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God Of War Ragnarok - PlayStation Showcase 2021 Reveal Trailer | PS5


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    1. Emmy_hacks101 on Instagram ❤️👈

      I call you bro, because you made it up to me

    2. Emmy_hacks101 on Instagram ❤️👈

      I call you bro, because you made it up to me

    3. Slash

      Deimos should return

    4. Alfredo Hernández Hernández

      0:21 que maravillosa referencia

    5. Tstaten4

      Can’t wait to play this on the PS5😭

    6. ZXaySlime

      This finna be crazy 🔥🔥

    7. mllop aeet

      that “NO!!!!!” after what Atreus said about thinking like a General is spine chilling

    8. Atroxx Official

      ....... :o

    9. Akshay Yadav

      Who blew the horn?? Still a Mystery that's gonna be solved here!

    10. Alex Rolero

      nose que pensar... estoy feliz por el juego... pero en la mitología Nórdica en el Ragnarok según Loki muere... y se me va a romper el alma si se muere atreus

      1. mllop aeet

        My Ps5 literally sitting in a shelf waiting for this game to come out. Can’t wait !

    11. Ravish Kakkar

      please give a release date or just a release window

    12. Hassan Khan


    13. Genesis Casupanan

      Who is bigger, Tyr or Hercules?

    14. Jackbelly 7

      i have a ps5..... not.

      1. Maciek G.


    15. Jake Mitchell

      “Are you a calm and reasonable person?” Greek Pantheon: “Trust us, he is not.”

    16. Mark

      Name of the song at the beginning? Anyone?

    17. Samuel Vargas

      tqm Kratos

    18. Jesse Lopez

      Nord Mythology, Random black girl at the end

      1. Scott B.

        @nekropoid Right but my point is that they changed something about a character that is not authentic to the mythology. Santa Monica clearly takes their own creative liberties in their GoW games. I don't get why changing the skin color of one character is such a big deal

      2. nekropoid

        @Scott B. He wasn't originally, he was the same color as Sindri. He became blue after he worked too much with silver so it changed his skin color.

      3. Scott B.

        Yea and Brok is blue


      Even though it was prophesied, I hope Kratos lives.


        @Weligton Bazilato I really hope so.

      2. Weligton Bazilato

        It's not Kratos in the mural.

    20. A Funne Boi

      Not a boy anymore, he a man.

    21. x3m

      Game of the year i already see

    22. iSlay Noobz

      im not ready

    23. Sanskar Yadav

      2:54 tyr be like "HELLO BROTHER"

    24. Rodrigo EOH

      Like para que llegue Playstation Now a latinoamerica 👍

    25. Veersa

      My Ps5 literally sitting in a shelf waiting for this game to come out. Can’t wait !

    26. Marty Man


    27. Bedanta Gogoi

      Wo tier is as big as hercules

    28. Mr Clam Man

      aRE yOu a cAlM aNd rEaSoNaBle pErSoN?

    29. pure_Anime

      Just beautiful

    30. Tushar Raghav

      wathcing this while listening to skechers :)

    31. EPITOME

      3:11 I am here for this

    32. Him in the Gulf

      Not buying with blackwashed BS

      1. Scott B.

        I bet you will. No one can resist the game's combat

      2. Sam Mathews

        As if people care lol

    33. Adam Blandino

      I can't wait to pre order it.

    34. Travis Will

      Game of the year

    35. Vaseem Shaik

      Why isn't this a movie?

    36. Lucas Silveira

      Eat your vegetables kratos 1:57

    37. guntur galang




    39. terry taylor

      Odin shed a TYR when he saw this trailer

    40. miguel Lopez

      we need cratos wings

    41. Saurabh Singh

      BGM of this game is on another level.

    42. Hazem Hos

      #2:50 🔥🔥

    43. Reivaldo Aurelio

      Aside from obviously race swapped Angrboda, I'm still going to play this game to see my man Kratos.

    44. 49Shadow

      "You seem like a calm and reasonable person, Are you calm and reasonable person?", Said Thor. "Well.. are you?" Asked Kratos calmly.

    45. Vik

      Who want thor to beat kratos Like me

    46. Justin Tucker


      1. Jacob


    47. Kimiczz

      i can’t wait for this!!!!

    48. Danny

      This game is going to blow the roof. Only reason for the ps5

      1. Johnny manning

        It comes out on the PS4

    49. Gamer Heart

      I'm wondering if Faye knew how to stop ragnarok. Which is why she had Kratos and Atreus do that journey in the last game.

    50. Craig Saunders

      Can’t wait

    51. audioish

      Brok reaction to teenage Atreus is wonderful.

