The Adventure Zone Animatic - Episode 67: SHE RISES


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    a phoenix never dies

    thank you to the mcelroys for the most fuckin bangin ending to a story ever

    listen to the adventure zone here:

    instagram: genathaniel

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    1. Michelle Borup

      "Phantasmal and resplendent" gosh that's part gave me chills. Good chills, but still chills.

    2. asmit317ify

      Griffin is SUCH an enthralling storyteller. Unprecedented. I don't want to give him too much credit, but I wept openly during TAZ so much

    3. Poetic Cinema

      Lup: H The TAZ fandom: 💙❤💝💙❤💕💝💝💕💕🥺💕💕🥺💕💕🥺💕😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳

    4. Katia Rodriguez

      So I just realized that when this is made into a show, these types of scenes are going to be planned and made to be as impactful and emotional as possible. I’m going to cry during this show so much.

    5. AmpleGames

      This whole animatic is absolutely brilliant. I really hope you are proud of what you've made

    6. Cash

      Every so often I come back to watch this cause its just so good

    7. Logan K

      Just the look on Lup's face when she says "I'm gonna fucking kill you now." sends chills down my spine. Fuck yes. Beat his ass, girl!

    8. Cait Amber

      I was driving when I heard this part and as soon as he said 'i know' I remember saying 'luuuuuup????' and then when he broke the umbrastaff literally shouting 'LUUUUUUUUPPPPPP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!'

    9. apple juice pls

      i love how you made the last frames open to the song playing

    10. Isabel

      I've genuinely watched this video about 10 times at least, I just keep coming back. I love every single thing about it sm

    11. The_Mighty _Worm

      I watch this video every 6 months and cry every time

    12. Astrid

      im crying again

    13. Salad Cartographer

      This is phenomenal. I love this.

    14. hit the boof

      oh to have an ultra-powerful femme lich twin sibling

    15. Poetic Cinema


    16. Decker

      Loop inside the umbra staff: it is hot as helping this fucking ass hot ass room im in, (sees Taaco with the grim reaper) *IS THAT THE GRIM REAPER*

    17. DunamisDylan

      So this is a fucking railroad of a D&D campaign innit?

    18. Anni Hõ

      I love how you draw Lup and Taako! Especially both their hair and expressions!

    19. SpicyRamenGaming

      Can we address the fact that because Lup is a master of Evocation magic, she was able to use Spellshaping to protect her friends against the insane collateral damage she wields against The Hunger? Because that's an awesome fucking detail.

    20. William LaMassa

      It’s been a while since I listened to balance bug fuck did they have some powerful moments in that finally. Griffin did an amazing job of rapping up all the real plot as well as all the bullsshit throwaway lines. Just amazing

    21. Samuel Zisk

      those two frames at 4:28 live in my head rent free

    22. Haye Jones

      This is it. This was the first TAZ animatic I ever watched. Sure it spoiled this reveal for me, but it got me into the series. For the next year I was on and off listening. Listening while I moved. Packing boxes and driving. Listening while I felt alone or sad. Listening on the way to see a ex partner of mine. Listening on the way home after we broke up and hearing the line "You're going to be amazing". Gaining new friends because of my love for this podcast that I play DnD with now. Thank you for introducing TAZ and I. It's been fun :)

    23. maggotbreath


    24. Bismuth LD

      I always wondered, why didn't they just right a book of details about the hunger and feed it to the voidfish so that john forgets what he is or his ambition. Also, for the artifacts, why couldn't they just make them like really pretty pieces of art or jewelry or something, that way people would want to covet them, but there wouldn't be any destruction.

    25. Keely Hughes

      This made me listen to adventure zone and I'm so thankful for it

    26. Micah Arlo

      i haven't listened to this arc in about a year and this still made my eyes wet

    27. Alpacnologia

      is taako wearing a crop top in this?

    28. AlphaWolvesGamer

      Oh my god, this is going to be emotional! It's your first words to your brother... better not screw it up. Make it emotional, but not too emotional. Tell him how you feel, but don't smother him... "YOU'RE DATING THE GRIM REAPER?!" ....

    29. Tristin Smith

      i miss griffen being the dm this stuff is so goood

    30. mike smith

      god these guys have annoying voices

    31. Susanna Wise

      this is my absolute favorite taz animatic holy shit

    32. The Good Doctor

      Anyone know the theme playing in the background?

    33. Ilse Maguellal

      I think this is the best animatic. Spectacular job!

    34. jonny

      I cry everytime clint says "attaboy!"

    35. artistpino

      This is incredible. It goes beyond just matching images to words and adds to the narration by interpreting the emotion into new visual story beats. In audio it was enough for Griffin to say she tried to contact him and struggled to even feel him. But this artist translated those words into a desperate incorporeal figure passing through her brother and holding him close without being able to feel him. That was beautiful and clever. This artist has the soul and brain of a great animator and deserves a job telling great stories at a major animation company.

