Daft Punk - Epilogue

Daft Punk

Daft Punk

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    1. Sandra Aranda


    2. Jay Plays

      Why are they splitting up?

    3. LumpySpaceBrotha

      this sucks. french house is already on its way for a comeback. You'll be missed... but im kinda mad at you...

    4. Rix Celtae

      A jamais dans nos coeurs.

    5. Blake K5LLA K5LA

      Feels like loosing two good friends that helped me through literally every hard time in my life. Very sad but their legacy will live on forever.

    6. xRevan


    7. ShadowMan

      Thanks for the kick ass work on Tron Legacy

    8. Christopher Larson

      Dang I thought it was going to be another song ☹️

    9. Ske3cH __

      I feel a disturbance in the force

    10. a

      lloro 😔🤙

    11. J.J. Maurice

      One more time

    12. Bcddp

      Goodbye good friend

    13. TalonDarkfire

      I didn’t follow Daft Punk much for their music, but being here to pay my respects, I’ll say Tron: Legacy may be one of my all-time favorite soundtracks. The movie wouldn’t have been near as good without their musical contribution.

    14. Daft Punk Tribute

      Legends never die.

    15. Sr.Sebastian dv


    16. Isilee

      Even if you only listened to them once, they were still a key part in your life. That forgotten gem of a memory that you cherish.

    17. TheLadeef

      When you haven't released an album in 7 years. Time to hang it up

    18. shaily desai

      now why im crying

    19. Duck

      Goodbye, Daft Punk

    20. PoLand

      Goodbye, love you.

    21. Jesus Christ

      thank you daft punk for evreything yall going to heaven

    22. 0 o


    23. James santiago Acevedo soler

      Volvere en unos años a ver este comentario para recordar que daft punk fue una etapa hermosa de mi adolescencia

    24. VioLynn **


    25. Ahdaptifiy

      Dude I am 16, I literally grew up on daft punk! Ever since I was like 4...This hurts to hear:(

    26. Lesego Cleo Maseko

      We will always love Daft Punk

    27. NewWonTon

      Came across Daft Punk in 2002 I would say and was an immediate supporter ever since. You will never be forgotten. We will miss you always

    28. Kevin Humberto Alvarado Basilio

      Daft Punk

    29. J.A.


    30. migorsiano

      They are legends


      Now if any of you tries to have a solo career, nobody will believe you. -"I was in Daft Punk" -"Yeah sure".

    32. Don Vecta

      I'm not crying. YOU are crying...

    33. Derek Navarro

      A Daft Punk farewell tour would've been one of the biggest parties the world has ever seen

    34. Williⱥm


    35. Cristóbal González

      Vengo aqui a dejar mis respetos y que ojala y esten bien, gracias por todo, los extrañaremos...

    36. Cristian camilo Lemus macias

      Hola gente que habla español 🥲

    37. M. Stroud

      Why did one have to explode and the other gets to walk away? WTH IS THIS??? WE NEED ANSWERS!!!! 😩

    38. Noob master 69

      Though I didn’t know much about them or their music, I still shed a tear seeing these legends go...

    39. 112Famine

      Their Reunion Tour Will BE HUGE! One can only hope they do no wait to long, time & life is fleeting

    40. RPE

      You will be missed! You guys were legends, I still listen to your music.

    41. Harley Climming

      Thank you for the masterpieces

    42. Ruth Taipe

      Thinking that 2021 would be better - :(

    43. Algoritmo

      Remember, love's our only mission This is a journey of the soul The perfect song is framed with silence Daft Punk - Beyond

    44. Andrey V. Coro

      Goodbye Emma Watson

    45. Johel León

      Why did this happen? Should not have happened

    46. Joshua Karadji

      So sad...goodbye Daft Punk 😥😭😭

    47. TheRealF.B.I

      Fun facts: this video is from their movie made in 2006

    48. Fingerboard Lemonade


    49. Jayden Parker


    50. Andrea L.

      So sad! We’ll miss you guys very very much ! 💔

    51. TheRealF.B.I

      Remember the time when daft punk was actually a human

    52. Junisirj


    53. Kieran Catchpole

      thats so peak

    54. Corbyn McGillem

      Thank you Daft Punk. That’s all I have to say. Thank you.

