It's DONE! Let's Test It! - Hermitcraft 7: #76

Tango Tek

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    After 4 months of hard work, Among Us in survival is done, but we need to test it. It can't possibly have bugs, right?

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    1. BeH Cherry

      Well done Tango you are amazing

    2. BeH Cherry

      Tango this is incredible

    3. Lore

      i actually knew that iron ingots can be bastion loot only bc a recent world record speedrun depends on finding 3 of them in a bastion in order to craft a pickaxe, lol

    4. internet person

      Tango really messed up on the wither health points question. The dragon has 100 and the wither has 150. But to be fair there were two 150 pieces

    5. TheWabbit_

      "heart asplode" - Tango Tek 2021

    6. Alana Rodríguez

      I can’t wait for all of them to play it before the season finale.

    7. Phantonym

      Actually... the ender dragon has 200 hearts the wither has 300 hearts

    8. HonestAuntyElle

      You should move the task return trapdoor to the bottom of the block not the top. And rename the droppers and barrels

    9. bob j

      what if next season 8 was in hardcore

    10. Hima Vamsi Katta

      What the heck do you eat to get such a big brain!?

    11. Lawrence Red

      16:22 My new favorite noise

    12. Blue Idea

      More impressive than decked out but decked out will be my favourite though

    13. Sniper Gaming


      1. Super Pulsar


    14. Roger Cruz

      dude... can we get a map that is just this section of hermit craft in adventure mode or something?

    15. PlanetNydro

      Please tell me that datapack will be in the world download

    16. SMM2 - TutorialZ

      I cant wait ahhh I love 3rd life but rather see this in action omg yes

    17. kit fistoow

      Amazing you Are genius

    18. Colin Csiz

      0:56 ?

    19. Authrillustrate

      Add to the finally list at Scar's request: Add your head to mount hermit (the cliff that HEP is sitting on).

    20. Aaryan Maharjan

      Impressive ❤️🖤


      Just a suggestion people can eat the bread and regen to full health.


      Just a suggestion people can eat the bread and regen to full health.


      Just a suggestion people can eat the bread and regen to full health.

    24. Lucas Anderson

      This is amazing, but it also makes me miss Decked Out

    25. James Young


    26. Joe The Juggalo

      You blow my mind Tango on your skills here. Keep up the awesome work!

    27. Brittney Stroope

      You should make like a locker room at the beginning where you put your stuff

    28. Super Cables

      make sure the imposters get arrows.

    29. Nathaniel Chambers

      The fact that tango built all this in survival is just crazy...

    30. Cykatic TheWorldBreaker

      Reality is whatever Tango decides

    31. Cykatic TheWorldBreaker

      Tango is actually a witch. This is insane.

    32. Matthew Robbins

      When is the video of playing it coming out????? It's been 3 weeks!

    33. Wolfie Claw

      Tango when is the next episode being released

    34. Tammy Keats

      I’ve only watch the intro. OMG! Phenomenal! Wicked. Having watched you create this, knowing all the work that has gone into it. You are a legend Tango for even attempting it, the result is amazing. I know you had some help from the other Hermits, what a creator and what a Team!

    35. Stanley P

      All I would like to say is that you are an amazing crafter! My little son likes minecraft and among us. He would go crazy. Can't wait to see this finally working so I could show it to him. We play on a PS4.

    36. gamerLeopard999

      That sound... scary!! I think a hermit killed an enderdragon!

    37. KingAZFlo

      pretty sure that the pearl isn't dropping because its a dispenser and needs to be dropped from a dropper

    38. idk why my dp is like that

      Tango you mad lad

    39. Marcus Cronkite

      15:00 minutes, That gave me a heart attack

    40. hono50

      A Masterpiece, again!!!

    41. John Lloyd De Leon

      How do they report death? And cool down for shot?

    42. phillip byrd


    43. likeasemi

      This game will get Tango to 1 mil subs. Let's gooo

    44. CFTonio

      This is amazing! Hope we get to see decked out season 2 when caves and cliffs is out

    45. Jonathan Wood

      Love watching your finished projects. Blows my mind. Enjoying 3rd life as well man.

    46. Taj Forney

      The wool color for red at the meeting place is blue..

    47. Labby Kat_101

      this episode Kinda sus....

    48. Noah Tredeau

      A m o g u s

    49. meow chicken

      How often will the hermits play among us?

    50. meow chicken

      8:20 Etho’s beehives with the jungle wood look so good together!


      Ths best redstone creation in hc 7 love it 💜

    52. Joey Fitzpatrick

      Question - Say Crafter A is killed, so he activates a body report station. But, then say Crafter B is killed, and he activates a different station, so there are now two different dead body lights at two different stations. If somebody pushes the report button at Crafter A's station, do both lamps reset?

