CRASTLE DEFENCE - 06 - 3rd Life


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    A small group of minecrafters get three lives. On their third life they turn to doombringers.

    PLUSHY CLEO! Get your own! -

    Find the rest of the crew here:

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    1. TheUmburger YOY

      1:37 she said "in the desert"

    2. Nekaudi

      Omg, Cleo & Bdubs are so funny together 🤣🤣🤣

    3. Subway Eat Fresh


    4. Pix sc

      11:57 12:08

    5. Laszlo Jerkovits

      ZombieCleo and Bdoubleo100 the duo we didn't no we needed

    6. Karen Hendriks


    7. Mr. Ghost

      Cleo: “it’s just if the crassle is compromised” Bdubs: “impossible!” Famous last words

    8. Maddie

      You know what I'd love to see at some point in the future? Cleo and Etho teaming up to perform acts of questionable morality. I don't care in what context, but it would be funny, especially as two people whose bark is way worse than their bite 😂

    9. Maddie

      I love whenever Cleo goes on an evil streak!

    10. Welken 37

      Dude, Cleo is, I think, the scariest woman on the planet.

    11. Seean Maredia

      Y’all should put magma blocks in the moat to slow down attackers.

    12. Boiled Egg Gaming

      ngl ren is a bit like a mafia boss with other crimelords having problems with him while everyone else makes deals with him which he often profits from more than they do and of course his subordinates calling him boss

    13. Jadz Sienes

      23:21 deym, they should label the sword "Scar's Shame" or something, to rile him up more just incase it seems hopeless to beat them coz grian is good at battles xD

    14. Incognito1786

      I love seeing Etho's head move whenever he speaks. Love that guy. Also, loving the Cleo + Bdubs combo.

    15. S M.zaidi

      When she is talking to bdubs it feels like the castle is speaking to cleo

    16. Preedx2

      best duo on the server

    17. Jayme Ash

      It Bdubs is the king and Cleo is the queen then there married

    18. Yu Justin Perez

      The uppity advertisement osmotically balance because explanation obviously owe against a magnificent cucumber. alluring, changeable vision

    19. StrictlyCorey

      How big is this world

    20. Tainaship

      that's some dedication to chaos: inviting people to watch you get in trouble because it might be entertaining

    21. Mepholar

      LOL Perfect line to go out on

    22. CeNedra Lea Heldra

      Brilliant Cleo.. Go Cleo

    23. ImaginaryMdA

      "Oh sorry, I thought you wanted pizza..." BRUTAL! I love it! XD

    24. icebear

      Watch Scar's episode 3 because something funny happened right after Cleo left Scar and Grian

    25. Brooke Griffith

      “Watching scar strip naked”

    26. Simon Fraser

      u need to make a gate AND UES IT WHEN SCAR COMES BY also raise your bridge ,and make thicker walls they have TNT

    27. FoxyApproves

      I liiiiive for the Cleo-Grian dynamic oh wow. Just the “this guy amirite??” Smarmy back and forth between one person and their enemy-sidekick about the enemy lmaoo

    28. Ujjwal Kumar

      Cleo and bdubs are Scar's next target..... They will know how to get those Scars...

    29. Lauren H Jenquin

      Cleo Dont know if you will see this BUT Scar told ???? he plans to go after you & Bdouble on Friday. you both really need to look out for Scar. Is Bdoule Posting at all? Have not seen any post at all just #1 & #2. not any after that? they where last month.

    30. risa saruwatari

      Bdubs' last line tho xD Lol

    31. Zou Chuangyong

      Dang this episode is long 😏

    32. mike GG

      Beware the ides of May, Cleo!

    33. N0Bah D

      Think Cleo's lagging behind the others in uploads :/

    34. Ocelot Girl

      Watch out please scar is after you!!

    35. Ocelot Girl

      Watch out please scar is after you!!

      1. Ocelot Girl

        Also tell Bdubs to watch out too

      2. Ocelot Girl

        Trust me please...

    36. Ocelot Girl

      Watch out please scar is after you!!

    37. Ocelot Girl

      Watch out please scar is after you!!

    38. Ocelot Girl

      Watch out please scar is after you!!

    39. Ocelot Girl

      Watch out please scar is after you!!

    40. Ocelot Girl

      Watch out for scar!! You are next on his list!!

    41. Ocelot Girl

      Cleo watch out! Your next on scar’s list

      1. Ocelot Girl

        Watch out!!!!

    42. Joél Dießl

      They should use a crossbow with multishot and hurtie arrows. That's like a fucking shotgun and can even kill a guy with netherite armor in point blank range

    43. Spud

      I love seeing cleo and bdubs colab! They have such hectic energy together haha

    44. Alex Hart

      Cleo you agent of Chaos

    45. GalaxyPanda7

      Can someone list for me all of the East Siders? I can’t remember all of them and don’t want to look through all the videos but I really wanna draw them

    46. Kittyhawk

      "Well they did say stop but... I didn't."

    47. Jayda Rough


    48. Hey Guys, This Is My New Name

      This reminds me of pbg’s hardcore series from a long time ago. I love the hermit craft style of story telling though, from everyone’s perspective.

    49. Max is here

      I think if cleo didn't rob scar of his protection he would have been alive now

      1. S V


      2. S V


    50. Luna the SilkWing

      I find it hilarious that Cleo's like: he dies on purpose straight after threatening Ren! purposeful suicide Scar: falls of cliff while singing about things being great

    51. Sassy

      Loving the series. My question is: why is noone is enchanting their shield?

