Lil Nas X ft. Jack Harlow Perform "Industry Baby" & "Montero" | 2021 VMAs | MTV


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    Lil Nas X ft. Jack Harlow perform "Industry Baby" and "Montero" at the 2021 VMAs.

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    1. MTV

      Lil Nas X on His Video of the Year Win:

      1. michelle cai

        Lil and X is going to be the winner

      2. Halidou Bermone


      3. SEDUMU TV


      4. Krestain Watson Jr.

        Lil Nas X is doin his own thing. That's all that matters

      5. Saeful Anwar

        Kek nya kmrn bunting dh tuh si lilnas kok skrng kempes

    2. Toy Boy

      Anitta ??m

    3. Chris Messina

      Beychella 2.0

    4. Wiltz 13

      Damn this is the best performance of the night!! I'm obsessed

    5. Lili Fatutronz14

      Wft did I just watched!!?? Now this is exactly y I changed to kpop. Cause American music these days r just 😑😐🤨🤔🤦‍♀️🤷‍♀️ 🤢💩

    6. Djeey DD

      He needs to work on his cardio

    7. Divine Feminine

      No big deal just out here making history…

    8. Raphael Geronimo

      im here

    9. Diego Rodrigues Ramos

      Eu amo esse homem!

    10. biloo


    11. Brunno Fernandes da Silva

      Perfeito ❤️

    12. Phynix tea

      Can we just talk about how that girl just snatched lil nas x' jacket?

    13. Cora Holiday


    14. Vaish !

      I watch this everyday now, its so addictive!

    15. fruitylolo

      Lil Nas is ICONIC, he is giving everything and more

    16. FlashBolt

      The shower literally kills me when lil nas x and their boys trying to dance

    17. Udval Smile

      i was today years old when i found out Lil Nas X's real name was Montero

    18. Brai son

      Great performance Lil Nas! I fucks with Jack Harlow for this

    19. Kenter Gaga

      The World is changing!!! And its a very good thing...

    20. Kenechuwu Enem

      Is it weird I prefer to watch this than the og video of industry baby

    21. Play Game

      Come to Brazil 🇧🇷❤️

    22. Æ z

      Amogus prisoners

    23. Natalia555

      😍 I've never so many oiled up men on the VMA's before.

    24. Sina Soloma Folau

      Shxt he fkd tht up🤪😂

    25. Carrington Horton

      You know what's great? Sophie, a musical icon in the LGBTQ community tragically passes away, so Lil Nas comes around to keep on repping the community. Makes me so happy.

    26. Solene Felix

      Lembrei da vibe beyonce freedom

    27. Robert Cave

      We can't blame lil bas x for being gay he just being himself

    28. Tom M

      The hating comments on this are so tired... like we get it gay people make you uncomfortable but if you want to complain about gay people in peace without criticism maybe music videos of the biggest gay artist in decades isn't the place fam

    29. nigerian brother

      look ma that shower scene he recreated was clean idc

    30. Takagishi T

      最初からJack Harlowが居ることに3回目で気づいたw

    31. Rainbow Deathhearts

      Dude Jack Harlow store that sh*t

    32. sarah fairbrother

      He's so f*ing real. I love him so much.

    33. Qwone Jones

      The unseen shower scene

    34. Cool kid Gabby

      0:52 O-O

    35. KingSwatter

      grandma's kneecaps


      0:46 it's cool

    37. Evelhim Paula

      Foi a melhor apresentação de todas

    38. Goolherme

      3:29 the transition between Industry Baby and Call me by your name IS SICK

    39. Jeremy Aracena

      my favorite part is the montero shower no homo

    40. hange zoe's gf

      jack just got hotter after this colab

    41. hange zoe's gf

      he is one of the few western artists i actually like and respect he is a true artist his sole presence is impactful you just know's HIM

    42. Taylor Washington

      He's iconic... Simply put!

    43. Clock1130

      Burn baby 🔥 Burn!

    44. The Man Blue

      Yessssss for all of the boochie cat on stage!!!! 😂❤

    45. sparkizoidful


    46. Jo Minichelli

      Rei. Ninguém acima dele.

