. 619 rey Mysterio fan

      Thay are so funny.the mini crommate is evel as an imposter

      1. 619 rey Mysterio fan

        Shiloh and dros just like my comment

    34. Anisha Pashte

      Pls make a new video on new airship map

      1. Anisha Pashte


      2. Shiloh & Bros

        We are 😀

    35. Da unknown Bros

      Why did they say she was not the imposter but they said she the other imposter what

    36. Ömer Tunç :D

      3:58 😂😂😂😂😂😂

    37. Austin Dailey


    38. Anna Rose Caña


    39. AJizzy The Gamer

      Can you do the new airship map in among us?

      1. Shiloh & Bros


    40. isaac bromley

      hi my name is ebony

      1. isaac bromley

        hi ebony

    41. Riley Blowers

      JEEZ JOCLYN HOW DId YOu GET Away with that


      Jocelyn is so cute

    43. Elliott Mcadams

      Mary’s always sus bruh

    44. silent_Stryfer

      jocelyn is soo cute

    45. Ttrockstar Legend


    46. Sans Dreemurr

      Plis add new map the airship

    47. Jrasic Geo

      C’mon do a part 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 and 15

    48. MariaAC75


    49. Aditya Usahobata

      Micah was an impostor

    50. call.meh.ruby. XD

      0:47 the child pointing to😂

    51. Aditi Kulkarni

      I love you Shiloh

    52. Ilija Stankovic

      Who want If Everything Was Like Among Us 8?

    53. Rocking Zoey

      Everyone: Jocelyn is so cute 🥺 Me: Yes jocelyn is very cute but SHILOH is a kid too, so she is also very cute

    54. Akiyo Keiji

      Red is always suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuus

    55. AL-dana hadi

      u guys should make a song called were the greatest imposters

    56. StaceyLee91

      Plz make part 8

    57. Shanelle Mari Mante

      The imposter is shiloh

    58. Atharv Sharma the book lover

      The way Jocelyn acted as the imposter was hilarious, same for the bloopers in 2 when she became the imposter and in this tooo!

    59. The Potato rat

      I love how they say ‘where’ and just say the crime they committed lol

    60. Darius zerofivezerotwoninetyfour

      "Could we get hi Smartlyyyyyy?" "Yeah Okay" Baby imposter gime

    61. Chloe Gierran

      I love gheese vids

    62. pillager vex

      10:27 my dance fav

    63. kristel basay


    64. Dale Kidz Tv

      I wish all out and the imposter was win I wish

    65. Steve Buturlia


    66. xxpenguinstarx XX

      "thats a lot of crimes for a young baby",Agreed So true Edit: OMG TY FOR THE HEART!!

    67. Betty Faulkner

      No it does not make sense

    68. Wolfie Playz

      Uhm they said ther were 2 imposters and there was 3 cause brittney

      1. Wolfie Playz

        Omg tysm for liking my comment

    69. Christopher Smith

      The little green girl is just adorable😍😍😍 3:07 Orange: Oh No😆😆😆

    70. Vy Trieu

      Jasline is so cuteeeee🥺

    71. Larry’s Child

      Make an among us 10

    72. Emilia Millie

      Shiloh is Ruby in Feel The Beat! I love Feel The Beat!

    73. Lego super George and Mom

      Judah and Shiloh were imposters in Imposters song, that’s why everyone else were thrown.


      Remember w

    75. Eruma Javad

      The part when they vote out Elijah they the imposter but its should be an lmposter cause one one is left

    76. Rosali A

      I like the baby’s voice:)

    77. Lil Bear


    78. Olivia Robertson

      I love your tik toks

    79. Winny Huang

      Let's have fun

    80. Winny Huang

      Let gotoacool

    81. Titanic Gaming

      "My Task is to clean the boy's bathroom" "I am so sorry"

    82. kaleb coates

      Hi hi hi like your videos

    83. Alex Barco


    84. Erin Shaw

      Yay 1

    85. Kaylianna Cole

      I have that sometimes too whenever people ask me a question I smile

    86. Maddie Sheenan

      Mary is so did

    87. joey jerroldson

      The squeamish sweatshirt intracellularly entertain because babies structurally chase amidst a present knight. public, beneficial cherry

    88. Ryan Oberg


    89. Kimberley midd

      Poor Brittany lol

    90. Kirsten Schoenman

      I don't like among us anymore, but I like your among us video's

    91. Teresa Playz

      Yeah, make a video called I’m a mini crewmate! I’m excited to agree with Reva Rocket!

    92. Da unknown Bros

      The way she said smartly lol

    93. katie byrd

      Do 7 imposters 3 crewmaytes

    94. nitesh t

      Jocelyn is so cute 😍

    95. Kc Sangtei

      Jocelyn she had the same name as my bestie

    96. bruh4579


    97. Theresa Childs

      Hahaha Micah:wowwwwwwwwwww

    98. Theresa Childs


    99. Konnar

      Jocelyn is such a good actor

    100. Witty