Cristiano Ronaldo surprises a kid on a Madrid's street 2015 [FULL VIDEO]


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    Cristiano Ronaldo surprises a kid on a Madrid's street 2015 [FULL VIDEO]
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    1. ASMR 96

      Now indian chapri ILprojectr explaining this in their yt shorts😒😒😒

    2. Max Gaming


    3. Chitti Ci

    4. A and R

      You know how they were being kind of mean to him? My reaction to the end of this video was: Oh! Oh!! Now you’re being nice to him!

    5. MASTAKI WILLY firmin


    6. Elshan Mahmudov


    7. Khan Bhai

      6 years later if you are watching this, you are true fan of Ronaldo ^_^

    8. Syed Naqvi

      people these days

    9. Yasin Güngör

      Ronaldo çok muaZzam. Bi adamsin bence dunyada hakettigin degeri tam manasiyla bir futbol ülkesi Türkiye de göreceksin lütfen futbolu birakmadan 1 sezon bile olsa Türkiyeye gel ve galatasarayda oyna te amo cristiano

    10. Dempzei


    11. SP Estian Blignaut

      make this the most liked comment.

    12. Paul Holroyd


    13. Spy

      Women: Biggest regret in my life

    14. Njoroge Kuria

      This shows children and black people are clean in heart 🇰🇪

    15. Tgp Clan


    16. Salomé Demba


    17. A Man

      No one was really impressed by how he played but how he looked like.

    18. tu padrote


    19. 爪卂丨Ҝ丂卄 GAMING

      I am waiting for a kind hearted man who will support me by the deep of his heart❤

    20. Sara Elmorshedy


    21. Arabelle von Theissen

      That went from so fun and cute to really scary. I have a thing with crowds. They just descended sooooo fast. Someone should have made sure that kid got home safely.

    22. Aqua Marine


    23. Eddie Mack

      Well done Ronaldo, thank you for sharing your time like this. As you can see, you made a memory for this young child.

    24. Muhammad iftikhar

      I am good at football

    25. Otair Nogueira

      CR7 Good vídeo 💯💯💯💯💯👍👍👍👍👍⚽⚽⚽⚽⚽⚽⚽⚽⚽⚽

    26. Sophie Keenan

      This just shows how selfish people actually are hardly anyone cared when he was NORMAL but as soon as he shows who he is people care 👏👏

    27. killing boy

      I rally like this man 😍😍😍😍😍😍

    28. Little Hollywood

      Indisciplined player

    29. God of Shinobi

      Imagine the girl who regected him be like after watching this vid

    30. Michael Leonard

      The girl who said no to giving him her phone number.......Oooooops...

    31. Serhat Sarbas


    32. Gary Kennedy

      I’m a Liverpool fan but this guy is pure class.

    33. 1 Second ago

      Humans are the stupidest creatures on earth 🌍

    34. Mina Giri

      Imagine if that girl said yes when Ronaldo asked

    35. DAI-K Official

      Có ai không? Tôi là Phú Gia đây.

    36. Sa'adPlayz

      Those who ignored this guy at that time will regret watching this...

    37. merijn soetaert

      WTF,rhe end😰😰

    38. Jamshi Arm


    39. Sameer Kumar Jha

      Rip for that no sorry girl 😭😭

    40. fatima nadeem


    41. Gede Oka GoGo


    42. SamiYT

      MadreMia el Bichooooo

    43. Dead hour gaming

      Anyone in 2021 ?


      Actually it tells that name and fame matters... Nobody recognize him till he show himself...

    45. Khinh Tran

      Vietnamese news

    46. Krishna Kumar

      This is a great resemblance of life. We humans have everything required & desired in front of us but we just don't recognize. Once we realize, it would be late and we regret. I read it somewhere a quote that “Life is 10 percent what happens to you and 90 percent how you react to it”

    47. hapri ole

      Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

    48. PFR

      Respect everyone, even if they aren't famous.

    49. vikas parim

      He removed his makeup and then BOOM

    50. Gaming With Vashu

      Who noticed that it was 6 year old video


      1:23 unluckiest people ever

    52. Dr Aashiq Hussain Lone

      Next time a stranger is playing football on the street, who else is going to pull his beard?

    53. Brad Keven Blonjeaux

      COVID 1984 IS NOW! All vaccines are a "medical assault on our immune system" VIERA SCHREIBNER Ph.D. "VACCINATION" book 1993.

    54. Наталья Новикова

      У меня одной мурашки пошли?,когда он снимал маску,очки

    55. Lorena M

      Christiano é um português de alma brasileira.

    56. Cheeseball

      This is why he is a legend

    57. loukou innocent KOFFI

      32 Every church claims to have the Holy Spirit and each of them has its own conception of the baptism, its own conception of the divinity of Jesus, its own conception of the predestination, its own conception of the original sin, woman’s ministry, the veil, and so on… A Methodist pastor cannot be a pastor at the assemblies of gods or with the Baptists ... What’s this contradictory holy spirit? And despite this you do not seek the truth and you speak of sanctification and Paradise! But I tell you that you will never find the Truth as long as you are looking for it in a church. You see?

    58. Seck Seck

      Ronaldo c'est le meilleur de toute les temps ⚽ grand joulleur respect

    59. Ann Wahlquist

      NOBODY cared before they knew who he was.....

    60. Richard D

      I bet it was kinda nice to just sit there for a while like a normal guy.

    61. O K

      No Technik 👎

    62. Alena Skazka

      Incluso en el maquillaje, eres hermosa. Tus ojos te delatan.

    63. Ademir Oliveira

    64. Postman Pat

      3:06 Hitler? Confirmed?

    65. Ramdan Soleh

      Widih keren bang salam dari indonesia

    66. Itz GameZ PrO

      He is a legend anyways..


      these people are stupid

    68. Sarmad baba

      wtf means, showing off

    69. Tobias Kips

      People are so fake...they never cared at first,,,

    70. صحة العقل

      الله سبحانه وتعالى حرم تبرج المرأة بأي شكل من الأشكال ولا يجوز للرجل أن ينظر إليها أو يلمسها

    71. عبد الله الشهري🥺🥺🥺

    72. Ashish Jha

      Boy was so lucky ❤️

    73. Keshav Kumar

      Real legend

    74. Songita Chakraborty

      So kind hearted person ❤️❤️❤️

    75. Cvt gamer


    76. Ash Goku

      I can't resist if there is a football nearby . My legs automatically react when there is a football nearby lol

    77. No Name

      At last the scene was epic. Goosebumps!!!!

    78. S Farooq

      WTF 123m views😱😱

    79. J J

      If it happens in India, people will go and fall on the celebrity madly and will make him suffocated and speechless 😄😄😄😄

    80. OmerTheGreatOne

      He looks good even in his fat suit

    81. Jenny Rudoff

      Can anyone tell me what techno song is playing ? I. really like it

    82. Raju Choudhary

      Fukk man wat a fan following

    83. Samudra Ayahwafi

      luar biasa cr7

    84. José Campos Aurora

      O muleque se deu bem.

      1. Johnny Lucas

        You sure about that ?

    85. Jack Johnson

      Lol. So much people following him yes I know he is really faumous

    86. Mark Carrington

      It’s amazing how quickly people change when a celebrity is around.

      1. zendakk

        It literally sounded like a herd of cattle bursting out after being transported for 5 hours.

    87. Сергей Гуськов

      По одёжке встречают, а по уму провожают)))

    88. Сергей Гуськов

      Браво!!! 👏 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👍👍👍

    89. kyle brown

      As soon as the descise was romoved everyone wanted to know him then not back when it was just him and the kid😂