The Adventure Zone: Balance trailer

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    1. Graham Armstrong

      “(And a Creator of those Creators)” is such a subtly good shoutout to Jeffandrew and the lore of TAZ that’s so crazy

    2. Noah & Atlas

      oh my god, what is the well bit at the end from? i cannot remember

    3. Fox Jones

      I love how you did Refuge resetting it really puts into view how terrible that would be living over 2000 times with that.

    4. Nathan Mooth

      This is amazing

    5. Deer Queer

      Look great! Is this a real show?

    6. Josh Armstrong

      So it's a story about three bumbling buffoon trying to do main character stuff even though they are probably the least qualified for the job I love it

    7. Death Fury

      1:44 “God Lied...”😭 2:04 Istis

    8. Ken Wendell

      Best podcast ever.

    9. Jack Black

      This is a great pilot eposde.

    10. Ollie Brunton

      Nothing will ever match the first season of TAZ

    11. That Cupcake Dude

      Fuck. I love this WAY too much.

    12. pickled buns

      God... lied... 🤣😂

    13. Jacob Herlin

      Every time i see something like this I just think, "God, wonderland was so fucking good"

    14. Sunny DTGM

      This is superb

    15. Toni Martinez

      this is so cool. I'm literally currently working my way through the balance arc right now and this is hyping me up to do.... the thing i am... already currently doing so nice 10/10 great trailer [p.s. hi griffin, and hi travis, your magnus backstory made me cry]

    16. Viet Le

      I have only stumbled upon the podcast a few weeks ago but man, what a ride. Everything is so awesome.

    17. devin

      if this is your first time listening to taz, two things, 1. don't read anymore comments, and if you're confused use the wiki (but be careful), it's so worth it to go in blind 2. everytime you finish a section, come back to this video and see how things start making more sense :) (also, if you want, as you're listening drop ur theories as ur listening in the replies of this I rlly wana hear what first time listeners think!!)

    18. devin

      everytime i rewatch this im just reminded how amazing it was listening to taz the first time (even with all the spoliers i had), and makes me wanna relisten to all of it all over again

    19. Ashlee Palka

      Oh my god I'm gonna watch the shit out of this so hard

    20. M July

      Wait, what do people mean 'This arc'? There is more??? I'm still in crystal kingdom episodes. There is more than one season?

      1. Elisa Gama

        Yep! There are two other seasons already finished, and the next one starts in a few days :)

      2. Buckets


    21. Allison Holeman

      going through this frame by frame and recognizing every single scene is a spiritual experience

    22. Alina

      But does it perfectly illustrate Magnus's rustic hospitality?

    23. ericb31

      1:38 oh, i remember that crazy scene, where they are taking part in a "death race" with lots of crazy vehicles.

    24. janey

      I'm back here after listening to the Graduation finale. What a letdown. Balance is really important to me, but I think it might be time to just let go, and accept that the McElroys are just never going to capture this kind of lightning in a bottle again.

    25. Parker Kranz

      This is making me watch it again

    26. toelin tetch

      This is fucking incredible, I love how you shot the scenes and edited the voices to make it play like a real trailer. Honestly I'm a little pissed off because it's not an animated series and I so badly want it to be.

    27. thereallapiz

      ow that‘s me!!!!! cool

    28. optimistic poet

      i have never been able to stop watching this trailer

    29. Sophie Anderson

      Is the show still coming out?

      1. YOGI

        @Elisa Gama ok good to know

      2. Elisa Gama

        @YOGI (I'm a month late oops) but they announced a tv show last year. I imagine it's still in production, these things take a long time, but it is a separate thing from the comics :)

      3. YOGI

        @Fanfur yea i know they are currently on there 3rd season called graduation. you seemed to mistake my comment and the conversation as a whole

      4. Fanfur

        @YOGI The comics are based off of the podcast. Their Balance arc has already been finished for some time now. The entirety of it can be found on Acast

      5. YOGI

        it wasn't a show it was a comic series that has a few issues out so far.

