Hermitcraft S7 Ep 62: Last Chance & BARGE SWEEP!

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    Hermitcraft season 7 episode 62, we are back on Hermitcraft 7 to finish a mega build in Aqua Town for my real estate customers. The build will be a place for my customers to come and get free building resources for their Aqua Town buildings. We also ride the H.C.B.B.S at Grian's Barge. The Barge sweep is a ride where you try to grab as many items as possible before the ride ends. Hope you enjoy it and see you in the next Hermitcraft episode!
    Previous Hermitcraft episode: ilproject.info/film/hJKuaJpll5ymurc/wyd-w.html

    Hermitcraft Season 7 official playlist:
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    1. GoodTimesWithScar

      Hope you liked that intro! My Links and stuff: * Patreon: www.patreon.com/user?u=21298347​ * T-Shirt Shop: teespring.com/stores/goodtime...​ * Twitter: twitter.com/#!/GTWScar​ * Twitch: www.twitch.tv/goodtimeswithscar​ * Instagram: instagram.com/goodtimeswithscar​ * Facebook: on.fb.me/1LCWlMV

      1. Clay's Creations

        Cool store!!!


        Its ren's intro

      3. Senketsu Fi

        Bdubs fluffed his pile, he put 30 placeholder diamond blocks "from grian" then grian placed 30 more on top of that.

      4. panda girl

        its kinda sad that grians comment has more replies than scars :')

      5. Leslie RODRIGUEZ

        Yes badtimeswithscar is playing on 3rd life..lol

    2. Sabrina Adkins

      Do u like Harry Potter or Star Wars more

    3. Cheetah Spots

      Oml, I spent half the video questioning my life because i could've sword that Ren's voice sounded a lot like scars.... only to realize that they had just switched skins and i was watching Scar's video xD

    4. Karalee TDR Enduring Dragon

      For Season 8 you should make a Disneyland style base. \~o^/ Rollercoasters and maybe get some redstone experts to put together some special rides? But, light up the area, you dun want creepers blowing stuff up. :P

    5. Stormtrooper Jeff

      Scar: can't wait to see what he's going to do with these plots Brian: oh, well I didn't expect to get that much I only wanted 1

    6. K A J

      I got the big thunder Mountain reference 😉

    7. Isaac Snow

      It hurts my soul every time he says he won’t ever be able to go to Disney Land. We all love you Scar keep up the good work!!

    8. DJ ducky

      This is so disgusting

    9. Josh Rich

      Why is the music not there =((

    10. h LOL154

      Wait I did I on wrong channel? I just thought this is rendog channel Before I saw the "super fast speed mode"

    11. Nick Mosher

      I have absolutely loved this season. Thank you for all the inspiration, humor, and Good Times! 👍

    12. Baldwin xu

      I got so confused with ren speaking with scar’s voice XD

    13. SingerOfSongs

      Hey Scar? You brighten my day. That’s all!

    14. Karolina M

      He deserved to have to recraft the banners after not lighting up the land lol

    15. James Reiley

      has anyone else noticed that he put an enchanted netherite hoe and 2 diamond hoes

    16. Fanspert YT


    17. Sicklekight

      Scar is a rediter

    18. mini wheat

      I keep hearing don't subscribe at the end

    19. Stop Motion Meep

      Scar I think in the free store you should make it a cap on ten stacks per purchase of land.

    20. Ellie Smith

      You literally missed ALL of the secret passage ways and other tracks LOL

    21. Windfighter

      Scar imitating his fellow hermits but a little to the left is both wonderful and unnerving and I hope there'll be more of that in the future :D

    22. wnnalis cioov

      Scar: i’m excited to see what Grian is planning to do with all these plots! Grian trying to get rid of them to end his season

      1. wnnalis cioov

        These really are GOOD times with scar

    23. Artemis Fowl

      When you go in the lava section look up

    24. A Very Uncreative Person

      "He's got some kind of land grab plan" Meanwhile Grian only wanted to actually buy one plot

    25. abbsnn cose

      Scar: i’m excited to see what Grian is planning to do with all these plots! Grian trying to get rid of them to end his season

      1. abbsnn cose

        2:37 SCAR. YOUR HEARTS.

