Mumbo Jumbo

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    this was all done, 100% in survival mode... What.

    Nathan Ryan:
    Nasm Nasmus:
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    Mythical Pingu:

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    My INSANE PC was kindly provided by Chillblast, a company specialising in Performance systems. We have a full range available with 3 systems of varying price and power! Check them out here:

    My server is kindly provide by CubedHost free of charge!
    Click this link to get a 25% discount off one of their servers!

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    My texture pack is Faithful and Codecrafted combined.

    Intro: ProleteR - Can't Stop Me
    outro: ProleteR - April Showers

    Timelapse: LAKEY INSPIRED

    Upload Schedule:

    Tuesday - Redstone
    Wednesday - Hermitcraft
    Thursday - Redstone
    Friday - Hermitcraft
    Saturday - Redstone
    Sunday - Hermitcraft

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    1. Philip

      even god could learn a thing or two on this server...

    2. JOWWTY

      Mumbo's kinda rude , by saying "yup" and many single word , it's like he's not paying attention to what the others are saying 😆 , he says yup even though the Speaker is not finish

    3. Togtolol

      I am german and i love your Videos

    4. Dvij Tyagi

      Oh my god, this video still has the old intro woooo

      1. LightTangent 101

        Think it's one if not the only vid that has it

    5. StormGod_57

      The only video where you can find mumbo's old intro

    6. ItsJan lol

      I love the old intro..

    7. Dominus RLB

      Wither skeletons vs blaze? Blaze farm?

    8. Xinicity

      When you realize that the audio starts not being the same as the video.


      How does scicraft have more than one dragon egg

    10. Paolo

      Oh my the intro is in this one

    11. MindfulDisc4847

      One question: why did the sci craft iron farm have more then 10 dragon eggs

      1. Ramonski333

        They duped the dragonegg. They btw.used hundreds of thousands of the eggs to remove the bedrock in the skyblock project

    12. bhindi masala

      U know your farm is big when you cant render the complete thing

    13. Piber _

      I remember this intro

    14. Amitai Macklin

      39:94 gotcha b****

    15. Living Murphy's Law

      Okay, this server has officially gone overkill. Just look at the chat at 30:54

    16. UnflavouredMelon

      I love how a wither is named "cobblestone farm"

    17. Rishit Maheshwari

      Wolf Farm😂

    18. Pickle Rick

      I think the spider farm is a partial zombie farm because baby zombies can still spawn in it.

    19. ItzAham

      This video just came on from auto play and the intro omg I missed that

    20. TAANN

      Oh my fucking god the intro filled me with so much nostalgia. Fuck you Warner Bros for makin mumbo remove it.

    21. Jesse LeStache

      "this isn't chunk errors" is surprisingly the most intimidating thing you could say in that moment.

    22. Axl Fernandez

      How i miss this old intro

    23. Aman

      I came to watch this after 2 years and the old intro brought back so many memories

    24. TheGreatRambler

      "It wasn't like you got the dream team together" hmmmm

    25. Oliver Arnesson

      think if frian see this. dark magic

    26. Lauren Ashleigh Iveson

      WE HAVE AN INTRO MUMBO! (Please don't edit this video) Nostalgia 🥰

    27. David Berge

      scicraft removes bedrock to play skyblock in their server, me just use the end

    28. ling ting

      Creative mode gets their resources from the Scicraft server

    29. Ashix

      Anyone else get annoyed when Mumbo is constantly saying "yep" every two seconds?

    30. AvaTheRed

      Science half of my brain: ooh i barely understand but fascinating Building half of my brain: enchanted elytra flying group is pretty oooooooh

    31. soniczayne

      Dababy is so sussy

    32. Blue Orange

      It's sooooooo fun to see these types of videos.

    33. Harvey Hathway


    34. Drew 'Brecht

      mumbo has a 39-stack of white shulkers in his inventory at 8:47

    35. Las3rs

      Bet evryone watching this just pray to join the server and join it to see all the amazing build

    36. Grace Chapman

      Love the old intro love it😍😍

    37. Jesse Wong

      Intro music!, havn't heard that in a while

    38. Hellin

      A video with an intro??? :D feels good to hear again

    39. Sgt. Steamed

      when this server runs better than me and friends year old world on bedrock lmao

    40. Drew Collison

      7:28 laazarbeams dream

    41. tesa nalianti


    42. Reign_dropz

      how do they have multiple dragon eggs?

      1. Reign_dropz

        @SharpshotM16 it doesn’t give dragon egg

      2. SharpshotM16

        You can respawn dragon

      3. Urszula K.

        1 reason: scicraft.

    43. mario yu

      The scattered arithmetic perceptually rob because pharmacist focally handle per a repulsive competitor. wealthy, overconfident friend

    44. Maks Spychalski

      23:04 if the minecart would not arrive someone would have been court martialed and their family taken hostage

    45. Intrer

      Wait, how come is the intro still here?

