Blake VS Mikasa (RWBY VS Attack on Titan) | DEATH BATTLE!

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    These high-flying monster-slayers are destined to clash swords!
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    1. chibi tato

      What happened to mikasa passed me tf off so badly.

    2. LikedLime

      Mikados so have win

    3. Johnny Lee Taylor II

      Eren Jäger V Ant-Man/Atom

    4. Starlite 620

      I have got to say this is one of my favourite death battle vids More specifically the best fight I have ever seen in the death battle series

    5. Red Riot

      Weiss may have lost her fight but Blake and Yang won their's so we only need Ruby to win her fight 💯

    6. CooperCool Denisse

      Why not a tag team Like Deku and Bakugo vs Atsushi and Akutagawa?

    7. Smoove Shoa-dow

      Shinobu from demon slayer vs Akame for akame ga kill would be a good match even tho I’m pretty sure akame is winning that

    8. Collin Mason

      That is a bunch of lies how can make Mikasa lost

    9. khaiamd

      Love the channel, but you can't use any rooster teeth characters anymore. No one is gonna buy the impartiality of these ones.

      1. sunshine is fire

        I agree seems more bias than usual

    10. John Butler

      Love you guys but this wasn't really an even fight.

    11. Trinity Senpai

      Now all that's left on the team is Ruby herself. I really think she should fight Maka from Soul Eater. Both are scythe wielding badasses in skirts

    12. Perdix Games

      Consistently hit: Shows her getting hit 90% of the time

    13. thaloh

      Prediction before video finishes: Certain Mikasa's not gonna win. RWBY characters are OP, and the whole charm behind AoT is that its characters are very vulnerable. EDIT: Called it.

    14. Kaizer 'Mad' Maik

      great, another figh that made no god damn sense to even put on but what did we expect anyways rgiht ?

    15. Mr. Sub

      They did something to Blake that she would never be able to recover from, but Mikasa would never even mind. Like Blake would’ve been in shock, same as yang who got her arm cut off, she didn’t bother to get back up. Mikasa, Levi, any Ackerman would’ve never mind that they would lose a limb, or get stopped in their tracks. In their innate state of mind, they have no hesitation, no sense of fear, and always adapt. So the way mikasa died to Blake was so out of character. Plus, mikasa should’ve destroyed Blake in the sky.

      1. The Filthy Casual

        @Mr. Sub Fine let me correct that then lifting strength means nothing in a 1v1 fight especially Vs Debating. Auras don’t take much to break but Mikasa doesn’t have the much outside of the Thunder spears (which she wouldn’t be able to land). Like I said before Blake was too fast for Misaka making it so she’d never be able to land a hit while Blake could easily land all of hers. And since Misaka doesn’t have any special shield like an aura she’d take a lot more damage then she could do to Blake.

      2. Mr. Sub

        @The Filthy Casualoh strength does mean something. It would mean in mostly every aspect, if these two were to do an arm wrestle, played a game of punchies, mikasa would win. Cause she has the ability to literally foucs every ounce of her strength and muscle tension to be able to pick up about nearly 25 tons. That’s literally something that we regular humans can do if our Brains didn’t limit our strength, and mikasa doesn’t have that limiter and she can go further than that. Yeah there’s aura, but it really doesn’t take much to break it, and hunters and huntresses in rwby have their aura to enhance the aspects of their bodies, but if it gets interrupted, they’re normal humans. While mikasa is literally superior due to her genetics.

      3. The Filthy Casual

        @Mr. Sub 1. Lifting strength means nothing 2. Bullet timer

      4. Mr. Sub

        @The Filthy Casual you do know mikasa can carry metal beams(which are 907.1847KG) over her shoulder with no problem. Her processing, her reaction speeds, far exceed any normal human. The whole thing about ackermans is that they’re literally unstoppable in ways. Like Levi, he remained calm, he Adapted to every single obstacle instantaneously, and dodge bullets at Mach 2, and mikasa can catch up with him. An Ackerman can adapt and react to anything instantaneously, like what Blake did with the ice dust to her leg, mikasa would’ve instantly continued on from that, and Blake shouldn’t even get up from that recent severed arm in the first place.

      5. The Filthy Casual

        @Mr. Sub 1. Fair enough I’m terrible at writing sentences. 2. Is it wrong in some ways sure but it’s still right over all Blake is to fast, too durable, and has a much better arsenal of weapons and abilities. Misaka’s only win condition (the Thunder Spears) weren’t meant to be used on humans and too slow to land.