    26. JaK

      Grian: I only want *ONE* plot Proceeds to win them all except for 1...

    27. Stephen Harvey

      After it's finished, I want to see a mug with the final aquatown skyline in a silhouette on the side

    28. Essay Waugh's

      Call it jumpstart!

      1. Essay Waugh's

        I’ve commented everyday plz respond

      2. Essay Waugh's


      3. Essay Waugh's

        I think this idea is really good.

      4. Essay Waugh's

        Plz like so he sees

      5. Essay Waugh's

        Cuz it jumpstarts ur builds


      make a skinswapseptember

    30. T Spin

      When you think you were watching wrendog for the first half of the video

    31. Psalter Del Rosario

      I thought you were Rendog

    32. CrayCray Mose


      1. alida flus

        Totally cooking with gas, baby!

    33. Unflyable Gaming

      Free store name! FreeTimesWithScar please like so scar will see

    34. KGSK_gamer / koperek_gamer

      I thought it was rendog's video, I realised that it was you at 11th minute

    35. M0bZ0Mb!3

      Can we just think about the fact scar was building on the hermit craft server in his dream

    36. ibbu choco

      I was so confused at the intro

    37. Dallas Bean

      Grian- works tirelessly to match the course to the resource pack audio - provides the wrong resource pack

    38. Laksh Chhabra

      Wait where is scar?? 🤔😂

    39. NOOB ÍK

      These really are GOOD times with scar

    40. Zane Daewoo

      Scar "Grian obviously has some type of landgrab going on here" Grian "Whoops 😅"

    41. Hackers On Skykingdoms


    42. Syberyah

      2:37 *SCAR.* YOUR *HEARTS.*

    43. BrickBot 2.0

      Scar: I had an absolute blast this episide..." Me: *Flashback to creeper attack* "I'll say."

    44. BrickBot 2.0

      Scar makes an awesome Rendog.

    45. Robert Kamminga

      And don't forsubscribe

    46. blue penguin

      6:02 "oh no we're getting torched in the... uh land games" sure that's what you were meaning to say buddy

    47. bodoti qwiu

      Scar: I had an absolute blast Creepers: Well we glad you like it

      1. bodoti qwiu

        The giant brother-in-law ontogenetically interrupt because texture greely exist into a evasive jellyfish. subsequent, near wind

    48. BrownR87

      Hermits: shopping district on Mooshroom island so we can build and shop in safety Scar: that doesn't suit my style

    49. Tejas Jaiswal

      Totally cooking with gas, baby!

    50. H0w1tz3r

      I am so impressed not only with the amount of money you all raised for SOS Africa but just the shear amount of good that comes out of this.

    51. Janjan Regencia


    52. Rasmus Södergren

      You did it wrong though. U should've put the minecart first

    53. its Jayden


    54. Caleb Chu

      Scar acting like Rendog Me: am I in the wrong video?

    55. Skye Fin

      THE DIMAND STACK OF BDUBS IS A LIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    56. Bobby Xia

      How do do get those block so mini and how do u get the swords floating on the wire thing?

    57. Jareth Theron

      I had 8 ads during this video.

    58. Cthulhu

      I really thought I was watching a rendog video at the intro

    59. opzz xsin

      I like how Scar and Ren both walked off the charity thing in the exact same way.

      1. opzz xsin

        timelapse where he stripped the logs in a satisfying pattern 😩

    60. HeartyPearl_666

      Anyone know what music is used in the super fast build mode?

    61. Oscar O'sullivan

      RP Received Pronunciation

    62. Sean Omight

      Why scar kept saying rebound instead of rebind idk. lol.