    30. KaoruDragneel

      Always chills no matter how many times I watch

    31. EdithHead

      Love the look of this show.

    32. Stacey K.

      Did I just get goosebumps? I'm a dork.

    33. Just J, Thank You

      THIS IS SO GOOD AHHHHHH that allusion to 11th hour always rips my heart out ahhhHhhhhhhhhHHHH

    34. Keara Ryanne

      Upsy truly upset me

    35. Gamey Lannister's House of Games

      A little sad there is no Barry Bluejeans in this trailer. But this is amazing!

      1. YOGI

        technically there is

    36. Olivia Rosario

      And the creator of those creators. Lol.

    37. Sam Muñoz

      Just wanted to say this is what convinced me to listen to Balance (also due to a bit of my sister's urging) and HOT DIGGITY SH&T This is one BALLER story. It's SO good.

    38. YonYonYon

      The Wonderlan music is the best and works well in the trailer

    39. Bee

      i watched this before i started listening, and now im at the end of the suffering game, about to go to the lunar interlude. its been cool occasionally watching this again and seeing how many more scenes i recognize (pls dont spoil anything after suffering game in the replies)

    40. Elaina Ferko

      I just now, on what is probably my thousandth watch, realized why it goes grayscale when the wolf is charging them. I am not a smart person.

    41. Ty Bronx

      500k of these views are just from me at this point

    42. TheShadierTwin

      I will NEVER be over this trailer

    43. Explolsive Cake

      Just finished balance, I’ve been pausing through this to find all the references and this is a goddamn masterpiece Edit: so it is slightly terrifying that this was made 2 months ago, cuz I’m now caught up to Ethersea *that was 2 months*

    44. Amarinth

      man i just finished the Murder on the Rockport Limited chapter and this makes me so so so excited for the rest of it

      1. Amarinth

        @Sam Muñoz they WERE

      2. Sam Muñoz

        The last 5-or-so chapters are the BEST.

    45. croftant2

      Balance was a trip

    46. Galaxion Art

      Been two years where’s the show at?

    47. Angelo Sabia

      I would watch the fuck out of this

    48. Ian Kennedy

      I was really hoping to see the Flaming Raging Poisoning Sword Of Doom in action :'(

    49. Ian Kennedy

      Was Fantasy Costco removed from the video for trademark reasons?

    50. animegx45

      0:24 I DO THAT!

    51. secretly 5000 moths in a trenchcoat

      This always gives me INSANE chills

    52. Alessandra De Varti

      Excuse me, what's the title of the music/song with the electric guitar used and the upbeat one?

    53. Yeet Yoot

      ...I'm literally just now realizing why it's called TAZ: Balance. I'm 57 episodes in. God.

    54. Allissa

      Oh this is so amazing this is all I want

    55. lonely lovely

      0:32 just an amazing tiny detail: Merle jumping up and down to try and see over Magnus's shoulder

    56. Renton Cat

      I fucking love taz

    57. Kanna Unchained

      Magnus deserves a dog give him a dog

    58. Joshua Mooney

      Is this a real show? Or just a concept trailer? Cause if someone tells me this has existed for 2 fucking years and I never knew Im gonna flip my shit lmao

      1. Connor O'Flynn

        Listen to it, you will cry and laugh a whole lot

    59. Shot the sun


    60. swords and boys

      This would be awesome show on Adult Swim yo creator if you read my comment phone Adult Swim and ask him to put you show on there cuz it would gladly get pretty popular

      1. Connor O'Flynn

        I believe they are making a series with Peacock

    61. SK

      Btw, the banger that comes after the intro is the theme for "The Suffering Game"' in case anyone else was wondering. I believe you can find it in Griffin's bandcamp

    62. Bard of the 90s

      I literally went back and rewatched this at .25 speed just to appreciate more of it.

    63. Lucax Corporations

      I love coming back to this after every arc and seeing how much more I understand.

