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  1. YUB NUB

    No campaign.😢

  2. Nils Jonsson

    Jack acting like he wasn't the creator of the First Person Shooter genre.

  3. Mark O

    If you think your life is sad dont forget people make videos like this, no offense

  4. jeff tizzle

    Battlefield 1 is my favorite

  5. Zitate Sammler

    I guess this game can only be killed by an even better battlefield

  6. Nomade

    Imagine the love letter is a new remake of Wake Island and Metro lol ... I will be done haha

  7. I S

    Terrifies me that they are going too far in the COD direction. Specialists are dumb

  8. Mike

    I just hope they have different gear for the different factions in the game meaning you can only wear that specific outfit if your playing the US, Russia, etc… idk if that’s weird to say but I look for that type of detail.


    Slugs with the shotty from across the map.

  10. Duel Weilding 2 DoHDoH_BiRDS

    Haven't played battlefield in a long time I'm definitely gonna check this out

  11. Liam Kerr

    Oh man, I was hoping that the gadgets were still class specific. That's not good.

  12. bob dick

    did you find that it's just running around shooting a blowing stuff up? u=YEa!? No secrets here its just another battlefield

    1. hamhalbred

      He was looking for new things and small details, not secrets

  13. Yousef Khury

    The gun was fired in first person twice in that trailer

  14. Mountain Mike

    Jack is acting like he doesn't want to frag all you ( Jack is acting like meme sayers )

  15. The problem Starters


  16. AlpineGamer

    do u know when the beta is coming out?

  17. Tacoman4k

    Dude a tactical sprint!!! This is amazing

  18. cheeseSwis

    I hope they bring back that you get knocked down from an big explosion

  19. xTheKingsGuard

    Great video thanks man

  20. Jay Lane

    I wish I could like this video a thousand times. Thank you.

  21. Erick Sosa

    Jack should make shirts stating "Jack ia acting like...." i would buy!!!

  22. kurczak z rożna

    Honestly this gameplay trailer is nothing Special. I Don t Care about tornados and slighty better graphics .this looks like bf4 dlc . I want to see new innovative gamemods and gameplay which should be A must from top fps brands like battlefield

  23. Kaiserland111

    I really hope health kits and ammo boxes are returning from BF4. Also, please make sure the vehicle call-ins are based on a points system, as any other system won't work well.

  24. buzzikea

    love letter is the most popular redesigned maps of BF3

  25. Shadow325

    Everything looks fine apart from the stupid on the fly magic attachments system, you should take time to change attachments so people have a chance to react as it's a huge advantage come on Dice sort it out

  26. The 4 Horsemen

    All of the mud and water/ terrain physics we were supposed to get in bfv will actually be in this game like when you kill someone if they are on a hill they will rag doll down and if they hit mud or water it will splash the particles onto other parts of the environment including other players. Not a big deal but it is a big deal.

  27. dani_b_crazy

    Dice really put 64 players on a team for only 1 person to play the objective

  28. Off3er

    Jack is like jack on a jack day, i mean am i right? Jack, jack? Yeeah.

  29. SJ218P


  30. Fabio Di Miceli

    Jack is acting like he doesn't know anything yet about Operation Metro 2042

  31. V364N S7R0N6

    GameSpot already did this, but I'll watch this one too cause the hype is real. Lol

  32. keith Harmon

    Wtf happened to this franchise zombies, really. Loved the original. Thanks for saving me iwould have been pissed.

  33. potatoncarrots

    Jack acting like he didn't raise me from birth

  34. Free Tigray

    I’m buying a brand new TV for this game and I will only buy the game when I get my hands on a PS5 or Xbox. As a die hard BF3, BF4, and Hardline player I can’t wait!!!!

  35. Lil Chopstixz 21

    Who else is rebooting battlefield 4 to prepare yourself for modern warfare again?

  36. Huwbert E

    Jack acting like he's not a frostbite 4.0 game engine AI

  37. Alex Wells

    Jack still acting like he isn't the real Jackfrags.

  38. Obama Dodecahedron

    I would like it if there were an option to switch the takedown animations to 1st person, like in previous battlefield games. Also I hope they aren't too over the top like other games, because I just want to stab someone I don't want to perform a WWE move on my enemies

  39. Ren Nohara

    Perfect man for perfect game

  40. Malik Yusuf

    Your anilize bf 2042 so fucking the detail bro !

  41. anil 070

    Jack is acting like he wasn't playing in the gameplay trailer.

  42. Pewpiepiepewper

    Watch jackfrags jerk those frames

  43. Leve levi

    no ammo packs and medic packs? wtf DICE. how the fuck is this goin to encourage any teamwork?

  44. SiirAssault

    Jack acting like he didn’t invent the wheel.

  45. XanaX_20

    Lol this game looks like 💩

  46. Raider Tactical

    Jack, will there be technical trucks in the game?