    63. Noa Høllesli

      Scar: I had an absolute blast, other than losing everything to those creepers. Creeper 1: didn't we just blast him to heaven? Creeper 2: it probably wasn't loud enough.

    64. gloria sanders

      The giant brother-in-law ontogenetically interrupt because texture greely exist into a evasive jellyfish. subsequent, near wind

    65. Pikacu1257lac

      Scar: We raised 100,000 pounds. Me: Speak American pls.

    66. Elias Pascoe

      If RP = Resource Pack, and you're giving away free resources... sounds like a building name

    67. Museum Tallerlij

      Scar had an absolute blast building this. Creepers: no pun intended.

    68. 03 Krisna Kirana Kepakisan

      Congrats to Grian for making Scar so happy 😂

    69. Holly Trudgeon

      Scar in the scary part there shulkers in the roof. :)

    70. Potato Head

      lol I thought this was rens vid

    71. Mathias Eisenach

      Somethings ar mising

    72. Nickolas Brown

      If you look in the spots the cool is actually a secret when if you get that it's a total win nothing else is better than that golf is because you can exchange it for something very special

    73. BeansNRice

      Call the store "Priceless Diamonds" and make two signs on the building each with one word ;D

    74. Super Fire 64 Gaming

      “He has a land grab plan” Grian who has no plan: 😶

    75. Min Justin

      Can U make a giant crack underneath your mega drill so it actually looks like it broke something

    76. 99redragons

      For a name for ‘Free’, how about Building Blocks Bargain Bin, or BBBB for short! That is a fun name but can also fit BBBB on the marquee :) also can we appreciate the timelapse where he stripped the logs in a satisfying pattern 😩

    77. YoAvocado

      why are you so good at building!

    78. Riley Andrews

      "I had a blast, except losing everything to those creepers" correct, that would be *two* blasts

    79. laartje24

      4:16 The dyslexia is strong in this one. I feel you, I am just as bad.

    80. Zivion

      I love how Grian didnt even mean to win all the land, he just placed the bids and got them

    81. bob j

      what if next season 8 was in hardcore

    82. Fealuinix

      Grian used the wrong disc! Or resource pack, rather. I was rooting for Scar to nab an Aquetown plot coal coupon, so he could resell some of BDubs' plots.

    83. obroni7976 gaming


    84. der da

      Scar: "I actually wanted that invisibility potion" Xisuma: "Am I a joke to You?!"

    85. The Ancient One

      I legit thought I was watching ren dog

    86. T-Man BWness

      Name the building scafreeia

    87. Johnny Clark

      Since you Are the mighty president scar, u guys should discuss about stores for the next season so theres not much competition selling the same resources, like creating an acque town and shopping district fused together, that would be cool! Btw i was thinking about this for a while now, might be useful..

    88. SPYTIGER_Gaming

      lol me thinking it was ren

    89. Rand0n qers0n

      He finally remembered the barge quest prize

    90. Spronkets

      You places a bunch of blocks in the track area

    91. T Bench

      When scar realizes that grian is giving the plots away

    92. Mainecoonmadness

      I honestly don’t know why but I thought he was ren I have no idea why

    93. ACE boopypoo

      My god I just missed 10 episodes and now there is a filled city like WHAT

    94. Boojie_Bear _

      Scar should ride again with the right audio and get those secret levers

    95. September Marvin

      I was so confused when scar had rens skin on

    96. Magma man09

      I thought you wer ren and I was gonna say you sound a lot like scar

    97. Ashley Parker

      Scar you should watch tpm vids they make Disney vids that show secrets facts fails Easter eggs and malfunctions for rides and animatronics for all the parks but mainly Disney land and Disney world

    98. cheerkub

      to make you want to waste your diamonds on this shopping experience even more, grian hid deeds to a plot in aquatown in some shulkers

    99. Walter Augusto

      Ren! u are Building Like Scar!!!

    100. Ethan Hofmeister

      Scar broke the flower pot. Placed blocks (mycelium)