Perseverance Rover’s Descent and Touchdown on Mars (Official NASA Video)



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    NASA's Mars 2020 Perseverance mission captured thrilling footage of its rover landing in Mars' Jezero Crater on Feb. 18, 2021. The real footage in this video was captured by several cameras that are part of the rover's entry, descent, and landing suite. The views include a camera looking down from the spacecraft's descent stage (a kind of rocket-powered jet pack that helps fly the rover to its landing site), a camera on the rover looking up at the descent stage, a camera on the top of the aeroshell (a capsule protecting the rover) looking up at that parachute, and a camera on the bottom of the rover looking down at the Martian surface.

    The audio embedded in the video comes from the mission control call-outs during entry, descent, and landing.

    For more information about Perseverance, visit

    Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech

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    1. Smack 2

      Seems doctored.

    2. IanFromCalifornia

      “It’s a godawful small affair, to the girl with the mousey hair...”

    3. Arandomcomic

      The most amazing thing ive ever seen

    4. samir norry

      You talking about Quality idiots . you know mars is 134.33 million Miles away ? You worry about Quality . Don't insult Nasa . 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

    5. S W A L O W

      How lonely would that robot be...

    6. Cha Leowin

      Why isn't the entire planet celebrating this?

    7. Vítor

      Just this? We give you the money to go there and this is what you show us? Wheres the aproach? The full planet? Only a litlle square of Mars? Man something is wrong.

    8. T u r o k OFP

      Shouts out to the 5.6k people who disliked this. Fire bad

    9. FedReserveUSpathetic

      Lol 😂 yeah eh, how y’all get through the van Allen belt? Was it magic? Or telemetry data that y’all lost again and always? 😂🤣🙈

    10. gooba choo

      Y’all still believe all this. What a sherade get catfishes by all those angles

    11. Tucsonan Dude

      It's like one big drone experience.

    12. Orhan Yılmaz


    13. Patrick Read

      "Straighten up and fly right" ~ great throw back song! Excellence in Engineering by NASA... good on'ya!

    14. Anime Fan Club

      Amazing work, everyone! 🎉👏🖖🥳 It does, however, remind me of how beautifully unique our Earth truly is in comparison to such a vast, desolate planet.. 🥰🌍❤

    15. V3RD 4OLS

      I wonder what the flat earthers got to say to this

    16. LogicBeforeAuthority

      Run all the "clap tracks" u want, I know ur liers and landed in the red artic.

    17. Shana Swank

      "09:05" 👨‍🎤 I actually have been using *(𝗪𝗔𝗧𝗖𝗛𝗗𝗔𝗗.𝗖𝗢𝗠)* 📌 no issue with it all

    18. Daniel Sandoval

      Arrecho hp!!!! Congratulations NASA

    19. David Harington

      That was awesome. Can't wait to see more.

    20. Daniel Ripley

      Awe inspiring. The kid who named this Rover could not have picked a better name

    21. E A

      Earth celebrating The Martians wondering tf the robots are

    22. Nate Johnson

      what a time to be alive. Atleast we see what mars is like

    23. MI, U And I

      What a bunch of conspiracy theorist on this comment section....

    24. Angela Pleasant

      The world is literally a stage 🤣🤣🤣 I still got my popcorn 🍿

    25. Michael Sterling

      If we ever terraform Mars I hope we don't copy our civilization on Earth. Things will have to be done totally different. We don't need to bring our stupidity with us.

    26. Nahim's Vlog

      I Hope People From Mars Watch This video And Read This comments After Colonizing Mars Leaving Earth

    27. Swiss Made

      More lies ...

    28. Jameson Kimbrel

      NASA is super lame

    29. Sijan Poudel

      Finally some exciting news of 2021!!

    30. Angela Pleasant

      I’m from Mars and this doesn’t look like my home planet 👽🖖🏽

    31. Schuri The Shiba

      Are we going to record the descent and touchdown of when doge gets to the moon?