    16. Crustty xbox99

      for ruby do "Ruby (RWBY) vs ahsoka tano (star wars)

    17. Bripri 159

      Don’t worry Blake! When sun comes back he’ll you a hand to hold!

    18. Francisco Nahuat

      Kurama vs Godzilla!! plz

    19. Zichi the Fox

      My bets are on Iron Fist.

    20. Shadowster Z

      I really hate this outcome because mikasa was my waifu put I could never defy death battle's research all I can say is GG

    21. Jose Amaya

      They should do Eren vs Sasuke. Titan vs susano’o

    22. Kicsiduda

      Damn the music was great

    23. MalavarTCOne

      Homelander vs Omni-man next please 🥺

    24. nejko kitarist

      you can tell the winner befor the video bcus mikasa and levi aren't really that strong and fast. i'm fan of AOT. but they are just human not super human

    25. Chevante Bell

      Why keep making one sided fights and playing with our emotions.

    26. Cole's Factory of R word

      Guts vs Gerald of Rivia

    27. Maciej Skorżepo

      Omni man vs Vegeta please

    28. The Devils Flex

      Should’ve did Levi vs her

    29. Cheyenne Gaillac

      I kinda had my choice set on Mikasa so I was a bit disappointed when she suddenly got KOed by her own ThunderSpear because I feel like she'd be a bit more careful with throwing them at such close range. Even so, I do have to admit that Blake would have a slight advantage with her magic since Mikasa just has enhanced speed/strength. All in all, the final blow was a bit disappointing but all in all, it was a good fight between two strong ladies.

      1. sunshine is fire

        I LOVE your profile picture

    30. Ace of Blades

      If only she was this strong and useful in the actual anime (Rwby)

    31. Garrit Gerke

      Please do Trevor Belmont(Castlevania) vs Geralt of Rivia(The Witcher)

    32. Dee Jaay

      levi mikasa can easily keep up with him death battle'd

    33. Just a hank but it hankerchief

      Mikasa die nooooo but yes she is a human :(

    34. Wesker113A

      Seriously promoting bluechew on a channel that kids watch 😕

      1. sunshine is fire

        YIKES 😬 Yeah not the best call

    35. TA_bobizcool TA_bobizcool

      I literally called it that Mikasa will lose in the fight after Blake's part of the reaserch

    36. Jayson Clinkscales

      Need the music.

    37. Antoine Bengle

      Dude Im so sad Mikasa lost

    38. Kevin C

      Well now yall have to do a ruby vs someone with a scythe since yall did all the other rwby members

    39. Black Talon

      No way. Mikasa can react faster than that. She literally deflected bullets from like 3 feet away from MULTIPLE directions. What the hell is this logic? She could have dodged that spear for sure.

    40. Black Talon

      Bootleg Vergil

    41. Jake

      Big surprise. RT's fanfic character won again.

    42. Master Robotnik

      =ATTACK OF TITAN IS GARBAGE......LAST MANGA CHAPTERS LACKING OF THE COMMON SENSE....... ..................................IT SHOULD BE ENDED ABOUT GENOCIDE OF EVERYONE.....................................

      1. Proper Indecency


    43. AznGhost

      I've never heard of the anime character Blake

    44. Rick Booth

      be honest, who else thought mikasa was gonna sweep the floor with blake?

    45. etvspredmisl

      Spawn vs ghost rider would be interesting

    46. Diego S

      It seems the Rwby characters must always win... Too strange Death Battle is under Rooster Teeth umbrella... They need to promote the series... I get, and I love the series but still... Blake sucks.

      1. Jonathan Juarez

        I get it, Yang’s win was pure BS however Blake’s win is 100% legit and Weiss lost her fight in a curbstomp and that was after her opponent was lowballed to make it more fair for Weiss.

    47. Mickey Moose

      Anyone else trynna see ohma tokita vs baki hanma?

    48. Dustin Beck

      That was unnecessary. You know what im talking about.

    49. Dante_Sparda_The_Deceiver

      This feels incredibly one sided...

    50. Theron Ellis

      Yang: At least we’re matching!

    51. Kenan Von Kaiser


    52. ty kirby is this fair 🙁

    53. Charles

      Wwooooowwww.. wooww.. they just through in a Manga spoiler and it served no purpose in the creation of the video.

