1. Mynth0l

    Thank you for your music Dennis, you can't even imagine how much it helps for people.

  2. Alex Short

    Just heard this sittin in a pub...love it

  3. iamyul

    the back vocals feels weird to hear

  4. שמואל אמינוב

    מי שם לב שהילד הוא הבן של עידן אלתרמן?

  5. akalanka udara

    Sri lanka 🇱🇰 😍

  6. meni poco


  7. aziz farhat

    why you so underrated dude ❤❤❤

  8. טליה אמיר

    שיר מושלם❤❤❤ באתי מהטיקטוק

  9. interstellar

    THIS will be his next big song

  10. Renjith S

    U are amazing mahann❤️🔥

  11. 🇮🇱Omer Iluz

    Israeli pride!!!!!!

  12. Diane Moussier

    Everytime I watch a live acoustic version of yours it's amazing and I feel the energy of the music and the landscape as I was there. You're awesome !

  13. soniyu ziuy

    Wooou :') todo es hermoso, mi droga melódica ❤️✨

  14. omar kooman

    John 14:6 King James Version 6 Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me.

    1. soniyu ziuy

      I found Llyod few years back, now i feel like its other way around. His music is many things at once.

  15. Trabelsi Rayen

    I'd always prefer success my friend ! it needs sacrifices am not sure if I can handle but who knows ? Maybe if I take my chances and try I'll do it

  16. Morpheus Playz

    Favorite song❤️

  17. Sultan Abdulla

    شكلهم يصورون على طريق تهامه

  18. Jösíäs Yoss

    Wooou :') todo es hermoso, mi droga melódica ❤️✨

  19. FPL Chi

    2.6 thousand people are cockwombles

  20. weedeater49cc

    is it unfaithful or trying to deny true destiny ... have faith

  21. Soinas Doyi

    אורי אלתרמן המתוק! איזה כיף לראות אותו משחק בקליפ 😊 ליהוק מושלם. והשיר מהמם כמובן!

  22. Stella Unico

    Soooo about life ♥️✨😜best song I've ever heard

  23. Rikko

    Beautiful Song!

    1. Soinas Doyi


  24. Rafał Opiela

    Does anyone get mind orgasm when the snare drum appears? XD

  25. person on the screen

    He was happier when they had less but spent more time with each other. Materials and wealth don’t bring true happiness. Our experiences and interactions with the ones we love are of the highest value. As always Dennis Lloyd kicks ass! Great new song.

  26. Heena Ahmed

    If someone asked me which portion of this song I'd like to reside for the rest of my life, I'd say the first 50 seconds. Stunning piece. ❤️

  27. Vadim Katznelson

    שיר יפה כרגיל 😍❤

  28. XIT MEH


  29. Irina Berstautas

    Grande Dennis !!!!❤️

  30. bssni touir

    I can just tell this is gonna be summer vibe 2021!!!

  31. bella yakobi

    Come and perform in Israel🙏🙏🙏🙏✨✨

  32. Thalia Selena A

    ¡Arte puro! Amo cada uno de los temas de Dennis Lloyd, su música me calma y me hace volar, gracias grande por tan bellas obras de arte. Saludos desde Ecuador. 🇪🇨❤️

    1. bssni touir

      Fucking Layer and layers of imagination in this Art

  33. Absentio92

    Dennis non sbaglia un colpo! Adoro perfetta per un estate un po malinconica.

  34. xubhendu

    Why the hell Dennis not receiving the views he deserves?? This is an absolute masterpiece...I call it out now 'Dennis Lloyd is better than Chris Brown or The Weeknd'....

  35. sotuur aeei

    אורי אלתרמן המתוק! איזה כיף לראות אותו משחק בקליפ 😊 ליהוק מושלם. והשיר מהמם כמובן!

  36. hen ko

    Fun fact: Ya'll are listening to greatness but not subscribing. Hit that button right now and help out.

  37. Alexa Gheorghiu

  38. Aman Sorout.

    I found Llyod few years back, now i feel like its other way around. His music is many things at once.

  39. beoo_sen

    Really sad 🙄

    1. sotuur aeei

      Love from Iraq

  40. beoo_sen

    How the fuck not éven 200k vues

  41. Nicky T


  42. Nicky T

    I love his music 🙌🙌🙌

  43. Nicky T


  44. gtoss chddy


  45. Aura A.

    well done!

  46. Abby Malev

    כמה גאווה!!!

    1. gtoss chddy


  47. Spark

    really <3 your voice!

  48. Spark

    something is his voice reminds me a bit of Adam levine

  49. rodrigo da rocha Xavier

    Clip nice,music so soft, dance vibe nice.🔥🇧🇷❤

  50. Areana Dechand

    Love you dennis

  51. Torq4712

    Fucking Layer and layers of imagination in this Art

  52. crazy games

    Wow 🤩 best song I heard

  53. Lyrics Zone

    *Can you feel the summer vibes?*

  54. Йордан Йорданов

    this song is so close to me that it makes me cry...

  55. Elantra Dupree

    Sometimes I think he said never go back and I was maybe I want

  56. vinasu maaj

    Crack Siempre la rompee🙌🙌

  57. Hana Shwartz

    דניסס אחשלי היקר אתה אחלהה של זמר אתה גאווה לישראל!! אוהבים אותך



  58. Ameen Khlid

    Love from Iraq

  59. sozakou


    1. vinasu maaj


  60. Nesrine STH

    So the real question is: is this music video inspired by your true story

  61. soinhu foitu

    I love it.🤍 Greetings from Mexico 🇲🇽

  62. E

    This guy sounds like Adam Levine. Great song! 🔥

  63. Hippo&Campus

    Most underrated artist.

  64. A S

    This song makes me happy

  65. soniyu ziuy

    Listening to my favourite artist after so long!❤️

  66. mikin lirou

    You get more amazing every song you put out - FYI, I’m addicted to you 🥰

  67. מני ש


  68. Tohar B

    I have a dream,that somehow you'll hear my version for 'Alien' in hebrew. שליח נאמן לנשמה:*)

    1. soniyu ziuy

      can say, your music helps accomplish the balance.

  69. Paweł Kozłowski

    Simplicity if give you success

  70. Keen B12

    Really great song, it's just a shame your country is an evil apartheid state. Oh well, guess I can find a new fave song of the week.

  71. אוריאל עדין


  72. MrSmooth2405

    this track is underrated af O_o

  73. SiV aN

    love you and your songs ..iam from kurdistan🥰♥️♥️♥️

  74. Miriam

    שיר מהמם וזמר מוכשר הוא ישראלי אנשים הוא משלנווווווו🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰

  75. Kelly Demos [Student Threat Evaluation & Crisis Response]

    There are some days that are just “Dennis Lloyd” kinda days - where Alexa plays Dennis on shuffle for hours... today is one of those days ❤️

  76. Asli Funkaar

    #Aslifunkaar 🎼🎼👍👍👍❤❤❤

  77. Xitaychin

    Great message, thank you.

  78. TheTestseherin

    "Alien" hast Du genau an meinem Geburtstag veröffentlicht - DAS war ein Fest für mich "alleine" :) Love you my Darling ...and thank you ... // And another year has passed with you ..it's not far until your birthday :))You are unforgettable for me ....

  79. Bolia Fops

    מעולה כמו תמיד!

  80. amit erez