    53. Yeetus Vanitas

      16:23 Lego Yoda death sound

    54. Basti

      Oh god this is amazing

    55. Dragontears6654

      I think everyone should get a crossbow that way the impo doesn’t accidentally put it in their hand and everyone would know

    56. T


    57. OxyDD


    58. Nanna-Helena Pedersen

      28:39 The exact moment I heard his heart shatter

    59. Timo Hoogendoorn

      you need to give the imposter a second fake task, because otherwise crafter can clear eachother by putting tasks in both hands

    60. The_comet99


    61. The_comet99


    62. The_comet99


    63. Mateo Vasconcelos


    64. GloveSlapnz

      The nether room reminds me so much of the burning crusade portal from WOW. this build is absolutely insane, and in survival. Blown away by the work you put into these Tango.

    65. Copy Cat & Blackhole Steve

      ender dragon has 200 (♥ × 100) wither 300 (♥ × 150‌) [JE only] 600 (♥ × 300‌) [BE only] So wither has more XD

    66. Logan Baesemann


    67. Sheev Palpatine

      Tango just here to remind you that you have an IOU from Grian

    68. Mr. Logan

      Bro you are soo close to 1 million

    69. InfernoKing


    70. Din Djarin the mandalorian

      Tango : Potatoes in stew Me: Ummmmm how about carrots?

    71. cltWilly

      Tango, How you have done a "Voting System" i want it please WLD? on this machine. LIKE

    72. Lucas Lazaro

      Tango you’ve done it again you madman

    73. Hexnetic

      Anyone know the name of the song that plays in his intro? I can’t find it anywhere

    74. Astro Penguin

      At 6:13 that noise he made made me laugh so hard 🤣

    75. Jesse Clinton

      You may have answered this before, but if there are multiple imposters, how do they know who the other imposter is?

    76. MattyPixel

      Tango is a legit legand at building redstone games!

    77. spaghetti cat

      does this has COMMAND BLOCKS

    78. NorteX

      8:02 The word you're looking for is 'shopping experience'.

    79. Fenriz Nobile

      The madlad made spectator mode without spectator

    80. Fenriz Nobile

      How do you spell "amogus" backwards?

    81. Fenriz Nobile


    82. JeffKPhoto

      An amazing accomplishment Tango! Hang in there!

    83. Matthew Bacani

      Legend has it his bow is still there

    84. Angel Lozano


    85. BBC worms

      anyone else click on this thinking it was the hcbbs

    86. t0XicBee

      Tango commenting on Etho's improved building skills reminded me of my mom's friend saying to me "wow, it's a good thing you got prettier as you got older" .... Thank you?

    87. gregothy

      So the imposter doesn't know the other imposter? Interesting

    88. Dalton Foster

      This is why I like Minecraft it has infinite possibility

    89. Jawanen

      Make custom map where every your minigame is

      1. Fenriz Nobile

        *Godzilla had a stroke trying to read that and fucking died*

    90. TricksterLJS

      The only problem with the among us game its that every becomes visual task since the iron plate opens if you put a book in it so you will need there to have the imposter to have the books as well just have the book says fake task and have some special task that the imposter won’t get a book for and those task will work as the visual task

    91. Ace Dela cruz

      Tango what if you just place a chest full of Invisibility potions to players who died above the map and you need gold nuggets to get them OR you can add a shop that sell's 1 or 2 potions for 9 nuggets 🙄

    92. Gudetama3421

      Grian head find it!!!!

    93. K N

      Flaw in the game: If someone wants to know if you’re a crafter, all you need to do is put one book in your off-hand, and one in your main hand. Crafters have multiple tasks, Impostors only have one fake book. Impostors wouldn’t be able to put the book in their main hand and off-hand at the same time. The answer to this is to give the impostor(s) two fake books. Or just tell people to not do that.

      1. Fenriz Nobile

        Yeah I think he'll Just say for them not to do that

    94. K N

      “Oh, he is unstoppable!” You’ve answered two questions, Tango.

    95. Shadow Dragon

      This and Decked Out are the two main reasons i'm STOKED for the world download to come out, this is glorious Tango!

    96. Rayan Hamid

      How many of you want tektopia for 1.16 or1.17 in future. #updatetektopia

    97. Rayan Hamid


    98. ogi full


      1. ogi full

        @Fenriz Nobile *disintegrates*

      2. Fenriz Nobile

        @ogi full _S U G O M A D l C K_ Gottem

      3. ogi full

        @Fenriz Nobile sugoma

      4. Fenriz Nobile

        How do you spell "Amogus" backwards?

    99. Pika 5321_X

      Map art of the map and lock it and give it to players and if you are dedicated put a ! On all the task sets

    100. BBQ0DaRk

      You really know how to make minecraft a lot funnier