    32. Szkopi #Poland


    33. Olivian Jurcau

      You guys outdid yourselves this time around. I watched the video a handful of times already and can’t get enough of it. Amazing work! Can’t wait to see the 360 aerials of ingenuity!

    34. Whin Corbin

      Ooh my ACE

    35. Interns_ ROBLOX

      imagine if the rover ran over a living thing that is on mars LOL

    36. John Orr

      What a bunch of lies! NASA is a money laundering operation for the cia

    37. Dionis Grey

      Wow 🤩 it’s looks great...a whole planet without TikTokers!

    38. Jim Morrison

      Yeah NASA... yeah SCIENCE!!!

    39. hicham lamali


      1. Angela Pleasant

        Exactly 🤣🤣🤣🤣 The world is a stage!

    40. hvcool

      does this rover have stuff like technology that they won't tell us about in terms what it will be doing or?

    41. Marcus Saliendra

      Plot twist:find the Filipino there

    42. bkozican Gaming

      Travelled all that distance in 7 months? hmmmm

      1. GT

        How slow do you think rockets go? Lol

    43. Felix Nurwahid

      When human?

    44. Dregoth Dread

      Great achievement! Great fan of the Expanse here. Seems so real all of a sudden:)

    45. Eric Malbos

      Fantastic landing and also I like the audio voice and content : what this commentator is saying are really useful and scientific info in a clever tone which really help us understand what is happening instead of some commentators I have seen in space X video where they seem to be marketing persons only repeating "Amazing..." or "Terrific..." Very good choice Nasa ^_^

    46. Spirit

      Congratulations 👏 Now get me back to earth!

    47. Carlos Alberto Rodrigues França França

      That is Amazing. Congratulations everybody.

    48. Comrade Skywalker

      yo nasa why aren’t you send landers with a drill to see how mars is say? 50m down

      1. GT

        You realize how big that machinery is right?

    49. Bernardi Hugo

      Nuestro planeta Tierra es hoy el único lugar conocido que alberga vida. La posible existencia de vida extraterrestre es una cuestión que ha fascinado a la humanidad durante siglos. Desde el punto de vista científico, obtener una respuesta requiere un enorme esfuerzo colaborativo entre múltiples campos de investigación científica que incluyen astronomía, física, química, biología, geología, e incluso filosofía de la ciencia. Es importante no perder de vista que este impulso por explorar otros planetas, no nos distraiga de lo mas importante que es cuidar el nuestro, que hasta ahora es un paraíso único, en medio del desierto espacial.

    50. cairomancairo

      So ?! And is there is any "Gravity" over Mars 🤔

      1. MI, U And I

        Of course, all planets have gravity...

      2. Sudoku Future16


    51. shkence shkenca

      Amazing achievement for humanity ! Proud of NASA's great minds that made this happen ! My brain is ready to explode just imagining how Perseverance endured all cosmos difficulties, flying 300 millions of miles and landing safely on the Mars. Imagine a helicopter with fly 300 million miles far from earth ! I bet aliens have applauded NASA's achievement !

    52. Backin Theday

      Be nice to hear some audio of what the winds on the surface sound like.

    53. Sandy Handoko


    54. Melchior Drugi

      Dzisiaj można było wejść na polską kartę na czasie bez żadnych obaw

    55. vliduu zeeb

      Who else smiled when it touched down?

    56. reza405 rtb

      درود بر ایران و ایرانی درود بر اسلام مرگ بر آمریکای ستمگر 💞iran better than this Death for america☠️

    57. Khan Sb

      No life other than Earth.

    58. NasserFeed

      Lifeless desert

      1. GT

        @vliduu zeeb - This is sarcasm, right?

      2. vliduu zeeb

        See, even Mars is flat.

    59. Rola bosta cromado

      Yes baby thank you

    60. John Evison

      You guys ROCK!

    61. hung calvin

      The poor tempo commonly unfasten because epoch ipsilaterally clap circa a divergent viscose. wanting, hanging himalayan

    62. Old Luke

      How are they flying helicopter drones in little to no atmosphere?

      1. GT

        It is much lighter and has multiple blades which spin much faster than normal drones.

