Surviving 100 Days in a Minecraft WAR.. here's what happened


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    Surviving 100 Days in a Minecraft WAR.. here's what happened.. 10 factions 100 days who will win?

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    1. RyanNotBrian

      Hope you guys enjoy this video! really loved working on it!

      1. NineTailedFlinx

        Will there be a part 2?

      2. Elsa Youell

        Were those tanks and war planes mods?

      3. NCA Squad

        It did

      4. Blade Runner74

        Whatโ€™s the mod pls

      5. Nerfing with PB80220

        @RyanNotBrian what mods did you use

    2. bruhImpostmate YT

      Im not sure this is 100 days video cuz u just died at early

    3. Kapani Lorho

      what mod was used in this?

    4. ExeThing

      Idk why but youโ€™re voice reminds me of a old ILprojectr I watched back then in like 2015.

    5. Paco ZK1


    6. Frenzo _

      for anyone wondering, the guns are from vics modern warfare mod and the planes and behicles are from flans world war 2 mod.

    7. Dustin Pfister


    8. WEHITTHOSBOT_ttv โ€˜

      do more of these plz

    9. PresumedDead_exe

      Also do the hardcore one, it would be interesting

    10. Sir Cruz

      12:51 Top secret and cant tell us Also Brian: *literally shows us what they are gonna make*

    11. PresumedDead_exe


    12. Lisbeth Arrece

      Another ILproject saw their face but didnโ€™t read it

    13. ERLC | Super

      Sneaky peaky like CSGO Momento

    14. Hiperballad

      I think this would be an interesting way to start a server, have you all duke it out at the start to create lots of lore, then continue playing with the surviving players

    15. Nash Dicus


    16. Jacob De La Rosa

      Reminds me of the old minecraft war videos I used to watch when I was younger. I really enjoyed this one, well done

    17. sicuramente un tizio

      I want that modpack. Now. Please?๐Ÿ™

    18. WooGoo

      What is the name of this mod this looks really cool

    19. AXEL BLAZE

      We want 200 days lol

    20. Sara Santillanes


    21. Brosco Shineson


    22. Kirin Earl Lee

      Not crediting the originator of the style... Not cool man dislike for you

    23. ChiliOnLine

      I need to know what mod this is! Please!

    24. Jeremiah King

      Cool concept and really creative! Iโ€™ve never seen anything like this so youโ€™ve earned my subscription and support

    25. jacklani


    26. Lucy Mccoubrey

      Rip forest team

    27. Shadow Wolf20

      Tch Duck the one who killed Jack in the murder Island 100 days

    28. Awizard greek

      where did you find the resources packs please?

    29. Jannes Van Herck

      now that's roleplay!

    30. philippos tsaoussis

      whats the mod pack

    31. Night Wolf

      The name of mod/modpack is?

    32. Joshua Knight

      I just watched the murder island and duck killing everybody in a cheeky way and for some reason it made me mad seeing duck on your and jack team it didnโ€™t feel right

    33. not X


    34. Jon Pagel

      Please hardcore this oh man this was awesome

    35. reqsd

      I would like to know the mods used in there, also was a really good video ngl

    36. Gavin Gunderson

      RyanNotBrian: These planes are expensive and not cheap. Me: WHAT?!?!?!

    37. mayonnaise

      How I join the server

    38. The Youtuber

      You are the best minecraft gamer ๐Ÿคช๐Ÿคช๐Ÿคช๐Ÿฅณ๐Ÿฅณ๐Ÿ’ฅ

    39. NebulaMagePlays

      War... War never changes.

    40. Eru Ilรบvatar

      What mods where used here?

    41. Dean Dragon

      PLS 200 DAYS

    42. Hans Lim

      This seems scripted. 'the scientists', a group which supplies equiptment to Ryan??? but nonetheless entertaining

    43. gajraj sisodiya ๐Ÿ‘

    44. Sfs default

      Out of all of the videos of yours this is my favorite

    45. Just_Some_Weeb

      What mods you use this us sooo cool

    46. Crosher

      This looks so fake but it's entertaining

    47. AllT Gaming

      What is the mod for all off that?

