Season Finale :: Hermitcraft #56


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    Minecraft on the Hermitcraft Server Season 7 Episode 56! Today on hermitcraft, we wrap up this amazing season with a tour down memory lane but not before finishing up the land games and putting one more important building in aque town.

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    1. Ion Meth

      So many hermits didt finish their project and hope the community will take over Iskall with his tree, etho with his hurting hermits and base, beef with his three fox hole, scar with aqua town, mambo with pacific. Did bdubs finish his castle?

    2. Rennie Clossin

      "it's a little guy but it's nice" it's you? (I'm kidding, I loves the series and I can't wait to watch season 8!)

    3. Angry jeep125

      2:31 who else noticed that the horse has a 1 in the side of it by the tail lol

    4. reid.b

      I know it's late but I think I forgot to tell you how much I loved the season. I LOVED THE SEASON!!!!

    5. Otto Oetting

      What is wrong with this? 26:05

    6. pracheth agasthya

      I like u cut G

    7. Beck and Jolie Salinger

      i didnt get a stack of episodes

    8. Linda Pomeroy

      Can't wait until next season ty :)

    9. J K

      See Y'all in season 8!

    10. Appacapture

      Thank you Bdubs. See you in season 8 x

    11. cody vangogh

      I found my favourite hermit in Bdubs this season. Even when projects were moving slowly could always count on his shenanigans to keep things entertaining; even looked forward to seeing him pop up in other videos.

    12. Cryptonic

      Next season could you maybe try a sand kingdom?

    13. Rishi Nixon

      Believe it or not, but Scar laughs at BDubs' gray hair, even though he's older than BDubs. Scar is 3 months older, at 38 years old.

    14. AcidicDroid

      How do we download the world

    15. Sebastian Marz

      You're one of my favorite ILprojectrs and Hermits of all time. I am having a blast watching your videos and it was so much fun. See you next season!!

    16. Siberian Kitten

      Hey bdubs!! Love your vids and you humor my husband and I feel you bring so much to hermitcraft with your energy and amazing builds!! We are also minecrafters and wanted your opinion on names for our 3 pups that we have guarding our navy base would be awesome to get some cool names from the bdubs😄

    17. brycen horner

      Thanks for the Amazing content!

    18. Miroto

      Every time i see Bdub's castle, i get extremly hyped for the second part of caves and cliffs update its unbeliveable.

    19. SneakyBoy 1999

      Armorstand witch summoning end crystal.

    20. Kritzelx

      I say this to mark my place that i was here when it ended so E

    21. Karmingrün

      This was my first season of Hermitcraft. And I'm glad I started watching you because of it. This has been an amazing journey! The builds you did in your village and the whole mountain and castle are honestly breathtaking and unlike anything I've seen before. Your use of unconventional blocks, doing gradients and mixing blocks altogether honestly revolutionized the way I see building in Minecraft. Not to mention your amazing work with details and decorating and tying everything together with a story. But most importantly, I love the fun you bring to your episodes and the server. Every interaction with the other hermits resulted in so much fun and delight! I am excited for what season 8 will bring. Thank you for the great times in s7.

    22. Janbacer

      37:49 Next episode or Season?


      Wait I might have misunderstood!! BDubs is coming back In Season 8 correct???

    24. Rhythm

      Thank you for an amazing journey of season 7.

    25. Caleb Rimes

      I think the biggest difference between Hermitcraft and Dreamsmp is how long pets stay alive for

    26. Brothers Of the backyard

      For your next base I think you should make a movie theater with a bunch of movie stuff trying to “escape.” Like the house from up etc.

    27. Janbacer

      I love how he sais there, while I can see in chat that scar logged off and on 4:40

    28. The CIA

      Finally, the reveal of the iron door. Been waiting ever since you teased it in the episode you made the yellow building in.

    29. Bob Eastwood

      Goodbye Season 7!!

    30. FoodEater

      It has gone too quickly! I cannot wait for season 8.