    55. M A

      I've been waiting all this time for the RAM Tour and you're telling me there isn't going to be one!

    56. gabriel gonzalez

      "nada dura para siempre"

    57. Aaron Gonzalez

      Stage 6 is without a description

    58. Kotal Khan

      Comentario épico para recordar que estuve en este momento histórico de la música

    59. Borenya Boruah

      Inspired generations of artists

    60. Dany el piñas

      The end ...

    61. Fabiano

      Top 5 escenas más tristes del anime :

    62. Alex Jessee

      Listened to so much daft punk over the years. Reminds me of skating home at night under the stars

    63. jose borotoche

      whole generation of fans will keep listening to daft punk because daft punk never dies

    64. claautkm

      Bye bro bye........

    65. Kenny 2crazy


    66. Sol Gomes

      If love is the answer you hold, hold on!

    67. Lard Lover

      Goodbye daft punk...

    68. PATO XD


    69. M Wolf

      Je suis écrasé. I am crushed.

    70. daverage47

      Sad to see them go but they've left us a legacy of great music I'm sure many of us are grateful for. They ended it just like they made their music....with class!

    71. Allison Bettancourt

      Ni siquiera me gusta Daft Punk pero esto sí me llegó xd

    72. ceph

      I see so many people saying that 2021 is going to be bad based on this start to it and, as heartbreaking as it is to see them go, this video shows the change that also could come this year. 2020 was horrible, we can all agree on that, and we've wanted to turn a new leaf for nearly a year now. This video, in my eyes, very much makes that look all the more real. What feels like a lifetime of living with one thing coming to an end to make room for the new is hopefully all that will come this year. As destroying as it is to see such a legendary duo leave us and as irreplaceable as they may be, it truly was their time to go unfortunately. I mean, not everyone can make music for nearly 30 years and maintain relevancy but that must come to an end some day and we are lucky to have seen them go on a high note. Thank you for everything, daft punk. Your music has a place reserved in the history books

    73. Abby A

      rip daft punk

    74. - Greencake -

      Tbh I heard about these guys when I was four so 2010 and trust me when I heard there music it was the best but now I need to give them the biggest thank you for being here for me and for us all so thank you so much 🥺

    75. Blaze Escamilla

      Get Lucky, Around the World, and One More Time will go down as three of the best catchiest songs I've ever heard.

    76. Shiroi

      cry cry , my lord Daft Punk :( bye bye my loves , tranks

    77. Fabio Lemos

      Que originales, me voy a..... Haber si es mejor mierda que esto

    78. Spicy Weetbix

      All good things come to an end

    79. The emperor Protects


    80. Banana Blade

      "The same things that make us laugh, one day will make us cry" The end of an era. Thank you, Daft Punk

    81. thecrazyslopoke

      Wait I thought they blew up years ago

    82. Jocef Jose

      The last time my heart ached this bad was during a breakup in 2007 with my ex. Wtf I lost another fond part of me. Ily Daft Punk. Their music shall carry on even though they're gone.

    83. Jael H. Velez

      Thank you for everything Guys♥️ Daft Punk Forever

    84. ZomBuster's DeadSeries

      Merci les gars pour ce superbe voyage (autour du monde).. So long Punks, and thanks for all the fish

    85. José Luis Barrera

      Gracias!! Gracias!! Gracias!!

    86. the: sad: cat

      Okey 2021...... okey.

    87. Emu Hojo the Doctor Gamer • 3 years ago

      *damn i really wish this released at April 1st ;-;*

    88. Notsuch CreativeUsername

      You will be missed Daft Punk.

    89. Rip _

      they will come back i know they will, they prolly did this to stay relevant

    90. SC64

      Why?, Why you need to hurt me in this way?

    91. Demonius Games

      Alguien que hable español que pase contexto

    92. AmazingKingAdam

      One of the few music groups I actually liked from my childhood 😭

    93. Nick Tuttle


    94. aleph null

      started listening to them when I had "around the world" on a Winamp playlist. Can't think of high school without thinking of daft punk 😥

    95. Eat Dirt.


    96. agusKLP uwu


    97. Mauro Lemos


      1. Mauro Lemos


    98. Johnny Acheson

      You have done what most can not. Thank you

    99. FazeNDusT

      this makes me cry :')

    100. Leonel DG