    54. Michael Murray

      Anyone else feel like this battle was way too predictable?


      This was not even close to a fair fight after I seen both characters feats, I already know AOT was taking a lost

    56. Dieter Mill

      I get that this was an uneven match up but what I don't get why Mikasa could dodge bullets at over mach 2 but not the rocket going at subsonic speeds.

      1. IsDisGudNam

        It's called being caught off guard, if you watched th video she got hit mid air when she wasn't even swinging around. 🤡

      2. IsDisGudNam

        Mr. nitpick. Stfu

    57. Nova Strife

      Good lord that was a brutal death

    58. Keith77ism

      My baby won 😍😍😍

    59. Peter Hiser

      *Are those two sets of ears? she must have four times the hearing.* The math tho, Mikasa has two ears and Black has four, so unless you are going off of it multiplying by the power of itself, the math doesn't make sense.

      1. Peter Hiser

        @KAHANU ERMEYAS-TULU Bro, "FOUR" times the hearing? Mikasa has two ears, half of what Blake has, how does Blake have FOUR times the hearing unless you're Multiplying it by assuming that Mikasa has only one ear to hear from? The lack of intelligence is astounding.


        @Peter Hiser Blake literally has a pair of cat ears and human ears. You’re the one who’s incorrect. 🤦🏾‍♂️

      3. Peter Hiser

        @IsDisGudNam Bro I think RWBY is better than attack on titan, also, I was commenting on a mathematical/grammatical mistake, I don't know how my feelings about the show could be taken into consideration.

      4. IsDisGudNam

        Stop being salty just cause your series lost. Take the L.

    60. Bonnie Carbaugh

      I’m still waiting on maka vs ruby,sailor vs madoka, Saya kisaragi vs Saya (blood+) and akame vs saber

    61. Qrow Branwen

      In my most honest opinion because I love both series I think this was a unfair fight automatically Blake would win just because she has more armor now micasa is somewhat a superhuman not by that much but I think there was a unfair fight I'm still waiting for you guys to make Ruby vs. Maka RWBY vs Soul Eater I would love to see that this is my opinion some people may agree with me some people may not agree with me

    62. Collin

      Why Blake actually won. shes from Rooster Teeth

    63. Archangel

      Lmao that was just mean. That's like pitting Bruce Lee against the Iron Fist

    64. Tcstancil

      wall "marea"

    65. Leo Akough

      15:53 "From beyond the forth wall" Deadpool: Did someone say-- *Wiz destroys the whole T.V. this time*

    66. Kevin Diaz

      Yeah I didn’t even need to watch this thing to know who was gonna win, don’t even need to watch the research stuff to know either. With this coming from the company coming from the company that makes rwby, bias isn’t even something one should question when it comes to the outcome.

    67. Uzi_wit_da _glock

      Technically the titan won

    68. Julian Parsons

      I'm not arguing with the results, I'm just wondering how _ANYONE_ thought these two were remotely evenly matched.

    69. Bladerune

      OMG their character won? im not surprised at all.....

      1. IsDisGudNam

        @sunshine is fire it isn't, you're just annoying.

      2. sunshine is fire

        @IsDisGudNam it does seem a little bias

      3. IsDisGudNam


    70. Lily maclean

      I'm happy aot lost

      1. IsDisGudNam

        Apart from seeing stans salty and disliking the video, i don't see why you're so thrilled when the outside come was inevitable.

    71. Dragon King

      We need a Jaune Arc in the Death Battle

    72. Banana Cat

      The biggest plot-twist in this episode is Wiz's cloning experiments

    73. SpotLight

      The Merchant vs The Duke 🤣🤣

    74. FoxDemonMaster

      What a surprise the magic animal girl won the fight😂😂😂

    75. Paul Hikari

      4:55 And that was the second of three big reasons RWBY jumped the shark at Volume 6.

    76. CABRALFAN27

      I don't know why people are saying RT are biased for setting Blake up with a weaker opponent, when they set Weiss up with _Mitsuru,_ who most people from the RWBY-verspe probably couldn't beat. If they'd had Weiss win against the strogner opponent like Yang did against Tifa, maybe you'd have a point, but they didn't. And regardless, aren't Death Battle matchups based on thematic similarities rather than comparable strength? Look at Tracer VS Scout.

