Marvel Studios Celebrates The Movies

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    The world may change and evolve, but the one thing that will never change: we’re all part of one big family.
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    1. Parallaxus

      As excited as I am to see all these, I have to remind myself they're all sort of damaged goods now that the originals are gone and there won't be any more Avengers movies.

    2. Sachin😊😊😊

      Goosebumps 😎😎😎

    3. freetxt123

      I think I've watched this about 5 times every day for the past week!!!

    4. Rooky DEVILDOG

      WOW goosebumps and tears I'm blown away thank you Marvel

    5. محمد جمهوری

      کاش کوروش هم توش باشه

    6. محمد جمهوری


    7. BeTrd

      10m+ in one week

    8. Christopherイザヤ

      Finally fantastic 4 is coming back since that awful reboot from (2015).

    9. Erika


    10. Mark Emmanuel

      STAN means super tall and never dies

    11. Uriel Valle

      I want Wolverine 😡😡😡sorry I love him

    12. Dylan Haefner

      When everyone heard standing lee narrating: everyone liked this

    13. paida chawora

      Please tell me I'm not the only one who got chills.

    14. nocchi.

      Eternals timestamp 2:20

    15. Cameron Kellas R.F.C.

      We Are Marvel.

    16. Creepik Pedaass


    17. The AVPAAV Channel Creation & Magic

      1:41 The greatest moment in cinematic history.

    18. Prabhnoor Singh Sethi

      It was a whole bunch of goosebumps😬So excited for the next phase😊

    19. 자연에반하다

      02:22 마동석 👍

    20. ????

      Sadly Loki is left out of it he’s always left out of everything💔

      1. ????

        @evan you good I would get confused to

      2. evan

        @???? ohhh right

      3. ????

        @evan That’s not really what I meant out the video but I found him 1:40 yea

      4. evan

        the loki show on disney+ comes out june 9th

    21. Albert Jackinson

      Whether you're a Marvel or a DC fan, I don't think you can deny the fact this was absolutely freaking awesome. And hats of to the people who composed the music! That really elevates...well, EVERYTHING

    22. hero catimugan

      This so intense

    23. Billy bob Joe


    24. Priya Mujumdar

      0:42 they should have shown Loki and thor

    25. Poop Poop

      Jesus crist this was absolutely amazing

    26. Poop Poop

      Stan the man

    27. Jack Attack

      This made me cry

    28. JimmyX Wolvie

      Duuuuuuuude Fantastic 4! let's goooooooo!!!!!🎉🎊

    29. Jeff Ma

      MARVEL STUDIOS has managed to pull off what no other franchise could, and is still going strong

    30. The Messiah

      We have to wait until 2024 for the next team up movie possibly, see you guys then.

    31. Logan Lynn

      stan we miss you and we got them back we got fantastic 4 back we promised we would and the fans did i hope you and chadwick are haveing dricks upthere

    32. Anand Rai

      Marvel movies in cinema are pure cringe. Stick to OTT.

    33. Abdihakim Bulhan


    34. Nil Valand

      I get the goosebumps every time.

    35. Legend Alpha

      I see a 🐈 in 1:38

      1. seiom jvony

        I said to myself "no more Marvel movies" after Endgame. Now I'm getting pulled back in again...

    36. Jeet Singh

      I’m still waiting for Iron man 4

      1. Mr Critical

        Not gonna happen

    37. NobleRox

      So tell me... What where you! The GOD of Again?

    38. PlayinHertz Gaming

      I want the background music anyone ❤️❤️

    39. Mark Chang

      Now Gilfoyle and Dinesh are in the same universe, again!

    40. Jeevan Reddy

      A new beginning

    41. Nakul Gupta

      From 1:40 I get Goosebumps till end

    42. the Artist

      will be worth the wait? do they mean andrew garfield and tobey maguire

    43. Jalk Project

      Merinding 😭😭😭😭😭

    44. Sathish Tamil

      Who ALL wait For BLACK WIDOW ?

    45. Panda Gaming

      How does this get more epic every time I watch it

    46. Liath Ex


    47. Naruto Uzumaki

      I legit cried...

    48. couldbahappychic

      I wonder if Marvel expected people to cry when they decided to celebrate the movies... Lol

    49. British Tea

      I said to myself "no more Marvel movies" after Endgame. Now I'm getting pulled back in again...

      1. Ask to seduce Miss

        Purest Magic

    50. Marvel Fanatic 3000

      I passed out after I saw this video and it shows my love for marvel, the thing that made me battle my sickness. Without it wouldn’t have been here. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ to Stan Lee, Chadwick Boseman, Marvel

    51. Chirag Kohli

      If I describe this in one word - Hope. The current situation will get better. We will get back to what was normal before this madness. We will once again get to immerse ourselves in these incredible stories - not sitting alone in our rooms but with friends, with family, with people we love. Collectively we will again emote like we did when Cap caught Mjollnir. And when that time comes, Marvel will be ready with the stories again. And boy I'm looking forward to that.

    52. Ecem Gül Genç

      Breath taking

    53. Utkarsh Saraswat

      I was literally waiting for Deadpool and hugh Jackman's logan in this video 😕

    54. Mike Cano

      Two best things. Watching Marvel and Investing in DIS and AQN.

    55. Galaxy Fan

      This is incredible. 😍 It gives me chills.