    63. Arlete Pereira Tereza Santos

      Excepcional... interessante...

    64. UTbCanSkMyBawlz

      Where are the tree's? I am a little worried about this one...........

      1. UTbCanSkMyBawlz

        @GT - It was a joke.......sort of. No tree's! A place cant be any good if it doesnt have tree's.

      2. GT


    65. Sparklepants474


    66. pedro

      we're already throwing trash on mars lol

    67. Дверной Доктор

      Подождите,марсиане ещё предъявят иск за сброшенную им на голову защиту от перегрева.))

    68. Tim Cox

      Imagine if you lived on Mars and this thing just came along and landed. That would freak you right out I think

    69. aptand

      Why do they use bad microphones?


      ماشاء الله وما اوتيتم من العلم الا قليلًا رائع 👏🏻 👍🏻

    71. Auto Worldzz

      cool 😘😎😎😘😊😊😘

    72. Oscar Garcia Dorado

      que bonita Almeria

    73. My Reviews

      See, even Mars is flat.

    74. angus1000001

      Why are they wearing shame muzzles at nasa?

      1. GT

        Are you joking?

    75. iChanne

      we should start planting trees on mars...

      1. MI, U And I

        @Breaddie Terraformation

      2. Breaddie

        Thats the plan but Might take alot of money

    76. Grumpy-Dad

      This is f-ing awesome,

    77. Need to Realize

      How is this real? Anybody?

      1. MI, U And I

        What do you mean "how is this real"? You're literally watching a video on it...

    78. twovikings abroad

      "This is major Tom to ground control"

    79. Jaime Lfjunior

      Essa mina aínda é .

    80. Jaime Lfjunior

      Eu quero escutar Mars

    81. David Power

      people think this was staged on earth. have a think about that

    82. Jaime Lfjunior

      Quem sabe sabe ... congratulation mães.

    83. ФО21 Ревуцкий Виталий

      Exciting! Love you guys!

    84. David Power

      5k people are idiots

    85. Jaime Lfjunior

      Sete segundos infer .

    86. Robert Rob

      Pretty realistic looking animation, it's all hollywood

      1. GT

        Looking for clout?

    87. r1richie

      If rover discovers fossils or proof of previous life what does that do for God?.

      1. GT

        @Toberr Drawforc No.

      2. Toberr Drawforc

        Luckily, should Rover discover “fossils”, it will be here on earth!

    88. jetteboy

      No where in this post does it say live, posted 3 days later, this is real not generated

      1. GT

        @Toberr Drawforc - No.

      2. Toberr Drawforc

        This is clearly manufactured imagery, for those with eyes to see.

    89. Ignacio Goñi

      Histórico!!!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    90. jaco kruger


    91. m00n

      1+1, 0110 and a lot of imagination.

    92. John Cardono

      looks like a planet that once sustained life that got decimated by that life it sustained.

    93. Jeffrey Munoz

      *Goosebumps, EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. This is so incredible!*

    94. Sava

      Who wanna walk to the Mars? - Me

    95. mos_1924

      stanley kubrick more better about things like this : D


      Аж не верится Как много мы не знаем и не понимаем)

    97. lucky luke

      Billions of dollars spent to see rocks and dirt 👏🤣 we could feed millions of starving people. Looking for life on other planets when we can't even take care of the lives on our own.

      1. 2Frog2 2Frog22

        @lucky luke Oh yea dude, its so easy to feed millions of starving people dud lol i have 2 iq and i never finsihed middle school because my uncle touched me and i go traumatized.

      2. GT

        @lucky luke - Looks like they hit yours.

      3. lucky luke

        @Subject 8 wow looks like i hit your soft spot

      4. Subject 8

        How many could you feed using the internet fee that you pay to criticize incredible human achievements while eating cheetos on your couch? Also, have you ever heard of multi-tasking?


      Ето очень круто Интересно смотреть

    99. save punjab ਪੰਜਾਬ

      Well don and plz nasa one more channel launch the Hindi language ur PUNJABI.... I hope you accpect this request and launch this on the youtube... Thanks