  47. zackery chester

    Why not just have engineer medic support and Recon this is not bf its cod just with the bf tittle

  48. Shane Spraggins

    The hind helicopter looks like the Russian chopper from Rambo 3 🤔🤔

  49. Matthew Chartrand

    @ 5:22 you can see an enemy player, looks like the Espinoza character but they have the same attire that your teammate Espinoza does it looks like. I’m hoping this is just for trailer sake, and they’ll be different based on the faction a bit better.

  50. Christopher Beard

    I hope they still have buildable placements like in BFV. It’s like the one thing I liked about that game

  51. Vincent Mattis

    Bf1 is still better. But good try

    1. Cika Gaming

      Ok Mr. Opinion

  52. OMEGA Studio

    Just cause 5 online?

  53. Marcsman07

    Any word on the max squad size? Is it going to be 4 like we see here in the trailer?

  54. Henry James

    Did anyone notice that the pickup truck jack saw (the white one at 4:25) looks a lot like a Rivian pickup! 😮 Lookup white Rivian pickup... It's identical from the back.

  55. Red Boy

    3:40 I feel like having open gadgets is a problem if you can just choose any gadget. Apart from making classes pretty meaningless, this just means you could take on many roles as one player, making balancing a nightmare and discouraging teamwork. You could be a Medic specialist to heal yourself and teammates, with a sniper, powerful automatic secondary for anti-infantry, and a rocket launcher for anti-vehicle, and then C4 as your grenade. Just seems to be way too OP and would quickly encourage a meta for what the "best" or most viable gadgets and combos are. (See: Battlefront 2015, where everyone had jet packs and shield and bacta bombs).

  56. AuxPlumes

    It also looks like you cannot deploy your gun when you parachut, which is quite an interesting choice ... And I'm not sure if I like it. Ty for the insight !

  57. Tentacles

    Ilearned Ka-52 use USA made hellfires in 2042 instead of russian mades ATGMs. The USA-RU weapons export reached new highs.

  58. Timo Wöhr

    I've seen so many breakdowns of this trailer but nothing comes close to jacks!

  59. Hotboy Supreme

    Jack acting like he hasn’t unlocked the platinum trophy 🤦🏾

  60. DJ Midnight Wolf

    Greetings from an Englishman in Switzerland! Love your vids, keep up the good work. Also, how did you come up with your username? I'm trying to invent one for warzone and stuff, thought you could help me a bit... Thanks, All the Best

  61. no one and everyone

    Both are the best game for certain times sometimes I prefer cod sometimes I prefer bf, no competition but childhood rap

  62. Jordan Morter

    I'll consider buying it when around 30.00

  63. ATOMSK

    Looks cool, but if they don't implement some kind of anti cheat it's not gonna be worth it for me to buy. In fact if there isn't anti cheat I bet I'll get it for free like bfv and still hardly ever play it lol

  64. Alexander Stock

    No ammo and no meds is kinda stupid in my opinion, because it added a lot to the teamplay in BF4

  65. ToxxicPro

    Ima be waiting, I really want it to drop🤤

  66. Stalwart Spaghetti

    I don't get it, can you still play as a normal soldier or are there specialists with bots or something?

  67. (TTV)nameless

    So is it a br games

  68. emithowie

    Love it. The new game has a bf4 vibe to it but promises even more sandbox game play. We've been waiting on this for so long 👍🏻

  69. Pain

    Yeah, but, they're on there cheating so it's lost it's value to me.

  70. Jamie Scott

    This right here is a positive comment as a love letter for the algorithm.

  71. Räuber Hotzenplotz

    Very nice and all but I really miss the characteristic Battlefield theme or at least parts of it in both trailers…hope they didn’t gave up on them and keep on with the awesome background music like it was in BF5

  72. Last Rapscallion

    “Just Battlefield things really…” Jack being a bit cheeky. Made me chuckle.

  73. Ehvan Griffin

    Are there enemy player health bars? you can barley make it out at 8:14

  74. Fin Mueller

    I hope the specialists are only available If you have a full squad, and only one person can have them in a squad on a cool down, or maybe a commander can give a squad the choice to switch to them. The attachments should be done like the drop system in BF4, you have to go to a crate to change your attachments I think the vehicle drop thing too could work like in BF4, I think they should bring back the commander mode and a lot of this stuff would work really well, espically if used like stated above

  75. saha

    I watched it in 4K Jacky boi! WOO-HOOOOOO!

  76. frio

    am i the only one who thinks operation locker was the greatest map?

  77. K M

    This video was made to show off the weather stuff mostly When they'll want to show off destruction, they'll most likely release another video on a map where that is the center focus of it. The seige of shanghai comes to mind for BF4, that was hyped as f*** and iirc, it was the open beta map for it as well

  78. DJ North

    Early Metro and then the release. Campaign too was awesome.


    I did the same and I found out that the game is piece of shit. Just a cash grab.

  80. Tricky Foxx

    Am I the only one completely bummed out that we didn't get battlefield Vietnam 2