    47. Davey B

      Rent a crowd right there

    48. cherokeegeee

      If he masters his vocal control he will literally level up 💖💖💖

    49. Bxrry

      daily reminder, only 19,293 days until Tay K is free 🔥

      1. XD_ Kenos


    50. clrzn

      Bro that montero remix beat hit differently some dope remix

    51. Lat Empire

      Wait neva him pregnant so wahm to the baby

    52. Robert Wieczorek

      Ohh God, this is terrible

      1. ferreli


    53. Gustavo Henrique


    54. Noel Bauket

      Wow cool

    55. Scar Publy

      Anitta performance

    56. Legal drug dealer

      Most watched VMA performance. When people like you in private and pretend to hate you in the open😂😂

    57. Jennifer Lucero

      I’m obsessed with him! This is everything.

    58. Carlos Rosemberg


    59. HappyShrew ImHappierThanMost

      free my boy jack

    60. Tai Notmylastname

      wait why did they censor queer? it's not a slur like the n word.

    61. Yanara Contreras Ruiz

      fireeeee 🔥🔥

    62. Mika M

      No pants rip this time boys 😔

    63. Got Sui

      He is definitely a cultural reset

    64. Luisa W


    65. Ally Brown


    66. NZia Naushin

      I told my ex to wear pink 7years ago but he laughed at me saying "How can u except a guy look handsome in pink?" I really wanna kick his ass now shouting *WATCH THIS!!!*

      1. Chanel McBride

        Pink on guys is definitely sexy!

    67. Ayane Camila

      Que surubão no final

    68. Bekalu

      He is 666 i don't like him he is gay eww

      1. Chanel McBride


    69. Bekalu


    70. LxvlybxtterflyRBLX

      Jack Harlow literally dont need full auto tune his natural voice banging

    71. djef ardeur

      So let's say he took over the industry

    72. Sofia

      jack knows hes fine 😩

    73. Jamili Vasco


    74. kw34ok

      Lil Nas X is by far and above the best rapper and performer, I have seen in years. That's how you do a show ;-)

    75. TunaBones

      Wait is queer a bad word? Because it’s censored

    76. Darkstorm

      I'm NOT trying to be an ass, but guys motions are more blocky, the movements they're trying to do are more fluid motions, women have that type of fluidity in their movements, plus they have a better range of motion, the body shape also exsentuates the moves, since guys are more blocky than women the movements look forced and rigid. But other than that, it's good.

    77. Charming nowhere to hide

      I don’t see the point of the censors. Anyone who’s listening to this song already knows

    78. Nefertiti


    79. Luc is my Sugar Daddy


      1. Charming nowhere to hide


    80. carterasics

      Open conversation here. I love what Lil Nas X is bringing to the industry and all but I can't be the only one that thinks he needs more vocal/dancing practice. Every performance I've seen he is out of breath, slightly awkward or rushed in his dancing. Trust me , being gay and looking up to performers like Beyonce, I just expect more 😅 I feel like he is almost there, some more time cleaning up the details would make him 🔥 Who agrees or disagree? If yall have any fire performances of his yall think are better link me pls! 🙂

    81. Ariana Ayra Lionwood

      he is iconic !

    82. The Friends

      May Jesus bless you

    83. Suchart Boontid

      You are gaie now, my brothers and sisters. I was gay before but now I'm 2xgay.

    84. VINNY

      Best performance,😍

    85. Porcelánek

      We need more performances like this.

    86. theFreak

      this is gay

      1. Thiccum

        Yes it issss🥴

    87. Ez zy

      Imagine NoLifeShaq in this concert.... "HELL NAAAAAAAAW!"

    88. sindi.m

      When I watch this and enjoy it I just be like god help mee😭😭😭😭

    89. Chabour Bouda

      Did you noticed that video have reached 6M views . This guy is 👍🏾

    90. Asep keong

      hah gayyyyy

    91. •☆☆Bevelly Hills ☆☆•


    92. Shadow Storm

      Probably shouldn’t go to a lil nas x concert

      1. Thiccum

        Why not

    93. Taylor Taylor

      When he gave her his clothes that’s how you know he is sweet

    94. Jalil Mangacop


    95. Mythical_itsuki

      jack is just standing there like dont know what to do

    96. Jmasters 418

      Jack hollow dead wasn’t seen again after his part 💀

    97. Tara OG

      autotune is everything 🤣😎 talentless

      1. Bolts

        listen to his live lounge. where he isn't doing an entire choreography. he has pure talent. it's just that he's tired in this one.

    98. Whatheif

      Omg cursed….jk lol