The Adventure Zone Wonderland Megamix

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    a mix of wonderland round 1-3
    mp3 download:

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    1. Ruslan Makarov

      Griffin secretly revealing that he's a fucking rave god

    2. RedneckRough

      I ran the Balance campaign for my players. They died to Edward and Lydia in Wonderland. The cleric had 43 HP going into the fight while the rogue had 17 and the paladin had 6. I also played the music from the show during the campaign and now they get PTSD whenever they hear Wonderland music.

    3. Mothman OfficalTM

      The most bisexual song I've ever heard

    4. Melodiczombie

      I've listened to this so many times over the years and it STILL gives me chills every damn time!


      Oh. This is fire.

    6. bluewarbler

      Pretty sure at least 200k of those 435k views are mine alone

    7. Ernie Gordon

      Is it? Is it Griffin? Is it REAL LOW?

    8. arturo ivan martinez

      electro swing

    9. Tuckaroon

      Why do certain parts of this sound so much like your turn to die

      1. into the clintorus

        Garage band samples!

    10. Veng3r

      I am SOO happy that I started listening to this awesome series again... T_T

    11. Juno


    12. Kaninchen

      not to monkey-on-a-typewriter but this is the megalovania of TAZ

    13. thorne funnyman

      time to sauté, boys!

    14. Nah No

      I like your profile picture.

    15. Nick

      Sometimes. . . you've just gotta roll the die.

    16. Hunter Velicky

      crinkle tinkles

    17. - Liomus -

      my face when i learn a cool ranger dude in the arc has the same name as me vs my face when the PCs look at the ranger dude and his friends all fucking dying after being betrayed as he mouths "Why?"

    18. - Liomus -

      minor key is p standard for edm but the fact it's edm being used fto represent basically hell? it makes the minor key fuckin POP OUT in a narrative sense and i don't think i'm ever really gonna get over that lmao

    19. Cole Cruz


    20. Remington Looper

      I'm having this count in the new year as I type~

    21. olivia

      i wish i could experience the feeling of first listening to the balance arc again, esp during stolen century and story and song. that shit was so breathtaking, but its a feeling you only ever experience once

    22. Anachronity

      What if fake, cringy Hollywood pageantry and narcissism was a tabletop RPG boss: the song

    23. Xx Selena xX

      You must love me

      1. into the clintorus


    24. Sapo

      Ahh i've been searching for the sountrack that accompany the 2 "hosts" of wonderland, the one in the beggining that they started possing, if anyone knows the name pleeeaaase let me know

      1. Diligence Oakes

        It's called Storm Top Dog by Zachary Wilson

      2. Sapo

        @kmlac ok I'll see, thanks

      3. kmlac

        Sapo check out Griffin’s SoundCloud if you haven’t already :)

    25. audiovisual_

      _im so proud of zem...._

    26. Turq8

      I have exactly one song saved on my phone, and it's this.

    27. AngelOnIt

      I love this so much I started listening to the suffering game arc again

    28. sirstrongbad

      Copied into the soundtrack album in my collection as track 13 :-)

      1. Xx Selena xX

        A sick bonus track

      2. Xx Selena xX

        sirstrongbad good idea

    29. B E

      It's been two years and the soundtrack still POPS

      1. The Point

        3 and it's still a banger

      2. Xx Selena xX

        B E sure does brosky

    30. Rebe Fox RH

      I can totally rave to this

    31. Nobelynx

      Round 2 is my favorite, the main part makes me thing of gears and mechanical devices working in a perfect fashion. Griffin is so talented, and so are you for making this!

    32. Simmons Hatfield

      God this music. It makes we wanna dance.

    33. SkySqui 1220

      This is the BEST THING I have every heard

    34. Ian Muentener

      I need an hour long mix of this.

    35. Virginia Mooney

      Those two, repetitive, twanging notes that are integrated through this soundtrack set the tone perfectly. Whimsical and playful, yet deeply deeply sinister. I've got chills.

