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"Press" Out Now:

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  1. Sima adk

    1:26 welcome

  2. Brittany Colston

    I love you cardi b 💕🌹💋

  3. Brittany Colston

    I love you so so so so so so so so so much I had to go get my son's meds for the car so it will do the same for my car and not have a car to go get order it for my car and I can go back and she can get order from you something else I can go back and she can get it done ma lol what's up how was the doorbell and I was just going back and she said it would have to get a job so e and I don't know how much it is e but till then I jflyflgldhyldyhvynyucjf to go get a place in and I can get it to work

  4. Роза Тайлер

    самый зарекламированный клип карди(рекламы вибратора, наушников и всякой фигни...)

  5. donald orifice


  6. Massiel Luis pozo


  7. Miguel Morais


  8. Arora Smith

    I keep finding myself coming back here dor some reason😂

  9. Dasia Hurd

    Love you Cardi <3 #Up

  10. Contrast conlognes

    😂😆😂😆😂 When she said I glad that you came Boys: THAT'S WHAT SHE SAID


    This is weird

  12. Scott Byers

    So.. she is stating "Broke boys DON'T deserve NO pussy" so she is saying Broke boys deserve pussy. Because if they didn't deserve pussy she should have said "broke boys don't deserve pussy" or "broke boys deserve no pussy" but as she said they don't deserve no pussy she clearly thinks they deserve pussy. She even backs up that she knows what she's saying by stating "i know thats right"

  13. TheWorld


  14. Ketil Danielsen

    godda love cardy’smcleeavage and mo

  15. Bakugous Left Nut

  16. Bakugous Left Nut

  17. Bakugous Left Nut

  18. Bakugous Left Nut

  19. Bakugous Left Nut

  20. Bakugous Left Nut

  21. Bakugous Left Nut

  22. Bakugous Left Nut

  23. Bakugous Left Nut

  24. Bakugous Left Nut

  25. Bakugous Left Nut

  26. Tim Curtis


  27. Bakugous Left Nut


  28. iambor miruna


  29. Bakugous Left Nut

    Nicki Outsold

  30. brettburrington

    She needs to chill

  31. Hugo Avakin

    Euuuu Amooo

  32. faeriexangel

    I’m ngl, cardi is kinda getting better than nick BUT NICKI IS STILL THE QUEEN BY FAR

  33. Miguel Mccoy

    The distinct cross conventionally last because temperature preferentially push outside a dazzling quince. rightful, healthy dragon

  34. Farhan Putra

    Gw ga tau ga liat apa apa, cmn lewat aj. Pinten bang

  35. Javier Lb

    2:05 Did she make a tribute to Lefty Eye from TLC? Respect🖐️👏

  36. WoW Symergestic

    I came here after seeing your husband dance to your song LOL great video

  37. Mickey Valor

    Lilith blessed

  38. Kauãn Rodriguez Alves Alves


  39. Aestheticx

    I listen to this daily not even kidding it hits so hard

  40. Jiminshi diziler

    BTS nalaqa diye gelenler hsjx

  41. Nyarko Ebenezer

    I like the video very much it makes me feel like a Morden woman 💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕

  42. Zay T.

    Just came from the vid where the kid said *"there's some holes in the house..."*

  43. Saw Aung Kaung Kyaw


  44. Eduardo Fernando

    para que ver pornô se temos a card b 😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈


    CARDI I'M UP ...

  46. Kairee Silva

    My new fav single i wasnt a fan of wap so im happy with this. She did the damn thing on this 1.

  47. Wie Gehts

    1:04 tiktok

  48. fabrice gagnon

    love you

  49. XoXmae XoX

    354m why why why why why why why

  50. Nana Ama Owusu Ansah

    Yessss fuck it up

  51. Winrich7 Lidza

    Good day to the person scrolling down the comments

  52. XoXmae XoX

    I love cardi b but why would they take down pewdiepie dis track on coco Mellon at least he ain’t talking about pussy and dancing around in pretty much nothing so I what justice for coco the dis track

  53. Chevelle Harrison

    Another one..being my ringtone 👌🇯🇲

  54. Maurice Myers

    I absolutely love Cardi.

  55. Angelis Segura

    Nadie: Todos los comentarios: Cardi B: English/ Rap J Balvin: Español Bad Bunny: ...

  56. Somains Wakadoad

    This is cardi b's response to the dems stealing the election from bernie sanders

  57. Jen Jena

    Pew Die pie: fuck ILproject: not cool *banned video* Cardi B : cuss,swears,nudity in a song ILproject: Yes!Yes!Yes! Let me put it in Jen jena’s recommendation 😼

  58. Za'Niya Screws


  59. SlyFox0403

    Why is Cardi B sexualising something that is not sexual, Boobs are there to feed a newborn baby, for nothing else...

  60. Ivana Tica

    I listen to Cardi B almost everyday

  61. Снежана Сивцева

    интересно как они снимали клип?

  62. Radha Krishna

    "I played my song in front of my legs," "Now they are slaying ramp walk"👠👠

  63. Reena Ph.

    Why is this isn't age rated!?

    1. XoXmae XoX


  64. Camelia Maria


  65. Chichi Kawawa



    Oh yeah!

  67. just me

    Im never going to look at Barbie's the same again oop

  68. Nguyễn Thanh

    2021 👇

  69. KYANH Mixing

    Never knew Russel had such a big ass girlfriend

  70. LeJokdoubleR TDK


  71. Kazik Breska


  72. Lala Zoryan

    Кто-то есть из русских ???🤔🤨

  73. Abhijeet Singh Sandal

    Who are here in 2022?

    1. Rexxy


  74. Sage Akporherhe

    This is a lot of work!