23 Minecraft Things You Should Use More Often

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    23 Minecraft Things You Should Use More Often! As Minecraft continues to expand with each and every update, some cool things are bound to get lost in the shuffle. So, while plenty of other videos will talk about the big features, tips and tricks to look out for, today, let's cover some of the lesser used tactics and tools that you should use everyday in Minecraft. Who knows? They might even help you out when you really need it. These are 23 simple things you should use more often and in every day minecraft gameplay in this Skip the Tutorial list video!

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    Research, footage, and map by Frankie Mundo
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      In 1.17, I’m gonna use powdered snow to mlg

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      Nobody: The chicken corpse (watch the chicken) at around 5:02: “ok ima head out” *zooms out of screen*

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      my friend and i found three either skulls in 10 minutes ..😊

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      That's why it's called a trap door

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      Cool fact: The radio took 38 years to reach a market audience of 50 million. The television took 13 years and the iPod only took 3 years to reach a market audience of 50 million

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      Oh look, Strays give Wither skeleton skulls also when blown up via Charged Creeper. And what's this? Powdered Snow turns regular skellys into Strays? Nether not needed. Ref. Number 11 at 5:36

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      number 17: *Use trapdoors and maybe let more then expected out!* simple vine: *Carpet*

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      Actually, the first trick doesn't work. You can go ahead and compare the two, you get much more loot from just using the sword, and get the same amount from a bow.

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      For the animal pen, just put a piece of carpet on the fence

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      I don´t have an minecraft account

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      ILproject coach : Tommy innit

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      Did you know, using a fortune pickaxe or tool on crops such as potatoes can give much more than usual? For example, I broke exactly four stacks of potato crops and got almost twenty-four stacks!

    34. Rebecca Garcia

      I named my pickaxe mining away

    35. Yanis Benzine

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      Just put a carpet piece on a fence and farm mobs can’t jump over while you can

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      number 1: play minecraft

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      Harming 2 in java is bad if your enemy has prot

    42. Craft Pilipinas

      Can I ask what editor you use?

    43. Sansael

      Just giving an FYI the looting one does NOT work. You can prove this by using a looting 100 sword with it, and it still drops very little things compared to what it drops while using the sword.

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      don’t try the boat one in bedrock because you take fall damage in boats in bedrock

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    59. Qwik

      as far as i can tell charged creepers do NOT guarantee head drops (just tried in a creative world) please correct me if im wrong

      1. Qwik

        Correction, they DO guarantee headdrops but only one per creeper explosion. I.e blowing 15 wither skellies up with result in 1 head (ignoring the inherent chance of a headdrop)

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      lots of these don't apply to bedrock, but I'll be getting Java edition soon anyways so that'll be fun :)

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      When my brother and I were playing Minecraft we found this Axe with fire on it so we named it instant cooker because when you kill the animal it automatically made it food

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      10:38 well sadly not work after 1.17

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      I use #8 ALL the time when I am pvping with friends lol. Though I do it in the form of arrows

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