      1. Jamie Russell

        @The Point I think both work. I always thought of it as representing the twins. These are their fights.

      2. The Point

        @Rowan Sauer I thought they were a leitmotif for the twins, but yours makes more sense I think

      3. Rowan Sauer

        I think of them as a mini-theme for the animus bell, since they're present also in "Arms Outstretched" and a few of the other songs from The Suffering Game

      4. Facade Cake

        tgats what my girlfriend calls me

    36. Virginia Mooney

      Has anyone noticed that right around 2:18 a riff kicks on in the background, the same one that plays during the Forgetting track from S&S


        @Harrison Lane, as someone who has tried their hand at smashing loops together on garage band it takes at least a little bit of skill and planning.

      2. Harrison Lane

        It's probably not nearly as well-thought-oit as we think. He was just throwing loops together via garageband at the time

      3. sand witch


      4. Bethany Douglass

        Virginia Mooney AHSLFJALHD OH MY GOD

    37. chopsticks789

      So much better at 1.5 speed :) if you decide anyways

    38. chopsticks789

      But you can't heal. Wait what?

    39. Avery Evans

      love this. makes me wish i could feed my memory of the balance arc to the void fish so i could experience it for the first time again.

      1. Aurockson

        It’s just as good the second timw

      2. gardenpansy

        Wow... yeah

      3. Grant Miller

        Hey! I just finished it for the first time myself and oh boy did I cry

      4. { Forgan }

        Grease YES

      5. Grease

        @{ Forgan } BRO, ITS SO GOOD RIGHT?!?!

    40. Gee Buttersnaps

      never downloaded an mp3 faster in my life excellent work! totally seamless! i love it!

    41. Valkyrie SRTWO

      WHAT SORCERY IS THIS? A Mix that is actually GOOD?!

    42. Lord of Evil666

      Do you ever just...wonder in amazement at how fucking griffin Mcelroy put out possibly THE HOTTEST club EDM track of 2016 for like....a D&D Podcast?!?!?

    43. cscotch

      Start this at 11:57:11 and Griffin should count you into the new year!! Edit: I was corrected, you wanna start it at 11:57:9/10

      1. Gadget Labs

        Just did this. It felt so sick, thanks a million

      2. into the clintorus

        @Simpaholic HEY THAT'S MY LINE

      3. William Kim

        @Simpaholic I both hate and love how well this fits

      4. Zarch Blarch

        Damn now I have to wait a year to do this

      5. cscotch

        Ah fuck, sorry about my math y'all

    44. hunterdynastystuff

      hi I know i'm a year late but that second transition made me actually yell oh my god

    45. Captainskylink

      I only just now noticed the little happy face on the taco

      1. Skimbi

        I thought that was a sponge

      2. Amy Goodwin

        Captainskylink when I saw that little face, it was during the finale and I was just like "Oh so that's where Lup was the whole time, smiling at her brother"

    46. theo


    47. Ian O.

      this is a MUTHAFUXKIN BOP

    48. Krister Collin

      This is exactly what I needed to take my three fav tracks from TAZ around with me. Thank you so much

    49. Lapisofdoom

      When you set the video to "Lup" Get it :3

    50. Ashe Davis

      Sometimes I try and put TAZ music on in the background while I do other stuff but I always end up just staring off into space thinking about how much I fucking love The Adventure Zone.

      1. Andrew Stockdale

        Yep, so relatable. First you put on some TAZ music, then you're reminiscing about how good TAZ was, then you're watching an animatic, then you're relistening to an episode...

      2. Ross MacDonald

        @tiny axolotl I literally just had a moment going through the music where I just yelled out "Fuck! Its so good! Why is it so good?!"

      3. Irin

        All of you are wrong, This is a mixtape made by your Dungeon Master, Your Keeper, Your Best Friend, Your God, Griffin McElroy

      4. Steam Raider productions

        Sarah Davis fuck you right though

      5. Arianna


    51. Joe Atomic

      This is such a bop. Griffin fucking created this on Garage Band.