    64. Wayverlee Soulsong

      _makes grabby hand motions_ Hey McElroys, got any news on the show?

    65. ericb31

      "you haven't seen his ass." lol-"I HAVE!" ROFL! and i read the Graphic Novel version once...

    66. Maddy C

      I've had this saved for MONTHS because i wanted to wait until I finished the balance arc holy crap

    67. Jack potatoseed

      my brother my brother my dad and me

    68. Caroline Merk

      When I first watched this during Here There Be Gerblins, I was moved by the "God lied" scene. I looked forward to learning the context, and experiencing one of the show's deep, poignant moments I'd heard so much about. Turns out, it was Merle high out of his mind on pain meds. What a great podcast.

    69. Bella Constantine

      This is so fucking rad

    70. Tar Alacrin

      Wait, is this actually going to become a thing?

    71. Caroline Merk

      I've watched this like ten times, and I only JUST NOW noticed Killian at the bottom of the well.

    72. John Casey

      This is the platonic ideal of a trailer. It shows us so much, tells us exactly what The Adventure Zone is, and doesn't actually spoil any of the big reveals.

    73. That Guy

      Yo why tf am I crying rn lol

    74. Gelo


    75. jellyfosh

      Please please please please please let this happen

    76. David Laursen

      This is amazing to see all again after experiencing the entire story now.

    77. missssunflower08

      Watching this is so wild when you think about how Griffin came up with all of this... his MIND, the power it holds!!

    78. Isaac Jensen

      I love how takkos hat is magical the whole time

    79. Emma Maddack

      The way you draw Magnus is IMMACULATE

    80. Marsupials of Mars

      Pausing every few seconds now after I've watched the whole campaign, love the angus and I just noticed how Taako's hair color keeps changing

    81. Marsupials of Mars

      Watching this again after finishing the campaign and everything makes sense now

    82. Surfdog2005

      i miss this

    83. The Vault The Official Channel

      SPOILER: The wolf gets out

    84. m ickie

      every time i watch this i wanna cry pls the animated series pls

    85. Tina Solvang

      This trailer is incredible and I want the whole show done just. Like. This.

    86. NY Meat

      Wow. Who is the animator?

    87. Kim Young

      oh we’re crying! why is this so good!!!

    88. IlokanoWarrior

      this is garbage

    89. Rae W.

      This is the best thing.

    90. mistakeboi_

      finished the whole arc just so i could watch this trailer and understand what the heck was happening... glad i heard the story, thanks boys.

    91. Joshua Keyser

      I really wish the Balance series was animated this way.

    92. Quinn Marchese

      dear NBC, take fucking notes sincerely, concerned fan

    93. Teddy Walsh

      Griffin plays literally everyone else? UUUMMMMMMM actually REAL fans will know that he didn't play the journalists in episode 60.

      1. Gab Wood

        I haven't listened to Graduation yet. I was talking about Garyl the binicorn lol

      2. Teddy Walsh

        @Gab Wood yes but this is talking about Balance, not graduation. You could say the same for commitment since Clint is the GM for that

      3. Gab Wood

        He also doesn't play Garyl!

    94. Scarlet The Dragon

      I’m I..... this is my new favorite video ever., like SO GOOD AH. ALSO I NEED THE SONG ACK

    95. jacencaedus

      So, I just finished this campaign a few days ago, and I'm just gonna say that I wish I wasn't listening at work because I was just losing my shit

    96. OneSaltyDoge

      1:30 "Hey thug what's your name, I'm about to tentacle your dick." The start of a loving relationship

    97. Audrey Hall

      Literal fucking chills

    98. Bailey Curtis

      Who is that at 2:04?

      1. Bailey Curtis

        @Jameson Prior Istus! Thank you!!!

      2. Jameson Prior

        goddess person...thing from 11th hour

    99. Marsupials of Mars

      This is epic

    100. Nitro Gaming

      _Magnus rushes in!_