    77. Rackeem NIchol

      Do black samurai vs black samurai (yasuke)

    78. Chris - X

      I love blake more But idk about this one and what they took as reasons

    79. EarthKing Gaara

      I don't care my money is on Mikasa

      1. sunshine is fire

        @IsDisGudNam that's a no then right

      2. IsDisGudNam

        @sunshine is fire 🤡

      3. sunshine is fire

        @IsDisGudNam you got anything else maybe something original?

      4. IsDisGudNam

        @sunshine is fire snowflake 🤡

      5. IsDisGudNam

        @sunshine is fire I'm not even being mean shut up.

    80. Unlucky Wizard

      Shock Rooster Teeth that own this now have their character win.

      1. IsDisGudNam

        @Unlucky Wizard appearantly since they own it, none of the characters in that particular show can win🤔 you really are smooth brained

      2. IsDisGudNam

        @Unlucky Wizard clown. Imagine calling something rigged with literally no evidence

      3. Unlucky Wizard

        How dare I have an opinion. Fine all points are valid, I am in the wrong to dare question such science of fictional characters. Thank you both for clearing my smooth brain confusion and correct my ideals. Aight I'm done.

      4. IsDisGudNam

        @Unlucky Wizard It's not rigged, it's just facts. There's literally no way mikasa could win this.

      5. Justin Alicea

        @Unlucky Wizard And again, Weiss vs Mitsuru clearly indicates the opposite, as Weiss lost. Not to mention RWBY has only had 3 fights. And if you say Weiss was them trying to get people off their back, you are an idiot and a hypocrite.

    81. KingJ Gamer

      Now when are we getting Asura from Soul Eater vs Salem from RWBY?

      1. KingJ Gamer

        @Justin Alicea I mean, Asura's madness could affect and even destroy souls, and with Asura's power being so great, any immortality on Salem's part would be pointless. Plus, Asura's power was so terrible, it made the Immortal Werewolf Free fear death. It's quite possible that if Asura's power was any greater at that moment or if he didn't snap out of it in time, then he could be dead.

      2. Justin Alicea

        I think we need to learn if there is any way to circumvent Salem's immortality first. Because Asura's own is like Hulk's before Immortal Hulk: days to even centuries before revival.


      I knew Blake was gonna win but still held out for Mikasa.

    83. Laughapaloozathon

      biased and one is magic

      1. Justin Alicea

        Not biased, one is a programmed human.

    84. Noah Dawson

      Why didn’t you use the scout regimens new odm gear that also serves as a gun

    85. BeastinSosa23

      Orochimaru vs. Hisoka

    86. Alejandro Careaga

      I think this was the most unfair fight I have ever seen.

    87. Eastern Hurdle72

      At least mikasa can finally be with eren now

    88. Savage TV

      Death battle is being biased. They're owned by the same people who make RWBY

      1. IsDisGudNam

        @Savage TV stfu and stop being salty :') you're just making an excuse as to why mikasa got destroyed.

      2. Savage TV

        @Justin Alicea I missed that one

      3. Justin Alicea

        Weiss vs Mitsuru

    89. live stream gaming

      I would like to place a bet on mikasa. But ik she probably lost.

    90. Kagura- Chan

      watta mismatched fight again, and then the next one too? c'mon do better

      1. IsDisGudNam

        You still watched 🤡

    91. Cobra Blackbelt

      Bruh are we not gonna ask why my man Po is going to be fighting in the next death battle lmao 😂

    92. Dillon McDermott

      You know this video made me realize that maneuver gear actually would work perfectly on remnant (Could you imagine if they had dust blades like ravens sword)

    93. BLKBRDSR71

      Blake ❤️ Now that's a good kitty.

    94. ZeldaSam1

      12:31 If that was the case, you'd think they'd be fighting against the Titans together!!!

    95. yuvalheadshot gabay

      did you realy thought mikasaq could have one. aot is a very low power level anime

    96. Ramon Villegas

      Ruby (RWBY) vs Mythra (Xenoblade)

    97. Jimmie Harris Sr

      Did Rooster teeth make RWBY what The hell

    98. SonicKing0

      Say what you want about the result. But that animation is actually terrible.

    99. sakuya-san

      This honestly makes me wonder how many death battles are going to have the rwby cast in them and letting most of them win

    100. Eddie wise

      There releasing a death battle on my birthday it’s a dream come true