Ethersea Theme

Dr Blackleaf

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    I am posting this theme with Griffin's trailer vocals removed for my own enjoyment but I am more than happy to take this video down if anyone affiliated with The McElroy Family channel or The Adventure Zone wishes it to be. All credits have been lifted straight from the original video description and I highly recommend going to watch the trailer if you haven't yet.

    Original Trailer:
    Animation by Mimi Chiu:
    The Adventure Zone logo by Evan Palmer:​
    Season Four logo and album art by Sarah McKay
    Narration and music by Griffin McElroy

    EDIT: Griffin has uploaded the song on his Soundcloud, please go support him there as well!

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    1. chewey1239 NZ

      please make a longer version. so good!

    2. Paul Taylor

      Serious Car Boys vibes what with the ocean and the clear Claire De Lune inspiration

    3. Paul Taylor

      Best TAZ theme yet

    4. Mark Simons

      This was a great Claire de lune remix! Actually though, incredible job on yet another banger griffin

    5. Rek

      Griffin "I only make music for TAZ" McElroy at it again.

      1. Tony Licavoli

        @Paul Taylor Check him out on SoundCloud....he posts non Taz stuff there. Highly recommend checking out "Gourmet Race".

      2. Paul Taylor

        I hope he does more of the non TAZ stuff too because he's really talented

    6. cheesepuf5000

      Beginning section really reminds me of a simplified Claire De Lune

      1. Pierce Johnson

        The reason you think that is because that's exactly what it is lol

      2. Paul Taylor

        @WispyWoodsman Please God I need this in my life.

      3. WispyWoodsman

        I like like think he's tying it in to the Car Boys cinematic universe. It'll pick up rather nicely from where that series ended.

      4. JimJimminy JimJimminy

        Yes, absolutely. The second segment reminds me of a hypothetical minor key track off of Yellow Submarine

    7. Fel

      Should probably include a link to the soundcloud entry for this song, so you can direct traffic to Griffin's music page specifically. soundcloud (.) com/griffinmcelroy/the-adventure-zone-ethersea-theme

      1. Dr Blackleaf

        Thank you for providing that, I'll be sure to add it on the description!

    8. Resting Well

      Damn, this song makes me emotional every time I hear it

      1. Resting Well

        @Paul Taylor Correct!

      2. Paul Taylor

        Even though we only first heard it less than 2 months ago

    9. Cade

      Best taz theme to date

      1. Shreddedzombie

        @Cade I also love the Amnesty theme, and Grad's wasn't too bad either

      2. Paul Taylor


      3. Cade

        @Andrew Overy don't undersell my boy amnesty theme, literally peak podcasting music

      4. Andrew Overy

        This & balance's theme are fantastic

    10. wqwe qwet

      Thank you.

    11. armawillo


    12. Nola

      THANK YOU!!!

    13. FOXHOUND

      Thanks, by sheer happenstance my next DnD game is also set in the sea and thought this would be perfect to play for my party while prepping. Sorry for jacking your theme song Griffin!

      1. Logger

        How’s it going?

      2. Orange Jello

        You thief!

    14. beta sanderson