      1. EyrEs

        Ita a blessing from the lord

    46. Tyler fortnite blevins Stan

      Giving up there time? bro I’m pretty sure they have infinite time they probably made a minecraft fountain of youth that somehow works in real life

    47. Devinix M

      Lazarbeam: I have the biggest melon farm Wadzee: No I have the biggest melon farm! Scicraft: 6:08

      1. Devinix M

        @Urszula K. huh

      2. Urszula K.


    48. Björn Blomkvist

      Hey! This still have the mumbo jumbo intro!

    49. Jason Lan

      how mumbo feels when he tours scicraft is how I feel watching his builds

    50. Connor Eyer

      The mundane outrigger aboaly scream because bird longitudinally wobble as a sincere poultry. good, resonant find

    51. Slick Gogo

      Even though they talked about the bedrock remover in pretty good detail... I still don’t understand.

    52. George Chandler

      Did this episode survive the intro apocalypse?

      1. Daffysamlake

        It's a miracle

    53. Charlie Tang

      Everyone: Bedrock is unbreakeable Scicraft players: Actually.......

    54. Nooby Gang

      In the chat they said potential wolf farm.....

    55. Tushar Gogoi

      Who else is thinking like me that where is the base of this guys

    56. spunkbob

      Curious with how many days and in-game days this server went for

    57. Chaitanya K

      Ah the intro music... Sweeeeeeet

    58. ozgur anil sekban

      Everybody gangsta until 2 people talking about a wolf farm

      1. Flippy The Dolphin

        Ikr. What for lmao

      2. Rishit Maheshwari


    59. Depressed Duck

      Mobs: We exist. SciCraft: *Flicks a lever* No you don't.

    60. James Mayle

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      1. AGKaung77


    61. Chaotic- Ilusium

      This intro is an holy artifact .

    62. Finnorir

      Wait, this one still has the intro music!

    63. KiritoXAsuna #SAONATION

      Bro I wanna know which smp has more complex and mechanical shit like Prototech or scicraft

    64. Herecomes 360


    65. UCG-gaming

      The nostalgia of the intro music. Just beautiful

    66. Oryx The Mad God

      Everyone else building a minifarm: "so first you need a 5x5 area" Scicraft building one: "So to start off you will need to clear out a 50x50x50 area..."

    67. EternallySpoopy

      THE INTROO!!

    68. StatiiCz

      Mumbo: yep Mumbos mind: WHAT THE FU-

    69. 289

      bruh that tree farm has almost enough wood for iskalls tree

    70. Frxsty-_- Bxlt

      Legend has it that creative mode gets their materials from these guys

    71. Sushila Bhatia

      I love the intro

    72. opriva

      rip intro

    73. TheLightDawn79

      the only video mumbo has that still has the old intro I miss it a lot

    74. Banana with t U X e D O x70

      They should have a YUP counter

    75. Isaac Cain

      I love your old intro music

    76. МЫШЬ


    77. Royal

      8:47 Wow, they have stacked shulkers.

    78. Poison Potato

      Who would win: Every Scicraft player working together Or... Someone in actual Creative mode

    79. wobarry

      THIS HAS MADE MY DAY! I can't believe the music is still in this!

    80. Chris Brochu

      One of the last surviving videos with an intro

    81. Baronn 1


    82. Lawrence May

      How do you think sci-craft will handle 1.17 going down to y -64?

      1. Adam Řežábek

        noone knows. It highly depends on how would spawning algorithm work

    83. Critical Plays



      Nasa hire these people

    85. BeneM96

      nice and rare to hear this intro music in 2021 :)

    86. MCA Lives

      Mojang: remember bedrock is unbreakable Scicraft: Hold my beer


      do they even have like a house or a base

      1. Adam Řežábek

        No. Why would they? They have main storage ofc

    88. Young Isaiah

      Pillza makes Minecraft but only survivel but scicraft make creative mode

    89. MP3Martin

      feels weird to see him there

    90. Jesus Rampen

      Imagine HCBBS occurred not to other Hermits, but to SciCraft so that SciCraft members now own HermitCraft and HermitCraft members now own SciCraft.

      1. Karthik Ramachandran

        Haha that'd become HCBSS, Hermitcraft big server swap😂

    91. Squacke

      Scicraft member: yeah they are really time worthy and they produce a lot Mumbo: Yep

    92. LegoMax1010


    93. Chad Parker

      Yoooooo this has the old intro I’m so happy

    94. fran cat


    95. patrick Meyer

      No one : Absolutely no one: Someone constantly writing in the chat

    96. Hectic Gamer

      either the song is no longer copyrighted or mumbo's old videos are just really nostalgic of old mumbo

    97. Junkynioy PH

      am i the only one seeing this whole video off sync? (video is ahead of audio)

    98. NotYourAverageHuman S

      Omg I didn't realize how much I missed that into until I heard it. I started grooving and rewinded it at least 5 times

    99. Mrfolder

      Has anyone noticed that at 15:10 they show stacked shulker boxes. lol what the heck.

      1. Adam Řežábek

        it was usefull bug that empty shulkerboxes would stack (not in gui, but as items on ground). Even thought it was fixed, they reintroduced it using mod

    100. Sam

      Mumbo u missed an intro and exit music thingy. Not sure if you will get striked for this