    31. Brian Beatty

      I’m going to miss bdubs for bit

    32. Sprknsn Tatter H8r

      Boomers!!! Been an awesome journey loved the content you and all the hermits did and thank you for helping get us through the pandemic and all the chaos it causes in life you all were my constant that gave me something to look forward to everyday!

    33. Marjorie Klemen

      Don't cry because it over Smile because it happened -Dr Suess

    34. James Keeling

      According to Bdubs, hermitcraft is now hommiecraft...?

    35. Leah Ramdath

      i only joined half way maybe a lil earlier but thank you and the other hermits for entertain me the world thank you very much

    36. Galland780

      Bdubs, I don't know if you will read this but I'll just say it anyways. I just want to say thank you so much for all the videos and effort you've made to make all these enjoyable content. You and all the Hermits had truly helped me go through some of my not so great times and I'm thankful for that. You're like a best friend I have never met. I love you all so much. See you guys next season!

    37. nils. yeee

      It's been a blast, watching Hermitcraft and especially your videos turned out to be my favourite content i watch on youtube. Thank you so much for your great videos Bdubs. Love you to death and we will see again in the expisode!

    38. Tiger Tiger

      Thank you for all the fun and building inspiration, Bdubs!

    39. Ankhayra TV

      Every Hermit separately ends his/her season, but the season is not ending, nonono!

    40. Playful Plushies

      Does anyone know if Bdubs is still going to upload on the Bdoublelive channel? Where he does vlogs?

    41. Smithy417

      Is it just me or does bald Grian look like deadpool

    42. Jakov Tralic

      i sai i wasnt going to cry...... i failed

    43. RCGamer

      When is season 8

    44. Dynamo9Playz

      I think that season 8 should have the create mod. But not everyone has to use it. It's just there for convenience and for a nice twist. I would love to see what the hermits could do with this on a hermitcraft

    45. Gaming Darrell

      "We didn't realise we were making memories, we just knew we were having fun." - Winnie the Pooh

    46. Dalton Gilbert

      Fwhip should definitely play in hermitcraft season 8!! If you guys agree like and comment your favorite hermit let’s get fwhip a invite!!! Let’s start commenting in all the hermits videos he would be a awesome HERMIT!!!!!

    47. Ohbeesneeze

      I've loved this season so much, your builds have always been my favourites, I can't wait to see what happens in season 8 🥰

    48. Cheese Miser

      Last time i commented on a Hermitcraft Season finale by Bdubs, he replied to me. Fingers crossed

    49. Graham Drolet

      Was hoping for a hidden base under your mountain :(

    50. Seth Hunter

      I’ve just realized all we needed was bdubs to watch the sunset next to the castle so we could all say “we watched the sunset over the crastle on the hill”

    51. Derpydog100

      Hey look its little castle man.

    52. David Zimmerle

      Part of me hopes keralis brings the mansion into season 8.

    53. Christian Bauer

      This season was such a blast. Subscribed to a dozend hermits, but you are sure one of my favourites! Your style is as amazing as your bildings and the shenanigans! Can't wait for Season 8!!! :)

    54. Shawn

      I'd like to see GennyB come back.

    55. David Yodo

      I just go to Twitter and checking out the Photo 😂

    56. hatman &MONSTER

      Gosh, we sure hope you continue a Q town in season 8

    57. Sleepy Nex

      Don't worry bdubs. It's not Grey hair it is Silver.

    58. Lila

      Did everyone forget about the door in his basement? It's been bugging me all season

    59. DoGood3R

      The Torch of Season 7 has weakened and is about to die

    60. Anthony Baskette

      In time, we will know what it is like to lose, we dread it, run from it, but the end will always arrive . . .

    61. Rama Anugrah Pratama

      I just wanna say that my heart are not ready for the end of this season :( thanks for the video tho.

    62. Rylan Brosh

      Who else always feels bad when one of the hermits get left on read in the chat?

    63. caitybugg247

      Who has the end rod??

    64. rainbowlover4u

      Is the world download just for Java? How do I get the world download? Can any of the hermits make a VR tour?