    52. Lex Demas

      They used garageband to make this, I recognize a lot of the sounds!~

    53. oree오리

      Nice seamless transitions!

    54. Cobalt Werewolf

      This mix is ballin, makes work fly by!

    55. joku jäbä


    56. Oli Spill

      2018, I've started watching the adventure zone, watched loads of animations and I love everything about it; thank you for existing.

      1. Oli Spill

        @tom No but i am however relisting to it in 2020

      2. tom

        Ok but are you still listening to it in 2019

      3. Gray Sky Sunshine

        Oli Spill same story here, it’s such a blessed show, and I’ve enjoyed so much of it

    57. Gianna

      you’re doing gods work

    58. NullNoMore

      I needed to finish an ugly, scary task. I put this on loop and GOT THE JOB DONE. Thank you so very much!

      1. NullNoMore

        @Alistair Ha Two years ago: crawling out of a pit and reading through a backlog of emails. One year ago: only a week behind on emails, let's go. Today: dance party with my kids in the kitchen before the next round of online learning. 321 LET'S GO! This remix is a powerful tool for good!

      2. Alistair Ha

        What was the task?

      3. didactic ascended

        @NullNoMore glad i could help!

      4. NullNoMore

        Laughing my head off. I'm still using it to get through the HARD THINGS. 3 2 1 LET'S GO.

    59. Astralika Castle

      I'm not gonna lie, as much as I enjoy this mix, I do wish there was a mix of this quality with the songs in their original order; I prefer the sort of song-has-ended feel of Round 3's outtro to the fadeout here.

    60. eiyuuou

      the intro to round 2 is literally my favourite fucking thing in the whole entire goddamn world

    61. Hunter Velicky

      22 people hit the wrong fucking button? i can't really explain it any other way...

    62. Zaccrim

      is it chill that I use this in a video? Credit and stuff ofc

      1. Sine Nomine

        @Leorio Paradinight He's not even the one who initially composed it I don't think - he credits someone else in the podcast for the main Wonderland Theme. Maybe she should've just credited the podcast itself three years ago?

      2. Leorio Paradinight

        You should ask Griffin Mcelroy, not didactic ascended. Don't use it without his premmision (but you probably already did)

      3. Chris Roberts

        Good good reply from OP

      4. Luizaki☆


      5. didactic ascended

        you can but do not credit me this is a simple mashup i did in a few minutes, credit griffin mcelroy please :)

    63. Multiscale

      it was a really nice choice to put 3 before 2. 3 has a bit of a lackluster ending so 2 makes up for that really well. love it

      1. The Point

        @roserocksrapidly Big same

      2. roserocksrapidly

        I fucking thought you were talking about the part in the song where it says "3, 2, 1, let's go" and I sat here for like a solid minute wondering if this was some sort of high-level joke I just wasn't getting

    64. Ordinary Citizen

      I was listening to this when my phone vibrated on the beat just as Round 3 started and it was the coolest second of my entire life

      1. William Kim

        That sounds so magical god damn

    65. Nyam

      What a bop!!

    66. garasunonamida

      my favorite taz tracks, all together!!

    67. Deadhawke

      This mix is PERFECT thank you so much for making this!

      1. didactic ascended

        thank you

    68. Yann l

      That's freaking good! Was searching for it. Tks!! These tracks deserves more love.

    69. SabulumP

      good shit, best of all the songs combined into one

    70. Courtney Parker


    71. Kerri Scheck

      I love this so much

    72. MentalVideographer

      3. 2. 1. Let's go.

    73. jason Rojas

      There is no healing in wonderland

    74. Briar

      Gosh the transitions in this are perfect, I've been listening to it nonstop since I found it. Brilliant move putting Round Three in the middle 👌👌👌

      1. didactic ascended

        Briar G in all honesty if you think of two songs that fit together just download audacity and fool around for 30 mins, I honestly made this because I wanted to listen to all 3 with less intro/outro time, I had no idea what I was doing and put 2 after 3 on accident. all it is is lining up the timings, adding proper fade in/out and boom you're done. I never expected this to blow up the way it did.

