rendog being mildly innappropriate for 5 minutes straight

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    "we're adults in this chat" - rendog 2019

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    1. PizzaIsNice

      ✨ Family Friendly ✨

    2. Requiem

      Ladies get in line he diggity be on the way!

    3. Requiem

      Rub me

    4. Axel Cruz-Hernandez


    5. Relativea

      the disaster bi energy is showing and I'm here for it

    6. Th33

      come on my dudes

    7. Henry Hovden

      One word: Shocking?!😂

    8. K.O

      Ren is Pan in my French Vanila Fantasy HeadCannon

    9. shidmoment

      Wow I hope he never inapropriat again 1!!11!!🥵😳😳😳

    10. Bronze IsAFurry

      RENDOG IS FURRY!?!?!?!???!?!!!!??!?!???!! Oh my god it all makes sense

    11. stumble

      ion fw this, keep these weird jokes out my family friendly escapist minecraft videos

    12. Deathomen

      4:24 Hodgetwins refrence?

    13. BoonBoon 89

      This man is so unintentionally funny lmao in or out of context intentional or not. This is gold

    14. MrChickinMan

      "Hermitcraft is for kids" they said "All the MCYT's in it are PG" they said

    15. skepbeans

      Imagine if Ren made a channel for 18+ viewers

    16. Jarry Pota

      In HC S6 minecon retrospective video there's some mild innapropriateness

    17. SternYT Beyblades

      2:31 RENDOG PANSEXUAL CONFIRM?!?!!!?!2?2!22!1!1!1?1!1!1!1!!2!2!1!1!2!2?2!22221

    18. SternYT Beyblades

      1:12 I bet after this he threw up... Rainbows...

    19. Luthorian

      "ladies get in line- ladies and gentlemen; anybody can get in line!" that one quote means a lot. knowing that popular youtubers/streamers are working towards making their corner of the internet a safe space for lgbt folks really restores my hope in humanity

    20. Brxkenn Soul

      the immediate regret each time on his face oh noo lmao

    21. Catacus

      this is why ren is one of my favorites, dosent come out and swear but the jokes are there

    22. Kizmo joe

      rendog acting a little too sus for 5 mins

    23. HappyGamer 4ever

      4:00 The cow pulled out the ono reverse card and milked Ren

    24. Wolftag 101

      It makes me uncomfortable but at the same time it’s a funny moment

    25. Dane Osborne

      if your too young to understand the jokes, don’t worry, you will someday

    26. Robert Combs

      LOL the end of that is amazing

    27. Blas_de_lezo

      please dont stop being like that ren! YOU would be SO MUCH MORE BORING!

    28. Carlos Villalta

      i love how every hermit is kinda weirded out by these things except stress who just laughs

    29. Sam Cords

      Anyone else slightly concerned by watchjng this

    30. Somebody Likes Bacon

      Its so funny hearing mostly family friendly creators say inappropriate things, idk why

    31. Titanium Wolf Pack


    32. Manolo Gonzalez

      Use me as a 'WTF' button 😂

    33. Clanktitan2

      I forgot Ren has a face

    34. acromantulo tapias

      oooh god "lets get you into a vending machine shall we"

    35. David Zhou


    36. RedStone576

      my day is now ruined

    37. Pigeon Animations


    38. Fyre_Hazaard

      "im always down for some grinding if you know what im saying. ladies get in line baby, ladies and gentlemen! anybody can get in the line!" a true bi icon ladies, gents and everything in between. 😩 (idk if ren is actually bi, or if he's ever discussed his sexuality, this is a joke because i personally thought it was funny)

    39. Ben Fernandez-Sheinbaum

      Rendog needs to be like this in his videos!! He’s the most non family friendly hermit, we need some of that in videos!!

    40. LEONÉ

      rendog my beloved

    41. Erin Jackson

      "I got a dong in my throat" will live in my brain rent free forever

    42. shongkie


    43. orange

      anyone remember the "gigacock"

    44. kenzo joshua i delos santos

      the last one was too perfect

    45. kenzo joshua i delos santos

      4:06 uhm im a little scared

    46. kenzo joshua i delos santos

      finally a that's what she said joke

    47. Angel Lozano

      Ren: I'M RUBBING YA MAN Iskall: .____. ok.

    48. Liam Engram

      LOL! That last bit was gold.

    49. Emerald Rain

      Ren looks NOTHING like I thought he would! Wow

    50. James MacKenzie

      That’s the whole rendog theme

    51. Ronak De


    52. Clout Foam

      I know you made this 5 min and 1 extra seconds just to piss me off

    53. 「 Heaphilian 」

      That's why I love Ren

    54. DrAli Rashid

      ahahhaahahhahahahaha, love ren ❤❤❤

    55. phosphor gostle

      When you remember hermitcraft is meant to be pg...