    52. enderbot V1

      Found ur channel from a whyjake reddit video u look very intelligent i subbed without even watching a video yet

    53. Lindelinde

      diamont swoodooo

    54. Kewtie

      Why would I build a castle if I didn't have constant threats brought to it because of you? That's a fantastic reason to give someone credit for helping your work! 😂

    55. // Emerald1229 \\

      The Enderman Scar died for didnt even came to Cleo lmao

    56. Erica Basila

      Mumbo is alone know

    57. djsjxkpskxs dkjyjsjxkaöslcß ßsj

      Thats a tiny castle :P

    58. sara jagodic

      I love how everyone is just so scared of etho and etho’s just like 🙂hey😇

    59. Anesca -

      Cleo is so chaotic neutral, i love it XD

    60. Edis M

      cleo out here “relocating” all the animals of the server. wouldn’t be surprised if some day geraldine ended up in the moat too

    61. Midnight owl

      i feel like you were a bit mean to scar as he really loves pizza

    62. Midnight owl

      cleo: Scar is an evil mastermind scar: science bros, scie. . . ahhhhhhhh *scar has fallen from a high height he is now on red life*

    63. WorldsEnd

      If my wife had the same voice like Cleo's. She could nag at me all day and i'm getting more in love with her with every word

    64. hattie

      the cleo/bdubs dynamic hits

    65. Patrick Munroe

      Love the Madman Scar and put-upon servant Grian dynamic.

    66. Josiah Hill

      careful shooting random arrows at Scar. You know he like walking around with little health.

    67. Bridget’s ArtsnCrafts

      Cleo: IT WAS A PURPOSEFUL SUICIDE! Scar: for science and discoverEEEEEK!

    68. Yurindeep

      The entire back half of the tower is blind. You only have sight of the village, and anything more than twenty blocks from the front door. Anyone that comes from the othre three sides is totally out of view unless you're on the roof.

    69. Soumili Banerjee

      No one: BDubs: I'm very high !

    70. Nathan Taylor

      The banter between bdubs and cleo is gold.

    71. Sweetcorm

      Dear Cleo, you should put waterlogged slabs down and tnt dispensers underneath them. When scar comes you can push the button and BOOM! No Scar, no fear anymore

    72. TheSupaLuna

      BDubs is like a mole poking his head out of his hole.

    73. Robert Amsbury

      "why would I build a crastle, if I didn't have constant threats brought by you?" Spat my tea out 🤣

    74. Joel Antony Joseph

      Bdubs and Cleo are so cute!!

    75. Säschchen Reichert

      I love how Scar can scam everyone but Cleo, cause she works with kids and isn't fooled that easily:D

    76. Kaia

      "should that fletcher just be our fletcher" is such a good line

    77. Average Potato

      I love how most interactions on this server start with one person scaring the bejeezus out of the other.

    78. twisteddman


    79. Tyler Fortson

      I love how well respected etho is. Everyone is doing their best to make friends and Etho just out here having people try to be his friend

    80. Soumili Banerjee

      BDubs and Cleo literally looks like a couple in the server

      1. Jarry Pota


    81. Miles

      The Cleo and Bdubs show is something I never knew I needed in my life, but now couldn't live without.

    82. Cairo Marte

      Bdubs castle looks like a giant pigmonkey with a triangle hat on it and I love it 😂♥️

    83. - Georgendragon -

      9 Embedded

    84. AgentMiner

      Etho the wild card

    85. Azeria B

      Cleo going from animal to potential human trafficking crimes

    86. 621 Meow Cat

      Hey Cleo! What do you think of this: If all the 3rd lifers agree, once you die on red, instead of leaving the series, you become blue. Blue players may only help 3rd lifers and can not go against any 3rd lifer. They also can respawn, and will not be counted as a "survived" 3rd lifer.

    87. d vandenberg

      "I think it was a deliberate suicide." No, Scar is just an idiot. A sociopath but mostly an idiot.

    88. Terra Incognita

      Put pufferfish in the moat

    89. Sha Hermyonez

      use The Sand peoples "guard in boat" idea and have some endermans in boats at some of the windows so if they try to aim at you, you move away and they agro the enederman, so then just set it free and it will attack them

    90. Kahrum

      put enderman behind the slits.

    91. Ken Jeakins

      Is building with wood and wool a good idea on a server with fire spread? Though it could be a good site denial tactic.

    92. No name

      Lol bdubs not understanding cleo when she said "for us" same were I'm from it's hard to write how it'd be said but it's like saying "tut" meaning to the as in "going tut shop" and "fert" meaning "for the"

    93. Matt Cooper

      Cleo. You are making this server a very fun place. Keep up the shenanigans

    94. Evan Rigel

      I don't know if it's intentional for the sake of the storyline or if they just genuinely didn't consider it, but they could just ask Etho for the villager? put it to him that the villagers can't possibly be safe in the now-abandoned village and that they'd be safer in the Crastle basement so surely they're doing him a favour by relocating the villagers at least then they'd avoid making another enemy (although maybe it's more fun to steal)

    95. Hans Gerber

      cleo the klepto

    96. vasthebarbarian

      They should make the drawbridge out of signs and sand so that they can easily destroy it when needed.

    97. vasthebarbarian

      Bdubs: "I'm getting really good at parkouring around this castle." Me: Foreshadowing much?

    98. Naricie

      I think you guys should consider putting signs with sand or gravel on top as the drawbridge. That way, if someone you don't want tries to cross it, you can just break a sign and it will all break and they fall down the moat.

    99. Aero

      Using dark oak, birch, or acacia logs to make sticks should be a crime. At least use spruce.

    100. Laura

      Ask Etho to move the Fletcher into the Castle, for Saftey. and since Etho and Tango are East Siders, they'd have access to the fletcher!