    75. LichboysAreIn yeehaw

      L I T B O Y 👌👌👌👌👁👁👁👁👌👌👌👌👌

    76. Livin4thelamb

      DAAANG - this was mixed well. Thank you!

    77. foxlores

      "Hand me the aux" "Yo u better not play trash" ":)"

      1. Grease

        @Xx Selena xX same broski

      2. Xx Selena xX

        spiritphoned i have actually played some of the suffering game soundtrack for non fans

    78. Ren Baker

      i got fucking chills. this is incredible

    79. Ethan Berry

      Ah, so good. I'm sad that it's over, but I can't wait for what's next!

    80. Space ace

      *whispers with tears in my eyes * sauté

    81. Michael Davaz

      Now let the battle begin! Three, two, one... Let's go!

    82. Randy Kothakonda

      4:52 bringing the beats. When that happened after the "Boss Rush...BEGIN" part in the podcast, I had shivers. SO GOOD. Griffin is weirdly good at setting the mood right.

    83. NonstopDoodle

      5:58 "Pain will raise the stakes, so come and play our little game to win your heart's desire!"

      1. Vincent Sellno

        NonstopDoodle that matched up perfectly with the higher pitched notes

    84. foxlores

      Me: hand me the aux cord Friend: yo you better not play trash Me: *plays this*

    85. dogloversunite

      This shit is just too good

    86. Benji Lees

      this is such a good song to play overwatch with

      1. Katheryne Flake

        TheMoistPlinth thinks about Joaquin. *cries tears of joy*

    87. Mitch Gosser

      Had this song trapped in my head all day.

    88. Dave

      "Hey can you play something other than The Adventure Zone Wonderland Megamix" "no bitch"

      1. Michael Davaz

        "Abraca-Fuck that!"

      2. Liam White

        "Okay fiiiine." *plays Crystal Kingdom Legion Mix once* "Happy?"

    89. QVINTVS-fails

      I'm actually really psyched that you put number 3 before 2. The part in 2 where it drops into that awesome beat is MY FAVORITE PART out of all the tracks. By the time the end came around I was so ready for it. Awesome job!

      1. kbstarzzz

        QVINTVS-fails I Agree!

    90. dani poor

      LIT AF

    91. Tanner Belile

      i was about to do this in itunes haha. thanks for doing the work!

    92. Chara Dreemurr

      This is so good!

    93. RedWolf4210

      i forgot to loop this, i regret not looping this o-o

      1. Icarusty

        Don't you mean you regret not LUP-ing this? I'll show myself out

    94. Andrea

      this is honestly so beautiful and good, thank you for making this

    95. Kate Young-Craig

      These transitions are so smooth. Niceeeeeee

      1. didactic ascended


    96. a good good good good boy

      god called and he wants back his mixtape soz mate

      1. kllcmd

        Johann called, he wants his “fiery tape” back

      2. MrTrubbol

        God nothing, this is Johanns work.

    97. Mutant Cauliflower

      i love the order of these songs bc round 3's ending has always seemed so lackluster to me

    98. ViziVoir

      This is so cool!! I'm just curious, what program did you use to make this mix? Also, any plans for making a mix of some stuff from the 11th hour arc?

      1. ViziVoir

        Ah, sorry for the late reply, but I'm using LMMS right now to write my own stuff, actually! It's a great program. Also, props for doing this in Audacity alone, it's really well done!

      2. didactic ascended

        I used audacity, honestly just thought that the starts and ends sounded like they might sync up well. although Griffin Mcelroy, the one who wrote the music did so in Garageband. I am planning on doing one for the eleventh hour but I cant figure out what i want to do yet, because the songs from that arc dont really fit together like these ones do, so i'm learning LMMS to maybe do something more involved than just syncing them in audacity.

    99. Sumaiyah Hossain


    100. vilmastointi

      This is so awesome!! I can't stop listening to this ✨