    36. Lucahmaster

      When I saw the thumbnail I thought it said "She pisses" ngl

    37. Dani Brooks

      Your channel has my favorite version of Taako and Lup❤❤❤

    38. Juniper Lewis

      YOR DATEING THE GRIME REPPER! I laughed so hard

    39. The Quantum Teacup

      This gets saved to my playlist of really good things

    40. Ramona Johnson

      'Phantasmal and resplendent' .... Shivers. Every time.

    41. Austin Daw

      Listening to this makes me cry and your art really helps the tears along. God I love the world these boys made.

    42. Adam Grosjean

      I fucking love and hate how much the balance arc makes me cry.

    43. Cleo

      As I watched this show I would see this animatic in my suggestions. It was so tempting to watch it. But I didnt. I had to wait. And so I watched, waiting 67 episodes to understand the full context first. Thinking Lup was the main villain or something. And then Taako snapped his staff.

    44. FyreFrost

      Oh my god Lup trying to grab taako but her arms going through him is the best thing I love this

    45. Ryan Freer

      Still gives me chills everytime

    46. Sifeus

      Fuck I'm cryin

    47. Matrixie Kitty

      My god the story telling and weaving of an elaborate image! Griffin is an amazing storyteller!

    48. one sad frog

      okay can we talk about how taako interrupted *god*?? both griffin and justin did so well in this part. griffin gave justin a sister because of his older brother nature and took that sister away because he knew how to provoke a reaction. and then justin, his character’s rage seeping into his own, interrupts the world. the broken sound of taakos voice and the pure desperation and sorrow and anger is such a beautiful thing. i love this podcast with all my heart

    49. Cantrix1

      My God this gives me the biggest chills and brings tears to my eyes everytime

    50. Jennifer Herron

      Two years later and I still can't listen to this part without crying. You did an absolutely beautiful job giving visuals to this scene

    51. doctor 77320

      I love how proud clint sounds

    52. alex w

      everytime I hear lup's story I'm brought to tears. I've never loved a character so much, and no matter what media I consume in the future, she's always going to be so so dear to me ;o;

    53. Artemis Cares Too Much

      I haven’t listened to TAZ, just watched some animatics. This entire thing was amazing, and I am very confused by that ending.

    54. Bo

      4:31 INSTANTLY makes me cry. I love this animatic so so much

    55. Anthony Libardi

      My favorite moment in TAZ, and the best TAZ animation I've ever found. I also love the implication that Edward would have been released from the Umbrella too, except Lup *completely obliterated him.* There is *nothing* left to release.

    56. Sam S.

      check out my fuckin wife


      why the FUCK am I crying

    58. Glowstick Juice

      The art is soo beautiful oh my god

    59. Emily D

      This was the reason I started watching TAZ. Ive finally reached this point, and dang it's been a fun journey

    60. Chris

      WHAT the FUCK is this?!? its amazing!

    61. Sparrow

      this is interesting, I didn't know my favorite funny bois could weave such a complex and enthralling narrative.

    62. BoredomIsAnUnderstatement

      This is what got me to listen to this podcast. I watched this and I couldn't NOT find out how it happened. Thank you.

    63. OllieOops


    64. DouglastheDragon 01

      10/10 I never want to watch anything else

    65. i cant think of anything

      I've not seen a better fan-rendition of Lup to date. She looks amazing, I hope the comics do something similar.

    66. CommanderSkull

      What I love about this moment is just the thought that Lup came out of the Umbra-staff and suddenly was one of the greatest magical forces on the planet short of actual gods. She spent what I can only assume was years in the staff growing her already considerable power to the point she could affect the outside world in significant ways. It was basically a Dragonball-Z style gravity chamber.

    67. godmaster20

      That shifting focus at the start! Also everything else! Such a good animatic!

    68. Devak 66

      Years later this still makes me want to cry in many feelings

      1. Ray13

        For some reason the smile in Griffin's voice when he says "you hear your sister's voice say" makes me sOB.

    69. Gandalf The Gray

      What's the song playing in the background?

      1. Ray13


    70. günay mehmedov


    71. Shay Bowskill

      God damn this makes me so pumped for them to get to this moment in the graphic novel

    72. Glurg

      I swear I have watched this 100 times, this is one of the best things I have ever seen! Geneathan you have done a great service! Honestly this makes me emotional every time because of the amazing character design and expressions.

    73. WolfWriter236

      Does anyone know what music is used in this video?