    52. mllop aeet

      Thor: Are you a calm and reasonable person? Gods of Olympus in the afterlife: Ey! Check it out, he gonna do it again.

    53. Martin Alejo Tirelli

      Me encanta el juego pero me gustaría que este en ps4 para comprarlo

      1. Maciek G.

        Yes it comes to ps4

    54. Alif Hafiz Bin Jasni

      Is it possible for freya to get her fighting spirit back in exchange of reviving magni and modi back?

    55. C Y R U S

      Is this gonna be on ps4?

      1. Kosta Danicic


    56. bot son


    57. elrulogame HD


    58. felipe_Uchiha

      I could do it for ps4 too or else give me the ps5 hahahahaahaha

    59. Jay Naidoo

      :O :O =-O :-D :-D I can't wait to play GOW RAGNAROK!!

    60. Mega Mika

      Is this only on ps5 or can u get it on ps4 too ?

      1. Ruiner of Jokes

        It's on PS4 too.

    61. Drip Savage


    62. Surge_cracked

      Is it on ps4?

      1. Ben Brown

        It will be when it releases

    63. Хоко

      I want it, NOW!

    64. iliya bakhsheshkon

      Pls make 60 fps

    65. Héctor

      Who is Tyr?

      1. Sequel trilogy Sucks

        He’s the guy we saw and read stories of in 4

    66. ElectronicMusicHQ

      Tyr still has hands. We might see Fenrir in this game 🤔😀

    67. Léo plays

      c´mon santa monica let's release this masterpiece!!

    68. Cyborg Gaming

      Who are those people who have disliked this Legendary Teaser….. Ans - X-Box fans 😂😂

    69. Instead we are above

      Kratos is a calm a reasonable person any person with a reasonable mind would have destroyed Olympus too.

      1. Kosta Danicic

        He became more calm and reasonable

    70. Aditya Vipradas

      Odin's presence through his Ravens Huginn and Muninn at 1:15

    71. Mr Nobody

      I hope Atreus has some kind of melee weapon in the game apart from a small knife. Would be cool to see him get up close and personal to some enemies!

    72. VD

      Just don't kill kratos pls.

    73. Gaming God

      Will this come for PS4 too???🤔

      1. Ruiner of Jokes


    74. Jibbers Delight

      I like how Thor's voice almost sounded like Ultron 😅

      1. Johnny manning

        Dude fr

    75. The Chief

      Since this is the last game for the Norse series this game is gonna be huge. Hope we get to go to war with Odin!

    76. _0Tom 0_

      Wonder if atreus is still gonna climb in my back when were climbing

    77. theantichrist thethirdantichrist

      Norse gods were not fat and/or black. Into the trash this woke garbage goes.

      1. Ruiner of Jokes

        Obvious bait.

      2. GG


    78. Marco


    79. Nocturnal

      Thor: Are you a calm and reasonable person? Flackbacks: *ZUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUS* Kratos: yesn't...

    80. The Epic Child Destroyer

      Tyr is massive…

    81. BSK The King

      “Are you a calm and reasonable person” [rage of Sparta starts] “That…is where you are wrong”

    82. AG'S MADNESS

      Where is thor

      1. Jacob


    83. leito

      Atreus is a teenager now.

    84. william. exe


    85. Atynnie Hawke

      Trovatemi UN DIFETTO, UNO

    86. LCU Nash

      Honest opinion, this trailer blows

    87. Atris AJ

      Kratos's greatest power... RAGE!!!

    88. Gusta R8

      Egypt next ? 🤔 Need to see Kratos body Anubis

    89. Ranya Alves


    90. Xenomorphking 159

      Curious what Angrboda will be like in game and her relationship with Atreus/Loki

    91. Johan Sebastian

      Are you a calm and reasonable person? Kratos: ARES, DESTROY MI ENEMIES AND MY LIFE IS YOURS!!!!

    92. Igor Beuk

      This is going to be best looking game with Forbidden West, very tight but Spiderman PS5 versions already looking better than Cyberpunk but only if you are honest, only then you will see all flaws in Cyberpunk game which is looking like avarage game, wow effect is already gone because PS5 delivered so much in this Pandemic time so thank you SONY you are the best.

    93. Th3_M1cks

      Why is zendaya in this trailer???

    94. Naeem Pathan

      Another reason to buy Ps5

    95. I AM THE TRUTH

      They better fix the Field of View on this game

    96. Juwain R


    97. Joshua Cáceres

      1:16 Hugin & Munin

    98. markeye

      2:07 “You seem like a calm and reasonable person” “Are you a calm and reasonable person?”