    56. Cold D3stroyer

      If you don't go to the movies for these you're going to miss out

    57. Joshua Joestar

      When I heard that beautiful voice, I didn't know who it was but in a few hours, I realized it was Stan Lee, I was blaming myself for not remembering who that awesome and greatest person was, I wish to work for him as a Marvel fan, my dream is to join the MCU so people can be proud about me and love me

    58. vaja vivek

      I got goosebumps, I can't wait

    59. Versus XY

      "Old characters gone" they said.. "Marvel never gonna make good movies without those characters" they said.. They were wrong man. Phase 4 is going to be better than any Marvel phase.

    60. Jesus Dessens

      First of all I will go see black widow, Shang-Chi, venom let there be carnage, eternal, Spider-Man no way home. In 2022 doctor strange in the multiverse of madness, Thor love and thunder, Black Panther Wakanda forever, The marvels, ant-man and the wasp quantumium, guardians of the galaxy vol 3 and they don’t know when the new fantastic four is coming out but they will find out.

    61. SAI KUMAR

      Yeah.. 😃😃


      2:34 changed my life

    63. BoogieManSince1977

      Purest Magic

    64. CHetAN

      What about iron man ??

      1. bloxparker

        why did you even check this trailer burh

      2. uncanny dcmarvelous

        Are you serious or is a joke?

    65. Charlie McLean

      I can see myself coming back to this video a lot over the next few years

    66. N P

      Now we need a video celebrating the Disney plus shows while also giving us footage and release dates for What if? Ms. Marvel, Hawkeye, MoonKnight, She Hulk, secret invasion, Ironheart, Armor wars, and I am Groot

    67. 준혁이와친구들


    68. Gerry Shom

      I remember my excitement for WandaVision's first episode... then hearing the Marvel Studios intro Then this video Marvel knows how to revive cinematic goosebumps

    69. justin salceda

      i hope the gifted is coming backkkk

    70. Noobie

      This is why you buy AMC and hold. 💎👏🦍🚀🚀🌕

    71. Naima Ahmad

      why am i crying over movies

    72. 23 1

      Oh korean

    73. dhruva doddamani

      1:36 Transition to Marvel logo is in reversed order It starts with Peter Parker ( The latest movie released) Then it's the cat from Captain Marvel Then it's the wasp( Ant Man and the wasp) . . . . Last one is Ho Yinsen ( Iron Man)

    74. Kaushalya Mishra

      Plz take chris evans back plz mcu plz

      1. Mr Critical

        Chris is done with the character

    75. Lura Sam

      Did Clint Barton have a movie?

      1. Alberto Rojas

        No, but he'll star in the upcoming television series, MARVEL Studios' Hawkeye.


      Me waiting for T'chala 😢 My king

    77. Aleksander Michaluk

      Rest in peace Stan

    78. Mandu ki vines

      Thanks MCU for making us happy,emotional and giving us lot of memories thanks Stan lee


      The last Logo was the hint of Avengers 5

      1. Braden Resquin

        How could it possibly be a hint for avengers 5, ignoring the fact that this was already announced to be fantastic four at Disney’s 2020 investors day meeting with Jon watts as the director at the helm, ITS LITERALLY A GIANT 4 how do you get avengers 5 from a big blue 4??? You are free to theorize that that somehow means avengers 5 but I don’t think your theory is right lmao

      2. bloxparker

        Fantastic Four

      3. uncanny dcmarvelous

        It's a Fantastic 4 logo.

      4. Mr Critical

        No it was Fantastic Four

      5. niduoe stre

        Mandarin is deadly

    80. health lifeline

      Best scene of this video is..Tony's snap

    81. Carlos Siburian

      Next: Marvel Studios Celebrates The TV Series

    82. Julio figo


    83. guitardude0909

      Roll Call - Where are my AMC APES AT???

    84. Legendary Warrior

      Fans: How many movies are they gonna make? Marvel:Yes

    85. Mina The Random

      *Marvel be making us cry again-*

    86. Kende Tacha

      I'm so ready for mor awesome marvel movies....everything is so coool..

    87. Yash Tyagi

      How This Will result Into a New avengers Team Im Waiting For that.😶

    88. RovicFn

      i stopped wacthing marvel because whenever I wacth a movie from the series I start to cry for some reason.But after wacthing this ima start to wacth every movie in order again for the 1000th time

    89. Achyut Kumar Mandal

      1:40 The Masterpiece begins!

    90. LaughPlease

      Marvel fans:- Abhi Mazaa Aayega n bhiduuu...🤣🤣❤️

    91. Ong Yeok Lee

      Spiderman:no way home is coming. LET'S GO

    92. Amit Anarthe

      I had a sore throat thanks to the shouting i did during Endgame climax. Never had so much fun watching a movie on d big screen...

    93. Mandarin is deadly

    94. T. P

      Dammit Guardians of the Galaxy, it will never be the same w/o the original Drax....

    95. Shravya S

      If there's one universe I love more than the real one, it's the MCU.

      1. Phương linh Tạ Đoàn

        me too, the MCU's saved my life, it's my hope, my sadness but mostly it's my love

    96. Tasha Kay

      Marvel Studios Apes coming to an AMC near you

    97. Jorge Rodriguez

      So how is AMC a dead cat again?

    98. Kloeckner Daniel

      There's really no substitute for the theater experience!

    99. Doctor Reed


    100. John Mark Lovendino

      We miss you, Stan💙😪