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  1. Android sucks

    Should’ve brought back the physics of Bad Company 1

  2. justgarbage

    dice still focusing on dumb gimmicks instead of making good maps here's hoping for another game with 24/7 metro/locker rotations ten years later

  3. miguel does stuff

    I can just imagine my self dominating the skies with the felon

  4. Kiki

    Nobody gets teabaged! Cant be real gameplay trailer!

  5. Roberto .Guzman

    Suck on that indy battle royal games.

  6. David Soegiarto

    Oh snap.

  7. US

    That mid air Rocket trick, DICE knows it’s audience

  8. Bruhama

    This was actually really entertaining to watch

  9. Fredo Mundo


  10. Emmit G

    Wow this game looks so cool, can’t wait !

  11. Yincrad

    0:46 what da dog doin

  12. REALenvizible

    Make it free to play.

  13. GeassEnabler

    I'm not sure what I'm looking at. Hope they have a Beta so we can try it out

  14. cover metall

    Чето знакомая песня играет, не могу вспомнить...

  15. Posted 4 years ago

    Guys it's strange to think that one day this video will be nostalgia and we will remember being hyped when this came out

  16. doop39

    Michael Reeves robo dog came in clutch in war as a paid actor

  17. Ryan Hauser

    Please add a search mode or bring back defuse for this game!

  18. OrioNBingoL

    Battlefield 4 remastered

  19. Minty Butthole

    My one complaint is I miss how Battlefield was the pioneer of graphics and did their edgy "Is it real life, or Battlefield?" shtick when they understood color, ambient occlusion, and lighting better.

  20. _Duck_

    Real life 2?

  21. Dylan F

    Please bless us with proximity voice chat with people outside of our squads 🙏🏻 or at least the option for it…would enhance our experience tremendously

  22. StraoZ

    You can already buy the first 20 DLC's

  23. Gustavo

    not impressed

  24. jamie garside

    Why does the opening voice sound like stone mountain

  25. SHYLA T[A]P 0N [M][Y] PiC

    "INCOMING FIIIIIIIIIRE" Me: goosebumps

  26. Rodrigo Cataldo Ríos

    will i be able to run it on a Rtx3060 + i7 10870h laptop?

  27. DawnChaser

    I can hear StoneMountain's voice in the first 10 seconds

  28. Mohamad Saody

    من قال أنّ تقصير العبد مع ربّه سيكون مُقتصر على العبد فقط؟ الزوج الذي يترك الصلاة سيمتد أثر ذلك السوء حتى في أخلاقه مع زوجته ، والزوجة التي أهملت حقوق الله من باب الأولى أنها ستُهمل حقوق زوجها التي أمرها الله بها .. لذلك وحتى لا تندمون اختاروا دائمًا من صلحت علاقته بربّه♥️ أصلح ما بينك وبين الله ‏يصلح الله مابينك وبين الناس. ‏أصلح سريرتك، يصلح الله علانيتك. ‏اهتم بأمر آخرتك، يكفيك الله أمر دنياك وآخرتك.

  29. EKC Trolling

    I hope that the squads are bigger than 4 because I have a lot of friends getting the game please make the squad size 5 6 7 8, not 4 I found it was a problem in bf5 not all of my friends could play together.

  30. DaBeast34

    Stone Mountain talking at the beginning 🤔

  31. N A

    Guys all over the world just came


    O ha this amazing

  33. Blood Eagle

    EA/DICE - Global Warming is going to kill us in the next 10 minutes the game!!!! Also EA/DICE - download on your power hungry PC or current gen console Oct. 22nd!

  34. Alexander Jason

    Battlefield goes „just cause“ I like 👍🏼

  35. Anthony Hargiss

    Anyone else lose track of how many times they’ve watched this and the gameplay reveal!!?

  36. DXYF7


  37. Eli Rivera

    Why don't these types of games ever have.. TREES. LUSH TREES to use. ugh. It's like such a sharp yet dull world they create.

  38. macci super

    warface 2.0

  39. Quisquy

    THIS is what we want

  40. Romul

    Русские вперёд

  41. Musa Bena

    What was that all about ?

  42. TyMac

    That’s so cool, too bad we gotta wait 21 years to play it..

  43. Faustino Zabala

    Battlefield 4 but with worse graphics and Fortnite "originality", nah, thanks I pass, BT3 is still the best.

    1. Faustino Zabala

      @Riv I have 99,99% perfect view, dont need to thanks :) maybe u need a brain more than glasses btw ups haha see ya xo xo!

    2. Riv

      Get glasses

  44. Delindel

    We can finally ignore Battlefield 1 & 5 ever existed. This is the worthy successor to Battlefield 4.

  45. Delindel

    We can finally ignore Battlefield 1 & 5 ever existed. This is the worthy successor to Battlefield 4.

  46. NoahGetTheBoat

    I realy hope it doesnt force me to have crossplay enabled.

  47. Jerry Beans Man

    Please Dice, save me from the agony of Warzone 😫

  48. Parosss

    is that stonemountain's voice at the start of the video commanding officer?

  49. Treyson Garner

    Yes DICE this is what we wanted from the beginning not battlefield 5, glad to see some good decisions being made

  50. MrCrispy

    They shot like 5 bullets in this entire trailer

  51. Muhammed Fatih Aktaş

    Bu sefer Pintipandadan izleriz artık

  52. HardGuy_GH

    Finally a game you can chill with after work.. no need to sweat

  53. Casey Schmidt

    Everything looks so different on the new gen. I need one lol

  54. Andre

    Give is what we really want: Midtown Madness

  55. Chap Summers

    I can’t believe this game came out 8 years and I still play it from time to time!

  56. Aun Gaming


  57. Killer-V

    Pls, can you nake this game without gays, lesbians, black, Chinese people?

    1. Riv

      They're ovisusly gonna have black and Chinese people in the game 😑

  58. TahsinGamer Z

    A copy of Battlefield 4 with some spicy 😂

  59. Aaron Kels

    When u realize, the official trailer was actually the gameplay trailer, from a different view o_o

  60. Zubayer Shafi

    So this is 35 years prior to cyberpunk 2077. Got it!

  61. qwerty is not original lol

    what about pc?

  62. Thomas Lavis

    You can tell this match was set up. Lol

  63. Julian Winston

    This game better b amazing bro🥲

  64. Andre W Photo

    That ui looks trash you telling me we 2042 but still have a 2d outline of the guns, pls tell me Mfs can change that ugly green color

  65. Dr. No

    This looks like the bf4 on steroids that I was looking for.

  66. ElaxA KO

    1:34 oh no........

  67. marsxv

    inb4 space combat dlc

  68. MAYOR

    4:35 abnormal amount of goosebumps and tears in the eyes.

  69. DonJeJeX

    BF3 will stay the greatest one

  70. Mortada 4GG



    Not that much impressive

  72. DirtRacerX

    remember.... NOOOO PREE ORDERSSSS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  73. Cheez It

    Why is there no blades on the v-22?

  74. Durka Durk

    Battlefield known for their “more realistic” approach…. Also battlefield: 3:18

  75. Ironfly Ellis

    Looks ridiculous

  76. Nadeshko

    Battlefield battle royale

  77. Unknown Drifter

    the thing that worries me about all these new shooter games is that we never have enough maps at launch nor dlc maps and the game gets boring due to lack of content, pls bf 2024 have atleast 5-12 maps at launch

  78. Ali Candan


  79. bennie 2k

    Cold War can't compete