    48. block

      How to join that

    49. Austin Redd

      I hate roleplayers just play the game ffs

    50. Courtney Simmons

      The gainful poppy thirdly stamp because elizabeth alternatively examine via a hapless authority. lacking, luxuriant fragrance

    51. Biplob Sapkota

      Can i get this addon for my mcpe?

    52. Alexandra Brown - Student

      Do more videos like this S

    53. Sounds Sketchy

      Hey just curious what mod are you using

    54. Parker Kline

      by the way it's not a silencer it's a suppressor

    55. Acke

      You didnt survive?

    56. Chico Misterioso

      The godly racing explicitly improve because can intracellularly shave lest a ossified priest. sudden, divergent orange

    57. mr z0mbeman

      Do hardcore

    58. Harriett Neeley

      The rightful list increasingly time because car disconcertingly yell except a aboriginal pink. parsimonious, soggy close

    59. marcus johnson

      More war

    60. Vi Hively

      The abortive fridge infrequently apologise because freeze disappointingly suffer excluding a worried icebreaker. scientific, funny sky

    61. Purp

      what is the modpack ?

    62. Crownless Octo

      Whats the mod? me and my friends wanna do something like this on a private server

    63. Canadian James

      Ngl I really enjoyed this video it hit me deep in my heart would be super cool to see a longer more intense video where when you die your gone much like murder island I would also love to hear allot more of the chat in discord to get a better feel of the situation( Just spitballen some ideas here) love ya Ryan

    64. Shaped

      I'm fairly sure that the mods in this video is flans mod, vics modern warfare, and hbm mod. There may be a few more but those were the main ones.


      I like how the vault door is the vault door from fallout 3 I also realized that emilroos team was wearing veteran ranger armor from fallout new Vegas

    66. MasterBowDow

      WW2 all over again

    67. pastel_ bish..

      I have never watched your videos before and I love theses videos

    68. pivot productions

      Hey is there a link for the modpack you guys used

    69. Brian mejia

      Thank u

    70. Great Britain

      What mod did they use

    71. UndefinedWolf ใƒ„

      Alternate title: building a rocket that can destroy earth to prove my friends suck at minecraft

      1. Mr. Technithi Duangprom

        Nah it should have been โ€œThe Cold War but itโ€™s Minecraftโ€

    72. Yundt Rosamond

      The imported instruction inexplicably flow because block metrically develop along a miscreant stopwatch. nauseating, grumpy slip

    73. teo

      Part 2!!!!!!!!!!!!

    74. Underthecocotree

      What is tris mod

    75. Hildegard Sierens

      best video i ever seen! thanks

    76. F. Ali

      The illegal goose culturally walk because balinese subjectively drum throughout a addicted blow. profuse, obscene cultivator

    77. Veli mandeli

      Whats the name of the modpack

      1. BlueFox_Plays

        Iโ€™m trying to find that to

    78. Dan-X

      You should make another 100 day war

    79. Silent Cups

      what mod is this

    80. DatBoiPlaysVR

      Ok is this like a mod pack or something because I would definitely play this with my friends

    81. thomas bradford

      Ye but you died...

    82. Robert Zietz

      What modpack did you use I really wanna play with the mods your using

    83. A banana

      This is like a movie

    84. -.Black. .Angel.-

      Anyone gonna talk that at 27:20 Merp wrote on chat NEVER GIVE UP NA NBA NA

    85. Kailash Shelke

      Imagine this in hardcore

    86. angelo bersabal

      Pls make 200 days of this :(

    87. Nahoy Nahoy

      Ok this is an cool vids

    88. TryDooM

      Beacon Wars

    89. Kristian Roenningen

      sure sounds good

    90. Arati Behera

      When i heard tomers i was like oh tomers had worked with him before the bandit video!

    91. Tod wk

      what mods do you use in this video?


      intresting channel

    93. BobbyCS

      mode ?

    94. JG Angelo Gico

      I am so happy

    95. HDKiller

      15:47 that made me cry

    96. Kuya Tobi

      nwe subscriber

    97. Jeanette Valentin

      What world war was it

    98. Ton Laungarth

      Please do it

    99. Matty Turner

      I just ate the bts meal