    65. Pico G58

      how do you get the termite craft download

    66. Pico G58

      Who else feels like last season was 10x longer is that just me :(

    67. Matthew Olive

      4:44 is some of the best editing and CGI I’ve ever seen

    68. 2003leonard

      33:33 "It's a little guy, but it's nice" that's what she said

    69. a

      32:53 that really looks like poultry man's cave

    70. Leonygwn

      It's my first time following the hermitcraft's story line for one season, thank you so much bdubs! See you on the next season 💕

    71. Mark6O9

      Can't wait for season 8 1.17 edition

    72. Mr Mal

      I love how scar casually says a shulker box is a chest

    73. Dragon Stubbe

      I would love to join season 8. Please check out Dragon Playz! But I'm probably not good enough.😔

    74. Fezzie

      Can't wait to live in this gorgeous village when the world download comes!! Will make my hyped for Season 8! Can't wait to keep watching my favorite hermits!

    75. Kimberly Davis

      Shame you didn’t finish the castle. 😪

    76. Blink101

      It's been a pleasure!

    77. Elmer Moore

      The skinny epoxy incidentally blush because computer nouzilly file forenenst a drab pendulum. guiltless, unequal burglar

    78. DeathJerrie

      Season 7 was such an amazing time to be a viewer of Hermitcraft. I enjoyed it so much, that I went back in time and started to watch the same season from different perspectives, even though I normally just follow one point of view and call it quits. It was the first season I watched BdoubleO100, but surely not the last! Thank you for the truly amazing entertainment, Bdubs! (╹ڡ╹ )

    79. Russell Platt

      really? it's already over? well, then I'll see y'all in season 8!

    80. DANGERED Species


    81. Maurice

      It was a pleasure having you in this season of Hermitcraft, Bdubs. The fun you broght and your really building skills made this season great in every way! I will look forward to you in Hermitcraft Season 8!

    82. Noeleen Miller

      Will miss you bubbles, can't wait for next season.

    83. Aviation Craft

      Gosh, I love Homiecraft!

    84. Micha Kolb

      Can we just take a moment for the fact, that Bsubs's HC Season Finale ends with a sunset?

    85. Paweł

      How was in previous seasons? Will world download be only for Java or for Bedrock Edition as well?

    86. babydoctorify

      obviously you don't know mw bdubs but i feel like im letting an old friend in my house every epp you release. you have taught me so much about being a good person that i try and bring into my real life. thank you for the season and i hope you take care of yourself and your own. i also hope you realize how much love and joy you create.

    87. vinyl

      s6 Bdubs and keralis village walked so that s7 casstle could run

    88. landoc05

      Season 7 Hermitcraft = peak Minecraft.

    89. Laura Luedeman

      I'll miss the season as much as I miss Lizzy Winkle although I am exited to download the world and see it for myself.

    90. RMSJohnnyStorm1912

      Sad to see the season is ending

    91. Caiden Studios

      So sad to see the season end :( can't wait to see season 8!!

    92. Lucas Sikkel

      you should make tutorials for your houses in your lovely town:)

    93. Gb Marcelo

      Im crying 😢😢😢

    94. JP III

      Excellent season! Had to catch up at the end. Look forward to future vids.

    95. Kafiyo

      Well, what a happy/sad video. Looking forward to Season 8 with you. Cheerio!

    96. Ian Hoppe

      Watching Bdubs get scar with the shears. Notice that the mask skin has the shirt ripped and stuff. You kinda went a little stir-crazy with the shears Bdubs

    97. skotinoulis

      In season 8, recreate your castle with copper blocks for roof.

    98. Rayqon

      partly im happy that hermitcraft is over and we can see you guy's in a new season but im sad this season is over :c

    99. Conor Heaney

      I started watching you halfway through S7, and you've quickly become one of my favorite minecraft youtubers, and your videos have been really comforting to me when my life got rough. Thanks for everything BDubs, I can't wait to see what S8 brings! :)

    100. SnowYetii

      Nooooo! Season finale?! I flew out for work to a town without cellphone service nor wifi. Has it really been this long? (I didn't listen all the way through, we will miss you Mr feet smeller)