    74. August Rock

      which song is in the back ground of this

    75. Matte B.

      This sequence quite literally changed my life thank you for animating it so beautifully

    76. kate af

      When Lup hugs taako from behind when he can’t see her... oof

    77. Clint LaRoux

      WHY DONT YOU STORY BOARD PROFESSIONALLY THIS KICKS SO MUCCCHHH AAAASS!!!!!!! ( I am assuming you dont for no reason other than this is on ILproject and not a god movie screen)

    78. MattFromPhilly

      We were all Clint the moment taako snapped the umbrella

    79. TheBest Catnip

      Griffin: *makes a beautifully crafted story" Also griffin: *vores a banana*

      1. Amber Brasher

        the duality of man

      2. Jed Donaldson

        I apologize for not likeing this comment buuuuuut, if you look at the like count you can see exactly why

    80. Sam

      im just finished the balance arc and the first thing i did was come to ILproject to see all the videos like these. i know im a few years late so im sure no one will see this but i gotta say something. Taako didnt tell anyone about that date. He specifically did not mention it because he felt it wasnt the others' business. This moment is the first time the others are hearing about it. Lup's first chance out the umbrella is to bring up her brother's dating life. I think that is so hilarious and this scene holds so much meaning for me. but then again, so does mostly all the Stolen Century

      1. Lauryn Batista

        I just recently finished Balance too. Good to know there’s others out newly enjoying it too :)

    81. Sleepy AL

      I was crying, okay,I was crying (I still am while I write this, but that's beside the point) and then she said: "You are dating the Grim Reaper??" and I just laughed and started crying even harder and now I'm confused and emotional and I love Lup so much. I've been waiting to watch this video, and I LOVE the way you drew everyone, it's so beautiful and awesome, their expresions and the way they move and it's so beautiful, I can't.

    82. Freed Obssessed

      Thank you so much for making this, I was zoning out during this part and was so upset because I couldn't visualize or focus on what was happening. But this was spectacular and cleared everything up. Thank you!

    83. Taako Tuesday44

      No matter how many times I watch this, it still brings tears to my eyes. Currently on 4th listen through of Balance. Not only because of how great it is, but because of where I was when I first discovered it. Seeing images put to the story only makes it that much more incredible

    84. lazaruslong

      "...and then we see Lup." ... instant tears

    85. Morning Entertainment

      "im gonna fucking kill you now!"

    86. Gil Martin

      This is literally one of my favourite passages ever

    87. MacKenzie Dowlearn

      I wanted to watch this, but I'm really not in the headspace to feel the level of emotion I know is coming after a couple listens of balance, so thank you for your work, but I've got to go now 😂

    88. Natasha Roma

      Absolutely magnificent work

    89. Donut Downpour

      this scene straight up made me sob; thank you so much for this i love it

    90. Personoide

      I love the delivery on that line at 6:00. It's so fucking raw. The best part is, there's the slightest hint of a laugh in there, and I can't for the life of me tell whether it's Lup being satisfied or Griffin being amused.

    91. HiImComplicated

      I've never actually seen any TAZ, I was just watching random animations but NOW I'M CRYING WTF HOW HAVE I NEVER SEEN ANY TAZ I'M GOING TO FIX THIS RIGHT NOW

    92. ugly fuck

      ok am i the only one that literally BALLS MY EYES OUT when lup says “are you the one that hurt my brother?”

    93. NecroYawn

      Ugh he goosebumps I get every single time I listen to the first 30 seconds, this podcast’s serious moments were just... **y e s**

    94. Amanda Shaw

      This is the video that finally convinced me to watch TAZ. Thank you for that

    95. Nope Nope


      1. Nope Nope

        @Jack Bonde Thanks so much!

      2. Jack Bonde

        It’s a DnD podcast called The Adventure Zone, run by brothers Griffin, Travis, and Justin McElroy and their dad Clint. It can be found on most podcast apps and online at . This video is extremely spoiler-filled for the near ending of the first season (or arc), but I can’t recommend it enough.

    96. Ray13

      Aight but can you imagine "It's like a bomb goes off in your hands." "Okay, what happens next?" "Oh, you all die horribly, as though a bomb just went off in your hands. You just snapped an incredibly volatile piece of magical weaponry, and you thought it'd just be fine? No, you guys are all super dead." "But... But I had to free Lup-" "Lup wasn't in the umbrastaff, that's *stupid.* She was just vibing outside the door, controlling the umbrastaff. You were supposed to go outside." I dunno why this is funny to me.

    97. Rat Man

      This is so gud.... I cry....

    98. Jameson Prior


    99. Kumma

      Even after years of taz ending i need to come back and let some of the emotions wake up in me. I remmember too well my heart beating hard while Griffin described all the scenes and still does after all this years.

    100. Lanai Rose

      i accidentally watched this before listening to the episode but i just finished this campaign and GOOD FREAKING LORD MY BRAIN EXPLODED