    56. JamesonYT

      I like how everything Ren says sounds sexual out of context

    57. cuckinator

      "this is a family friendly channel"

    58. Jeremiah Gottwald

      Can anyone give me the stream for 2:49? And what MC game is that I forgot the title.

    59. noatryy

      someone's gotta get ren a bf or gf

    60. Paramjot SINGH

      I love RenDog.

    61. Blazecraft1335

      susdog lol

    62. Yi Yang Choo

      that last one killed me

    63. Yakima Doku

      besides the "4k" quality it's veryfun to watch again and again

    64. Luka Kapetan

      How often do these happen

    65. Vee Waterson [old account]

      I never have watched rendog But i think i will now, because this is very great😂

    66. Random Reviews

      Omg LOL

    67. Sleep-Deprived Witch

      Me: Yeah no im not a simp Also me: *has watched this multiple times*.

      1. Drawings And Things

        Dont expose me like that shh

    68. Hvski


    69. General_ Groves

      "rendog being mildly sus for 5 minutes straight" as the title may getcha a few more veiws :)

    70. Doddle 07

      "ladies and gentlemen anyone get in line!" thats cannon ren's bi /j

    71. Short Snort

      “Queenbmomma” certainly is a queen... Not a royal one I can assure you

    72. Daniel 456

      This is why I love ren. This and his a great storyteller.

    73. Daniel 456

      Grian ‘imma… imma need you to stop saying that’ 😂

    74. Nick Wilson

      "That one was too hard to resist" -rendog

    75. Dawson Benji

      I feel bad there is more comments on this vid then there are on the channel

    76. x the bean

      And here I was thinking I was the only one saying that this gives off Big Bisexual Energy

    77. bonito flakes

      im happy hermits are family friendly because i would pass out if his episodes looked like this

    78. Steve Minecraft

      Honestly I think he’s the second most charming hermit of them all

    79. bonito flakes


    80. TenKiingKirby

      What stream was this from? 2:50

    81. dimandqueen

      2:33 better title "ren being a bisexual mood for 5 minutes straight"

    82. HomereQ

      1:11 *_slightly_* innappropriate 2:24 *_SLIGHTLY_*

    83. Dave Sunhammer

      Minecraft is for all ages of people who like fun. What is your point? "I have it covered by a speedo."

    84. CeNedra Lea Heldra

      Are you drunk this for kids or adults

    85. Kuziziy

      oh no

    86. Dan Aj

      During the HHH livestream working on the evergiven ren said he “got some wood” and cleo practically died.

    87. MaritalTurnip8

      95% of the time rendog is mildly inappropriate but that's why we are fans of his.

    88. Eevee

      this is...uncomfortable

    89. nbMaple

      this video should be called “reasons why i love ren so much”

    90. AnAnomaly 334

      I’ll never forget doc saying “loly(presumably holy) shit I’m rich” in X’s video And Wels naming his tool “knight’s hoe”

    91. MuchMuch

      I like the Hermits doing some adult things sometimes. It gives you sense that Hermitcraft is not just for kids

    92. jessica hanson

      So hot.

    93. gymblue123


    94. BWB Bedwars Team

      “It does feel really good to strip”

    95. Drachma86

      Ren: "I've got a dog in my throat" Ren: 0.o

    96. King Fishnos

      Ren why

    97. TheWalrusman

      i like how must kids wouldn't get these jokes, that makes it better for some reason

    98. TheFunWasHere

      A while back Ren and Martin were breeding villagers and while Scar was gonna entered he heard them go “oh yeah let’s make a baby” and told Grian they where doing inappropriate things lmao

      1. Somebody Likes Bacon

        @Captain Potatord that was hilarious

      2. Adam

        Also the intense shoveling noises made it better

      3. Captain Potatord

        @No I'm Not Going To Enter A Name episode 3 17:06. Goodtimeswithscar lmao

      4. No I'm Not Going To Enter A Name

        What episode?

      5. Spectral Quill

        @Gea Ko 3rd life. Seeing it in Scar's perspective just made it a whole lot funnier😅

    99. Gonzo the amazing teddy bear

      0:11 0:33 1:02 2:12 2:48 3:10 3:19 3:37 4:02 C O W 4:22 4:47 Hmmm.

    100. Snowy

      i think i need to start watching rendog streams lmao

      1. nbMaple

        definitely yes!! they’re super fun